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Status Updates posted by Nimi

  1. For those who haven't seen the announcement on Twitter, we're delaying the next Pre-release.



    1. Glitchy Animations

      Glitchy Animations

      You promised November, now where is it

    2. Nimi


      Sometime this month

    3. Galeboy


      The final countdown baybee

  2. Shoutout to @Voxy for putting up with my constant requests for vague close-up shots of all the new UIs we've worked on through the years. ?

    Mine-imator Community Edition 1.1.0 (Cancelled, revealed in 2016)


    Modelbench Beta (2018)



    Modelbench 1.0.0 (2020)


    Mine-imator 2.0.0 (2022)


    Really happy to see this 6-year long journey of a new UI coming to Mine-imator come full-circle in 2.0. I had my doubts when I first became a developer in 2017, but I'm glad we were persistent.

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    2. Voxy


      Hard to argue with that, to be fair...



      Also, fun fact, the image was rendered using Blender. :D


    3. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      Nice, this will make the mine-imator community proud, 1.2.9 Might be the end of mine-imator’s 1.0.0-1.2.9 series, I’m ready for Spring 2022 next year :D

    4. Korbs


      Hmmm, and I stll have the Mine-Imator Community setup file laying around somewhere.

  3. Alright, who broke the forums?

    1. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      so i'm not the only one who heard notifications that i've already seen

    2. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      I don’t know I’m freaking scared because of the views on my topic it needs to go back to around like 457 this right here is the real view count (I’m talking about the New Light Mode and Dark Mode Mod)

  4. Contrary to popular belief, Mine-imator 1.3 is not a myth.

  5. It'll still be a while till the next dev update, but after releasing a new alpha containing the new UI in Mine-imator for the beta testers and getting some feedback, I've decided to cancel the 1.3 update and release a 2.0 update next year.

    Make of this what you will.:steve_wink:

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    2. WithBonMC59


      That's it. I quit.

    3. Apple101


      ur jokin ritght

    4. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      Lmao now this came true, his April fools joke wasn’t lying, it was real the whole time o.o

  6. voxy's asleep time to post some teaser


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    2. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      @HeYoNia Why timezones of course

    3. PikaGamerPro
    4. HeYoNia


      @Keep on Chucking Time zones are a sham made up by the government to hide the fact that Earth is flat.

  7. :logo:

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    2. Draco63
    3. MojangYang


      Zoom in and... You call this a mi logo?hl1Kvz0.pngIt actually looks better when you zoom out

    4. Kyle Freeze

      Kyle Freeze

      that basically how icon work in a nutshell


  8. For those who are getting world importer crashes with 1.16/snapshot worlds; this is due to a change with how chunks are saved in snapshot 20w17a (Under "Block storage") and newer. The crash will still occur even with new assets that some users have been releasing and requires an update to the world importer that will come with 1.2.7.image.png.7132504018c02ae1508a503ae6af9200.png 

  9. 7th forum birthday except I've been on the forums since December 2012.

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    2. GeoPro07Animations


      happy forum birthday, nimi :D
      Got my hopes too high thinking this was a teaser of MI 1.3

    3. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations

      Happy cake day

    4. Yugibear Creations
  10. Ah yes, the calm before the storm. :smirk:

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    2. Lock_downmc213


      @Hozq ? (Considering that you tested the MB, I won't believe you until i see these 2 release in my eyes, IF your right)

    3. Ethaniel
    4. Hozq


      @Lock_downmc213 i have no idea why you wouldn't believe me if I'm a beta tester, feels like it should be the other way around but @Ethaniel just proved it.

  11. Merry Christmas! ?

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    2. Draco63



      also pretty sure everybody here thinks you're awesome, so


    3. TwoToRule
    4. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming


      Merry late christmas <3

  12. Y'all need to stop antagonizing each other. Really hard to(and has been to) take this forum seriously when some of the most active users don't act their age. Pretty disappointed in a few members for how they've been acting recently, though while not breaking any forum rules. Regardless of how any situation started-- take the time to stop, grow up, and move on. That is all. ✌️

  13. 1.2.5 is now out(if you couldn't tell by the forum headers.). Was one of the most difficult updates I worked on because my computer would crash pretty frequently during development.

    1. Prismatic Spirit

      Prismatic Spirit

      We can all say thanks to all of your hard work. The effort overall paid off. I wish you good luck on the Modelbench update.

    2. crustyjpeg


      Thank you so much for continuing development on Mine-Imator, it means a whole lot to me and certainly many others how much work and dedication you've put into this program.

      This update looks pretty cool and I'm gonna have to check it out soon.

  14. In the next Modelbench release, saving will no longer be prevented regardless of errors in your model. You'll still get a warning of some sort describing what's wrong though.


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    2. Voxy



      petition to have a setting to make a new Mine-imator project look like that


    3. Jake_28


      That gui is niiice

    4. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      I agree with @9redwoods. Mine-imator needs a design rework to match with Modelbench and to look more professional.  

  15. Forum game: Every time you view a topic, you have to reply with something of value except if the topic is too old.

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    2. noelbello05
    3. DragonPixel
    4. RandomJeremy


      if we touches our finger from the mirror, are we touching the mirror itself or are we touching our own finger

  16. Waiting for the next Modelbench update must be pretty egghausting. Can I offer you this nice egg in this trying time? ?

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    2. Nimi


      I didn't intend to make an egg pun.

    3. Hozq


      Eggcelent pun there nimi!

    4. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      Oh, i see. 9 eggs. (it's an egg pun!)

  17. e

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Rawami


      @Ghatos idk why I have the impression it's Marc

    3. Dannyboi


      @Ghatos It must be Macaroni.

    4. Ghatos


      One day (probably when I'll hit a certain number of subscribers), I'll reveal my name and my face aswell, but not now!

  18. In case some people here haven't seen this yet.


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    2. TwoToRule


      It's beautiful

    3. WAZZL3


      I feel like the last few updates have been focused on lighting. Iwould love to see new animation/rigging updates, I think thats why people were excited when modlebench came out. None the less cant wait.


    4. Lock_downmc213


      Finally the word has been spread.

  19. Anyone have a .miframes file of the (once was) Fortnite default dance?

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