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  1. working on music atm

    1. BaconSandwich


      That's cool, what kind?

    2. WAZZL3
    3. BaconSandwich



  2. WAZZL3

    Space (4K)

    kinda looks like you took the saber plugin and roto'd around the sun
  3. WAZZL3

    Ported on Linux

    you could try it with WINE
  4. you can just download my skin, (with the MI skin downloader) My mc name is WAZZL3
  5. WAZZL3

    Bridge Walk

    does not really look like he's on a bridge, but its good
  6. I would love to see the change of being able to change the bend type again.
  7. WAZZL3

    Wallpaper Requests

    its from SAO
  8. WAZZL3

    AK and AIZD

    Me too!
  9. WAZZL3

    Wallpaper Requests

    Kirito, fighting the murder clan, in the snow!
  10. WAZZL3

    Tokyo Ghoul Ixa

    off topic: SAO is Better on topic: thats a fat lancer
  11. WAZZL3

    [2K] In Finding Mike

    looks like story mode
  12. WAZZL3

    EnchantedMob Bendy

    this is good, but its not mob who made it its TrainGuys Rig, Seth just bought it from him. offtopic, enchanted mob is a Jerk IRL
  13. WAZZL3

    Speedart with multiple skins

    the forum has no problem with swearing
  14. Had to go to the ER yesterday!

    1. MikTRF


      What happened?

    2. 9redwoods


      Was it fun?


  15. WAZZL3

    Sword for Fray - Rig

    Sexy Sword, now I can play SAO in Mine-Imator
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