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  1. Rain would be the frosting to the cake
  2. Made with MineImator and CSP IK it looks like crap
  3. Click on your camera, and mess with the contrast, saturation, and brightness
  4. Im pretty sure, there is HDR
  5. I agree, but it's kinda nastolgic
  6. the earth is flat, thats why
  7. *Guren No Yumiya intensifies
  8. looking back, and found my first render on here



  9. Be careful, I had a similar problem on an older version from 2 years ago. I asked for help, and the same thing happend, where I re-opend M.I. and it worked. Nimi told me history would repeat, and It ended up happening again.
  10. For those that missed it



  11. I tried to go for the shading and lighting style of the Anime Dr. Stone Rigs By: @WAZZL3 Crafting Table by: @ULTRABEAST Software: Mineimator and CSP
  12. Im having problems with my interface, I didn't do anything with my interface last time I used M.I. If If anyone knows how to fix this, please help. If your still confused on what im saying. My camera isnt in the bottom corner, and my timeline just seems off (I dont recall it overlapping the adjustments screen)
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