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  1. WAZZL3


    Lil bland
  2. Hey ur still here Ontopic: Looks great
  3. WAZZL3

    Animated Wallpaper

    An epilepsy warning might be in need here (no I don't have epilepsy)
  4. So I have around $300 for a new laptop, after I get that, imma buy fl stdio and make music

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    2. 9redwoods


      look at the status

    3. Fray


      Omg I don’t even have that much money

    4. DuallyElemental
  5. WAZZL3

    lesley schicksal the Speed queen

    no offence, ur wallpapers are getting worse
  6. WAZZL3

    Team members needed.

    dont bring up age
  7. WAZZL3

    Dragon Block C [Animation] W.I.P

    Im a weeb, and i dont know what the hell ur talking bou, ik what dragonball is, but it bores me
  8. 300 rep... part 3

  9. YOU NEED IT,...  NR

  10. WAZZL3

    I Drew a Thing....Again

    HMMMMM? sexy
  11. tomorrows gonna be hell, where i live its gonna be negative 30 degrees f

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    2. Ethanial


      You must live in the midwest. Good luck and stay safe because tomorrow is going to be worse. Well at least here in Wisconsin. 

    3. TheJeweledWolf


      I should really check the weather for my area.

    4. Ghatos


      I have snow too, but it's only 0°C here (32°F)

  12. WAZZL3

    Stranded (Im back!)

    saw this on discord
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