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  1. ive been reading Twokinds,... i love it


  2. WAZZL3

    Happy 2017 4K

    i didnt even know i was in this, gg
  3. WAZZL3

    Hungry Shark.gif and more

    u never cease to disappoint!
  4. WAZZL3

    Scuba Diver Rig (eh)

    so, uh,... there is a thing called copying the picture and pasting it.
  5. WAZZL3

    Male Template

    no one uses templates anymore
  6. WAZZL3

    How to be amused

  7. WAZZL3

    MY OC

  8. WAZZL3

    MY OC

    beautifully sad!
  9. my old friend, thank you for showing me da wae! but your dead now! you showed me discord, discord led me to be a furry, and i thank you for that

  10. WAZZL3

    MY OC

    The furry fandom has killed millions of souls, and this 15 year old soul
  11. WAZZL3

    MY OC

    Nothing to explain, im not the best @ art so, idk, might switch to pfp
  12. WAZZL3

    Im Dead!

    McDonalds has gud *BRAIN FOOD*
  13. WAZZL3

    Im Dead!

    thats cuz im 15 now!
  14. WAZZL3

    Im Dead!

    Better than HELL
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