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  1. congrats you made me chuckle, have a cookie
  2. updated the wallpaper with new crates and barrels

  3. edit: i realized i forgot to add crates and barrels, frick
  4. i had way too much fun in this video if you cant tell


  5. just a simple render nothing to think about nope nah just look at the render its pretty cool right


  6. posting this here because i posted it pretty late last night

  7. for a first attempt, its honestly pretty okay, im not to good with CC on animations, so i cant really say much
  8. wow i hit 800 rep

    1. MicrogamerCz


      Slow down, you're gonna break the upvote button!

    2. Frost


      Holy shit how

    3. Floofy


      idk frost i just did

  9. if you didnt know trevor makes alot of really frickin good horror images and i wanted to make my own interpretations of the main creatures that people know from trevor siren head long horse cartoon cat
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