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  1. guys i made the funny no no square man!!1 enjoy model1 animation from mbanders useless keyframes click here for download to mode!!!! Updated model to have the socks, and tail, i forgot it
  2. stop spamming topics, some people have topics they wanna post, but you've posted atleast 4, which is flooding them out
  3. why tf is everyone commenting now all of a sudden also i'm working on the hands now, i never liked them
  4. Private rig, i made it for my own stuff, i only give it out to friends, sorry
  5. question, what was going through your head when you made that post, i know you a bit and i dont think you would of made something like that, so please tell me what was going on in your mind.

    i dont hate you, i just wanna know what caused you to make this

    1. PigmanMovie


      I posted my reasoning in my recent status update

  6. Hi. I miss you. Hope I'll talk to you again soon.

    1. Floofy


      same here

  7. what do you mean, i said the nightmare happens to me in real life (personally), i didn’t say i was the only one with that nightmare, and even then you can make up a nightmare if you really wanted to make something for it
  8. it happens to me in real life, it’s not some fake nightmare i have, i do have nightmares about losing everyone i love, they are terrifying just no
  9. The Theme is: Your Nightmare My nightmare is losing my family, or loved ones, I don't know what I would do without them. Competition held by @PigmanMovie
  10. Floofy


    this some how has everything wrong, its posted in the wrong section, it should of been a status, it shouldn't have even been said because its the most obvious thing ever
  11. putting the creeper model aside, i think the lighting is quite nice, the bleed light is a bit thick though, but that's about all i have to say
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