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  1. he was making a simple meme out of it, because to be honest, the situation was funny, because it started from a 3d pie
  2. why is this still going this is over a damn 3D Pie. i see both sides, but y'all are acting like 5 year olds arguing if the sun is a star or a planet, although the square side is more convincing due to the fact they arent acting like actual children.
  3. this is the stupidest mini drama ive ever seen on the forums
  4. this reminds me of stuff like the titanic, a massive object in the deepest parts of the sea
  5. Why can't I shoot a hole in the surface of mars? Huh?!

    1. __Mine__


      You'd need to go to Mars first

    2. Jay_


      Fair enough.

    3. Floofy


      you dont have the hulking BFG 10k

  6. i dont think they hate you as a person, i think they just dislike the stuff you make, so they downvote it, dont take it as a personal offense
  7. i personally feel like there is too little lighting (and also that the CA is way to intense)
  8. hopefully expect some renders tomorrow, horror themed since spooky month

    1. __Mine__


      Aren't like 90% of your renders horror-themed regardless?

    2. Swingzero
    3. 9redwoods


      It's a fetish. Don't make fun of him.

  9. haha glow squid go brr

    1. Floofy


      on another note ive been playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, fun game

  10. in case you missed the post


    1. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      I backed my car into a cop car the other day.

      Well he just drove off, it was all okay.

  11. welcome, though i will say something do not post 3 topics right next to each other, post them as one big topic, or just wait, making more then 1 topic at a time floods the recent topics and doesn't give room for people to post their work.
  12. What you should of done is said, "Add-on For 9redwood's Crewmate model" and included just the hats, and tell what part to parent it to, while sending a link to the original.
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