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  1. in case you missed it

  2. "Tear down the wall!" Alt Version: PS: this was fairly rushed, but i feel proud of it, so that's why i'm posting it here
  3. ask someone else my rig is ugly
  4. holy crap i just rediscovered pink floyd and i wish i never forgot them

    1. Ethaniel


      Yet you call it irrelevant to the topic. 😩

  5. it just gets annoying to see people posting stuff not relating to the topic, i know it’s the same name but there’s a lot of stuff with the same name.
  6. furry vore

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Floofy


      i posted this at 1 am when i was tired why is this getting attention

    3. Ian_The_One


      because its bad

    4. __Mine__


      This status update has way more attention than it should.:popcorn:

  7. ethan legit got me back into SCP, thanks

  8. "I want this thing terminated. Now." <END LOG> Model by @Ethaniel Final polishing of the render done by @Phyre UNEDITED:
  9. hey, i'm just gonna quick post a fixed up version of @Ethaniel's SCP - 096 model

    fixes backward arm bends, head position, body pivot/rotation, and arm pivot/rotation


    if ethan wants me to remove this i will


    (these things really made me hurt ok)

  10. did you proof check this model at all? i had to fix the model's arms because they bent backwards
  11. what is that render
  12. you were a great friend my dude, hope to see you again one day


    (context: his parents pulled him off of all social media to my knowledge. happened February 5th, 2020.)

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