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  1. I was wondering what nimi’s minecraft skin was meh im still gonna make the guy from his profile anyways
  2. W39nvpn.png

    idk if i should scrap this model or continue because i usually scrap my models -__-

    (its a nimi model cause of the new trend)

  3. Dang it and i forgot i prepared a render for his birthday as well. Welp cant get it now
  4. so um.. remember the tricky model i was supposed to release? wellllll... i got my new gaming pc and i have no data WHATSOEVER! but do not worry! i will make it up to you one day (hopefully)

  5. New shower thought: if the police phone number was introduced in 1968 but the 911 incident occurred on 2001 does that mean the police predicted the 911 incident .-.

    also whos hyped for deltarune chapter 2 tomorrow!?

    1. LacaMenDRY


      I guess it's a Coincidents. Also I got an Idea too while showering, But I Forgot what it is.

  6. this guy is becoming the talk of the forums now isnt he!?
  7. Huh.. i never thought i would see the day of a suction cup man model being made.. kinda hilarious how immature this guy is and not even the afterlife can stop him
  8. I remember this big bad boi from a game called angry birds transformers
  9. One of models was stolen by a monster school youtuber and they claimed it as their own . It really makes me feel like SkItZo ThE KiLlEr BeAr Of 1920
  10. Welcome to the mine-imator forums (your lucky nobody is toxic here) im probably the most positive guy here on the forums to be honest with you (on the outside at least and maybe in between) im pretty sure that people only focus on modelbench models and render and status updates here now due to all the activity. (I take inspiration from some but my imagination burns out quickly so i scrap what i make most of the time)
  11. Fun fact: a reincarnated person as a newborn is technically old enough to do anything an adult can do because they had years they lived through in the past. A unicorn basically describes a horse on a cob

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