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  1. It looks great but the first 20 seconds need some work on the lighting
  2. Welp the best thing in human kind has occurred. Godzilla will be a skin in fall guys

  3. Thats not really glitching i guess. Its part of the cube. When you bend the steve arm or alex arm you dont see the inside but thats what the inside looks like
  4. Thats springtrap not SCRAPtrap
  5. No i used to search for them but only the bad ones were available
  6. Welp. I wont be here for some time because the internet wont work because my roof is so wet water is actually dripping from it so we are gonna have to call the people who are gonna fix the roof

  7. Thats because he wasnt the one who created them. So he stays on the original genre of the type of tail and ears. Until its remade
  8. Im surprised so many people in this topic keep arguing over a simple pie model. Thats absurd. Its like they are lost in insanity that makes them act normally on every other outcome that isnt the specific one to cause craziness on them.
  9. Guys why did you fight over a rig anyways? Its created by the players idea. They can create in the style they like and nobody can judge their opinion. Sure maybe you dont like it but the creator does. It doesnt make sense for you to argue over a simple rig. Its just a piece of imagination in their style. Dont blame others because they created something you disagree with because of the facts from minecract. Just forget it. Its crazy to fight over a rig cause you dont like it (unless it was inappropriate but this isnt its just a pie)
  10. They added the slime survivors game mode to fall guys

  11. Got the sonic skin yesterday .-.

  12. To be honest this isnt the first time i was right and wrong at the same time
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