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  1. Sans: your about to feel your limbs ripped apart as your blood quenches around your broken body while your spine tears apart and scream in utterly pain as you are ripped apart entirely. me: heres a lesson kids. Dont do genocide or everything sans said will become reality.
  2. I think what he means by the secret message is basically the secret meaning with whats going on in the picture
  3. Me who finds this rather low self esteeming: Please dont say that about yourself. Im sure whatever your voice sounds like it will be great
  4. Actually its still 2020 because its a leap year meaning February had 29 days instead of 28 this year. this happens approximately every 4 years
  5. And that translates to クリスマスが待ちきれません
  6. クリスマスが待ちきれません
  7. to be honest the 3rd render could have used an extra spotlight on the side not bad nonetheless
  8. the 2nd bear mascot from the franchise in the storyline (cause the glamrock animatronics take place in the 90's while fredbear took place after that since its from the modern era so its not tubular themed)
  9. In all honesty i didnt know they added bronze to the snapshot
  10. this is scary its like vanny is staring way deeper than just my soul and they would know every brutal possibility of death and remorse that could happen to me at any moment right now (ok that was dark)
  11. You would also need people skilled at texturing
  12. Oh so you trying ta steal me booty (means treasure) well let me tell you something ya pesky scallywag, this here booty be mine and ain’t nobody taking me treasure. now ye leave or suffer the consequences. Just playing around with my pirate language i practiced. don't take it seriously lol.
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