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  1. Lest we forget. Respect to those who served. also i just made up the operation name lol helicopters and soldiers by @Piegon99
  2. exJxavw.png

    1. Zyn



  3. if i had enough money for a battlefield game, which one should i buy (i already know but i just wanna see what you guys thing)

    Battlefield 3

    Battlefield 4

    Battlefield V

    Battlefield 1

    (not including 2042 for obvious reasons)

  4. will probably make a render for veterans day because im more into military stuff now

  5. boo


    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      OH my god, damn you scared me...

  6. this looks absolutely AMAZING, all the new features are really cool! the devs cleary know what theyre doing, really looking forward to the update!
  7. i might be a little late but Happy 8th anniversary Fnaf!! wowzers, 8 years i cannot believe fnaf is 8 years old now, ive sadly havent been with this game since the start but i have been in the fnaf fandom for a couple years now. security breach may have not been the best, but hopefully the movie can make up for it. but seriously, i love this game to BITS Animatronics by @ShotU, map by @JasmineChimes
  8. actually nvm scratch that im gonna make a fnaf 1 render and save the springtrap one for fnaf 3's anniversary

    1. Zyn



  9. anybody remember the first ever render i posted?


    well im gonna remake that with a new model by @Zyn

    idk why i have to @ the people i give credit to it i guess i just do

    also happy anniversary fnaf!!!!

  10. oh hey cool the 3rd pre-release is out
  11.  happy 4th of july

  12. i completed the entire henry stickmin collection

    all bios

    all endings

    and all achievements


    i just really like this game

  13. Never watched Technoblade at all but, he seemed like such a great person, really hope his family is doing okay. I cant think of anything else to say other than, may he rest in peace.

    Technoblade never dies.

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