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  2. OzFalcon

    Unknown Danger

    composition is a bit weird, there's a lot of empty space.
  3. Daffa_the_One

    Mooshrom Life | A Portal

    i use loot folder for main movement>gravity>spin and>the character
  4. 9redwoods

    Mooshrom Life | A Portal

    The main thing you should work on is the foot sliding. The story overall was slow and I found myself pressing the right arrow key every second. I could tell you improved on animation the farther I got in the video. I liked the ending a lot. Another thing you could work on is not having such simple movements. You could layer some animation to make it smoother. Good job overall! +1 from me.
  5. Today
  6. Daffa_the_One

    Mooshrom Life | A Portal

    tells of a portal that appears suddenly that makes the baby mooshrom curious about the portal this animation takes 2 years to complete we can see the development of the animation movement from the beginning and at the end in 2 years im still use Mine imator 1.1.4 because 1.2.2 render i weird Support me wih subscribe in my channel sorry for bad english
  7. Honestly, I'm glad I'm keeping this tutorial going since preparing some examples of how folder animation can be used is giving me some great practice for actual running/walking/whatever animations, which is just what I needed in my animations. :D

  8. TheFastFilms

    Unknown Danger

    Yeah, I keep forgetting to mess with FOV, thanks!
  9. 9redwoods

    Unknown Danger

    Maybe you could lower the fov like a lot and or have a more exciting, tension-building camera angle.
  10. What can I post to receive exactly 37 reputation points

    1. MikTRF


      this status update

    2. 9redwoods


      imagine dragon album cover recreations are really selling for me right now.

  11. 9redwoods

    Magic Duel

    It's just an overused skin like mine
  12. TheFastFilms

    Unknown Danger

    The hog has no idea what danger lurks behind.
  13. Davi12345

    Trolling in skywars

    Nice Animation
  14. Riley

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (gtg for today but nobody is here so it doesn't matter all that much)
  15. Me remake Raining Taco (NOT MINE-IMATOR, also im not that guy.)

  16. TheFastFilms

    Trolling in skywars

    Nice play lol
  17. Riley

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (happy 200 pages YEH!)
  18. Hectoris919

    I Cant Import Maps?! or Worlds

    How big is the map? If the map is too big, your memory will run out and you will get an error. If this wasn't the case, then I don't know what to make of it.
  19. Hectoris919

    Unique names bug

    I have had this problem on a few occasions as well. It happened to me whenever I did not rename the parts/shapes before saving. I think that the original names are being "remembered" by the program and creates the error. I have made a habit of naming the shape/part before saving at all to avoid this error and it works for me.
  20. Davi12345

    The Nether Portal

    i would agree your opinions.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Rawami

    Trolling in skywars

    Hi everyone, I'm gonna make a Youtube channel with gaming. So here my first attempt of video, enjoy ^^ (it's a unlisted video) Troller a day, troller always.
  23. BaconSandwich

    Can Anyone give me some Skins

    Here you go, these are some random skins I've found in my project folders + a couple outfits I had made for a MC version of myself:
  24. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (Lol : (New video)
  25. So, I just wanted to say that I started my yt channel... I'll be doing speedarts, speedrender, and Gachaverse...

    There will be a lot of Gachaverse cause I have it on my phone and I usually stay up til 2 am on my phone, so when I get bored, I make Gacha stories...

    If you want the link to my channel (Right now I only have Gacha stoof XD):


    If you aren't a huge Gacha fan, I want to say I won't be doing all the stupid cringy stuff that most people do, and if i do, I'm trying to make fun of them XD

    1. Davi12345


      "GachaVerse" No plz, dont be that guy, the guy animate like lazy like 10fps.

    2. EmberWing


      Lol it’s just for when I’m bored, if you don’t like it, idc press the dislike button XD

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