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  3. Very Good made! I love it, but the blue stripes irritated my for a sec there, it looked like the void... and the original ones are Red actually... so you could change that, but for a second look its okay! Awesome work! Keep it up!
  4. GM EMD SD40-2 "Krona"


    bought this off Ikea.

    also the high nose configuration


  5. Yooo, thanks for adding me, this is AWESOME,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. when the combat is madness


  7. Pineapples are in my head Got nobody 'cause I'm brain dead
  8. Yesterday
  9. can be downloaded now.. i think...
  10. The pillagers from MC and MCD are not the same, so I made a MCD Pillager rig! The .pngs for the other Pillager skins are in the Folder. Download Picture with standart skin: Pls send me rig ideas
  11. The model of the Illiusionist is there! Download Pic: Pls send me rig ideas!
  12. Ohh MAN I love Bedwars And that not awesome its INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!
  13. Weekly Tiny Head Adventure Update #8:

    Every Tuesday :)
    I'm still pretty Confident that I can get this out in 27th February, right on Tiny Head 1st Anniversary. I have finished a lot of work last week, and.... That's it, I have nothing to say this Week other than this Preview honestly xP


  14. Same, i do like this submachine gun too. it's also my Favorite along with the MP5.
  15. Credits: Original character rig: Henrik Glasses rig: KyodonZ Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7qpq99wxsom6pm6/New_Project1.zip/file Use this for whatever ya want btw link this post or ping me if you use it for anything.
  16. My newest rig! It's the fungus/potion throwing Piglin from MC Dungeons. Download Pic: And if you have any ideas for rigs to send me, then comment on this post with your idea!
  17. And it's done!

    The Bedwars Showcase has been Updated!



  18. !!!Update 1.2.16!!! New Pictures Added! Tagged used People! Used old Skin for better experience! Used the same Map for better experience!
  19. Why are the backups corrupted? how did it even happen if i saved the project and exited.............
  20. !!!UPDATE UPDATE!!!

    The Bedwars Showcase is being Updated!!! Stay tuned, any minute now it can happen!

  21. thanks for the video but all my 3 backups are also damaged like the project
  22. Have u rotated that white thing? Or watever that is?
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