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  2. No nsfw... I'll be back
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  4. Render it as a series of images, then edit it together OR Animate the whole thing in instant.
  5. My second released animation. I worked a bit more on this one. RIP MARVEL SPIDERMAN. Worked with Mineimator + AE CC 2019 + PR PRO CC 2019 Story: Spiderman stops a museum robbery killing the thiefs. The world thinks Spiderman is changing. Living the nightlife, Spidey finds a strange meeting. A man dies accidentaly and drops a drug. Peter Parker takes it home.
  6. Well you could try changing the settings in the files, but i don't know what else to do else than doing actual stopmotion.
  7. This. The shading on the triangle highly suggests that is what's extruded.
  8. A Fortnite kid liked one of my not-really-good animations and told me it’s awesome 😬

  9. I think the arrow on the top should be more extruded and all the pixels on it should have the same height, in order to look more prominent. The arrow is meant to be seen easily
  10. When your ready to export your video, it only gives options for a frequency rate of 24, 30, and 60. I would like to lower the frequency rate down a lot more to make the illusion of stop motion. I like the style and it helps hide mistakes. So is there a way to lower it more?
  11. 5 seconds animation 16 seconds black and white zoom
  12. I feel you, I'll change up my next rigs.
  13. Eliphaz

    Observer Rig

    I'm not a fan of the excessive extrusions. : /
  14. I liked a Scene in @EmeraldsOnToast's latest video... So I reanimated It The Original(Contains Swears):
  15. I'll keep it mind next time I rig.
  16. You need to do more in this style. It's like Minecraft Story Mode, but better!
  17. Slime

    Observer Rig

    I'm talking about it as a whole. And even with style included, that's still way too many extrusions.
  18. A cool name doesn't make a cool wallpaper. Laziness is not a good thing. =P
  19. Depends on your style, really.
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