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  2. Just sounds like Vanellope Von Schweetz to me...
  3. OzFalcon

    Bendable items

    This is one of the reasons ModelBench was created, because yes, in Modelbench you can make bendable items. Then you can just import it into Mine Imator.
  4. Dcgames

    Harry Potter (In Progress)

    The project will be a simple animation who will tell a story from point a to point b
  5. Lazii

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    PLZZZZZZ Do Tutorials PLzZZZ, I'm Begging You
  6. Chaukeke

    Isometric House Render

    I prefer the original ones. I miss you
  7. Minealif

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    You're welcome!
  8. Today
  9. Rollo

    dark room with torch

    Ay dis looks aight.
  10. CreeperDudeAnimations

    If Pac-Man was in Minecraft [Short Animation]

    Yeah, my mistake
  11. KrisFirebolt

    A Walk Cycle

    Also the arms were pretty straight, even I always bend the arms when I make someone walk because its natural.
  12. MobKiller Animations

    Parkour Collab Entry (Hosted by SharpWind) - MobKiller's Entry

    Thanks, ill fix that as soon as I can.
  13. Swift

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

  14. Minealif

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    Of course i will give you credit cuz there is now way i not give you credit for this AMAZING rig
  15. Minealif

    The Beginning (2k)

    Look like i gonna make this as my wallpaper
  16. Swift

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    Yes, just simply go into library and change the blocks texture. Be sure to credit me if you use it.
  17. Minealif

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    My dream come true (psssstt is it posibble to change the block/texture?)
  18. its crazy to think that we sent people to the moon on such old technology that was state of the art for its time.

  19. Not really gonna be active here because I don't use mine-imator often and I am an artist but I do not feel comfortable sharing anything here soooo

    If y'all care enough. probably no one, I have a discord server. plus a deviantart page with my artwork...



  20. Hey look
    a topic that didn't get that much attention


  21. rgwashere

    My Rig Pack (Added Tiger)

    Dowloaded this, there was no tiger
  22. Pootsy35

    A Walk Cycle

    I can't look at it I see... you... tried... but you can never use linear animation. Never. Also, the body movements are very unnatural. Try looking at a person walking for reference.
  23. rgwashere

    Spiderman : Homecoming - A Minor Upgrade

    Too bad it's not in rigs, it seems like a very good rig, if it's along with the web-shooters
  24. AKMRP

    dark room with torch

    i made a wallpaper oh look, an edited and raw wallpaper! (edited) (raw)
  25. MikTRF

    Pokecube - Remade

    You forgot to give credit To SKIBBZ
  26. That link you shared was just the YouTube link again. Good entry bud.
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