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  2. Deeds so rotten came back to haunt him they know Forever changed, he wears his spring locked grave alone (alone) He said follow me Follow follow follow All the horrors have been sealed, boarded up they were concealed But its time for the real monster's face to finally be revealed
  3. the models are really good, but you should work on the lighting good job
  4. I made a little diagram about my last status update.

  5. Hi! I'm HyperCreeck. It's not my real name, and I don't want to tell it to everyone :D. I'm a programmer, and I make games using Unity3D and websites using React.js. I'm also an OS developer, and currently working on Usemox OS. I usually don't play any games except Minecraft, which I think, is the best game in the whole world. I've made many resource packs and data packs for minecraft before. I'm also a YouTuber. I generally make videos about Minecraft, Coding tutorials, Minecraft animations (made using mine-imator :D) and other things :)
  6. wheres the homebrew

  7. Ya know, Star Wars is 45 years old. Yet its entering the prime of its life now.

    Seriously. In the next ten years, there will be more Star Wars than in all the time since 1977.

    The Sequels were definitely lacking, but I think Disney acquiring Star Wars was the best thing that ever happened to it.


  8. Yes, I did use a thesaurus for the name.
  9. I ever feel the same as you feel now,But Here's My Advice: Just keep doing Good,And the most your'e doing good,the more change you'll became a good user. That's All I got to say man.
  10. Here I give you an Upvote,But Promise Me IF You Will not do the bad things again.
  11. Maybe He Make it By His Own Hand.
  12. What if there was copper coated redstone? 

    Allows redstone to be waterlogged at the cost of the water being electrified within 5 blocks when powered.

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Okay, I love this. 

      Copper wire would be a good name for it. 

  13. They are naked to us, but to them they aren't. A thought is built into our brains that tell us that being naked around organisms (such as humans) is inappropriate 'to us', but animals or in this case Furrys, really don't have this thought built into they brains. FAXXXXXXXS!
  14. Follow meThen you'll seeFollow follow follow follow, but the truth is hard to swallowFollow meThen you'll seeFollow follow follow followFollow me, see a nightmare in action!
  15. That's @SharpWind's face rig
  16. How did you make this? I know it using a camera,But How you take it into the Water so it looks like a reflections?
  17. uh I don't really Understand What do you mean,because You haven't Type the Text with ,.? Symbols. So What I know is You can search it On Google. 15 ai.
  18. Another pose test, this time with my main character, Dave. I ought to provide a bit of an explanation for this one... :sweat:

    I randomly decided to see if I could make him facepalm (facefoot?)... let's just say it's pretty hard to do so, given that he's a Creeper.
    ...so here's my best attempt lol


    This is probably the most awkward thing I've ever made... still happy with the result though.

    Okay, time to work on something else.

    1. Draco63


      (out of upvotes)

      I can't believe you took my comment seriously XD

    2. __Mine__


      @Draco63 No idea what "comment" you're referring to. This wasn't inspired by anything on the forums lol

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