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  2. I made this to test the camera angles and have a basis for the final animation, so I will add a map and properly light it then.
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  4. I just got a tactical folding-knife, for real, like seriously!

    This is how it looks:



    1. Zyn



    2. insanehelix7076


      Urge to kill- positive

      sharp- positive

      you like murderous characters- POSITIVE


  5. em very good mr zakku alv
  6. springchrap
    (the mask was based off of failz' stylized st model)

  7. Does anyone know how to smoothen the transition between a linear motion and a spline? Basically I want it going a constant speed at first, but then slow down suddenly, but it just looks jerky https://streamable.com/97lodo I think maybe overlapping will help, but I actually can't get it right. EDIT: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. You have to line up the keyframes with the bottom and just put a ease out keyframe on the folder https://streamable.com/hzmvrw
  8. nice animation, to improve this all you need to do is: pick a map, you can find pre built ones its so dark to see, add some lights to make your animation visible
  9. so i searched up mario shy guy but instead i found some weird skinny pale guy


    wait what is thaopvjbtgpojnr0thbnhy\[jk



    its an scp reference lol

  10. you used a part of my rig and you didn't credit me while you release it for public, the part is "boogie" also the undercarriage of the chassis. you may modify it for your own purpose but not for a public release, you have to ask a permission from the owner.
  11. wait what did i steal? fine guys imma change one off the rig and make it mine ill remastered and guys why u not satesfied tho? cause of? A B C Well Thanks For The Reply What Should I Rig Then? Or Remaster? A B C
  12. A group of creepers witness the beauty of a fireworks festival for the first time, inspiring them to join the haze of gunpowder in the skies. This will be my first animation project.
  13. Create a "folder(s)" and parent the camera to the folder.
  14. when you are going to pass the game an endermen kill you vs who will win?
  15. Is it possible to anime the movement and rotation of a single camera using different eases, but on the same timeline?
  16. LuckyMunch

    Smooth bends

    This smile.... just does not look right without smooth bends and I can not figure out how to switch this to smooth bends
  17. That red guy's legs and butt might have burned out due to the fireball lol
  18. Indeed, he is the funny man after all. Lol.
  19. is it just me or there is no recent status update?

    1. niam


      yes, because everyone having barbecue party

    2. __Mine__


      And also because people are posting creations.

  20. its over obi wan! i have the high ground!

  21. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7pvp8a3erfglhos/Mine-imator_1.2.8_Docplus.zip/file A special file of Mine-imator for you I hope it works
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