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  2. Phyre

    AT-M6 Walker

    Same issue as the last one, but besides that it looks very nice, great job at the modeling!
  3. crustyjpeg

    AT-M6 Walker

    wowee that was fast
  4. TexasTony04

    AT-M6 Walker

    So I recently did up a rig of the AT-AT walker, and someone suggested I make an AT-M6. So I did. Here it is. Hope you can use it. Thanks for viewing. ~DOWNLOAD~ It's YUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE
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  6. One more rep...


    1. crustyjpeg


      that was a great price until someone upvoted it

    2. TexasTony04


      My OCD is satisfied. Thank you.

  7. good joke, but you can turn off / on glow on that model by editing it in MB
  8. Me:Iam too lazy to turn on glow MicrogamerCz:
  9. No I need the player models, the TARDIS model is very easy to find cause it's so good
  10. I make posters for DMU and I need help with making an 11th doctor interior from it, please I need it, thanks!!
  11. 420 / 69 I like much very
  12. I want to say ONE thing...






















    ...but I won't tell it to stalkers

  13. I know that someone already made 3d diamond ore, but it's not glowing (or at least I think) Download: https://ouo.io/1wVTs9 Note: I will make less extruded model, @MojangYang
  14. This is very roughly where the Earth was when I was born.

    Yay me.

    1. Ghatos


      happy birthday?

    2. Jake_28


      :Cake: here have some flour sugar egg and frosting

  15. i'm not easily impressed... and yet! your art.
  16. I think it's imger images from what I can tell
  17. You need to use bigger scenery, I see that schematic border
  18. It wouldn't be the remix from persona 3 dancing that's for sure
  19. I think the most cliche thing ever is when Maike the elemental creation made a god slayer sword to defeat god... like Maike why?
  20. Shh, dont tell anyone im on Mi Forums in collage at 14:19 Uk time

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    2. willingsas


      i'm telling your mom buddy

    3. Distinni


      You will never tell my Mom @willingsas I have blown up your mc house

    4. willingsas
  21. 3 DAYS! jesus i can see why it took three days to make now
  22. He kinda looks like Jojo's character, a bit does, but look likes he will shoot me if i downvote or talk smack about him
  23. The only solution I can think of is to remove the Stonecutter from the schematic and/or add the Stonecutter in separately as a standalone block.
  24. Pretty sure that's a problem on your end since you can't seem to see anyone's images.
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