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  2. I like how it goes from a music video to a cliche minecraft intro at 3:47
  3. young Danny phantom was just 14, when his parents build a very strange machine
  4. Hey animators, how are you? Well, I posted my new animation "Mayday" I would love for you to see it because it was an intense job to make this animation "perfect" in my taste. I would also like you to give constructive criticism about it and what I can improve.
  5. I don't know how to make my renders appear like that
  6. this makes me feel like mbanders videos are gonna turn darker or just his sense of humor is becoming darker
  7. Phantom can be used on other things u know. The word was made before the made the mob in minecraft
  8. man, i love puppies just like her
  9. Oh, you have a keen eye. I fixed it, thank you.
  10. vsv_sdvb_sdv_fsaws.png

    Gordon Freeman in the flesh

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    2. Swingzero


      His beard died.

      Nice render btw

    3. Floofy


      a beard on him would look really weird

    4. Swingzero
  11. Maybe make some 3d stuff on MB it would look soo much better but it is ok and the string of da bow is going through her and the bow is too fat sorry not bad though
  12. soo i made a model of some thing idk what it is Model: Has face features (to be updated in V.2) Movable hands Movable head Movable heart(that hovers) Movable thingies Gif 1: Gif 2: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q7f04ucl4bk3yg0/Phantom_v.1.rar/file (v.2 will be coming out soon so yeah)
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  14. Oh Wow i did not know that
  15. it only goes there if there's a download
  16. what the hell is going on in these comments?
  17. u should post dis in "rigs" or MB creations if this is a model. on topic: image is too dark and a non minecraft fitting style but a nice start
  18. Tried to figure out what I wanted to make. Came up with several military-related stuff, but decided to take it down a few steps. Here's the result. Credits Instruments, amplifiers and guitar bags - @colahaust Mic stand, stool, human models & skins - me
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