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  3. I'm Mr M3m3~Chan, and I have using this forum for a lot longer than my account actually says I have, I've had 2 accounts before this one and have lost them, most notably @Miggeti No Sama, which is now no longer used by me because it is me Anyway I like doing Minecraft animating Game development and gaming Youtubing Animating Madness Combat animations and Music in my spare time but i suck at it
  4. Direct3D error: GPU device instance suspended: The GPU will not respond to more commands, most likely because of an invalid command passed by the calling application. in CppProject::FrameBuffer::Update:51 Version: 2.0.0 (Windows 10 Version 2009)
  5. She's adorable
  6. I was bored some times ago so I made something looking like the presentation of figurines with one of my model.
  7. These 2 animations act as a prequel of what will happen next (if I continue, of course). Before I have the question, the 2 FPS framerate is a personal choice and not because of computer limitations. And on another note, the dialogues do be in french but there are english subtitles. Episode 1 : Episode 2 :
  8. Hi, I'm Aisu Uchibi. I'm a french animator, rigger, modeler and wallpaper creator who use Mine-imator et Modelbench for 3 years without even knowing that there was a forum and that there was an updated version of these softwares. X) I'm still learning animation on my small free time, so it's not really good yet. Well, i've nothing more to say.
  9. My rotation and position features have just been disabled, I can only adjust them from the properties section, please help ok i found it
  10. i can create a default particle but no particle spawns and yeah i enabled the particles and spawn particles pls help
  11. This is the log file it gave me: 9:04:55 PM mineimator_version: 1.2.9 (Patch 2, 2021.12.20) 9:04:55 PM gm_runtime: 9:04:55 PM YYC: yes 9:04:55 PM working_directory: C:\Users\Orbit\Mine-imator\ 9:04:55 PM file_directory: C:\Users\Orbit\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 9:04:55 PM OS: Windows 9:04:55 PM os_version: 655360 9:04:56 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 9:04:56 PM os_get_language: en 9:04:56 PM os_get_region: US 9:04:56 PM USERDOMAIN: AJAYSP3 9:04:56 PM USERNAME: Orbit 9:04:56 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Orbit 9:04:56 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\Orbit\AppData\Roaming 9:04:56 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 9:04:56 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 9:04:56 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 9:04:56 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 9:04:56 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 4501 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_subsysid: 332820 9:04:56 PM udid: 78d6462e-9d28-4896-ad73-93b54a8d5264 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_vendorid: 32902 9:04:56 PM video_d3d11_context: 03B2E050 9:04:56 PM video_d3d11_device: 03AB182C 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_deviceid: 2582 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 2097717248 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_revision: 11 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_description: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 9:04:56 PM video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 117964800 9:04:56 PM Old log found 9:04:56 PM External library init 9:04:57 PM External library: Data\file.dll 9:04:57 PM External library: Data\movie.dll 9:04:57 PM External library: movie init 9:04:57 PM External library: Data\window.dll 9:04:57 PM External library: Data\math.dll
  12. Yesterday
  13. Download Link this is my first rig so please dont judge it too hard
  14. Preview Original Addon - https://mcpedl.com/araths-guns-add-on/
  15. This is straight up interesting... What in the world... The detail
  16. What in the... Well that's broken... I've never seen that in my life, can't tell how to help because I never had this problem, what the... Damn...
  17. VVorking on the space station model in Blender.

    1. Heavenira


      Very nice!!

  18. hey supah where can i download the animatronic pack?

  19. hmmm... I think you might have accidently turned on blur texture option in the world If you want to fix this just go to your project and click on the world that you have imported here. then go to properties *the GUI that on the left side of your screen* in graphics untick the blur texture option. If you made this in mine imator 2 sorry i dont think i can help you...
  20. a Teaser of Upcoming Railgun for Weapon Rig Pack called The Voxelated Armory.
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