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  2. Whenever I open Mine-Imator. The ground is all black The clouds are pink and black And all my models are not showing Can someone tell me by steps how to fix this.
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  4. Add in the hacci roku lol These look really nice
  5. So today is @viridi and I's birthday, so I made this quick render.
  6. EAT CAKE! (in more ways than one!)
  7. It doesn't matter if you credit or not, you're still reuploading somebody else's work without permission.
  8. I know it's frosts birthday



    But I don't celebrate birthdays, and I don't want to be impolite

    So I'll just quietly stand at the back of the room

  9. @Frost, Hope you have a great 15th birthday, friend. If only you were born three days later. Then we could share a birthday.
  10. That just looks like some blurred shadows, sunlight, and some edited ambient color, along with depth of field, bloom, and maybe some color-correction? That effect isn't too hard to replicate.
  11. Thanks. I'll emailing it to you Next Day. Thanks.
  12. OH Okay then. You're Joined In My Project's. All I need is Texture. A City Texture. Because When I Import A Scenery, My PC A little bit lagging, so I want to make the City using the Cube with City Texture. I'm order The modern design of texture city. If you can't design it, It's okay, I'll design it, You make it. Thanks.
  13. Oh! Okay~! \(*> w <*)/ I'm so excited to see this Comment! \(*> w <*)/
  14. mzh8eyJ.png



  15. Hey i never said i made it and i thought it would be better to include the model in the pack.
  16. Is there any shaders for Mine-Imator? This is example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_UhIaWil54&ab_channel=BeinBian I want my animation to have that kind of shaders.
  17. *raster rasterisation but it's true, raster renderers are faster
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