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  3. Davi12345

    Mine-Imator Avp Predator (yautja) model

    the length of the video is 3:33
  4. KingGXD

    Group Projects

    I don't love multi work at all I hate it you can't trust anyone and they are late and maybe you can't like the thing that they made for me it's impossible to work with anyone
  5. Mmm these days there are too many facial R. And there are too many styles like the realistic style (skibbz sharp and Ken) and there are the minecraft style or blocky style (nimi hozq...) and it isn't laggy but for me I love the blocky what kind you love and (skibbz am not using your rig anymore). 

  6. KingGXD

    (NANI) mineimator Version

    Is it your skin.?
  7. JB Animations

    The One Eyed Owl (4K Cinematic)

    Ummm...I mean....what don't you see ?
  8. I haven't said anything in a while, so hi! So, here's a predator model, with a showcase and a download. Download: Here Have fun!
  9. Hey, I hope you're having a good day.





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  10. Swift

    Sharp's Face Rig! 2.0

    All facial rigs look the same nowadays.
  11. hello doods that still be on here that were on here when i was on here, or something.

    1. SKIBBZ
    2. EnderSculptor


      ey mate i remember you

    3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming



      how is it going?

  12. apocablakz

    Survival Episode 1

    although the animation is not a big deal (it's wrong that I say it since mine was not good neither animation nor history XD) the story interests me, I like it and for me the heart of a video is worth more than its quality
  13. apocablakz

    Zurgame Rig Trailer Animation

    I understand what you say, although that animation is old and I believe it at the beginning of the year, I still had to try the transitions, it was not until March of this year that I started to implement them, but I will continue practicing to improve (although I think now it will be difficult to recover credibility in the forum)
  14. Davi12345

    Survival Episode 1

  15. CraftyFoxe

    Monkey D. Luffy

    It's cool, but I wished something actually happened in it.
  16. social media animations

    The Apartment Collab

    Is ready: NOW TAKE IT!!
  17. Hagus

    Survival Episode 1

    The revamped version of my discontinued now recontinued series. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A GREAT ANIMATION. IT IS FOCUSING ON THE STORY AND DIALOGUE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. So I hope I can get you guys interested in the story itself. Lighting by @Jake_28
  18. social media animations

    The Apartment Collab

  19. ThatRobloxerGamerYT

    totally legit minecraftstorymode wallpaper xddddd

    exactly, its a joke
  20. TheJeweledWolf

    Spooky Graveyard..

    1. Flatlands 2. No camera effects 3. Lighting's pretty bad too, but I struggle with it so whatever
  21. The world is so computer based nowadays you can't even find a good tutorial on rebinding notes in your notebook! I don't see a file browse tab on my notebook...

    1. Dannyboi


      Yeah, a lot of the time I carry a light Linux laptop so I can use Vi, just in case my normal notes aren't considered adequate.

  22. GamingQuick

    Group Projects

    I forgot to ask lol
  23. TheJeweledWolf

    totally legit minecraftstorymode wallpaper xddddd

    Truth be told, it doesn't look very good at all.
  24. I did this inspired by this video! YT: (tried searching for the link of the video but did not find it) I tried searching for it and then POOF, it's gone, the video I tried to find dissapeared and I don't remember the name of the cannel nor the video...
  25. DuallyElemental

    Group Projects

    That's what many people have tried to do. All of it has failed. Also this has been asked too many times, so you might want to check this sections pinned topic before posting.
  26. ExoticBuilder

    Deltarune Rig Pack (Wave 1 Probably)

    you made these with cubes, didn't you?
  27. Yesterday
  28. FredMCGamer

    Sharp's Face Rig! 2.0

    I agree with Ghatos, there's just too many of 'em, some of them are bad (not trying to offend, I included) but this one looks nice!
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