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  3. i wll make a godzilla rig

  4. Nice render! Maybe you could add small surfaces on herobrines eyes so it would appear his eyes were glowing for the ominous effect?
  5. i know it's not good but https://imgur.com/8gXkzWX

    1. H4ppiP33p


      Don't worry, practise makes perfect.

      When I started making models, I wasn't the best when I started either, but the more I modelled & practised, the better I got over time.

      Here's an example of some old models I made years ago:


      ktF4XvF.png   gzd6g9y.png

      2opseE0.png   psaQDlX.png

      It might not be good now, but the more you practise, learn from mistakes & learn new skills, you'll get better and better as time goes on.

      So take it as a learning path to success,

      I believe you'll improve, I hope you think about the same about yourself! :thumbsup:

    2. sahdow2013ac
    3. sahdow2013ac


      I do make my model's my self but um my old model's they are not good.

  6. When I try to render my animations on mineimator, it always crashes. I try to do low quality or only do it png by png but it still doesn't work. Is there a way to fix this??
  7. Can you please make a Monster model, you make up what the monster looks like, ill credit you when i use the model
  8. Small TARDIS re-rendered I want to sharePeter_Capaldi_Box4K.png?ex=6655e776&is=6

  9. A new Mine-Imator user in the block! I am from the great country of New Zealand! My favourite movie has gotta be Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. The visuals are beautiful, the story is great, and I love the comic themed parts! I play Minecraft Java, Roblox (sometimes), Nintendo Switch games, and many more.
  10. I'm new to Mine-Imator, so it's not the best.
  11. Last week
  12. Ib (inspired by):
  13. Just another random animation for one youtuber. Like a previous, based on founded meme by me.
  14. Why are you assigning a model file to everyone's status?

    1. sahdow2013ac


      am late sorry and fover don't assigning model's ?

    2. sahdow2013ac


      are you talking to me ?

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