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  3. That first picture just screams STOP! YOU VIOLATED THE LAW
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  5. here https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/7970-important-multiple-accounts/
  6. i'm trying to write a book that will have those users
    @Fox Miner



    my close friends that are from discord
    napster and taco



    1. master attack

      master attack

      i picked those people because i can trust them and they are my friends


    2. CanIIA


      Wait really!!!??? Amazing! Thanks a lot  : D!!!!

  7. A fresh pair of underwear is advised, because the nether got a new kick, a very spicy emotional damaging kick The Fox Miner edition has not only changed the look, but all colours get more saturation, (Warning, do tend to take breaks while playing if you feel your eyes hurt or are tired, not only of sake of this pack, but also normal day playing) All ores in the nether do tend to look different, good luck finding Ancient Debris now! Shaders are not included! This is just a render! Mobs do get updated Textures, just the blocks have priority! Portal will as well get updated, still looking through design ideas! Nether now is darker due to the texture change low percentage! Spooky O_O
  8. TEASER TIME!!!!



    I'll post an interesting post today, so be aware!

    1. CanIIA



  9. I added my own twists from the original video! Love to hear feedback! I'm also working on a sidemen charity match moments video in Mine-imator.
  10. I want to know of any available way to change my very bad username, please. Its bad.
  11. Judging by the looks of things so far, Pre-Release 5 will be released alongside with Half-Life 3.
  12. Last week
  13. its more of a sad owl but you get the point
  14. I just remembered how I used to add little texts, story's to the renders I posted of the Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach showcase, like in this one:

    I think I might use those again, they were really fun to make... and maybe...

  15. ye, I had accidentally turned off shadows. Another reason the lighting is dark because my main focus is on Dream.
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