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  2. 3D Pie Model Incident

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  4. bruh I saw it now with the reply but I mean the enemys from a game called Kingdom Hearts
  5. Can you please make a rig of the Titan Northstar from Titanfall 2 (Vipers would be the coolest)
  6. Can you please make a rig of the a northstar from Titanfall 2 for me (Vipers Northstar would be the best)
  7. So this problem usually annoyed me when I was working with Transparent Glass type object. When We turn down the alpha value, the surface for example is Transparent just like what We wanted, But it also Disable some of the Effects like, DOF, etc, Accept for Shadows, because Shadows still Displaying behind the Transparent Object. So what I mean is, I think it's better if Mine-Imator have an Options or settings to create a Transparent object, Or Glass like object. So people can still use Alpha Glitch in their Rigs, And Some people also can make the Depht Of Field, and etc Displayed beh
  8. we seeing the same thing
  9. I haven't animate anything in MI for months, and I'm lazy I animate these around 30 minutes, so no effort. Hammer isn't cocked because duh
  10. Well, you can improve by messing around with transitions.
  11. He posted the same topics twice.
  12. I think it's something about the discord link, I'm not sure
  13. I have learned blender, and it is easier for me now, but it is a pain to rig all the Minecraft stuff when I create something like that. I would like it if someone could help me create a blender version of mineimator
  14. Woahoo lookit me, Im Bri'ish!




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  16. @LacaMenDRYwhat rule did he break?
  17. I know what you mean by "3D armor" you mean actual Mine-Imator armor and not the item form, but 3D armor can be confusing for extruded armor because the actual armor itself based on Minecraft are flat surfaced textures. Just wanted to clear that up for future people.
  18. Who doesn't? Seems like everyone wants him.
  19. The third remake of Minecraft Endventures has now been done after a little over a month of work, and it is far better than my other work, as I took into account some feedback on my previous animation. If you didn't know, Minecraft Endventures was originally a series done by Willcraft, started in 2012 and ended in July 2015. The first 6 episodes of the series were considered not to be canon as the series got much better with each episode after the first 6. Now Willcraft has no real care for the series anymore but he did give me permission to remake the first 5 episodes. You can also get more de
  20. Why is it not here? Why do i have to download a custom rig. Maybe add the armor models. Why not.
  21. Hey! Can you please make a cool watch tower like its in a zombie game thingy pls?? i rly need it
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