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  3. tutorial video: just drag it the image on your desktop
  4. Thanks you both! I want the seventh, can I download it? or it need somthing else?
  5. i use the minecraft title plug-in of blockbench
  6. All I do is wander around this mess of non perfect failure, all of these robots are uncapable... If I'd just have a body... that child would have been already gone by now... why did they have to lock me here... next to this no good copycat... Whats he gonna do? Why am I supposed to keep him a secret... why protect him? Why just not get rid of him... Sadly I have to do what I am programmed to... but one day, I will get my sweet body... then they will all be staring... I will be the perfect one! They will all love me... not those animatronics that keep on crashing on stage... One day... I will be up there... Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
  7. bro went faster than me Did you make these font styles yourself? Because these styles are not available in YM's rig?
  8. Well, which one do you like? If you want, I can make some more
  9. Betalazone

    Moving Eyes

    Moving Eyes, open it in Mine-imator and use it as you wish.
  10. Can you pls make for me a logo like that? like this: SP-A (yellow color pls)
  11. New Gohan Rig (Comes with Ultimate Gohan and Beast Gohan) Credit isn't required, but it is appreciated
  12. Yesterday
  13. if you want I can make logo like red creeper
  14. The particles were fantastic. You’ve inspired me for a new effect on camera. THANK YOU! (I will upvote and follow)
  15. Definitely not your best work. I will not downvote or upvote.
  16. amazing! its amazing such a simple model is needed for such a important thing, thanks muchly!
  17. Hello! I am glad to say I've finished the pushbar-pack and have now 3 versions, the last released version, (With bug fixes such as the logo texture not working right), a half wrap around, and a full wrap around! Enjoy! Normal: You guys have already seen that one, so here are the new one's which make this pack complete! Bottom Wrap Around: Full Wrap Around: There you go! And here is the download; Here! And thanks to MineRig, for their wonderful Dodge Charger Model used for visuals, you can find that here; Dodge Charger If there's any issues at all, or you have any suggestions, comment them down below, and I'll try to assist/reply as fast as possible. Thanks!
  18. Recorded, I was gonna edit it to explain a bit. I can send you it early on discord if you want
  19. I tired so haard and got so faaar in the eend doesnt even mateer. (why i cant give reaction today)
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