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  2. I made it to celebrate the Toy Story 4 release. This was made last year.
  3. SWP

    Axe test

    That's great. very smooth.
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  5. I like the Home Resonance fanbase

  6. Yeah, one of the lights was positioned too far behind the character. I was going to fix it but I forgot to save after uploading :P. Now that I think about it, there is probably a backup file.
  7. This would be much nicer if the character was better lit.
  8. This video was appeared in my yt recommendation 3min ago
  9. I know this, but I can't send it to the forum.
  10. Yesterday
  11. GbStudio


    The composition and posing is great. I think that adding more light sources or variability in the lighting would create more contrast and brightness. Idk if its just my monitor but it just seems underexposed except for the highlighted window in the background (which I assume is due to bloom).
  12. I come back to this program every one in a while to mess around in it because I get bored (like rn) and the new additions never cease to impress. I remember photoshoping bokeh effects onto my renders but its great now that it can be done in-app. The picture is straight from MI Female Rig by @Fosni My only request is to make the DOF easier to change. Maybe guide-lines that show what is in focus in the low quality mode. It took me forever to get the focus right.
  13. Ethanial


    Who said Sticky was handsome?
  14. Hagus


    You mean Sticky? He's kind of covered up by the cowboy hat, but yeah he's in there alright.
  15. Ethanial


    Who's that handsome fella in the back?
  16. skip I have an exam tomorrow and I barely revised. Am I screwed?
  17. For those advanced animators, what would be easier to switch to? Blender or Cinema4d?

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      According to internet sources i think c4d is easier

    2. Ghatos


      However, blender is free

    3. Jake_28


      According to internet sources, C4D doesn’t have a free moving camera and blender is free soo

  18. That's NOTHING compared to what some people could have said. At least I didn't just say 'ew, fad' and call it a day.
  19. Let me express my emotion in a half-effort wallpaper yeet I might come back eventually and redo this with more enthusiasm, but I just wasn't in the mood at the time.
  20. I actually disagree, if anything the depth of field could be brought in and have increased bokeh. It'll draw more attention to the character. I do get what you mean by using lighting to bring the character more attention, but that's just over the top lmao. Just use a point light with a soft color near the face of the character maybe off to the side a bit to brighten up the face.
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