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  3. if you want to make a theme you have to use pre-release 4 or older
  4. Decided to make an IK rig... idk DOWNLOAD
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zhycoaglnlp1w2o/ES_MInecraft+Story+Mode+-+Season+One+Pack+-+Mine-Imato.rar/file Season
  7. I was trapped in someone's thoughts for so long... But now... I am FREE! Nobody can stop me from bringing chaos to the whole world... but whats that? I am not the typical kind of Evil you will encounter... no... I wont be spotted by anything until I reveal myself... and I don't do that often... you will only see mess, destruction and death... Everywhere... you... go... Prepare for the Unpreparable Your death will come with sudden... but yet you will see it coming... WELL I AM BACK IN BUSINESS, but don't tell! Shhhh!!!
  8. Well... who would have guessed it... I just needed one post to get me back on the boards XD

    Lol thanks guys! This dose give me the motivation I need!

  9. No pics no clicks my brother
  10. Cross from Underverse + My Minecraft account (Moon) = Cross!Moon First render in 2.0, turned out pretty well.
  11. Last week
  12. pre-release 6 is on my mind


    release date ?? (unconfirmed)

  13. Oh my gosh it worked! Thank you! Wait- Nooo, it's doing the same thing as before! No matter where I seem to put it, it doesn't work and keeps showing the same thing. When I click "OK" it loads a new project anyways though.
  14. You can't create custom themes in MI 2.0 pre5, but however you can choose from three default themes: light, dark and darker, you can also choose the accent color. You can find those settings in "Edit>Preferences>Interface".
  15. I can't seem to find the settings area in Mine-imator 2.0 pre5 I really need images
  16. Huh, my girl's already 19, dayum She's so pretty Lyrics are related to the song "Dandelions" by Ruth B.
  17. You have to download your choice of font from a link an then when you're gonna add text click Font; Minecraft you have an option that says "Browse", click it and find your chosen font file. And that's how to change fonts! (Note: If you recieve a .zip file unzip it before importing otherwise the file wont show up.)
  18. Make sure you run it in the folder of the .deb and replace the name if needed (remember Linux is case sensitive)
  19. Update the link, it says "file don't exist or removed"
  20. Thanks, I was thinking about making it myself, but seems like you already done it
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