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  2. ENEMY AT THE GATES! (Teaser)

    Make Sure To Like And Sub??
  3. ENEMY AT THE GATES! (Teaser)

    Make Sure To Like And Sub??
  4. No idea where to post this!

    Moved it for you.
  5. Well, I will be gone for serveral day


  6. Today
  7. No idea where to post this!

    Ask @Emunator
  8. Delete and Ctrl + Z
  9. Well, I will help with the thumpnail
  10. War Hammer

  11. ViVo Smartphone Rig 1.0

    siri what is the meaning of life
  12. Majestic cover photo.

  13. Just got 2 more warning points, boys.

  14. justice for josh

  15. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    got this up and animated, its kinda bad, but it will do, i hope...
  16. ViVo Smartphone Rig 1.0

    Will it explode?
  17. When rendered sound plays over and over

    Usually I just delete all the audio tracks and start over again. There's probably a better way to do this, but for now it's all I could think of

    That's what I'm worried about. I work a 40 hour a week job, and try to keep a social life going, but this is a BIG project that I want to actually do. Worst problem for me so far is my computer's a potato... I'm having a VERY rough time working with these large schematics, I cut them up into bits, and only keep the ones directly interacted with visable, but even then it's very very taxing. I'll need a better PC/A smoother version before I can animate it easilly.
  19. Dusk [4k]

    Why thank you
  20. Meh, screw it. I don't have the normal PC version of Minecraft as of right now, but I CAN make a logo for you. Of course, I would to need to know more about the story and stuff to make one.
  21. When rendered sound plays over and over

    I had this glitch before. What I did was i CaNt ReMeMbEr WhAt I dId GoOd LuCk BrO.
  22. Cyberpunk Scene [4K]

    The best thing I see all day and I'm out of rep. I'll just upvote tomorrow.
  23. The Six Sides Opening

    Maybe. I also love the camera easing in the episode, it makes the scenes so much more better. This video is very high quality.

    I don't know. I had a pretty ambitious movie idea though, like most new people here do. I wanted to get big by making a movie, although I soon realized what that would take, and it never took off. I do have a completed script though, and I had only gotten a few animators. I've seen projects that have gotten their entire cast but have never taken off. It's all a matter of the determination and effort put in by the owner, which is a lot. Even a famous animator on here, Skibbz tried to make a movie, he failed too when he realized that time was his biggest enemy. I'm not trying to discourage you from making a movie. What I'm saying is that you need to be dedicated and patient because your project is going to take a long time. I would love to see the first ever high-quality mine-imator movie come to life. Good luck!
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