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  2. You could have used some bubble particles in my opinion. im assuming the main guardian’s spikes bleed light, which is very distracting considering that it’s bright orange in a dark blue environment. overall, id rate this a 6/10. Cool wallpaper. Btw, i love the tip about affecting scenery with wind. I’ll definitely use that for my next underwater render.
  3. Thank you i'll improve more and more Thanks for the tips
  4. I’m quite disappointed by the actions of some members.

  5. The guardian’s spike is clipping through the squid’s body. Edit: that spike looks ugly, sticking out of the squid, okay? I was trying to be constructive. If you can’t accept that, I will stop viewing your posts.
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  7. so your new character is hiding his buffiness huh
  8. This is what I got: D︎A︎R︎K, Y︎E︎T︎ D︎A︎R︎KE︎R︎;︎ S︎O︎M︎E︎T︎H︎I︎N︎G︎ I︎S︎ F︎O︎L︎L︎O︎W︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎. I︎S︎ I︎T︎ T︎H︎E︎ PA︎S︎T︎ C︎H︎A︎S︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎ ,︎ O︎R︎ Y︎O︎U︎R︎ D︎O︎U︎B︎T︎S︎?︎?︎?︎ Is this right, @IronDefender25?
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  11. Made it when i was bored, kinda like it! Any suggestions on the wallpapers is welcome!
  12. Here's my entry for the "gem colllab" of Hozq! I hope you will like it! Trash can model by @mbanders Super buff steve by @Hozq
  13. What can I say except “practice”?
  14. 7cg1gjD.gif

    Spin around of my new oc rig, you can download it in my discord if you'd like to do anything with it

  15. I don't know how to improve the posing, facial expression and camera. That's the best I could do. And I don't add blood into my creations. Never ever.
  16. Aight CC, I guess. Lighting seems okay, fitting the desert. DoF was used well, and positioned correctly. Vignette seems fine. Posing could be improved. The guy in the orange shirt looks like he's holding him up without any effort at all. And it would be hard to hold another person up like that, too, without holding them much closer to your body. And his expression looks almost bored; like he was just waving a balloon in the air. There doesn't seem to be any malicious intent in his expression, even though he's holding a corpse up on a sword. The posing on the other guy looks fine. Camera could've made this much more dramatic with angling and positioning. This was probably intentional, but blood could've added some aesthetic. Overall, it's just kind of boring for such a seemingly brutal scene. I don't have anything else to say.
  17. entity 303 not this [his grandson maxwell]
  18. Bruh, I know that. I already downloaded it. I was making a joke, if you didn't notice.
  19. They're here, fixed bugs and a new feature. An extra bend has been added that's inside of the hand to allow for a bigger variety of poses. Two different versions, 1 for alex skins, 1 for steve. Just apply your skin to them after you've parented them to the arms and you'r ready to go. Please be sure to credit me if you use them, thanks!
  20. Really I had no other title for that. Also it's just my old character being killed by my new character. Never done a fight wallpaper, but since there's no-death policy I plan to introduce, I promise there will be no more corpses in my wallpapers in this year. criticism_appreciated = true
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