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    minecraft wallpaper

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    Hellooo, A while ago I did the Mutant Creature Complete Pack, and right after that I started doing the same thing for the Mod Mo'creatures. It is not complete! The complette version arrives! (It's a long to make. Very long (At the same time I'm lazy ;-;)) So it's just kind of a preview of the pack. I hope that pleases you. (There's no gif just pictures in contrary to my first pack, I would do gif explaining everything for the complete pack) /!\ It is possible that it has problems of size and rotation ! This will be fix in the full version. /!\ Ant : Bears : Bee : Bird : Boar (Bendable ear, Mane affected by wind) : Bunny : Butterfly : Cat (Mouth, Bendable ear) : Crab : Cricket : Crocodile : Deer : Dolphin : Duck... Ent (Full eyes (also for the little monster in the Oak Ent), Bloom effect for eyes) : /!\ Open the .miproject not the .mimodel /!\ Fly : Fox : Goat (Change the skin for : Male, Female or Female with horns) : Maggot : Mantaray (Fully Bendable fin) : MiniGolem (Don't need to change the texture for Red or blue.) : Mole : Mouse and Rat : Raccon (Mouth, bendable ear) : Scorpion (Fully bendable "tail", babies) : Shark (Head buged but fixed for you (If it's not fixed, change the texture.)) : SliverSkeleton (3D Armor, 3D bones (body), 3D SilverSword) : /!\ Can lag /!\ Snail. Turkey (Male and Female, Mouth, Bendable tail) : And Turtle (Mouth) : ... I hope that I have pretty well show what's with the pictures ... 3D SliverSword : If there are any bugs or errors in translations (I am French and bad in English ;-;) Please tell me! In the full pack I will try to : If there are bugs with the textures, try to reload them in texture/model Or contact me Download !! Please, give credit if used. Click me :3
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    what happens when you eat 8 beds?
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    Salt Spill

    A short story that was loosely based on something that actually happened to me one time while playing TF2.
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    [Pokémon] Haunter Model

    Well, Haunter is my favorite Pokémon so i made this: Images: Features: Comes in both Normal and Shiny color scheme (Just change the texture). Fully bendable tongue and tail. Hands are independant of the body. Each finger can be animated separately. Hands and fingers bend both forward and backwards (Because Haunter does that kind of crazy things). Glowing outline for hands depending of your render settings (Outline is not perfect, but may try to fix it in a future update). Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i7cgl95vy5n8yf1/Haunter_Model.zip/file
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    Want Some Eggnog Cake?

    I forgot the forums existed lol I'll probably post a bunch of renders here that way I can boost my ego by being recognized so here you go kthx Also, happy early holidays Without Edits: With Edits
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    Inkling girl rig preview

    Hi guys! Today I made an Inkling girl from Splatoon series! Design is based on Super Smash bros Ultimate. Do you like it?
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    He's Real!

    Too much effort went into this, hope you're happy @SB7989 @EnderSculptor For the truck I think
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    Sorry for the double status but I've been having some thoughts and only just got my finger on what exactly they are. I didn't really know why I took my little break but after people on foreign affairs talked about some of their problems I really started to figure out what was going on. Well, there were some personal things I wanted to fix, which I did, but I also realized some of those problems were caused by the same thing that caused the forums' problems, and I gave in. You see, the last straw, the nail in the coffin that made me take my break, was the profile picture thing. If you weren't online to see exactly what happened, basically me and a couple other people copied the profile picture of a certain user and mocked them a little. It was pretty harmless, but pretty toxic as well. That was when I got my first warning point in the last 2 years. That was when I knew there was a problem, I just didn't know exactly what problem drove me to some silly, immature, and kinda unnecessary joke. Older members have been leaving, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but new members have been taking their place. That isn't a bad thing either, but it can sometimes feel like they're overpowering good, wholesome content. Again, they have every right to post their creations, but there is a certain attitude among a lot of them. I keep feeling the need to say it, but none of this is anyone's fault. It was all happening kind of subconsciously, don't blame anyone for having a toxic attitude. Anyway, there are a lot of new users who I think just don't really understand criticism that well. It's okay to make bad content, it's normal. It is always possible to fix, and it should be encouraged to fix. But it seems like a lot of the newer users take emotional responses to people practicing this mindset. Criticism is always a good thing, and it kind of baffles me that anyone takes offense to any criticism. Whether or not it's good criticism is up for argument, but in any case, criticism should never be considered a personal offense, to you or your work. Still with me? Good, I'm just getting started. So this attitude, this attitude that implied criticism was worthless and that new users should be told they are perfect and that this attitude was the right attitude and that anyone who disagreed is just inherently rude, started to cause some problems. Older users who actually gave advice, sometimes jokes, couldn't help but feel offended by this new mindset. A lot of people were antagonized or invalidated, which only made things worse. These same older users felt the need to push their criticism further, getting more aggressive. After all, you can't really argue against the mindset of the newer users, so the only thing we know how to do is practice ours more aggressively. This escalated and only made it easier for new users to antagonize them, both sides thinking they're doing the right thing. This only created a very toxic atmosphere, with the divide getting bigger and bigger. Some new users felt the need to defend each other and gather together in groups, upvoting each other and downvoting others when there was a disagreement. There is more I could talk about that, but I'm pretty confident on the cause of some trivial things that piled up over the last couple months (more or less). This affected all of us, including me. I finally gave into the toxic atmosphere and I realized there was a problem I needed to fix. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with the community, so I just took a while off to refresh myself and think about all of it. In short, the whole community lost itself and made people feel unwelcome. The only change we can really make to fix it is personal improvement, nothing that can be encouraged. I think we all just need to kind of take a step back and keep an open mind to the input of other people. We're all important, and it's never healthy to invalidate other people, even if it's for the sake of helping yourself (yet still, in this case it does not help yourself). Happy day my friends.
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    Boarded up (4K Realism)

    Started this project on 11/2/18 and finished up on 11/12/18. I put a lot of time into this project and getting the lighting right. I also took the time to use proper prop placements and details .I did NOT use any prop packs, texture packs, or anyone's rigs. Edited Version NON Edited Version Fun facts: Made with the Community Build of Mine-Imator, used 274 objects, and 18 light sources
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    Campfire (updated)

    Just a friendly campfire Here it is Here is an updated version based on criticisim Criticisim is apreciated!!
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    Mythical Cavern Find

    a lil story behind it, i was bored and i was too lazy to use blender so i hop on mine-imator and it was going to be a laid back and effortless render and well, that didn't seem to be what i did. spent like 5 hours on it and shit. it was all made in mine-imator 1.2.0... yes no photoshop (except the watermark) and so here it is, enjoy
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    How To Write Good Stories

    Hagus's Guide to Story Writing Hey guys! I'm gonna give you some tips for writing good, entertaining stories that you can hopefully use when animating a longer animation or series. First off, if you've joined the Community Project, you probably know I can write a pretty good story already, but I'll tell you what you need to do to make one of your own. Characters Setting Plot/Story Line Writing The Story
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    The elytra

    I've finally published my first animation! It's only 19 seconds long (I'm not counting the outro), but my next animation will be longer (also, it will came out this week!) Here's the video:
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    Shadow The Hedgehog

    Low and behold, Minecraft Shadow the edgie hedgie (showcase). I made the model myself with the exception of the mouth and pupils which I used Skibbz's face rig for, and the hands which....... I don't remember who I got them from. (I did make this rig simple looking cause if I were to go into specific detail then I think it would start to lose its Minecraft vibe) This one took an especially long time cause my PC cant handle modelbench very well anymore (for some reason -shrugs-) and crashes after around 30 mins.....and I had to keep going back in to fix mistakes ;v;
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    Timeline Markers

    So Vegas Pro has a feature that lets you place orange markers on your timeline, as sort of notes for your personal memory. I whipped up some quick examples here. These markers are obviously fake but that's pretty much what I normally use them for: reminding myself of important points in the animation and some things I need to add/fix. I realized that a similar feature would be really helpful in Mine-imator itself, and I threw together a mock-up of what it might look like. Essentially you'd be able to add such markers with the little flag button I made in 10 seconds and give yourself reminders. You could also package this with a rig or animation preset you made for additional info when people download it. For example, if your rig cycles through some preview poses. It would especially be helpful for a little project I'm going to be working on. Hopefully it's considered.
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    backflip thing but better

    @EthanForeverAlone's request
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    The Apartment Collab

    The Apartment Collab! Thank you for your participation. Archive:
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    Steve the janitor

    I made myself a challenge to create a wallpaper entirely in mine-imator, no editing with other software. And this is the result. Creds to @AmazingWolfGamer for their bucket rig!
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    Nightmare Hybrid

    this is the same hybrid as i made last time called purea, but with the addition of this shadow monster thing that comes out of it, and it is attacking humanoid things called Hide Aways.
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    Looks like I'm now officially the only developer working on Mine-imator.
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    [Wallpaper] Food Fight!

    Me and BaconSandwich have engaged in a food-based duel for some reason. Who will be the victor? I don't know, but I definitely know that the loser will pay for the property damage that we have caused. Feedback is greatly appreciated in the comments. In particular, I'm looking for feedback based on the lightning, which I feel feels off in this wallpaper for some reason. CREDITS: @BaconSandwich - BaconSandwich Rig Oh, and happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    Dynamite Stick thingy

    hey, there it's me!! (again) and i'm here with my first modelbench creation hope you enjoy!!! Image DOWNLOAD I would recommend scaling it down to 0.75
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    What makes the internet great is that people can say what they want about what they want. Don't get salty because some doesn't like something you like. Its the truth that people will not like a good animation just because its about something they don't like. Its the same in almost every community. There's no point to get pissed by it. Its like lets say: F.N.A.F, yeah sure some people make really good animations that look good but some people will not like it because its F.N.A.F, that's how the internet is. I'd also like it to not be called out about what I don't like. Sorry that you get salty that I don't like something you don't :/.