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    Hi!!! long time no "sea"! Mummy Enderman : https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/2775201-betweenlands-mine-imator-peat-mummy-rigs Hope you like it! -Edit- Non-Edit
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    Mine-imator for Mac

    Welcome to the forums! I'd recommend looking through this before making a suggestion:
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    How to Make Wallpapers Properly

    Because nobody likes seeing wallpapers with lazily posed characters in vast and boring grassy fields, I bring to you "How to Make Wallpapers Properly", a place where everyone can learn how to improve their Mine-imator creations. This collection of tips is mainly aimed at beginners, but I'm sure more experienced people might learn a trick or two! If there's a topic you'd like me to cover in future tips, please let me know! Enjoy!
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    The Modelbench Armory

    banner by OzFalcon Latest update:December 25, 2020 - Update 25 (Christmas 2020 update) Next scheduled update: Updates every other Sunday, unless I can't or have a reason not to. Currently on hiatus, the schedule will return soon. The Modelbench Armory is a collection of weapon models made for Mine-Imator users by request, to use in animations, still renders, or anything else you can think of. Feel free to use them for whatever you please, no need to give credit although it is appreciated. Sounds are included with all gun models, although I recommend you use your own. The Modelbench Armory is conceptually based on Überkiller's now-defunct Mine-Imator Armory. Thanks to @MYSELF3200, @CodyBI, @Slime, @Hozq, @OzFalcon, and @Duychung for their help with the Armory. Guidelines for requesting models: Terms of use: Some very basic tips/advice: Without further ado, here's the weapon downloads: WEAPONS Assault rifles & carbines: Battle rifles & DMRs: Single-Action Rifles: Anti-materiel rifles: Machine guns: Submachine guns: Handguns: Shotguns: Explosives & launchers: Melee weapons: ATTACHMENTS Every attachment has an attachment type in parentheses, and can (atleast within realistic bounds, you can do whatever you want really) only be attached to weapons with that attachment type. These are pretty much only meant for firearms, not melee weapons or anything else like that. You can find what attachment type(s) a weapon has in its info .txt file, if applicable. The "Custom" attachment type means it doesn't use any standard mounts and is generally attached to a gun permanently. Muzzle devices instead have what round they're meant for in parentheses, and should only be used on weapons with a matching caliber if you want to keep things realistic. Also please note that magnified sights do not include any zoom/magnification setups, and you'll have to set those up however you want to get a zoom effect. Grips: Muzzle devices: Close-range sights: Medium-long range sights: Underbarrel weapons and bayonets: Other attachments: Requested/planned weapons: Requested/planned attachments: Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and I hope it's helpful.
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    Dev update #19: Taking Inventory

    Hello everyone, and hope you're all doing well! It's been a while since the last dev update, a lot of crazy stuff has been going on in the world since then. However despite the madness, I still found time to work on the next exciting update for Mine-imator! Not much progress has been since then, but I figured I would show off some things I've been working on. The renders featured in this dev update were made by @Keep on Chucking. Volumetric fog For those who have seen the last dev update, I showed off the new volumetric rays. Originally, I wanted to make the rays a proper volumetric fog with sunlight scattering through. After revisiting this feature this past Summer, I've upgraded them to a proper fog effect! This effect can be used alongside the default fog included in Mine-imator and there will be an option to switch back to the volumetric rays shown in the previous dev update. Indirect lighting / SSGI New shadows? Improved ambient lighting? There no way lighting can get any better.. can it?! It can. Introducing: Indirect lighting, a secret ingredient among many to making your lighting really pop in your scene by allowing direct lighting to be casted from bright objects automatically, and allowing light to bounce from objects directly lit by light sources and tint the surrounding area! This feature really brightens your scene up and makes lighting a lot easier to set up. However, due to being a screen space rendering technique, the effect will only work with lit objects that are visible to the camera. Inventory After overhauling the rendering in Mine-imator, I'm now onto integrating the rebrand in Mine-imator. Inventory is the name @Voxy has decided on for the slick design language Modelbench uses and what Mine-imator will eventually receive in the next major update. This process will take a while, as Mine-imator's codebase is arguably bigger than Modelbench's. In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning the new interface, feel free to drop them below in the replies for Voxy to answer in an upcoming Q&A post! That's all I've got to show for now unfortunately! While things may be moving at the pace of a snail, I'm afraid things won't speed up any time soon since I'm the only developer working on this update after all, and I have a part-time job and doing full-time college. However there's no need to fret, as Voxy and I are trying our best to make this the best update we can possibly (and reasonably) make it. Until next time, keep on animating. Oh, and of course, one last thing...
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    Me and Creepers At night

    Me and the boiz exploding next to steve's new house
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    I present to you... MODELS: Features: Full 3D on 40+ blocks! 3D wind effect on all Coral Every coral variant possible (coral, fan, block, dead coral, dead fan, & dead block) Contains: (if you want the complete list) Make sure to give credit! DOWNLOAD HERE | 131.09KB
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    Face tracking for Mineimator

    Mineimator1.2.7+python3.7+OpenFace The video of this singing guys comes from Internet I designed several mods for mineimator, if you are interested, I can share them in detail The biggest problem I found is that mineimator takes too long to load keyframes, which is not conducive to my script to convert actions into keyframes.
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    Interstellar black hole

    sooo i was gonna create the other disk but i had a lot of trouble making the texture for it so i just kinda went with what i had. Still made a good render tho.
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    It's Here! All of my Mark 1 TARDIS Exteriors from the original Brachacki to the current Whittaker, this pack includes 11 exclusive exterior shells for you to use in your animations! The current collection consists of : The 2005 Box used by Christopher Ecclestone (9th Doctor) The 2007 Box used by David Tennant (10th Doctor) The 2007 Bad Wolf Box from "Turn Left" The 1963 Brachacki Box used by William Hartnell (1st Doctor) An altered Brachacki Box used by William Hartnell (1st Doctor) and Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor) Peter Cushing's Police Box scene in "Doctor Who and the Daleks" The 1996 Box used in The Doctor Who TV Movie by Paul McGann (8th Doctor) The Newbury Box used by Tom Baker (4th Doctor) The 2010 Box used by Matt Smith (11th Doctor) in Series 6 The Thomas Yardley Jones box used by Peter Davison (5th Doctor) The 2018 Box used by Jodie Whittaker (13th Doctor) Download link:https://www.mediafire.com/file/n53nkfk5cwu7bdu/Valeyard_Collectoins_Mk_1.zip/file How to use: Extract the .zip to a file, open mineimator, import asset, select the file corresponding to the box you wish to use, open the file, import the "boxname".miobject Enjoy! Please feel free to request a model, ill do my best. But please only request small items like exteriors or dalek models, as interiors can take a long time and I don't want to rush it or other peoples projects. Please credit me for use!!!
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    toast is a gurl

    guys look i'm a girl now look at me pls upvote Female torso and legs made by - @Hozq
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    Drifting [ 2K ]

    Here's another wallpaper. Credit I sure use this rig pack a lot don't i. This is properly gonna get very little attention.
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    Animation I did a while ago! Im proud of this one If your opinion has to do about how you dont like that it's f.n.a.f. then don't bother saying anything. There's a lot of people here that like or tolerate it. Tell me what you think
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    (For the "Make a splash" Mine-imator community thing)
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    I have recently become interested in face rigs, and , although I 'm not very experienced I feel like I haven't contributed an awful lot to the MI community. So here it is, face rigs for beginners! This tutorial is for those who are looking to use this guide to make their first face rig. Any questions you have comment below! Step 1 : Finding The Right Tool To make a face rig the first tool you need is a photo editing/paint tool. However, it can't be any paint tool... there is one requirement: .It must save transparency, transparency allows you to load an file into MI (or any other programme for that matter) and have your chosen areas remain see through. This is essential. Some tools you could use are: Photoshop ( costs money, unless pirated) Gimp ( Free and a generally useful tool) Paint.net ( Another free and very useful tool) Pixlr - ( Free , I have no experience with this tool , it was suggested by Tiedmes) For this tutorial, I will be using paint.net. Step 2: Editing the skin Once you've got your paint tool open, you need the skin you want to edit (make sure, before you start editing, that you have a checkered grey and white background). Select the eraser tool and edit out the eyes and the mouth, so that you can see the background through it. Once you're done , It should look like this (some people prefer a 2x2 eye size instead of the 1x2 eye size i'm using). Remember to save it! You'll need it again later! Step 3: Loading it into MI This is a simple step, it starts getting a bit more complicated in the next step. .To load your rig into MI, simply spawn in a Steve ( or Alex ) into your project. Then, on the far right hand side of your mine - imator interface, you will see project properties. Click this and then click libary. Here you will see all the items in your project. Find the Steve you just spawned in and click on it, you should see a skin tab slightly below it. . Click this, then change the skin to the file that you just edited ( the one where you erased the eyes and the mouth). You should now have a weird looking character.. something like this : Step 4: Building Ok, this is where it gets a bit harder... but if you follow these steps it should be easy. You need to decide what part of the face you will edit first, I'm going to edit the eyes ; the simpler component. The eyes contain 3 items : .the eye whites .the pupils . the eyebrows . The obvious part to start with is the eye whites, for this, I just use a cube. Load one in from the crafting table and parent it to the head. If you like a neat timeline, you might want to create a folder called something like "Rig Parts." Scale the cube down so that it covers both the eye sockets. . Next, we'll do the pupils, like the eye whites, we'll be using a cube. Load it in, parent it like you did with the eye whites and scale it down. This time you may want to adjust it's depth as well. Once you've done one pupil you can easily duplicate it and move it other to the next eye. Great! We're almost done with the eyes. Final part, the eyebrows! These are as simple as the eyes, and the exact same process. Eyebrows are usually about the same length as the eye sockets, you may want to take this into consideration. Like you did before, spawn in a cube and scale it down so that it is a thin rectangular shape. You may wish to angle it upwards slightly. Again, we can duplicate the one eyebrow to make two. This time however, you will need to change the rotation slightly. And that's it! You should now have a face rig complete with move-able pupils , eyebrows and I guess.. if for whatever reason you need to move them, eye whites. . Step 4.5: The Mouth The mouth is ( in my opinion ) the key part to any facial rig, not only can a good mouth rig indicate who's speaking, it can also show expressions. In my mouth rig I will be having 5 components, although, after the end of this tutorial you should hopefully be able to add more so that the mouth suits your needs. My components are: .Mouthbox .Teeth (Lower and Upper) .Mouth top .Mouth Bottom .Mouth sides (left and right) To start the mouth rig we're going to need to go back into the editing tool you used originally and open the skin with the mouth and eyes edited out. We will have to make the areas around the mouth the same colour, so that when we build the mouth itself, we can have it blend in naturally. So pick a colour (similar to the rest of the face) and basically.. give him a beard. Just paint all around his mouth. Notice this in the picture (you may want to also make a note of the hex code so you can match the tone exactly in MI). One you've done that, simply do as you did at the start of the tutorial. Go to libary > human > and change the skin to the file you just made. Step 5 : Building the Mouth To build the mouth I usually start with the lower and upper mouth. These are simply to rectangles the user can use to open and close the mouth. The size doesn't matter too much, as you can always resize it to your specific needs. The only scale value that really matters is the x, the other can be rough guesses as to how you will need it. Now, spawn in a rectangle and scale it so that it is almost the same length as the head and height value (Y or Z ) Covers about 1/8 of the mouth. Once it's been scaled match the tone of the cube, to the rest of the mouth. Next, copy it and mouth it upwards, out of sight, to form the upper mouth. Next, I will create the mouth box?? ( The red part you see when you open your mouth). This is pretty simple : a red cube that goes inside his head to form the back of the mouth. Once you have done this step, you should no longer be able to see the background through his mouth. Most mouth insides tend to be a dark red. Great! The mouth is really beginning to take shape, the obvious place to go from here is the teeth. So that's what I'll make next. The lower and upper teeth are usually seperate, this gives the animator more freedom when he or she is using your rig. The teeth are simply two rectangles that are tall enough so that they can meet in the middle and long enough so that they can cover the whole length of the mouth. After doing one row of teeth, you can duplicate it to make the other row. Almost done! Just one more step! The mouth looks quite square in the pictures, I'm going to show you how to fix that. The last step is making the mouth sides, these are two skin coloured rectangles that allow your character to expand and compress his mouth. Sadly, though, it's not quite that simple. I make my sides so that the character can smile easily. To do this, I rotate the rectangle at 45 degrees and re - scale it. This can get a tiny bit hard but after this... you're done! I find it easier to spawn in another cube and parent the two together. This forms a nice diagonal line. The last step is to duplicate the rectangle and simply rotate it so that it is symmetrical on both sides. Then you're done! You're face rig will most likely look a lot better than mine as I need to go for dinner now... so I kinda rushed the end. Here's the finished product : Also, this is my first MI tutorial so please take the time to fill out the poll and comment any advice you have! Hope you enjoyed! If you did find this helpful , why not post your finished product below? I'd be interested to see what you come up with!
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2s2bPIdE1g This animation took me about 4 months to finish. Hope you like it. (This may be my last music game animation because it takes me a long time to finish and the views are low QAQ)
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    Knight [Rigpack]

    Knights Rigpack (Updated Ver. 2/4/2018) i just called them knights because i don't know what else to call them I made a Rig pack of these knights , this might come useful for those peeps who want to animate in a Medieval theme. so here it is: I do not own the facial rig so credits to @SKIBBZ for the template rig Here's the Download rig Soon to add: -Horseman(Archer) -Horseman(Speardudes) -Horseman -Guard -Paladin Sorry for the delay of the update , I kinda forgot to upload the update because of some school errands but i'll try to update some rigs here as soon as i can , so thanks. if u guys have a suggestion,u can kindly give me cuz im out of ideas.
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    Black Plasma Studios Herobrine

    I made a Herobrine BPS rig. I tried my best. Pictures: If you use it you have to give me credits! DOWNLOAD (fixed)
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    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.16 (20w19a)

    Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.16 (snapshot 20w19a) and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
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    After a lot of work. It's finally done! Hope you guys enjoy! I'm expecting hate comments, but most of them are just angry children that don't like it because it's F.n.a.f, so their opinion doesn't really count.
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    rommel hamieh

    real explosion sheet

    welcome to real explosion sheet pack ( not really ) https://gyazo.com/674a58f3275d298fe8abe437b413b1e5 https://gyazo.com/7267d26de1d017f561401d1b9673bdcc this pack contain 4 high quality real explosion sheets can be used in MI and other programs link :https://www.mediafire.com/file/4g2er2kyn6ocv8l/real_particle_sheets.zip/file enjoy more info included in the download file
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    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    upgraded and repaired my old Megumin model (from Konosuba). I'm not going back over the other 3 characters, they can't be helped comparison with my old rig download here (discord file link) the eyes are based off of skibbz' facial rig v2.0 if ethanforeveralone comments 'weeb' I want him to know he's very funny and also banned from hell 2
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    One thing: respect and think before pressing the react button Edit: @9redwoods @Slime @Mineshaft Animation @Ethanial what’s wrong with what I said? I’m not talking about you guys. I’m talking about the rig itself. By downvoting, are you implying that you do not need to thing before reacting? I just thought that this guy put effort into his rig, even though he made a terrible choice on repeating a rig, and even though it’s not that good. reply if you can. I’m not upset about downvotes, I just want us to understand
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    Now that SEUS PTGI runs on AMD graphics cards, I've been able to get some pretty good shots from it.
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    V-22 Osprey

    Another one of my old aircraft rig (around 2018), feel free to download. +working rudder, aileron, elevator, doors, undercarriage, and of course the tilt-rotor! Also the rotor itself. ===Please credit me if used=== Download go to my page 100% Mine-Imator
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    fortnite meme

    made this as a joke a long time ago also tested if i could copy frames from a reference animation, which seemed pretty successful. so ignore the background elements
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    'sup. My last post was "Mo Creature Pack (Not Complete (But it happens.))" Wow. Time goes fast.. (Nop I'm just ultra lazy.) So, here it is in complete pack. Well.. not exactly. I have 2 or 3 mobs, 4 armor and almost all items. But we can consider the mobs as finished. (Not to hit me plz ;-;) I will update this post to add the new models. I am French and bad in English so if there are translation errors, please let me know. There are eyes and a mouth for (almost) all mobs, except insects. Ant (Bendable antena and Legs) : Bee (Bendable Legs and Wings) : DragonFly (Bendable Legs, "Tail" and Wings ; Multiple Skins) : FireFly (Bendable Legs, antena and Wings) : Fly (Bendable Legs and Wings) : Roach (Bendable antena and Wings) : Snail (Bendable Eye) : Cricket (Bendable Leg and antena) : ButterFly (Bendable Leg and Wings) : Maggot (Bendable) : BC (That's his name. This corresponds to the tiger, lion, panther ...) (Bendable tail and ear ; Multiple Skin) : Ent/Birch Ent (Extruded ; Eyes for the little monster in the Oak Ent ; Bloom effect for eyes) : Bird (Bendable Tail and leg ; Multiple Skin) : Boar (Bendable Ear and Tail ; 2 Skin) : Bunny (Bendable Ear and Mustache ; Multiple Skin) : Cat (Bendable Ear and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Crab (Multiple Skin) : Crocodile (Bendable tail) : Deer (Bendable tail and Staghorns ; 3 skin) : Dolphin (Bendable "tail" ; Multiple skin) : Duck. Fox (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin) : Goat (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin (change the skin for Male/Female with horns/Female)) : KomodoDragon (Bendable tail and Tongue) : MiniGolem (Don't need to change the texture for Red or blue.) : Mouse and Rat (Bendable Ears, tail and mustache) : Raccon (Bendable Ears and tail) : Ray and Stingray : Scorpion (Bendable Tail ; Babies ; Multiple Skin) : Shark (Bendable) : SilverSkeleton /!\ Can lag when you bend the arms and legs /!\ : Turkeys (Male/Female ; Bendable Tail) : Turtle (Bendable Tail and... Ninja Turtles.) : WereWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : WWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Marine animals (Bendable ; Multiple Skin) : Ogres (Head Customisable) : And there are some left. Items (That there is for now...) Armors (That there is for now...) /!\ Open the .miobject or .miproject file if there is one. /!\ Please, give credit if used. If there are bugs, please contact me. Click me to download :3 [32 MB] Bye ;3
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    Ghetto (4K Realism)

    Render made by me, Took me about 6 hours in total to make. Used my own models. I did NOT use any asset packs or anyone else's models. Fun Fact: All of the graffiti art is from CS:GO(Counter-strike Global Offensive).
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    is that a weed (boredum thing)

    i was bored so this exists now here
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    Advanced Steve and Alex rig

    Hello... allow me to say that after 2 years of vacation from this forum, i've come to the decision to do a slight tweak to my rig due to version difference issues, turn it into .miobject (it was .object), and release my rig for everyone. Maybe someone already did what i did, and it's pretty much old, but not obsolete... Idk, you tell me First off... i will show you the rig Now you see the image... time to see how the rig actually works. Focus on how the character moves. Now you pretty much understand it, do you? it's all about fluid animation I created this rig somewhere around 2016 (When mine-imator is at 1.0.0 release 5 back then) when i read a tutorial about making a smooth camera shake, and folder as camera's pivot point trick (Which makes camera orbit feature useless, and removed). This makes me think that i can apply this trick to player models. It can't be achieved with basic player model, it has to be body parts joined together. This is a character rig, much more focused on fluid animation. The rig allows you to move any parts of the body in multiple directions, i mean... you can move the arm forward while having it to shake during transition (overlapping movement), one layer to move it forward, another one to move it left and right repeatedly as shown in the video. It's basically body pieces with folders, and armor... Now it depends on your animation skill for best results. Download the rig here You can try it yourself, call me/quote me if you used it in your animation because i want to know how effective it was. And about the armor, you can swap the textures for diamond or others, you may be required to duplicate the armor object if you try for colored leather armor.
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    hey since you made mine imator why dont you make fortnite imator, cuz now fortnite is now popular than minecraft, it will get you tons of moneys, more than mine imator does
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    Jesse 2.0

    It's ok, I tried my best and that's what counts.
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    Jesse 2.0

    *In a terrible British accent* Noice.
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    FFPS rigs(fad)

    Pictures Download Mega
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    Cycles Pack

    Hello people on earth and other places, I bring you a little cycles pack I've made. It includes 1 idle cycle, 2 walking cycles, and 3 running cycles! No credit needed but is always appreciated! Download
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    Black Ops III Reaper

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    How Do I Use Model Bench?

    Step 1: Download Model Bench Step: 2: Press buttons until you figure it out.
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    F.t Steve [Enchanted-Mob-Model]

    This topic is just full of 13-year-olds huh.
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    KoNoSuBa Character Rig Pack (CB)

    God's blessing on this wonderful forums I guess. Here's some spicy rigs with minimal bugs and @SKIBBZ's fancy facial rig because I was too lazy to make my own. Featuring all the characters you love from Konosuba, and Aqua. Kazuma's in there too but I don't have a .gif of him doing a cute dance. So here's a quick preview of him Features Lots of moving parts, and hopefully some ease of animation tools in there too I organized everything quite extensively, don't be expecting one of BloxTheRigger's messes when you open it up, I know what u need fam Aqua spice controllers Unwarranted commentary Download here (Requires CB, obviously) (Give credit, don't be an Aqua)
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    The Mine-imator Logo

    Here is a nearly-accurate Mine-imator logo remade in Mine-imator! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymvjj32l4aftffr/Mine-imator+Logo.zip <== Chair | Scooper ==> @David ...and here's a turnaround!
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    StarWars + After Effects

    Ehh, Idk why i made this Probably because i made a Light Saber rig.But Okay.Not a big fan of starwars EDITED UNEDITED IDK why the snow is glowing probably because of After Effects..and The snow Plate (or Surface is a mess).
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    I made a WallPaper About Steve's Fight For Survival,..Hahahaha,I wasn't expecting That the wallpaper will look like this. You Might see something Unusual but it's easy to find.
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    It's My First time...Using Community Build...And Bloom Effect...So Yeah.. Is It good? If Not Tell me What should i change ...Just a Newbie in Wallpapers and Stuff..Thanks...
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    Audi R8 Rig/Model!! Pictures ^ This is my first schematic rig/model! If your wondering why I call it a rig/model is because some people get mad when you call it a model even though it dose not require rigging, there for it is Model not a Rig! DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS RIG EVEN IF EDITED! NO CREDIT NEEDED BUT APPRICIATED! Cons: Some Schematic Mess ups! May need some scale tweaks to fit your human in it! Glass in the windshields don't have custom textures! Download it here! DOWNLOAD! Like this rig and want more? Follow me and click> HERE! Make sure to on your way out! I DO NOT TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR THIS RIG! MOST OF THE MODEL WAS INSPIRED BY THE FOLLOWING ANIMATION!
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    Wulvenheim [Full Castle Download]

    EDIT: If there are a lot of you who do really want to use this, but find it to hard, do ask me. I will try to find time to make it more user friendly! Hi guys! XCT here! I haven't been able to post anything for a while and won't be able to in the upcoming time either. I have been working very hard on building this castle to make some animations, but I simply can't find the time right now. That's why I decided to give you guys the download. It's the link to the save file of the building, meaning you cannot import it just like that. It's not finished and not prepared for you on a silver plate, but for those determined to use it, I'm sure you'll find your way! Maybe ask some of the experienced guys to help you out, there are a lot of awesome animators around here! (Also I'm resetting my PC and I wouldn't want to throw away all that work ;-; ) If you need any help or have any questions you can contact me on my private mail: remimateboer@live.nl since I only rarely check in on the forum nowadays. (Spam=Instantblock). Or just comment/PM me on the forum as I will be checking in the first couple of days to see if you need any help and if I can be of use! I've always loved Minecraft and MineImator so I hope I'll find the time in the future to come back here! But for now, I hope my builds can be of use to you all who are still actively trying to improve! (Note that in the file you will also find textures for skins/rigs, you only need the texture that says JOHNSMITH if you want to use the texture that I made compatible for MI on the buildings ) Even though I'm not active anymore at the moment, a like, comment or link if you used it is always appreciated! I'd love to hear what you guys think of my work and even rather see how you use it in your own projects! Hopefully the oldgolds can help out the newer animators with this! Cheers! Goodluck to all of you! Here's the link to the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/typyfb8wkcbdw3n/WULVENHEIMCASTLE.rar Here some picture for what it all looks like (Cause no pics no clicks! ):
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    Rustic house

    Wow, you said something nice!
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    The Ninja Mob Squad

    Rain particle rig

    This is my third rig,download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sbpqefsbmpe1seh/rain.object Download the rain.png here https://www.dropbox.com/s/w49e9hmottr2cfx/rain.png set the rain png to the texture for the particles
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    Alright, first I would like to say that good lord in heaven thank Jesus that David made Mine-Imator. This is truly a wonderful program and I've been using it for months. Thanks again for all the time and hard work David! Now to the topic: The first idea is to copy and paste rotations. What you would be able to do is select a certain amount of key frames for an action and then save them into a file for a different project or the same one. For example, I could make a walking animation and I would have to set each key frame individually. This would get very tiring if the animator was making the character walk long distances due to the animator having to rotate each limb and move the character. Copy and pasting the movements would eliminate the problem of having to rotate each limb one by one. This is great for doings things like fight scenes, waving, walking, running, and much more. But what about having to move the character each key frame for a running animation? Well that's where the constant movements comes in. It would act in a similar way the visible/invisible button works. When constant movements is selected, the animator would move the character how ever many spaces one time and then Mine-Imator would automatically move that character that many times per key frame. When the character if finished running, then you would deselect the constant movements button making him normal again. Thoughts?
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