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    idk if the title right or not, but I don't care... Hello, I'm Yanuar Mohendra a.k.a ShinyGHATTear (can't change the username). And this is Minecraft letters model(s). So, I made this for about a week, can't find a way to make it simpler. Just take a look for it. ~shuffle text preview : ~textures preview : I forgot to tell you guys if you can rotate the "A" letter to get the creeper face on it, and you can rotate the up/bottom side of it for fix the gradient : next to do : MC sub letters, minecraft five font. if there's a problem with the model, please tell me. I'll glad to hear that. update: - Added some feature preview on the post - Fixed "T" letter
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    Birch Forest (2k)

    hey! so the trees that were used in this render is a tree that I made for the Environmental Props Pack Industrial and Indoor Update idk when the update will came out but, hopefully soon. bye
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    Never dig straight down

    gonna post this here for 9 rep i put around 4/10 efforts into this i really don't like this wallpaper lol
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    Sedan model

    After a week of facing Modelbench glitches and others problems, it's finally here... Lady and gentlemans, I proudly present to you the sedan model! Here's a video that shows my car in action: A few things you need to know: - to use the gear lever, you need to use the bends. (the X axis moves it towars and backwards, and the Z axis moves it on the left and on the right) - If you want to change the color of the car, you need to change the color of "bodywork" - for optimisation, some parts have been hidden in LQ quality, to make them appear, just select your car and click twice on "LQ hiding" And if you use it, PLEASE CREDIT ME (I've almost ragequit a few times because of the MB glitches, so please be kind and credit me ;-;) Sedan V1: Sedan V2, added: - roof light - dashboard vents - a mile speed counter (it's set as invisible by default, go to dashboard > indications, turn "speed indicator MPH" in visible and turn "speed indicator KPH" in invisible) - others dashboard stuff - fixed the radio antenna
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    Well, that's a long nice sleep. Better upload some videos again The idea of the video appeared when I was playing "The Sims" (I've got like The Sims 3 & 4 already), and I thought "what if the logic/mechanism of The Sims was combined into Minecraft? something terrible happens, i think" and then this video was born. Thanks for “The 3D Armor rig” by AnxiousCynic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4cnV8KDi11FSnF4YXpXdjBLMlE/view
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    1000 rep banner

    Thank you very cool. People that are featured: @SoundsDotZip @SKIBBZ @Tysteria @Twotorule @__Mine__ @RandomJeremy @Shadow @Cubic Ralsei @Gabe @Yoshifan33 @Red @DragonPixel @Prismatic Spirit People that are featured but aren't on the forums: Shadycarrots, Rakion, Carmen, Tessa, LetsStart and minecraft zombie.
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    Air Rig

    Everyone takes air for granted, even though everyone uses air to breathe. Today I thought I would show a little bit of appreciation for air by creating a Mine-imator rig for it. Enjoy! Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5n8kso6uidsd0ut/Air+Rig.miobject Includes features like: Nitrogen. Oxygen. Carbon dioxide. Asbestos. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.0 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    [4k] rest

    This is a fox resting. It's made to celebrate the launch of the fox. ------------------------- It's my first activity at the forum. Nice to meet you.
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    it has arrived Features: - Smooth body bend + ankles and wrists. - Non sensitive smooth bends. - An average fps of around 45. - It only uses 1 single part for the smooth bends. Cons: - Having more than 1 brings the fps down to like 20... ouch... - It bends like a cheese doodle if you bend it too much. - Me Pictures / gifs It does have one bug, https://gyazo.com/9000e4d0fa49c2f577998de947d2bb77 The second layers bend like they're on realistic bending even though it might be set to blocky. I'll try to get it fixed until the next update. Until then, Enjoy! Credit to @ShinyGHASTTear for the text in the first picture.
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    I painted a face with some photo studying Bust preview
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    [4k cinema] The deathly hallows

    This is a parody of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the background, so I replaced it with a photo.
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    Mine-imator 1.3 Trailer

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    Night Ride [4K]

    Feels free to use them as Wallpaper Car rig by: @Zantrius
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    Forum Wars - More than 20 users featured

    Hello everyone, as a celebration of me hitting 4 digits I prepared a little video that featured more than 20 users as said above. now let's stop talking and celebrate gg Featured doods: @SKIBBZ @Nimi @Dannyboi @Keep on Chucking @Swift @9redwoods @Hagus @tditdatdwt @Skjold @mbanders @Voxy @Aronanners @Ethanial (oh shit i spelt Ethanial wrong in the vid) @Ghatos @Mineshaft Animation @Jake_28 @JosSamLoh @ThatGuyBrian @GamersOnVideos @Gabe @Rollo @Animation Cow @The Tan James (Alright before you complain some of these featured dudes were only shown for like 5 seconds that's becaue idk) Honorable Mentions (YAAAY) @NietyFox @Hozq @RandomJeremy @MikTRF @Fray @MojangYang @__Mine__ @NotChris @Dr. Nexil @Davi12345 @EmberWing @KrisFirebolt @Mike @Frossa @david (hey dude) @_Blue FoxRot @Cryotivity @28stabwounds This took me well over 2 weeks to prepare and about 10 seconds to upload lol
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    The night sky

    Just something i threw together
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    Do you see it?

    Honestly one of the best wallpapers I've made.
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    1948 Wolseley 18/85 Car

    I saw a request for this in a random forum, so I decided to make it. Download
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    Hey! I got tired of seeing flatland grass in test animations, so I decided to make some simple patterns for people to use instead, in the form of a resource pack. All you need to do is import the zip file in the ground texture selector and pick one of the options. I noticed the one with high-res textures made my Mine-imator crash, so there's a regular version and a low-spec version with lower-res textures. I recommend trying the complete version on a blank project, and switching to the low-spec if it doesn't work out. Here's a gif showcasing just a few of my favorites of the basic textures (these ones aren't affected by the low-spec version of course). Click here for a higher res version of the gif There are around 50 variants in total, including higher-res ones. And of course, some Source dev textures: Complete Download Low-Spec Download https://i.imgur.com/wrBRhV5.png
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    [4k] The milky way

    twinkle~ twinkle~
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    So uhhhhh, i started to watch My hero academia and this is where it led me I modeled my character referencing Shoto Todoroki sooooo got inspired and made this (Im back in Mine imator forums, yey)
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    Smooth playermodel

    So i've been experimenting with different ways of creating smooth body bends for a while, i recently found a way to make a body bend that only uses 1 single part. This reduces the lag it produces by like 25 - 50% , I don't know when i'm going to be releasing this but hopefully sometime soon. gifs and pictures VVV https://gyazo.com/3bcd328ad837734fc578ee5c5a729f6e https://gyazo.com/5ee8669d1722e4772270cda84aad796f https://gyazo.com/7a68b2c891906bf6e2da3d9ba473ca5e https://gyazo.com/9264ce465627eaaafb25b72ed7ae8693 It features: Smooth body bend that is not extremely sensitive. ankels and wrists. Full character second layer support (although atm it's bugged at the sharp bends) Bugs: The second layers bend like they're in realistic bend mode even though it's set to blocky. https://gyazo.com/9000e4d0fa49c2f577998de947d2bb77 I still haven't made the 3 pixel arms version yet, so when i've hopefully found a way around this bug and made the alex version i think it's ready to be released. Let me know what you think!
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    Foreign Affairs Launch Party

    Man has it been awhile since I've posted. So, two things. First spoiler explains my personal project called 'Foreign Affairs', Second Spoiler contains my wallpaper i made. INFO: Now onto the wallpaper. I don't want critcism on this because im quite proud with the outcome. WALLPAPER: Thanks to: @Rollo @-StickyMations- @Foxtrot0806 @Ethanial @MachineGunInc @MYSELF3200 and @jakubg1 for lending your skins and starring in the Sitcom. (P.S. I Don't think I'll be posting the sitcom on the forums due to fear it might break a rule or two, so keep an eye on my channel.)
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    Camping car rig

    Yo @Ehsanium, your camping car rig is here! Check this out: You can change the color of the camping car (the colorables parts are: "bodywork" for the front, "the walls" for the back and "colorable bottom" for the bottom): The red lights and breaking lights are separated: Before you download it, you need to know something: for optimisation, this is how the camping car looks like in low quality mode (= non rendered): You can remove that by selecting the camping car and clicking twice on "LQ hiding".
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    Pillager Raid

    The Pillager Raid Wallpaper Made for @AnxiousCynic's wallpaper competition Enjoy
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    Doggy Chew Toy

    This image is 3 renders with different lighting settings combined together , for the shadow scatter effect in the background, face lighting and for sharp shadows.
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    Pixel Nitro

    Skywars: Lucky Blocks

    give me feedbacks and stuff i need to improve
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    Hozq's 3D Armor Model

    I don't know how many people have asked for this now but it's well over due. Heavily recommended that you watch the entire showcase video, it has some important stuff that you might otherwise miss. I forgot to mention this in the video but there is a full armor set folder as well. If you want to use it you should import the !!!IMPORT THIS!!! And nothing else. No chainmail sadly, it would require an entire model dedicated just for it alone. But the model is scalable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Space thing

    I don't even have a name for this
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    In a world, far far away ... ... there is a guy that doesn't know what to do in this holiday. So, he made this.... ~latest update preview : -first update : -first post : Added numerals! So as the title said, it's minecraft letters and it's updated! yay~, it's still in progress tho, till now now it just needs to add some example textures to use or for you to edit.. And then, it's done(?) btw thank you for coming to my post and, have a nice day~ any suggestion I guess?
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    Creeper at the Night Club

    this wallpaper is completely made with mine-imator 1.2.3 https://imgur.com/a/Au0llmE <- animated version
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    I thought it would be fun to make something like this, if anyone is considering making a comic of their own sometime. Plus I need to use the stuff in here because I usually don't follow these rules. Also, I used no lighting. This was spur of the moment. And yes, I broke my own rules at some points to show you guys what not to do. Let me know if this was helpful in an way! ALSO ALSO if you want to see another tutorial on stuff with comics let me know, I'll see what I can do
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    Hozq's cape model

    It's a cape!
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    Stop Sign

    a Stop Sign can be a pretty effective weapon download
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    Boobs Rig

    So sexy and hot!!!!
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    Hozq's improved mobs pack

    Here's the first version of my improved mobs pack! I'm going to add more mobs in the future. If you have any mob suggestions leave them in the comments. Mobs in the pack: A skeleton with toggleable teeth, a jaw, smooth body bend and reworked arm and leg bends. A villager with toggleable human arms and villager arms. I've also fixed the coat so it sticks to the legs. DOESN'T SUPPORT DIFFERENT TEXTURES Showcase gif VVV https://streamable.com/0rotl Known issues: - The skeletons legs don't have the correct rotation point. Fixed in the next version - The top of the villagers second layer on the legs don't have a texture. Fixed in the next version
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    Steve And The Chest

    i finally upload a MC Animation!!!!! yay. also share ur opinion about this animation plz.
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    Batman4014's Past Story

    Batman4014's Past Story I just want you to enjoy this video. =
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    Ford Explorer

    Introducing another vehicle The 2019 Ford Explorer This rig was supposed to be in the vehicle pack v2 but i decided to just upload it anyway. Normal Police ver. DOWNLOAD Credit when used As usual Credit to @Mineshaft Animation for the light bar rig Previous Rig | Next: N/A
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    Dr. Nexil

    Enderman phone wallpaper

    So a friend of mine gave me an idea that made a really good phone wallpaper, so here it is! This was a super fun wallpaper to make, and I think I'll make more phone wallpapers soon! Feel free to use it for your phone! I sure am!
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    a pillagers render test

    actually its just a lighting render test, but i'll just post it here i also made the logo for it lol
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    Sweet Dreams! The pillow can be moved and rotated, and the blanket can bend on the x, y, & z axis. Also, it can be switched to any of the bed colors if you import the texture for it. Download
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    Blue Forest [wallpaper/render]

    hey i made this thanks to the dudes on the foreign affairs discord server for some ideas also a version with all of the very good ideas: anyway i hope you like it kthanksbye
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    This is an updated and Improved version of the abomination of rig I created... Some of you guys gave me criticism and here are the results of V3.1! Since I can't model in modelbench, I tried fixing the ugly polygons you could see on the side the bus has the two doors (Tried making it the most similar to real life tho) The polygons before looked like this: The New Features until now: Updated Interior! (Added bag holders I think from real life) Erhm Mirrors! And a fixed shape of the bus! (Also includes a reverse light that replaces the red downward light on the back) I'll try fixing the wheels and try not having the weird sticks tho... Download :http://www.mediafire.com/file/6t18temladxacvn/Rosmo_Mirage_%283.1%29_Rig.rar/file PS: Any criticism is appreciated And the exterior bag holders from the door side of the bus were removed because I personally think they looked ugly...
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    Minecraft wallpaper

    1. Stop bothering supah for crying out loud. 2. Stop being SO DEFENSIVE. People can dislike a wallpaper if they want to. 3. Don't ping anyone again. Like, seriously. 4. The wallpaper is boring to look at. 5. You posted this twice.
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    Just wanted to play with particles for this really No idea why the link isn't embedding, oops (fixed it)
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    Caught by Curiousity

    Made this neat little image to test out a rig of my OC and to test out my Mine-Imator skills, among other things. Looks like Wally has herself in a pickle with a curious Enderman! He doesn't seem like all of the others, though. Wonder what's up with him...?
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    Been inactive in awhile, I decided to create something.. lighting test.
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