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  1. At least the first third of it.
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  2. Java + Bedrock Edition The Official Mine-Imator Minecraft server for both Forum Users and Discord Users alike! (This server is open to the public and not whitelisted) The Mine-Imator Minecraft Server is a Survival(SMP) server, designed to be chill, relaxing and open-minded. This server was worked on by Myself, Tdit and GamersOnVideos all to make an official server possible. We realized there was no official server despite being a Minecraft forum/discord! So we decided to change that. Both Java and bedrock players can now join the server! Connection Information
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  3. So im making genshin impact wallpaper for the first time here ya go Credits: @GammaKlee Rig @Hozq3D Upgraded blocks
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  5. Probably your favorite texas guy. Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
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  6. Welcome to the Bustling City of Steves! Been 5 years since I touched Mineimator. So any thoughts/critique on whats considered the 'Norm' would be great! Credits: Cigar Rig - @TheBlueeye Briefcase - @tditdatdwt Car rigs - @Dawid24M Any help/tips about getting lighting right in Mineimator would be appreciated aswell.
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  7. This is underwhelming. Enjoy my one render in two-months time. Speed art:
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  8. An Animation Studio with a green screen and all, coming in films near you today! Credits; Tdits skin - @tditdatdwt Directors Chair - @BloxTheRigger Microphone - @r3nacraft Clipboard - @TexasTony04
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  9. niam

    Le Angkot

    Left, I said LEFT!!!
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  10. BonkJobBot

    Paracitic Mimic

    Download the Mimic! Note: Please do not claim this parasite as your own creation and please credit me when you're using this. Thank You! Expamle of use Variation Maybe....
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  12. Well well, it's my first time posting here in a while. I hope everyone here has been doing pretty good! Any who, onto the render: My main inspiration for this was the recently revealed redesign of Batgirl for the current run of Nightwing and the upcoming Fear State event in DC Comics. While I don't really keep up with the comics themselves, I really liked the design so much I had to do a (hopefully) awesome render of it! Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated! (I could use it for this one, since this is one of, if not my most ambitious render.
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  13. niam

    Truck drip

    among trucks
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  14. Duychung

    Left Four Dead

    "I was left 4 dead... but now im back 4 blood" weapon model by crustyjpeg Medium vehicle by Ghatos Mutant zombie by Milix_Dr3AM[FR]
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  15. After a long-ish hiatus, I'm back to working on these again.
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  16. I made this manly so I can test out the hands, and see how my new human models go up against exo-accessories.
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  17. Shoony

    The Angry Golem

    This Villager's prices were maybe overpriced, but it's not a reason to punch him in the nose. If the Golem gets you, you're gonna need to serious medical care.
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  18. Ohh noo! Golem got stuck!
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  19. AshFox

    The Harbor

    Just a render i made with a SMP house plan thought 1.17 haven't add Shaders yet but yea i decide to add my own and i hope you like the results The Harbor by AshFox
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  20. Hi! Long time no see Sorry for being missing In this render, I'm trying the AMD FidelityFX The result is not that good. But actually better than Preserve Details 2.0 by Adobe. You could get FSR using ReShade, and learn more about it in here Note: Sorry for the bush behind the character. I forgot to turn on the SSAO RadiantGI by AstrayFX Rendered with ReShade Behind the scenes
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  21. RNUB

    Blobfish Model

    The cutest fish Download Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/go3zb8p8tbpwzth/Blob_fish.rar/file Enjoy!
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  22. Voxy

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  23. i made this model in like in 2 hours (also: yeah this is the same model i used for the Heavy render if you ask) Images: for download, click HERE If you want to use this model in a render or an animation, you don't need to give me credit (but still if you give me credit it would be very nice) Also: please, don't claim the model is yours if you use it. Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
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  24. alzcreation

    Zombie Horde [4k]

    Another Commission work here also all asset by my client,except facial here ya go
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  25. kwazedilla's skin - tapered arms and legs - bendable hands and feet - hips and narrower body - toggleable breast sizes (width of 0.5px, 1.0px, and 1.5px) (don't use 1.5 it's trash) - 0.25px extrusions special thanks to jnick for converting me to the surface master race model download - no credit needed - template_slim.png by mojang JuniperLucia's skin hozq's HFR
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  26. alzcreation

    Distance [4K]

    Another commission stuff
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  27. Been a while I haven't posted a wallpaper in here, so here's one! And here's a bare bones version: Bare Bones suits better in my opinion, but it is my opinion, your opinion might be different
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  28. On my way to your mother's house Raw Programs used: Mine-Imator 1.3 MS Paint MS Word
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  29. Shoony

    Reconstructing The Past

    You don't know who built them, you don't know why they were built. All you know is that you aren't strong enough to fight whatever is in there. Luckily that woman seems crazy enough to go with you.
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  30. Shoony


    After exploring the deserted islands of the End you've found wings, which is strange as there is no birds in that dimension. Now would you look at you, flying pass the mountains while using fireworks as an engine. How did you get this idea anyways ?
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  31. Kwazedilla

    Character #5

    hozq's HFR
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  32. Emunator

    Basement Wonders

    What is Steve doing? Decided to experiment with lighting abit, let me know what I did wrong/right. Credits; Trashcan - @mbanders
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  33. Shoony

    Home Blew Up

    This house was made with love; a strong emotion. But, oh man, it wasn't strong enough to resist that Creeper.
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  34. Shoony

    Precious Metal

    These Piglins would do anything just to get a handfull of Golden Nuggets. Do you think they would trade you some useful items if you gave them some Gold Ingots ?
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  35. This is the 5th time they're trying to take down your base, but you are always prepared to show them your blade
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  36. Shoony

    Far From Home

    Don't you ever feel like adventure doesn't satisfy you like it used to ? That you just want to go back home, back to safety ?
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  37. kouta

    Voyage (4K)

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  39. niam

    Lombargine machine

    yes, Brazilian Lombargine, Hofstetter Turbo (custom)
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  40. Nicolasev

    Moving out

    Made this lately based on a sketch, every model was made in modelbench (the car is simply a facade not an actual structure) See y'all !
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  41. Hi everyone, the Minecraft Sound Pack has been updated to Minecraft 1.17! Check it out here:
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  42. Shoony

    Some Random Renders

    Didn't have any inspiration for a wallpaper today, so instead i did some renders !
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  43. Okay, i don't really have any emotional dialogue for this, just make your own if you want to.
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  44. SKAY

    Vietnam war helmet

    My first creation that i did for one of my works Its Vietnam war helmet with some details You can put helmet on your head by simply dragging it on head like on the screenshots above I tested this model on default steve and my custom character rig so i think its gonna work with your rig pretty good too (or maybe not) You can use it in your works without crediting me Just dont claim that its your work and thats all P.s. if you foud any bug in this model, feel free to say about it, and i will try my best to fix it
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  45. Shoony

    The Mineshaft

    Just a quick test with rim lights !
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