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    Oh hey look it me So basically, I've been playing a lot of hardcore over the past couple of months to keep myself interested in the game. I've died 13 times total and only completed the game twice in this time. So the other day, I had a thought: what if I made a bunch of wallpapers to immortalize my dumb mistakes? So here they are, enjoy I guess So uh yeah, this is pretty much what I've been doing in MC since late September, it's been frustrating yet fun to be honest. Anyway, time to fire up yet another doomed world once i can come up with a new challenge idea, seeya! Credit to: Sharpwind for the armor rig, and @Hagus for the idea to try hardcore in the first place
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    Oriental city and characters

    tried it through feedback. 5 Scale, Bleed Light, Lighting... will also try to make animations!
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    AK47 Download
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    Mine-imator 1.2.6

    Download 1.2.6 Version 1.2.6, 2020.01.12, changes: Features: Added alignment settings for text objects. Added "AA" setting for text objects to enable/disable anti-aliasing on the text's font. Added support for new model settings and behavior in Modelbench 1.0.0. Added "Glow color threshold" for blocks that glow by default to determine how bright a pixel needs to be to glow. Changes: Improved bending appearance. Bend wheels have been changed to sliders. Updated icon for importing models in the workbench. Minecraft assets: Updated Minecraft assets to 1.15.1. Bugfixes: Fixed crash when not using a resource pack on scenery templates that have special block timelines. Fixed search results in block lists not being accurate. Fixed cloud offset moving all clouds away from scene. Fixed 3D planes not bending properly in most scenarios. Fixed Smooth diorite stairs/slabs, Mossy cobblestone, and brick walls not importing. Fixed crash when generating scenery with certain blocks. Fixed water generation near waterlogged blocks. Version 1.2.5, 2019.09.16, changes: Features: Added blade settings for the camera to change 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' appearance. (Blade amount and blade rotation.) Added 'Chromatic aberration' effect for the camera. Added 'Distort' effect for the camera. Added rotation option for background skybox/skysphere. Changes: Improved quality of 'Depth of Field' effect. Improved near blur of 'Depth of Field' effect, though large blur sizes may not be desirable. 'Anamorphic ratio' options for 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' can no longer be negative. (Rotating blades is now recommended.) Background ground block can now be animated. Increased height of 'Export image' popup to fit all components and text. Minecraft assets: Added wind to Fire, Campfire, and Sweet berry bush. Fixed End stone brick slabs not importing from worlds. Updated Pillager arm texture. Bugfixes: Fixed shadow delay with 'Follow camera' enabled. Fixed crash caused by spawning an object using a deleted camera as a texture. Version 1.2.4, 2019.05.21, changes: Features: Added "Remove waterlogged water" program option to remove water from waterlogged blocks, kelp, etc.. Added color option for vignette. Added "Blend mode" options for objects. (Note the object's interaction with the scene can vary depending on the mode.) Changes: Changed default sky color and fog height. Tweaked how automatic fog color is calculated. Removed slight blue tint on story mode clouds. Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading certain resource packs. Fixed white scene textures when a visible shape used a camera as a texture. Fixed rotation point values not having default values. Fixed body parts not using their custom rotation points. Fixed issues with casted shadows causing artifacts. Fixed typo in English translation. Fixed crash when saving certain objects/projects. Fixed crash when trying add a new object from the workbench. Fixed "Memory allocation failed" crash. Fixed chorus plant blocks not loading from worlds in 1.13 or newer. Fixed smooth stone slabs appearing as stone slabs from older worlds/schematic files. Fixed textbox padding for particle launch angle settings. Fixed film grain stretching on largest dimension in render. Fixed sheep, panda, villager, wandering trader, and ravager models. Fixed crash when setting FOV to a custom value while having unlimited values enabled. Version 1.2.3, 2019.05.04, changes: Features: Added Minecraft 1.14 blocks and characters, as well as new textures. Added program setting to allow values to be set outside of their limits. (Use at your own risk!) Added program setting to search for variant names too when searching for blocks. (Interface settings, on by default.) Added tooltip to show the amount of frames in the selected timeline range. Added "Sprite (Template)" option for particles to easily choose new Minecraft sprite particles. Added "Launch angle" options for particle types in the particle editor. Item texture and slot can now be animated with keyframes. Added 'Bleed light' setting for timelines. Added 'Camera shake'. Added 'Anamorphic ratio' option for Bloom and Depth of Field for adjusting the vertical and horizontal scale of the blur(s). Added a lens dirt effect for the camera. (Custom texture, radius, and intensity can be changed and animated.) Added 'Vibrance' option for color correction. (Boosts the saturation of desaturated colors.) Added new Bokeh settings for the Depth of Field effect: Edge bias (How strong the edges of the CoC should be in comparison to the middle.) Bokeh highlights Bokeh threshold (The brightness threshold for bokeh highlights.) Changes: Improved general performance. Improved quality of film grain. Improved sunset/sunrise appearance. Altered the appearance of Depth of Field to look similar to traditional bokeh. Fringe effect in Depth of Field now properly separates color instead of bleeding color. Disabled SSAO on particle spawner timelines by default. Updated workbench icon and logo to match new workbench textures.(Also more vibrant.) Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading worlds with banners prior to Minecraft 1.13. Fixed some instances of film grain stretching vertically. Fixed brightness slider in color correction not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed certain keyframes not clamping correctly when editing multiple keyframes. Fixed new banner patterns in editor not using a pattern image if a pattern is already selected. Fixed sun shadows changing when SSAO is enabled and camera FOV is altered. Fixed 'Alpha add' options in the particle editor not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed Inherit Select not saving. Fixed certain blocks in scenery from 1.13 and later not generating correctly.(Connecting blocks like; Walls, stairs & fences.) Fixed water generating where it shouldn't and blocks not being waterlogged properly. Fixed popup names not updating when the language file is changed. Fixed custom rotation point XYZ values resetting when disabling custom rotation point. Fixed SSAO appearing on clouds. Version 1.2.2, 2019.01.26, changes: Features: Added "Transparent block texture filtering" in graphics settings. Added "Desaturated night" option in background settings, along with an option to control the desaturation amount. Added "Fringe" option for Depth of Field. Added "Color burn" option for Color correction. Added "Film grain" effect for cameras. Added "Inherit select" in timeline properties(If you select their parent, they'll get selected too.). Added seamless repeating button for the timeline. Added interface color option for viewport object highlight. Added button in workbench in to hide list of options. Startup now displays what block its currently loading. Updates to banners: Added wall banner variant. Added banner editor popup. Banners from worlds can now be loaded with patterns and colors. Fixed rotation point and scale of banner model. Bugfixes: Fixed armor stand arms not being parented to body. Fixed vex charging variant being incorrect. Fixed world import crash with newer worlds. Fixed animatable blocks not using the scenery template's resource. Fixed default MC resource pack being sometimes replaces when replacing a resource with the same name. Fixed "Inherit..." checkboxes not being laid out correctly for some objects. Version 1.2.1, 2018.11.24, changes: Bugfixes: Fixed a crash when loading a project containing missing items. Fixed a crash when importing scenery from a world with a name containing non-English characters. Fixed a crash when loading schematics containing mob heads or gray colored beds. Fixed shapes using cameras as a texture not rendering in high quality when exporting as a movie. Fixed a crash when exporting a movie containing 1 frame only. Version 1.2.0, 2018.10.31, changes (since 1.1.4): Minecraft support Added the mobs, blocks and items from Minecraft 1.13.1 Support for worlds from Minecraft 1.13.1 Added all Minecraft biomes and biome variants, also updated biome names New options for existing models Wool color for sheep Markings for horses Charged vex option Arms for armor stands Minecraft: Story Mode clouds option Animation features Right-click shortcut in the timeline to pick a transition Ctrl+Q shortcut to create keyframes for all selected timelines at the marker’s position Option to visualize seconds and half-seconds on the timeline Option for particles to be destroyed when they hit their bounding box More background values are now keyframable using the "Background" option in the workbench Rendering features In the “Graphics” tab of objects Glow effect Glow color is adjusted in “Color” of keyframes Includes setting to only display the glow effect Options to hide objects in low and high quality rendering modes Biome tinting option for objects to be affected by the biome foliage color In the “Camera” tab in camera keyframes Bloom effect Threshold, radius, intensity, and color options Color correction Brightness & contrast Saturation (Behaves differently from color settings) Vignette effect Radius, softness and strength options In the “Background” tab of the project Sunlight strength option (High Quality mode only) Custom biome colors for water, grass, and other foliage To enable, select “Custom” when picking a biome Option for the scene to have a different fog color from the sky fog In the “Graphics” tab in Settings Blocky style option for bent arms/legs Noise effect option for grass and water Option for bright blocks in schematics to automatically be given the glow effect Option to turn on foliage light bleeding for plant-type blocks In the “Render” tab in Settings Option to turn off all camera effects Radius, intensity, and falloff of glowing objects Custom watermark options for exported images and movies Misc. Spin option for items Rotation settings for sprite particles Interface color option for the group select box in the timeline Changes Added a button to helpful tutorial videos by @AnxiousCynic Default program FPS setting is now 60 Work camera rotation now eases when moving The default ambient color now has a blue tint, and the sunlight has a yellow tint Checkboxes with interface content can be collapsed using the adjacent button with three dots (...) The “Cross section view” of Minecraft maps can now be freely moved up and down Filtered blocks will be previewed in selected Minecraft maps Acacia leaves, Dark oak leaves, and sugar cane are now affected by the biome foliage colors Updated resolution size templates to more modern resolutions Resolution size templates now use the language file Water no longer casts shadows Added highlight outline for selected keyframes Item bouncing is now slower, matching the speed of bouncing items in Minecraft Heavily improved performance for shadowless point lights when used in great quantities Moved Depth of Field blur size from program render settings to camera keyframe settings, and changed the default size to 1% Increased Depth of Field quality Added a graphical improvement for SSAO Tweaked stars Piston extensions now extend to a full block Fog is now circular Bugfixes Fixed crash when importing models that contain 3D planes using “Import an asset” Fixed crash when deleting a camera used as a texture in the library Fixed crash when loading a project with a resource pack used for the moon texture Fixed crash when duplicating scenery with animated blocks Fixed point light buffer size resetting when re-opening program Fixed graphics tab in spot light properties not being the same as point light properties Fixed UI elements being blurred if "Blur texture" was enabled Fixed completely transparent models still rendering SSAO and shadows Fixed objects that face the camera casting incorrect shadows Fixed crash when undoing changes to the sunlight color Fixed a crash when deleting bodypart keyframes Fixed timeline length not updating on some keyframe operations Fixed various crashes when importing scenery from a world Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Changes (since pre-release 3): Bugfixes Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed the Mooshroom model... again Fixed graphical issue with alerts when the toolbar is in a vertical mode Fixed issues with the following animated background options: Custom fog color Custom object fog color Sky fog Follow camera Version 1.1.x: Version 1.0.x:
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    3D Blocks & Items W.I.P

    I've had this idea in mind since yesterday, of creating most MINECRAFT blocks into 3D versions of themselves. I'm still deciding which blocks to turn into 3D and Items included. If by any chance I stop working on this, I'll let everyone know if the project got cancelled by (Insert reason here). Anyway what do you people think?
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    Baby Yoda Drawing

    no baby yodas were harmed in the making of this image
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    Caving Hozq

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    hello here you go This is a very early version so you might find it a bit tricky to use and other small issues with it. Pictures: Comes with: Female body and legs Wrists Works well with any leg bends below 90 degrees Works fine with any skin that has 3 pixel sized arms. Going to make a 4 pixel variant for the next version. Unfortunately it doesn't come with the second layers of the skin for the body, arms, and legs. I couldn't get them working properly. Maybe for the next version. Credit me if you use it thanks, i went through hell to get this working properly. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION FROM ME.
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    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.15

    Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.15 and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
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    Crusader: Mecha Predator

    Crusader is the first walking mecha predator to stomp in the lands of Minecraft, equipping 4 heavy weapons so powerful it could destroy starships with it. The bottom weapons were known as Exoduses, 300m explosive weapons that hold 12 rockets each, and marks themselves death artillery. The top weapons are Gendarmes, long ranged plasmatic weapons that can burn holes out of Golems, and the blue energy came from Extravellium, a rare yet flammable material used for experimental atomic tests. Pounding the claws into the ground, Crusader can march in 22km/h despite its heavy armory, and it’s been proven it can fly. 2 mega boosters behind its core allows the robot to heave up, and 6 mini-boosters serves to move the machine forward, with the additional 2 boosters in the legs to increase flight speed, clocking 29km/h. However, it seems that Crusader is a mysterious creation, with no one having been known to build such astonishing robot, but it is a huge threat. There are currently 2 of them in here, both of them patrolling across the borders of Siberia. For what it seems, they are protecting something from someone. Or something else. https://www.mediafire.com/file/svs5hxdjvcm7mps/Crusader.mimodel/file
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    anima cryses

    Made a siren head model.

    Made a siren head model.
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    good title amirite? Rig/Model design by Trainguy, Rig/Model recreation by Jnick.
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    Apparently some people thought my previous status update was serious and I lost access before I could reply, but lol I thought I made it pretty obvious it was a joke But fr it's all good we're not migrating to mineimator.ru. I don't think Vladimir Putin even knows we exist
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    Oh hey we're back. Here's an image I'm proud of
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    Lost in Forest

    My 1st wallpaper after 2 days without MI forums. (sorry for a bit stiff posing)
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    Power Moves

    I hope to get some feedback of what you guys think! I just finished making a sequel to this video. I had a lot of fun making it and decided to make a little series based around this video. Power Moves episode 2 will be uploaded this Friday.
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    ItsAlz Creation


    Just simple render here
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    Hey everyone, the Advanced Character Model Version 3 is finished! ! Import the .miproject ! Features: -Smooth and Sharp bends -Controllers, for that Blender/C4D feel (Not fake, they actually work) -Full body auto 3D second layers -Skin friendly, no skin editing required, just apply your skin and it works -Auto texture fingers (only for steve) Overview: Auto 3D extrusions: Full: Legs: Body and arms: Head: Fingers: Trailer animation by Hozq: That's all, hope you guys like it. (Contains both Steve and Alex) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8s9rdd76pkkuk67/ACMV3.ZIP/file ! You don't need to credit me, but it would be appreciated !
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    War survivor

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    Batworld Story images

    I'm planning my Batworld story these days, now producing Batman4014's story animations, starting with the past. And I am learning Maya program for about 12 months and studying to produce my own Batworld animation. I can't communicate well because I'm not good at English, But this time, I wanted to talk about my life once.
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    (my) Summary of 2019

    Ok, I ended up year 2019 with wallpaper "Lost in forest" and I made video about what have I done for last 4 months: (video itself can contain small typos, so ignore them) Just, don't react somehow on this video, you can do it in topics with my wallpapers if you haven't yet. So, my last 4 months - (lost of) wallpapers, some models, my skin rig. What do I plan: 1. make better wallpapers 2. try to learn how to do better lighting 3. Get 150 rep. to end of 2020 (I know, it's too much) 4. learn how to do animations That's all guys, happy new year 2020 and have good luck.
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    The Hallway

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    So, I decided to completely redo my character. I drank a lot of cans of energy drink over the last weekend and that's what happened! A jetpack, a mask and boots are a VAS (Vertical Acceleration Suit), briefly about it, a jetpack increases the jump several times, boots soften the fall, and the mask ... well, it’s just like that. I also made a model of the gun in BlockBench and the magnet that holds the gun. I would be grateful if you tell some tips on modeling
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    The Queen | 4K

    Ayy just a small render I made Character for upcoming animation Rendered with Shot Render Farm Sorry if that appears huge on your screen holy crap but yeah sorry if it's too bright
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    [PAID] Builder Recruitment

    Apocgaming.org We are a modded server network, that has been up for 9+ years with 14 different modded servers including Vanilla, Hexxit, Tekxit 3, Tekkit Legends, etc. Any and all types of builders are welcome to apply. Be prepared to submit a portfolio of at least 3 different builds and please include at least one network you have worked for. Types of builders needed: Overall pro builders who can build anything and everything. If accepted to the project, you will be given supervised full world edit permissions and full vanilla creative. This is a PAID Medieval Spawn Build I'm looking for some unique yet traditional design for the spawn. Whichever builder(s) is/are interested in helping me out, we can discuss more about this as we speak via discord DMs. Payment: I would like to keep it safe and say my budget is around $100 US, but I am willing to negotiate prices depending on build quality, uniqueness and other factors. Deadline: About 1-2 weeks. Not trying to rush anyone, but the server has been recently reset, and we need the new spawn done as soon as possible, so no time for messing around, this is strictly business. A lot has been done already, but we ARE trying to improve it to the best form possible. Please DM me on discord if you have questions and with your portfolio. Toxic_Sid#6036 Please comment below once you have messaged me on discord. Thanks.
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    i apologize for any inconveniences this may cause but we have banned everyone and the forums are unfortunately gone forever vladimir putin has graciously provided refuge in http://mineimator.ru/, to which we will migrate immediately. thank you putin, merry christmas and a happy new year to our new administration.
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    i was birthed 15 years ago today

    i was birthed 15 years ago today
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    Final Encounter (reupload) 4K

    This is a re upload due to the old one being outdated, changed various things to make it look better! Old Pic:
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    •Attempts to be like the "big bois" •Monster school. •Fortnite dances. •Obnoxious music. •Asking to sub with over exaggerated hype. •You're that guy that stole my "Ultimatium" tag during my cringy days? No thanks, sir.
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    Uhhhh hello, haven't used MI in a while like the title says- so I decided to make something idk ;-; --------------------------------------- Before --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- After (Cropped) --------------------------------------- yep so uh Credit to @/Raine Animations for the chibi base and making Fray's chibi Credit to @Fray for using the base and making the other chibis
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL ALL ON LIST HAVE BEEN COMPLETE!!! banner by OzFalcon Latest update:Jan 12, 2020 Next scheduled update:Jan 26, 2020 Updates every other Sunday, with extra updates whenever possible. The Modelbench Armory is a collection of weapon models made for Mine-Imator users by request, to use in animations, still renders, or anything else you can think of. Feel free to use them for whatever you please, no need to give credit although it is appreciated. Sounds are included with all gun models, although I encourage you use your own. The Modelbench Armory on YouTube The Modelbench Armory is made by me (@crustyjpeg), @MYSELF3200, @OzFalcon, and @CodyBI. Guidelines for requesting models: Terms of use: Without further ado, here's the weapon downloads: Assault Rifles/Carbines: Battle Rifles: Semi-Automatic Rifles: Single-Action Rifles: Machine Guns: Submachine Guns: Handguns: Shotguns: Explosives & Launchers: Melee weapons: Requested/planned weapons: Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and I hope it's helpful.
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    Mineshaft Animation

    "Streets" | Wallpaper

    I’ve seen people walk out of school like that so it’s normal.
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    G'day, morning, or night everyone. Today I'll be sharing some news that'll affect the Mine-imator 'brand', and news regarding the next updates to Mine-imator and Modelbench. WIP rebranding As the title suggests, the Mine-imator brand is currently going through a major rebrand. Voxy and I have had this in mind since early 2017, and was very close to being given to The Community Build if Mine-imator 1.1.0 didn't start development! Since then, Voxy has gradually established a new unique look for the brand and now, we're ready to start rolling it out. Modelbench being the first step, as it served as a good test for trying out what we wanted out of the design changes. (This is why the Modelbench beta looked different from Mine-imator and why promotional images looked unique.) Also, this new look will be one of the last big things I do for Mine-imator and its brand before I leave as a developer. More on what the rebrand entails be revealed in the future. Modelbench 1.0 / Mine-imator 1.2.6 For those who don't know, the Modelbench 1.0 "update" is a complete remake that started back in May. It has since been roughly 6 months and due to the cleaner code, it's coming along great! At the moment I'm wrapping up some of the final features (ones returning from the beta and new ones!). Also, the next updates for Mine-imator and Modelbench will contain changes to bending that will allow smoother bends on larger body parts among other new settings to use in models and some improvements to bent 3D planes. (Which may break some current uses of bent 3D planes, though it will vary depending on how they're used.) Should also be worth noting that some models created in future Modelbench versions may not load in Mine-imator versions prior to 1.2.6 due to changes/new features for models. That is all for now, unfortunately I can't reveal *too* much but rest assured, some big things are coming! And speaking of...
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    'sup, a new complete pack Aether Legacy (Or Aether 1, if you prefer.) Mobs : Some 3D Items : Armors : Accessorys : Gui : Bosses : Effects : Entities : Projectiles : /!\ Open the .miobject or .miproject file if there is one. /!\ Please, give credit if used. If there are bugs, translation errors or if you have questions, please contact me. Click me to download the pack :3 [1.03 MB] Click me to download the sounds :3 [10.77 MB] Bye ;3
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    Hexical Brine

    [1.1.4] Humanoid Model!

    Human Model for 1.1.4 Can be easily re-skinned. Also has fingers, wrists that bend in all directions, and ankles. Default Skinned How the UV works Download Give at least some credit somewhere if used. Facial rig not included
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    Illager Dictator

    So i have been playing the RE2 remake, and i got inspired to make a Tyrant like illager, so... This happend! ENJOY!! lMAGES Download! No need to credit if used, but do feel free to send me your creations!
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    Forums has been too lazy this day so i decided to post something.
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    [4k] Derelict (NOW LOADS FASTER)

    now i'm using imgur instead of lensdump and while it's jpegified as heck it's still good enough lossless:
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    Two Time

    EDITED: https://streamable.com/jbepu UNEDITED: https://streamable.com/2wviy
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    Forum = back Wanna know what else is back? Arby's fish sandwiches and bacon brisket beef n cheddar sandwich! That's right! The fish sandwiches are back! Come on down and grab yourself a classic crispy fish, a fish and cheddar or the king's Hawaiian fish deluxe that has a king's Hawaiian sweet bun! We're also bringing back the mint chocolate shake! Remember that these are here for a limited time, so come on down to a participating location and try out these returning sandwiches! ARBY'S, WE HAVE THE MEATS.
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    Lost in Forest

    When Mom gives you the shopping list and then disappears, leaving you lost in Walmart.
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    I may finally have found a place where I can be allll ALONE
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    The Red Dot Sniper

    Batworld villain He will soon appear in a Batworld series animation. You can see my animation at the link below!!
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    https://youtu.be/eB7IIi0TYuw [Minecrat Movie ]CRISIS:Herobrine in Minecraft Teaser It's really really hard to finish this teaser So,hope you like it
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    Hello, I've seen animations on the forums, some are good, some are.. not so good, so I thought I could help the community improve on the animations. I'm not saying that anyone is bad, it's just that I just came to realization. If we stop animating until 1.0.0 to make our animations better, we could just keep on using it now to make our first 1.0.0 animation even BETTER. And now 1.0.0 is out, you can experiment with it. Please try all the new features! So I've decided to make a topic to help all of you improve your animations. I'm sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this, but just go on. This is more like a "tip" than a "trick". All the tips are in here: Tips on how to make a good animation in general: Tips on how to make your animation efficiently: Tips on how to use rigs effectively: Tips on how to make a good story line: Tips on how to not be lazy: Tips on how to find inspiration: Tips on how to edit your animation (With another editing program after it renders): Tips on how to master a specific thing: Tips on how to get characters in a good pose: Tips on how to successfully Lip sync: Tips on how to do a walk/run cycle: Tips on how to come up with an original idea: Tips on how to make a decent storyboard: Feedback? And remember, DO NOT be lazy, when people say: "Yeah I know about that but I was just too lazy to fix it" I just basically hear them say: "Yeah I know about that but I didn't want to make my animation better so I didn't fix it" Again, I said "Sorry if you feel like you didn't need to read this", but I hope that I helped you make your animation better, and the best any animation possible can be. David and Ayhay liked this , well, it's never needed to like this topic, but it is appreciated. (You can also ask for something that's not up there by messaging me!)
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    Ennard Render

    Ennard rig is by @ShotUAnimations
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    The rules of the Mine-imator forums

    For everybody to enjoy the Mine-imator forums, we must make an effort to follow some guidelines. Speak English English is the language of the internet, including the Mine-imator forums. You can speak in whatever language you want in PMs, though. Don't create duplicate topics Keep the amount of topics to a minimum to improve the browsing experience for other members. Don't make more than one account It takes up forum space, causes confusion between members and makes moderation a headache. Alternate accounts will be detected, removed and a warning issued to the original account. Post in the correct subforum If you're unsure, see the header in each subforum to see what you can and what you cannot post there. Topics that are posted in the wrong place will be moved by a moderator. Don't use oversized signatures To save everyone from breaking their mouse scroll wheel, keep the signature size to a minimum. 200-250 pixels tall is the absolute maximum. If your signature is ridiculously tall, a moderator will remove it and give you a warning. Don't abuse the Reputation system The Reputation system was made to highlight and incentivize helpful and constructive posts. Do not give up- or down-reps to a member just for the sake of increasing or decreasing their rank, or create shops to harvest Reputation in exchange for services. Doing this will result with a warning and eventually your Reputation reset to 0. Don't chat The forums are for intelligent discussions and not small talk. If you want to chat, go here or use the PM system. Don't use adf.ly or similar services Unless you are the rightful owner of the thing you're linking to. Don't post a status update about a new topic you've started If the topic is still visible under "Recent Topics" Do not revive dead topics A topic is "dead" if the latest reply is more than 2 months old. Rather than bumping them to the top, start a new topic. You may revive your own topics, as long as you add new information. Topic revival is only allowed if the topic is posted in the Mine-imator creations or Mine-imator resources sections of the forums. Use the report button, don't resort to mini-modding If someone is breaking any of the rules here, don't post anything. Rather, press the "Report" button in the top left of the offender's post. This will alert all moderators, leaving a message like "This is posted in the wrong forum!" will not. Taking matters into your own hands like this is called mini-modding, and posts like that take up space and do not add anything to the topic. Read more about mini-modding here. Do not impersonate others This includes regular members, moderators or banned users (by using the infamous "BANNED" avatar) These things are not tolerated ANYWHERE on the forums (including the Discord and PMs) Discussions of illegal subjects/activities (this includes software cracking, torrenting, etc.) Offensive/racist/rude behavior or imagery Bullying or discrimination Gore/Screamers or other frightening imagery Links to viruses/trojans/malware Images of/links/heavy references to sexual content Pointless swearing/overuse of CAPS Spamming (constantly posting the same content, nonsense or useless posts just to get noticed) Advertising potentially malicious products or sites (if you are unsure, ask a moderator) Flashing imagery or excessive use of colors, special characters, smileys and/or oversized fonts Auto-playing flash animations with sound Breaking the above rules will result with a warning sent to you by a moderator/administrator. Repeated warnings will result with a banning of your account. If we follow these rules, we can all have a good ol' time!
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