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    3D Pie Model - Ace Attorney Breakdown

    After the chaotic events that took place in a recent topic, "3D Pie Model", I decided to make a meme breakdown of some of the arguments. I had a lot of fun making this. Users in video: @9redwoods, @Frost (me), @Draco63, @__Mine__, @Jnick, @Keep on Chucking, @Voxy, @Spontaneous Explosions, @Ethaniel and @TheRealMariobros1045 (topic owner) Context, if you haven't been updated on recent forum drama: I hope you enjoy this wacky breakdown!
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    mysterious house [4K Wallpaper]

    without image editing: credits textures: Conquest Reforged and Dokucraft
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    Zombie apocalypse

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    he was making a simple meme out of it, because to be honest, the situation was funny, because it started from a 3d pie
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    I see your square pie and I raise you...
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    be quiet and enjoy the meme
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    3D Pie Model - Ace Attorney Breakdown

    Just cleared things up with 9redwoods and Frost. Looking back on this, I'll admit it is pretty funny, and I was an idiot for thinking otherwise. Sorry everyone.
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    Dr. Nexil

    Help! Something is in my house!

    bro chill he just wants to borrow a cup of sugar
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    All models i've made so far

    Probably could do proper render instead of just placing bunch of items ._.
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    3D Pie Model

    I made a Pie model, simple as that. Includes Alt Textures for Various pies (or you can make one yourself.) IMAGES: https://ibb.co/9pxsHMD https://ibb.co/jTTNMxb https://ibb.co/gvDLQBr DOWNLOAD
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    Mineimator1.2.7+python3.7+OpenFace The video of this singing guys comes from Internet I designed several mods for mineimator, if you are interested, I can share them in detail The biggest problem I found is that mineimator takes too long to load keyframes, which is not conducive to my script to convert actions into keyframes.
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    FTP | Knife Model

    This is the knife model, its here... Features: You can scale the blade (including the thinness) to what ever size you want (of course). You can stab and kill whatever you want! Scale friendly (of course). Their are two knife variants, one that's like a combat knife with ridges and one without any ridges. Crediting: Credit is not needed when you use it in an animation or render, but it is very appreciated. You can modify the model, but you can't modify it and upload it without my permission (btw don't claim it as yours).
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    A Game of Werewolf (4K)

    after months of inactivity, I have returned... Didn't tell you guys this but during my inactivity, I Got a new computer, tried transferring my old projects such as the JOJO Op and Heavy is Dead and they got corrupted. So might as well make new projects I guess... Anyways, Here's a teaser of the project I'm currently making called Werewolf (You can say it's like Among Us). The story based more on personas and alibis than action. Do note that this is my first time making an original story for more than a minute so there'll probably be flaws and cliches in the story itself, or the animation due to exhaustion. Oh and yeah, there's new peps and my three characters got a new makeover. Any constructive criticisms/suggestions about the wallpaper such as the lighting, blur, camera angle and such will be appreciated!
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    Your Depiction of me in this is 100% Spot-on. Also you beat me to making a video about this lol.
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    hey apple

    hey apple
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Oblivion rig generation 6.0 is here New improvements, new tweaks! Oblivion got a rehaul with the 6.0 update, giving him bendable extrusions, fixed controls on the face, brand new fingers that don't stretch, but still retain their proportional lengths and finally (and most importantly), 15 Different rig varieties (one of them being a placeholder, but you could also use it as a bald character). It's not as simple as just importing and animating with the rig, as the bendable extrusions make it too laggy; that's why there's a placeholder rig included, which you use to animate and copy the keyframes over to the actual rig. More about that in the YouTube video. YouTube video: Some Images during the production: Changes: Updates since release: Edit: added the update list ~ Stay Sharp
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    ModelBench Shark

    My First ModelBench Model
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    Hope you will enjoy it! Here is a link to the 1st part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79Pmgnzm8l4) Any feedback is highly appreciated!
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    Zombie apocalypse

    Glowstone is kinda overexposed, maybe bring down the glow intensity a bit.
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    The argument was pretty dumb, but that's why it made such a funny video! I'm hoping all people involved can at least get a chuckle out of this and move on as reasonably as possible. There shouldn't be any hard feelings for some drama as small as this. Making it into something funny and enjoyable is a unique way to approach it, and I think it was executed with good intent. Nice content, Frost!
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    Too many zombies

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    Kamen Inu

    [Demon slayer]Music game animation

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2s2bPIdE1g This animation took me about 4 months to finish. Hope you like it. (This may be my last music game animation because it takes me a long time to finish and the views are low QAQ)
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    Dr. Nexil

    Gourd Friends

    I was messing around with some character ideas, and came up with some quick little renders for them! Meet Harvest "Harvey" Patch and Melony Vine! Made with ModelBench and Mine-imator. Thanks to @Keep on Chucking for Harvey's name If you want to see more character renders like these and/or have ideas for more characters in the similar vein here feel free to let me know!
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    everyone hates me and I shouldn't feel bad even know everyone hates me give this a Upvote pls
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    Hey, Im looking for nightmare animatronic from FNaF, i know there is existing model but I don't found them very interesting (probably due for them to be a bit to 'blocky' or old, i prefer thing that stay actually in mincreaft theme rather than having round thing (yes im a difficult guy...)). I will credit the owner of the model. By the way people who may ask, yes i tried Edit Saga V3 and like i said it was to blocky for my little eyes... Thank to people who can help ^^ Cya!
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    Ah yes, more creepers.
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    This is amazing and I love it.
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    Knife model | WIP

    NO! Obviously all knives should be spherical!
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    Knife model | WIP

    Not sure why you're all taking @Voxy seriously here, he was making a harmless joke lol
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    Knife model | WIP

    I'd suggest making it square.
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    The snowy Forest

    Steve and his Friend are going adventure, somewhere.
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    Hey, you are back! A while ago I was worried you disappeared from the forums forever, that you couldn’t improve. But now I see you with a chance of your big improvement in the future
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    Keep on Chucking

    3D Pie Model

    Minecraft's in-game pumpkin pie is round in the texture so your point makes no sense. Not everything has to be exactly minecraft, geez, let people explore some styles freely without nitpickings things like this. It's a good looking rig. I'd rather use this rig than a square pumpkin pie ngl.
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    3D Pie Model

    I'd suggest making it square.
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    happy birthday, and thanks for all the work you've done for us
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    My own face rig

    Hi again. Its me, FrostG so i just make my own face rig in MB and u can use it to your animation Features: Bendable eyelids Sharp mouth(or whatever its called) and uhmmm other (also i add female version from this rig) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e4wdlvtcwyh5qiv/Face_Rig.zip/file
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    This was fun to read, but I think it's time to intervene. I always try to take a step back and understand both sides of the argument. I definitely understand both points of view. On one hand, I agree with the others. The model itself is a bit uncanny and odd to look at, and the textures are objectively bad compared to something like vanilla Minecraft's textures, but this doesn't mean he has to listen to you. In the end, he can do what he wants. All we can do is give our opinions, and he can choose for himself if he wants to take them into consideration. People got defensive and aggressive on both sides, so there's no need to point fingers. How about we don't let this happen a third time?
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    Okay, I can see if I can try that, I think I'm gonna try not using mcaselector first though.
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    If you can't import a brand new world made in 1.16, ignore the spoiler below. Also, make sure you're in the latest version of MI with the latest world importer OFC
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    I was answering a question in the comments.
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    Car model: @Ghatos Reference image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AKGkz
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    ShotU Animations Face Rig V2

    I have updated the Face Rig so here are some of the new features. - Added ears - Added wrinkles - Added a tongue - Changed the eyes a bit - Individual teeth segments now toggleable - Added a 4th sparkle design - Fixed issue with alpha still showing in the eyes and mouth when scaled down to 0 - added another alpha to scale to fix Z-fighting from far distances (an example is in the spoiler below) Segment Teeth toggleable. Credit is appreciated.
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    S.M.B.U Fan Made Walp

    I saw the Nintendo Direct announcement of Steve and Alex's move sets, etc. And I must say I was not expecting Minecraft to be added to Smash Ultimate! A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one Also I created this, It was a bit hard but in just a few hours I completed it! Hope you guys/gals like it! Map Creator:https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/sky-ruins-contest-winner/
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    Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

    Hi and this is my ANOTHER! fad rig(I think I am addicted at this point.. seriously.) at first I was not gonna post anymore fad things here but giving my rigs to other peoples one by one is kind of annoying so.. yeah.. sorry. and here's the pics. FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE FREDBEAR NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARIONNE DOWNLOAD - click here
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    Blue Monkey (Om Nom Nom) RIG

    I created a rig of the Blue Monkey"s crazy chest.
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    Krampus rig

    Ok.. now it's almost midnight and I feel really sleepy right now so I'm gonna just drop some picture and download link. I hope you guys like it. some pictures. full body sideway close up DOWNLOAD CLICK ME!
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    I'm back

    Long time no see
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