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    Fall Evening

    I really love fall. My favorite season. And of course I have to make a fall render or two xD. But @Eliphaz basically held my hand through making these so big thanks to him!
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    Sometimes, you gotta stay up late to finish that next comic page. This is a gift for the beautiful @Hagus who will always be one of my greatest friends.
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    Your dogs are waiting

    "Missed me?" With Minecraft's recent revival I decided to stroll around my 10 gig minecraft worlds, I ran across this house I built years ago, decided to visit it and saw my dog, Jake staring at me. It may seem like Effect bombing to you but I wanted to capture it like an aesthetic video 6 years ago, an old and nostalgic feeling. Fun Fact, I built the house with my bare hands via mine imator and it was tough.
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    Fred in the Mine

    First ever mine-imator animation (no joking) , if you have suggestions please write them down , also this video has no sound because i need to learn how to do it :,( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi0XBeKqZPU
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Airwars (4k Cinematic)

    A remake of a situation on a Garry's Mod gamemode called Airwars which is basically a game where you build flying boats and fight other flying boats. I actually built the boats based on how they looked like ingame. useless facts: only 3 schematics were used. thank me later, my name's mr. obvious by the way useless ingame facts: everyone had the same character (which is why everybody in this render has the same clothing) my team was the "furry team", later renamed to "ralseis" the game was super laggy but that's gmod's fault not airwars' oh hey i was listening to this while making this (which is actually pretty fitting to the wallpaper and the amount of projects i'm working on):
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    INFINITY AMMO Gun RIG: Cinema Hanwil
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    a new rig pack by me, YM Hello, Yanuar Mohendra here. And this time I'm proudly present to you my latest creation, Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack! ...v1 thanks to @Ian_The_One for helping me on making this rig pack ... (the cobweb texture that you've given to me isn't in this rigpack archive cuz i've uploaded it to mediafire before you gave it) This rig pack is actually not done yet, but it's enough for you guys to use it. I'll update the rig pack whenever I've made a new mc:d stuff. Also, I will add "how to use some rig" here in this post tomorrow, so don't forget to follow this post! So what's on this rig pack? There are some mobs that appear in the mc:d gameplay reveal trailer, the character menu gui and two modelbench creation block that's cobweb and 3d book. The mobs that included in this rigpack: - Redstone Monstrosity - Key Golem - Arch-Illager - The Nameless One - The Blue Thing (it's a made up name) - Ghost (don't have a name yet) - Skeleton Vanguard - Illager custom model I also made a better foliage alike leaves block model for use. You can find how to use it on this post, but the difference is it's just need to copy the .json model to MI data folder. And I also upload a mc:d fiery forge resource pack I've made that's actually not done, so stay tune on this post for the next update. You should copy the .json models from this resource pack just like the leaves model does. You can dowload the rigpack now here: download resource packs: made by. Yanuar Mohendra
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    Emerging from the Cave

    It's been a while since I made a wallpaper, so, here it is: Resource Pack Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
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    This is my first animation. The animation has been uploaded to bilibili on 7.26 ,you may find me by searching "小面兽" on bilibili (http://www.bilibili.com) . It took a few months for me to finish the animation. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Since I haven't posted anything new for a long time because I'm very busy, here is a sneak peek :
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL LATER DATE. Latest update:6/6/2019, at 2:33 PM Mountain Time I present to you the Modelbench Armory, a source for all your weapon model needs. Pretty much the same idea as ÜberKiller's Mine-Imator armory but it looks a lot different in visual style and it's models instead of rigs. While this is mainly for guns, I do all kinds of weapons. Bows, swords, grenades, basically anything considered a weapon. Here's how it works: -You suggest weapon models (any weapon, including fictional ones)- -I make them- -And then release it along with a few others. All the weapons currently availible: M2 Browning: M134 Minigun: Lewis gun: Aircraft Lewis gun: M1911 pistol: AK-47: RPG-7: USP Match (Includes alternate skin!): SR-556: MP5A3: M1928 Thompson: Chaingun (From DOOM): SPAS-12: Luger P08: M16: Glock 17: Kriss Vector: Colt Python: StG 44: FAMAS: Barrett M82A1: MP 18: M1909 Benet-Mercie: Webley Self-loading Pistol Mk. 1: Winchester M1907: CSRG M1915 "Chauchat": SMLE Mk. 1: M1897 trench shotgun: Stielhandgranate: MP40 (Includes alternate texture with black furniture): M1 Garand: Weapons planned: MSBS-5.56B [Slime] L85A2 [Slime] Neptune's pitol (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [hamdan ihsan] Laser Rifle (Terraria) [hamdan ihsan] DEMP 2 (Star Wars:Jedi Knight II) [YoshiHunter] AR2 (Half-Life 2) [Chirp] Plasma Cutter (Dead Space) [HeYoNia] Winchester SXP Marine [Slime] Pulse Pistols (Overwatch) [MikTRF] DC-17 hand blaster (Star Wars) [OzFalcon] Submachine gun (Fortnite) [Red Riptide] Battle Rifle (Halo) [YoshiHunter] Desert Eagle [willingsas] Mosberg 590 Shockwave PGM Hécate II [zman1der & DuallyElemental] Striker (Hitman) [Mr.Matt] Armsel Striker [hamdan ihsan] M5 Carbine [BladerInc] Double barrel shotgun [BladerInc] Ray gun (multiple cod games) [ZombieGuildford] Blurrg-1120 (Star Wars Battlefront 2) [Swift] PGM Ultima Ratio [PhilliP] AR-10 [PhilliP] Flintlock [BladerINC] S686 (PUBG) [aaucuy3345] Remington 1858 revolving carbine [DuallyElemental] Joceline O/U 12G (Payday 2) [Bronze] Winchester 1887 [StarFX] Baseball bat [Slime] Stormbreaker (Marvel Cinematic Universe) [KaryuGraphics] Nerf Vortex Proton [YoshiHunter] Nerf TriStike [Twotorule] Nerf Rapidstike [Twotorule] Nerf Mega Mastodon [MikTRF] So, I think that wraps it up. If you have any requests, please comment and I'll get on it ASAP. kthanksbye
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    Ukulele Model

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7xgsf8ann5702x9/Ukulele.zip/file
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    This one’s tough because I made so much “Aw Maan” Chat Box in the video... ..And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy it & Subscribe for More Videos Have a nice day :3...
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    Legacy of the Dragonborn

    Hope you like it! I got lazy a bit tho
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Beeper (Creeper bee)

    oh hey guys you tought the creeper franchise was gonna be over? well you were 100% wrong!!! i made this creeper bee model. features: is a bee creeper has all bee textures creeper-ified animatable 3d wings nothing else very special EDIT: I made an update that basically just makes antennas 3D and separate (fixes render depth and other things) download
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    Nine Lee remaked

    Nine Lee remaked
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    Peter Capaldi's TARDIS#3

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    I've always loved @CaptainKlutz's work with scenery. I've learned how to use World Machine and WorldPainter this summer, and now I think I can provide the MI community with really cool scenery! You can use these worlds to either use in your animation, or to build in. Credit not required, but appreciated. Cold Snap (I think 640x640) Mauna Kea (512x512) Nu'uanu Valley (512x512) Makishima Jungle (512x512) Tharthollion Rift (512x512) Glophitzer Valley (512x512) Matikiina Atoll (512x512) Fall of the Valiant (512x512) Rafyfoullian Heights (512x512) Zanril Valley (512x512) Cataphrysm Basin (512x512) Instructions: To import these, you'll have to unzip the files in your %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/saves folder. From there you can open up the world in Minecraft and use the world importer tool in Mine-imator. This is probably better than simply uploading a .schematic since you'll be able to customize what selection of the world you want. I'm also doing scenery requests! Simply reply with what kind of scenery you want. Add details too - the more the better. A reference image also helps. I won't be doing buildings, however, so don't ask about that. Sorry guys, but I'm a bit too busy to do requests. Thanks guys, have a nice day
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    After two weeks of hard work, I finally finished it. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, my second attempt. At creating a fight animation : Music : Eckle - The Impulsive State 90% Mine-Imator, 10% Hitfilm Express. Information about the animation : And that's all for today, I'll see guys on the next upload. Peace
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    [IMPORTANT] When you install this rig make sure you EXTRACT the folder first, then when importing it into a session click the "myspringtrapv3.miobject" Then wait a while for the objects to load in. Download: https://sta.sh/0srzp9ghgwq
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    James The Nerd

    Train Cart

    A thing I made from boredom made in modelbench The Rig : http://www.mediafire.com/file/9qi36vlcuddn7hf/Train_Cart.rar/file appreciate credit when used
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    The rules of the Mine-imator forums

    For everybody to enjoy the Mine-imator forums, we must make an effort to follow some guidelines. Speak English English is the language of the internet, including the Mine-imator forums. You can speak in whatever language you want in PMs, though. Don't create duplicate topics Keep the amount of topics to a minimum to improve the browsing experience for other members. Don't make more than one account It takes up forum space, causes confusion between members and makes moderation a headache. Alternate accounts will be detected, removed and a warning issued to the original account. Post in the correct subforum If you're unsure, see the header in each subforum to see what you can and what you cannot post there. Topics that are posted in the wrong place will be moved by a moderator. Don't use oversized signatures To save everyone from breaking their mouse scroll wheel, keep the signature size to a minimum. 200-250 pixels tall is the absolute maximum. If your signature is ridiculously tall, a moderator will remove it and give you a warning. Don't abuse the Reputation system The Reputation system was made to highlight and incentivize helpful and constructive posts. Do not give up- or down-reps to a member just for the sake of increasing or decreasing their rank, or create shops to harvest Reputation in exchange for services. Doing this will result with a warning and eventually your Reputation reset to 0. Don't chat The forums are for intelligent discussions and not small talk. If you want to chat, go here or use the PM system. Don't use adf.ly or similar services Unless you are the rightful owner of the thing you're linking to. Don't post a status update about a new topic you've started If the topic is still visible under "Recent Topics" Do not revive dead topics A topic is "dead" if the latest reply is more than 2 months old. Rather than bumping them to the top, start a new topic. You may revive your own topics, as long as you add new information. Topic revival is only allowed if the topic is posted in the Mine-imator creations or Mine-imator resources sections of the forums. Use the report button, don't resort to mini-modding If someone is breaking any of the rules here, don't post anything. Rather, press the "Report" button in the top left of the offender's post. This will alert all moderators, leaving a message like "This is posted in the wrong forum!" will not. Taking matters into your own hands like this is called mini-modding, and posts like that take up space and do not add anything to the topic. Read more about mini-modding here. Do not impersonate others This includes regular members, moderators or banned users (by using the infamous "BANNED" avatar) These things are not tolerated ANYWHERE on the forums (including the Discord and PMs) Discussions of illegal subjects/activities (this includes software cracking, torrenting, etc.) Offensive/racist/rude behavior or imagery Bullying or discrimination Gore/Screamers or other frightening imagery Links to viruses/trojans/malware Images of/links/heavy references to sexual content Pointless swearing/overuse of CAPS Spamming (constantly posting the same content, nonsense or useless posts just to get noticed) Advertising potentially malicious products or sites (if you are unsure, ask a moderator) Flashing imagery or excessive use of colors, special characters, smileys and/or oversized fonts Auto-playing flash animations with sound Breaking the above rules will result with a warning sent to you by a moderator/administrator. Repeated warnings will result with a banning of your account. If we follow these rules, we can all have a good ol' time!
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    Y’all still don’t get it.. Obama.. WAS NEVER.. REAL
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    Please support all the other animators in this! We all did our best to show our love for this amazing game.
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    You're sitting comfortable in you chair, monitoring the weather and listening to music with a cup of coffee in your hand. You decide to radio the other radio stations in the area and make sure that they are doing okay. You radio one of your close friends, Jake. He doesn't pick up. You radio him again, and this time he does pick up. You and him have a chat for a minute and you both make sure that everything is going okay for both of you. You put the radio back down, and go back to monitoring the weather. As you take the final sip of coffee, you hear beeping on the radar next to the weather monitor, and look at it. It's picking up something that has a short width, but very long body. You knew it was just the military submarines that pass by the area in the waters. They always pass by this area, but you never know why. You quickly pick up another signal, but this time, it's in the shape of a flat sphere. It's like a disc, but it's bigger than the sub. You keep an eye on it for a bit, but after 30 minutes, you hear a faint but slightly loud explosion outside and you check the radar to see the sub is gone. It just disappeared off of the radar, but the disc shaped object is still there. Worried the explosion caused a landslide, you radio your friend again and ask if everything is okay. He says he's fine, but asks what that loud boom was about. You tell him you don't know. You look back at the radar and see the disc shaped object is gone as well. You tell Jake that you'll talk to him later. You put the radio up and keep a close eye on the radar. You have a strange feeling that something isn't right.
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    [4K] Jungle Wallpaper

    I think you're gonna render EVERY BIOME... If so.. i will look forward to ALL 66 of your biomes... ignore the variants though... The end The nether Badlands Mushroom Island Taiga Ice Spike Giant Tree Taiga Deep ocean keep going...!
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    i do know that someone's going to say it's too bright but that's part of the style i'm going for random facts: this render looks the exact same when unrendered @Jake_28 made the original avio skin, which i edited for this render the overlife logo itself on this render is showing slight spoilers i did not use any camera effects the characters don't have any eye whites (except avio which is an eye black because it's black obviously) this is 99% unedited, the only thing that was edited in is the logo oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah i forgot that i was listening to this:
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    Just Philip

    Peter Capaldi's TARDIS#3

    I don't care what anyone says, anything Doctor Who is an upvote in my book. Keep at it, Ludo.
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    Soldier- A Minecraft Music Video

    It's just that people are just coming in and watching it, then leave without commenting or reacting. I feel you too. Not heartbreaking, it's demotivating since no one gives the expected attention for the creation.
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    Problem rendering models?

    Select the helicopter, and change its "Render Depth" to something higher. Anything works as long as its Render Depth is higher than that of the character or anything else inside it.
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    i don't think pocket edition existed at that time, neither rails or minecrafts
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    Fall Evening

    I like the first one better tbh, I love the trees! The lighting looks awesome.
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    The Bully Collab (Hosted by Payloe)

    Oh shitt, FuturisticHub's about to come home with missing organs and fractured bones
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    Mine-imator 1.2.5

    Download 1.2.5 Version 1.2.5, 2019.09.16, changes: Features: Added blade settings for the camera to change 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' appearance. (Blade amount and blade rotation.) Added 'Chromatic aberration' effect for the camera. Added 'Distort' effect for the camera. Added rotation option for background skybox/skysphere. Changes: Improved quality of 'Depth of Field' effect. Improved near blur of 'Depth of Field' effect, though large blur sizes may not be desirable. 'Anamorphic ratio' options for 'Depth of Field' and 'Bloom' can no longer be negative. (Rotating blades is now recommended.) Background ground block can now be animated. Increased height of 'Export image' popup to fit all components and text. Minecraft assets: Added wind to Fire, Campfire, and Sweet berry bush. Fixed End stone brick slabs not importing from worlds. Updated Pillager arm texture. Bugfixes: Fixed shadow delay with 'Follow camera' enabled. Fixed crash caused by spawning an object using a deleted camera as a texture. Version 1.2.4, 2019.05.21, changes: Features: Added "Remove waterlogged water" program option to remove water from waterlogged blocks, kelp, etc.. Added color option for vignette. Added "Blend mode" options for objects. (Note the object's interaction with the scene can vary depending on the mode.) Changes: Changed default sky color and fog height. Tweaked how automatic fog color is calculated. Removed slight blue tint on story mode clouds. Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading certain resource packs. Fixed white scene textures when a visible shape used a camera as a texture. Fixed rotation point values not having default values. Fixed body parts not using their custom rotation points. Fixed issues with casted shadows causing artifacts. Fixed typo in English translation. Fixed crash when saving certain objects/projects. Fixed crash when trying add a new object from the workbench. Fixed "Memory allocation failed" crash. Fixed chorus plant blocks not loading from worlds in 1.13 or newer. Fixed smooth stone slabs appearing as stone slabs from older worlds/schematic files. Fixed textbox padding for particle launch angle settings. Fixed film grain stretching on largest dimension in render. Fixed sheep, panda, villager, wandering trader, and ravager models. Fixed crash when setting FOV to a custom value while having unlimited values enabled. Version 1.2.3, 2019.05.04, changes: Features: Added Minecraft 1.14 blocks and characters, as well as new textures. Added program setting to allow values to be set outside of their limits. (Use at your own risk!) Added program setting to search for variant names too when searching for blocks. (Interface settings, on by default.) Added tooltip to show the amount of frames in the selected timeline range. Added "Sprite (Template)" option for particles to easily choose new Minecraft sprite particles. Added "Launch angle" options for particle types in the particle editor. Item texture and slot can now be animated with keyframes. Added 'Bleed light' setting for timelines. Added 'Camera shake'. Added 'Anamorphic ratio' option for Bloom and Depth of Field for adjusting the vertical and horizontal scale of the blur(s). Added a lens dirt effect for the camera. (Custom texture, radius, and intensity can be changed and animated.) Added 'Vibrance' option for color correction. (Boosts the saturation of desaturated colors.) Added new Bokeh settings for the Depth of Field effect: Edge bias (How strong the edges of the CoC should be in comparison to the middle.) Bokeh highlights Bokeh threshold (The brightness threshold for bokeh highlights.) Changes: Improved general performance. Improved quality of film grain. Improved sunset/sunrise appearance. Altered the appearance of Depth of Field to look similar to traditional bokeh. Fringe effect in Depth of Field now properly separates color instead of bleeding color. Disabled SSAO on particle spawner timelines by default. Updated workbench icon and logo to match new workbench textures.(Also more vibrant.) Bugfixes: Fixed crash when loading worlds with banners prior to Minecraft 1.13. Fixed some instances of film grain stretching vertically. Fixed brightness slider in color correction not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed certain keyframes not clamping correctly when editing multiple keyframes. Fixed new banner patterns in editor not using a pattern image if a pattern is already selected. Fixed sun shadows changing when SSAO is enabled and camera FOV is altered. Fixed 'Alpha add' options in the particle editor not allowing a minus symbol. Fixed Inherit Select not saving. Fixed certain blocks in scenery from 1.13 and later not generating correctly.(Connecting blocks like; Walls, stairs & fences.) Fixed water generating where it shouldn't and blocks not being waterlogged properly. Fixed popup names not updating when the language file is changed. Fixed custom rotation point XYZ values resetting when disabling custom rotation point. Fixed SSAO appearing on clouds. Version 1.2.2, 2019.01.26, changes: Features: Added "Transparent block texture filtering" in graphics settings. Added "Desaturated night" option in background settings, along with an option to control the desaturation amount. Added "Fringe" option for Depth of Field. Added "Color burn" option for Color correction. Added "Film grain" effect for cameras. Added "Inherit select" in timeline properties(If you select their parent, they'll get selected too.). Added seamless repeating button for the timeline. Added interface color option for viewport object highlight. Added button in workbench in to hide list of options. Startup now displays what block its currently loading. Updates to banners: Added wall banner variant. Added banner editor popup. Banners from worlds can now be loaded with patterns and colors. Fixed rotation point and scale of banner model. Bugfixes: Fixed armor stand arms not being parented to body. Fixed vex charging variant being incorrect. Fixed world import crash with newer worlds. Fixed animatable blocks not using the scenery template's resource. Fixed default MC resource pack being sometimes replaces when replacing a resource with the same name. Fixed "Inherit..." checkboxes not being laid out correctly for some objects. Version 1.2.1, 2018.11.24, changes: Bugfixes: Fixed a crash when loading a project containing missing items. Fixed a crash when importing scenery from a world with a name containing non-English characters. Fixed a crash when loading schematics containing mob heads or gray colored beds. Fixed shapes using cameras as a texture not rendering in high quality when exporting as a movie. Fixed a crash when exporting a movie containing 1 frame only. Version 1.2.0, 2018.10.31, changes (since 1.1.4): Minecraft support Added the mobs, blocks and items from Minecraft 1.13.1 Support for worlds from Minecraft 1.13.1 Added all Minecraft biomes and biome variants, also updated biome names New options for existing models Wool color for sheep Markings for horses Charged vex option Arms for armor stands Minecraft: Story Mode clouds option Animation features Right-click shortcut in the timeline to pick a transition Ctrl+Q shortcut to create keyframes for all selected timelines at the marker’s position Option to visualize seconds and half-seconds on the timeline Option for particles to be destroyed when they hit their bounding box More background values are now keyframable using the "Background" option in the workbench Rendering features In the “Graphics” tab of objects Glow effect Glow color is adjusted in “Color” of keyframes Includes setting to only display the glow effect Options to hide objects in low and high quality rendering modes Biome tinting option for objects to be affected by the biome foliage color In the “Camera” tab in camera keyframes Bloom effect Threshold, radius, intensity, and color options Color correction Brightness & contrast Saturation (Behaves differently from color settings) Vignette effect Radius, softness and strength options In the “Background” tab of the project Sunlight strength option (High Quality mode only) Custom biome colors for water, grass, and other foliage To enable, select “Custom” when picking a biome Option for the scene to have a different fog color from the sky fog In the “Graphics” tab in Settings Blocky style option for bent arms/legs Noise effect option for grass and water Option for bright blocks in schematics to automatically be given the glow effect Option to turn on foliage light bleeding for plant-type blocks In the “Render” tab in Settings Option to turn off all camera effects Radius, intensity, and falloff of glowing objects Custom watermark options for exported images and movies Misc. Spin option for items Rotation settings for sprite particles Interface color option for the group select box in the timeline Changes Added a button to helpful tutorial videos by @AnxiousCynic Default program FPS setting is now 60 Work camera rotation now eases when moving The default ambient color now has a blue tint, and the sunlight has a yellow tint Checkboxes with interface content can be collapsed using the adjacent button with three dots (...) The “Cross section view” of Minecraft maps can now be freely moved up and down Filtered blocks will be previewed in selected Minecraft maps Acacia leaves, Dark oak leaves, and sugar cane are now affected by the biome foliage colors Updated resolution size templates to more modern resolutions Resolution size templates now use the language file Water no longer casts shadows Added highlight outline for selected keyframes Item bouncing is now slower, matching the speed of bouncing items in Minecraft Heavily improved performance for shadowless point lights when used in great quantities Moved Depth of Field blur size from program render settings to camera keyframe settings, and changed the default size to 1% Increased Depth of Field quality Added a graphical improvement for SSAO Tweaked stars Piston extensions now extend to a full block Fog is now circular Bugfixes Fixed crash when importing models that contain 3D planes using “Import an asset” Fixed crash when deleting a camera used as a texture in the library Fixed crash when loading a project with a resource pack used for the moon texture Fixed crash when duplicating scenery with animated blocks Fixed point light buffer size resetting when re-opening program Fixed graphics tab in spot light properties not being the same as point light properties Fixed UI elements being blurred if "Blur texture" was enabled Fixed completely transparent models still rendering SSAO and shadows Fixed objects that face the camera casting incorrect shadows Fixed crash when undoing changes to the sunlight color Fixed a crash when deleting bodypart keyframes Fixed timeline length not updating on some keyframe operations Fixed various crashes when importing scenery from a world Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Changes (since pre-release 3): Bugfixes Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed the Mooshroom model... again Fixed graphical issue with alerts when the toolbar is in a vertical mode Fixed issues with the following animated background options: Custom fog color Custom object fog color Sky fog Follow camera Version 1.1.x: Version 1.0.x:
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    FNAS Lightroom Renders

    Hello forums! I'm back again. Just gonna drop these here and be on my way.
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    Minecraft sounds library

    Currently, all audio and sounds can be added into mine imator projects, but all of them need to be imported from external audio files, including the minecraft sounds. SO I think a library containing all basic minecraft sounds will be extremely helpful. So when you click the “add sound” button in the audio’s property, instead of being asked to select an audio file immediately, there should be a drop-down menu of 2 selections: one for importing external files, the other for choosing minecraft sounds from a library.
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    Black hole

    title says it all
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    Realistic Rig

    da rig dat face photo realistic hands dem ears download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/171o8ll2h83athp/hand_rig.zip
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    Beeper Pixel art

    Beepper pixel art requested by @Frost* Enjoy.
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    A very janky and compressed storm is coming https://i.imgur.com/nqWpm8a.mp4
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    Springtrap render

    I know this community doesn't like fad lol people told me to do it lmao. rigs and models by Jnick#2436
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    Gun rig and gun sounds taken from @crustyjpeg's Modelbench armory. Featuring @ItsZaaki lmao
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    Soda vending machine

    can fix models, texture, anything. Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/30cgx4ap7c12inm/vending_machine.zip/file
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    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.14

    Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.14 and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
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    Enviromental Props Pack

    Hello, and welcome to the Environmental Props Pack this is both a rigs and a models pack, this rig in its current state is abit limited, but this rig will still be updated What do we have in the pack currently? if there is a green text, that mean you can just customize it with just one click using 16x16 texture if there is a Yellow text, that mean you can modify it, but you need some extra editing Rock and Pebbles: Spike: some self-made Flower: Logs: A Tree Swing suggested by @SharpWind: Foods! (W.I.P): Texture Presets (24 Textures): Preview of the Final Product: most of this models focus around rocks but the next update will be focusing on improving the overworld and indoor stuff Download Click me i'm also open to community suggestion, so suggest me any models that (for you) improve your scene so that i will try to recreate what you suggest and if you find any problem/bug, report it in DM or in this topic comment That's its bye
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    bow shot tutorial

    give feedback cause i may do more tutorials https://youtu.be/UtBsWJ3KpQ4
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    there are 3 new furnitures: a full preview of all of furnitures: click on this button to enter the download page:
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    How to make Volumetric lighting in Mine Imator? It's actually very simple! Thanks to the new 1.2.0 mechanics, you're allowed to make stuff GLOW! To top that, you're also allowed to ONLY render the glow, but not the item itself. So by making a gradient texture that goes from white to transparent, you can mimic the so said "light ray". You would position the gradient texture where you want the light ray to be, open the graphics tab and tick on the glow and the only render glow option. Then you'd open up your render settings and tweak the raduis and intensity (i recommend you keep the intensity high, so you have a wider range of intensity options available to you). Your object should look pretty bright, so change it's glow color in the color settings - simply make it darker. Then add some lighting and camera effects and you're all done! I've also made a YouTube tutorial for those who need it:
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    Iron Golem Modelbench

    This is my first topic in Mine-imator forum. I didn't know what should I write, but here I give you one of my creations. Better Iron Golem As you can see, it's much better than the normal Iron Golem. I didn't add a mouth because I think it is useless. If you want it, I will add it as soon as possible. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqg19k1kb2wx4ds/Iron_Golem.rar/file
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