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    Dev update #16: Where's Modelbench?

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last dev update. The last Modelbench beta update was released over a year now, so here's a dev update touching base with what's going on. To begin with, Modelbench as a whole is in the middle of being remade from scratch, starting from May. Here are some reasons as to why I've decided to remake it: Source code was a mess... Originally, Modelbench was developed (in a rush, no less) to create resources for Mine-imator updates. It wasn't designed as a tool for the community. This had a pretty big effect on how everything was set up internally, and cleaning it up would require going through every bit of what I made, which would be time-consuming. Combined with how new I was to programming at the time with poorly written code everywhere, remaking it from scratch sounded faster than tediously rewriting syntax and restructuring most of the source. Open source! When I eventually leave as a Mine-imator developer, I don't want to keep Modelbench's code to myself. Especially if modders (or future developers) want to add new model features. Previously, I wouldn't consider making Modelbench open source, but I've changed my mind now since it'll be set up better this time around. Modelbench will be open-sourced when 1.0 launches. Since Mine-imator 1.2.4, I've been devoting almost all my development time on solely Modelbench to make it the best it can be, and promptly. This remake has also allowed Voxy to revise some design choices, making for a better modeling experience as a whole. While I still don't have a release window for when the next version will be made public, this remake is being developed much faster than Modelbench was previously. That's all the news I have for now concerning Modelbench, I hope this could answer some questions as to what I've been up to lately. I'll be showing off some of the new exciting features soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's a teaser to keep you waiting!
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    Greetings forumers! I don't post here much nowadays unfortunately but I've decided to share some changes I've made to the Mine-imator site and Twitter which you may find exciting. Showcase First off, the official download page (at www.mineimator.com) has been given a gallery to display the most-repped animations posted on the forums. You can check out the full showcase containing both the top animations and art here www.mineimator.com/showcase. The showcase is updated weekly and to get a chance for your animations/art to be picked it must be posted in the correct subforum in Mine-imator Creations: Narrative Animations, Random/Test animations and Music Videos for animations, with an embedded Youtube video Wallpapers and art for art, with an embedded image Maybe this will give you some motivation to sharpen your skills in Mine-imator and aim to join the greats in the showcase? #MineimatorMonday On top of this, the official Mine-imator Twitter is now set up to automatically tweet the top 3 most-repped animations from the last week, every Monday with the #MineimatorMonday hashtag. You may have noticed the tweet from this Monday, if not you should probably follow the account. To apply to be nominated, see the rules for showcase animations above. I hope these new features inspire you to keep creating great animations and art, as well as more easily access the best Mine-imator content created over the years! Also don't forget to vote the creations you like on the forums! Peace.
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    The "FBI Raid" scene mostly a reference from one of the RackaRacka's videos “How to Smokebomb a Party”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c46_i... . Because it was funny (and it was one of the videos on YouTube that shows the "FBI open up" scene thing), and then I was thinking if I remake the scene in Minecraft animation. It was pretty good, but the original RackaRacka's version was better though. btw I need a better title for this video, like something cool, suitable, or a title that makes YouTube Viewers more interested (or maybe not a clickbait title) And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy and Subscribe for More Videos Have a Nice Day
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    Water Fresnel Experiment

    This is a render based on @YoGames Studios's incredible technique of creating accurate reflections, but with a little improvement: a Fresnel effect, where the reflection becomes stronger when reaching grazing angles, just like in real life. Water depth rig by @Keep on Chucking
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    Deep within the abandoned Aperture facility, before The Great Reconstruction, thousands of test chambers had fallen into disarray. With no human test subjects around, the testing elements that were left behind went unused for centuries, including the humble Companion Cubes. Most of them shut down long ago, their fragile power sources failing at some point or another. Some, however, have managed to keep running for far longer than ever thought possible, still clinging to hope that they'll find a companion some day... Download for the Normal/Companion cube model: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X-QPojJQ8V7uZ7QOk2BFSJ-UgXfOQHAG (Careful, it can be a bit laggy)
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    2D Taiga

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    2D Desert

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    Steve has an important message

    Yeah this didn't exactly turn out the way I was expecting it to. I had a lot of fun making it though Edit: Here's a gif to show how much editing I did. All I really did was add Gaussian blur, edge blur, RSMB (motion blur) and radial blur where needed with a mask. Rest was done in MI
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    This is a test for a physic translation tool that is supposed to seamlessly translate a baked rigid body animation from Blender to Mine-imator, but it currently only works with not textured spheres (because you can't tell that they don't rotate).
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    Screen Pixelation Tool

    Have you ever wanted to pixelate something on your screen, but can't afford any video editing software whatsoever? Here's a solution. Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3gt57kub9ouxw41/Screen_Pixelation_Tool.miobject/file Includes features like: Built-in instructions. Blur can be moved, rotated, and scaled. Works with other camera effects. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.2.4 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Murder [BLOOD]

    This is good. If the quality is bad then it's imgurs fault.
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    This is the 3. tutorial of my MI realtime masking tutorial series, the topic is Perspecteively Correct Reflections. WARNING: since my english is not the best some of the explanations are tough to understand, so if you have any qustions just ask, but watch the full video before you do so. I use MI-version 1.2.4 in this tutorial.
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    The Alleyway

    The Alleyway By Terasal The shopping cart, cans, spray paint cans, safety cones, wine bottles, and barrel rigs were made by Zerghunter666 Hello! I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. The render I made was the first photo-realistic thing I have made on Mineimator. I put around 32 hours (Of me actually working) onto this. This is suppose to represent curiosity and the aspect of unknowing. You have no idea what will happen in this alleyway and it will depend entirely on you as a person to make your own ideas. Some people might think muggers will jump you while in the alleyway, but others may think it's all just an illusion and it's as safe as your bedroom.
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    After going through all the applications and figuring out how fit specific people would be for the job, it's been decided that the staff team will be joined by two new moderators. Those being of course, @mbanders and @Rollo! Give them a warm welcome, everyone, I have the utmost faith in them!
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    Decay [2K]

    "As the weapon of time makes it's final attack, everything you know will fade to black" — Unknown
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    Little forest

    i love dolls
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    public class Robot Rig by Daffa the One { this rig created with mapped texture block } for mine imator 1.2.0 or Higher now with FHINGERSS Created in Modelbench Code: {13 5 12 1 14 3 8 9} "this number is alphabet like 1 is A or 2 is B" Texture Size: 128x x2048bit sys } } }init (2)"n0t 1nclud3 sw0rd" <1>end Download the Rig: >>bOT.ZIP<< *call me if the rig is error*
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    In the next Modelbench release, saving will no longer be prevented regardless of errors in your model. You'll still get a warning of some sort describing what's wrong though.
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    howdy lads it been awhile isn't it you must have miss me nah jk you guys prob didn't even care ;c bUT HEY i made some new render while i was inactive on the forum so that a good thing right? here some of them: 1. Springtrap [Rig made by Jnick, got inspired from trainguy] [No edits, pure mine-imator] 2. The Twins [Pure mine-imator] [No edits] that it actually sorry if i haven't post anything in awhile, i forgot that this exist on the internet i swear i will come back with more actual quality render next time, but for now i hope you enjoys and i know it only 2 render shut up i need upvotes
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    Just import it as a model and you're good to go. It comes with textures for the angry/pollinating variants, and the stinger is a separate part so that you can hide it if needed. Enjoy! Note: You'll need to adjust the render depth of the model after importing it. The texture has a few pixels that aren't fully transparent, which causes glitches.
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    Sharpwind has betrayed the Mine-imator forums and is attacking! Slime, Supersolomob, and a noble band of forumers attempts to ambush him before he reaches the main area of the forums, the Mine-imator creations! The droids represent the people coming from his Discord server and also his YouTube subscribers. The tanks represent his own animations and "collabs" that he hosts. And finally, the droid with his pfp is just a droid copy of him. He's not stupid enough to risk himself in battle so early on in the invasion. Oh last thing the gunship represents a gunship. Yes, the forum has their own private gunship. Can't believe you guys didn't know that. Featured in this video: @9redwoods @TheJeweledWolf @Cubic Ralsei @MineRig @Super Solomob 422 @Ghatos @YoshiHunter @BaconSandwich @Ian_The_One @MasterArcher12 @Mineshaft Animation @mbanders @Dr. Nexil @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @Anatoli @ThatGuyBrian @Gabe @CPS Animations @Yoshifan33 @Twotorule @iZestyLIVE @SharpWind Also featuring Dr. Phil (you're welcome Mineshaft) I apologize if you didn't get a lot of screentime. I randomized who got who by putting everyone in a wheel and spinning it to decide who got what character. If you just seem to randomly vanish and you didn't see yourself die, you died offscreen (or you ran away, up to you). Big thanks to everyone who sent in their pfps, it was a lot of fun to see so many different people in it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! please don't block it youtube
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    The 3 Knighteers

    Oh boy it's another lightroom test! Tried experimenting with lighting angles by making the key light shine from above to give it that epicness epicless This also showcases: - an armor version modified for the alex model (which really was pretty simple since only the arms had to be changed) - a new axe and dual armblade weapon (if you know what the proper name of the armblade is please let me know) - and a "gold-trim" version for all armor and weapons. Hope to release the rigs soon, I mainly have to clean up some of the naming to make it more user-friendly. Feedback is appreciated!
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    Scoops Ahoy! [2K cinematic]

    It's been too long. Here you go. Clickbait Speed Art:
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    Cave Explorer

    Wow 3 posts within one week? That's unheard of! Anyway here's another wallpaper I made, hope you enjoy it.
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    Lightroom Test + Knight Concept

    Wow I'm alive shut up you're irrelevant no one knows you Decided to test out my lightroom showcasing voxel-style armor, cape, and sword. CC regarding lighting or the model itself is appreciated. Might release them, who knows.
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    Dr. Nexil

    Go Fish (4K)

    I loved this diver model (simple as it is) so much that I needed to make another wallpaper with it. 100% Mine-Imator Fish puns lol
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    petition to make yogames studios a mine imator developper
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    Ice and Rails

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    Credit to @Frossa for the idea and @Rollo for the skin.
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    Oh hey, it's my first piece of content in a little while. Neat Anyway, I finally looked up how to install WorldDownloader for 1.14.4 so I could download the realm @9redwoods and I play on all the time. This is a little cafe we made recently, complete with Pigeon the parrot enjoying some nice tunes. Hopefully you'll enjoy them too ;D
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    A Day in Thornburrow Parks

    Sometimes some time in the state parks with a friend is all you need after an eventful day. I did this wallpaper as a collab with @Slime and i really enjoyed working on it with him.
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    Battle In The End (4K Cinematic)

    I was inspired by @ThatRobloxerGamerYT from his End wallpaper. So I did one of my own. Enjoy!
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    2D Desert

    When your 2D Taiga wallpaper got many upvotes, so you do the same thing for the others biomes
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    James The Nerd

    Bike Model

    Modelbench model i made out of fun lol Toggle Light You can also change the colour of the frame The wheels and pedals are also movable Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5fx60umolbghai/Bike.rar/file You don't have to credit but its appreciated I made this topic in like 5 minutes so i apologise if its a mess lol
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    The Night Chicago Died

    Good lord its been awhile since I've posted anything. I made this wallpaper a few weeks ago and never bothered to post it until now. It's completely made in MI with no 3rd party editing. Enjoy! Also credit to whoever made the cop car, I can't remember who it was though. EDIT: Credit to @crustyjpeg for the tommy gun and to @mbanders for the fedora rig.
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    Run! [4K]

    Hey! I've come back for a while to boost my reputation to show a new wallpaper that turned out that good that I had to post it here. First of all, a few days ago, on the Discord server, some people started criticizing my skin that is generic, bad, etc. Thus I've decided to make a new one. It turned out pretty well. Then I decided to make a render of it, because why not? And then the idea of this came up. Special thanks to @ItsZaaki , @Prismatic Spirit, @Alkaide and @Shadow for giving me tips and ideas on the Discord server, without them this wallpaper wouldn't be that cool! By the way, here's the skin: For the rig, ask me on PM in Discord: jakubg1 =|=|= 2036
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    Rooftop Rumble

    Credit to @Slime for his skin.
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    KonoSuba | Wallpaper

    I'm 2 episodes in on this so far Thanks for the rigs Mike
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    First Date

    So, I actually spent a good 3-4 hours working on this but then MI bugged out and deleted the entire project. Luckily I'd screenshot it after finishing it to get feedback so I used a horrible technique to recover it. Furniture: @BaconSandwich Cars: @Ghatos
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    Blender 2.8 - Enchanted Sword

    After toying with Blender 2.8 for a while, I tried making a shader to add a shimmery enchanted gleam to a sword, and I made a quick render using Eevee!
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    Waiting for the next Modelbench update must be pretty egghausting. Can I offer you this nice egg in this trying time?
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    Hit and Rev

    A part 2 to my last wallpaper. Once again featuring @a windows boi. Police car rig by Dawid24M Motorcycle rig by NewlyKunG
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    So I decided to try the new MI camera effects, and for the only way for me to use these two rigs together was to use the new MI // not the newest. Edit: I did not make the render in CB, I only made the rigs in CB. Community Build kept crashing when i tried using the two rigs together so I tried the new one. and I am pleased ^ I used Community Build to make these rigs, but I really like the results of this render Tried to do lighting that wasn't bad, I think I did well with it. //I am aware of the possible errors with the rig style and such. Not gonna fix it since I'm satisfied with it. Edited, I only edited the eyes. Raw I may post pictures of the new rig, of the dragon above the female Ender Dragon, which her name is Endertress btw I am not 100% sure if y'all will be interested, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Nightly Guitar

    Hello there. You seem to have clicked this to see what im posting. So, i made this wallpaper a few days ago as a vent of some sort. As such, I'm not taking critique or criticism on it. Enjoy! Credit to @CoLahaust for the guitar rig.
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    So I've finally decided what themes I want for each character. Now all these themes are based on songs I've heard (because I'm not actually creative enough to compose stuff myself) So I just did a little bit of improv on the piano and came up with this. Each time it's a different character's theme, the video highlights said character, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open Enjoy!
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    Moonlight Drive

    Hey there. I'm back with yet another post. Don't have much to say, so here is the wallpaper. Credit to @Ghatos for his Sedan rig.
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    Hey there, person who lives on Earth here. I just figured out how to use ModelBench so I decided to make a bench, in ModelBench {laugh.mp3}. Anyways it's not the best, but I tried. Enjoy I guess! Download now if you like it! Thanks for viewing or something, and remember I live on Earth and I'm definitely not a alien! Download !
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