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    without image editing: Credit: Conquest-reforged, Post+Greyxed, The end is extremely dark, Last day
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    I guess this goes here? It has like a single swear word in it, mbanders, rollo, whoever else, please spare me
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    Blue Orchid [Wallpaper]

    First time using Mine-imator, just wanna know what you guys think!
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    Does anyone want to animate with me?
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    miles morales Rig

    So here is Miles Morales from The spider verse movie.
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    minecraft violence

    warning violent
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    Table Model

    I made a table to go with my chair! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q5wdeo2gc2uc3e7/Table.zip/file
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    Celia | 2K

    Small render of a character I made for an animation. Yes, her name is Celia. Credits: Thank you
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    Coffee Mug Model

    Since I saw how much you guys like my models, I decided to make another! Download: www.mediafire.com/file/jltgvn8v1mm3fuq/Mug.zip/file
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    Joker (2019).

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    Blender like face rig

    Ok so me and @Frost have made a face rig fully in mb that possible to pose multi ways.Its heavily based off blender/maya user mouth rigs.We also did not use alpha glitch for this as doing lighting breaks alpha face rigs or at least the ones we use(hozq's face rig). Pls don't ask for it this is for only my team and personal use only
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    "Your Welcome" "Go retrieve" "See you" This is a test of edge glow, and CC please.
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    ItsAlz Creation


    No letter that could be sent deserves to go undelivered. -Violet
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    WIP of a crafty boi for the next set that I'll hopefully finish Sorry progress is slow because lack of motivation and abundance of problems. I'm working on these little guys I promise ;u; Feel free to view my other sets if you haven't already. 1 2 3
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    Crafting Tables

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    Steve - Balls of Steel

    So, thanks to @anima cryses, I have animated this masterpiece. Rendered by @Phyre Cape rig by @Hozq Original: This wasn't meant to be a perfect remake, but I got it pretty close. Thank you
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    Oh look, I finally made something after many months! ;u; ...and no, idk why I keep making these either, I guess I just really like Creepers and find them cute lol ;~; This pack contains four Creepers; two Furnace Creeper variants, the Blast Furnace Creeper and the Smoker Creeper. The visibility of the flames and the coals inside can be toggled, and the doors of the Blast Furnace and Smoker Creepers are openable. Download them here! If used, credit is appreciated! Also check out Pack 1!
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    honestly, this is the most horrifying face rig i've ever seen
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    Ah, yes. Because of course PewDiePie single-handedly revived the best-selling game of all time. /s The game's popularity has never died, and PewDiePie certainly didn't attract that many people to the game when he played it; just because he has over 100,000,000 Subscribers, doesn't mean every single one was instantly inclined to buy and/or play the game. Heck, a good amount of his Subscribers likely aren't even real due to the whole "PewDiePie VS TSeries" debacle that happened. Fortnite has been pretty irrelevant for a while now, to be honest; I haven't seen nearly as many videos about it nowadays. Either that or I'm just getting better at ignoring them lol Also, Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time. It has always beaten Fortnite, and will continue to do so.
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    ItsAlz Creation


    Here some rig i made.. OC By: Lixveb ORIGINAL MC VERSION Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bmh98a3xyu9jhmq/Fira.rar/file?fbclid=IwAR2teCNPhTxl4vfusLrMCADWbA2bRdBFLoVdSYuUbwLK8fV0MTclh_pjCRc Credit: @TakeBlueYT For Model base
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    Super buff Steve

    model by @Mike @Hozq
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    Mine-Imator | Increasing FPS #1

    I've always seen people struggle with their performance regarding Mine-Imator, thus I've created this video. This is clearly Intended as a joke but I do Intend on making actual FPS guides In the future.
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    So I donwloaded and messed with ModelBench today for once and tried making one of my characters in there it went alright I didnt really do much but I'm proud of myself for learning how to do this thing. I did bends and extrusions on this guy am going to try making a like actual model of something tomorrow or later hopefully. So yeah..enjoy my probably not that impressive work that I've done today. Peace.
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    Ultra Beast

    Indominus Rex Rig

    Hey Guys this is my 2nd Rig. I have worked hard on this one and i have listened to the people who have commented on my first rig. Introducing Indominus Rex Sorry if you didn't like the fog color. I thought it would look nice and represent the Indominus's Camouflage ability. Please remenber when commenting that I am new to mine imator and I want to learn more. So please put things that could make my Rig better. I got inspiration for this rig from Gripia's Dino Rigs. Note: It uses a little bit of schematics but it still loads fast and uses mostly cubes and items. I also used a item sheet from Supah.exe's Indominus Rex Rig so big credit to him! Download: pls credit and you can use it for most things! V4: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/sjls6n2aknihr/Indominus_Rex
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    Controversial Minecraft opinion: They should change the tool upgrade system to be the way it is with the smithing table in today's snapshot. You put in a diamond tool/armor with netherite ingot to get netherite tool/armor. I kinda wish it was that way from the beginning of survival. Except for the wood sword, it would be stone sword + iron ingot = iron sword, and so on. That means you'd have to go through gold tools to get to diamond, which would add a reason to get them in the first place(other than for piglin protection, i guess) Anyway, just an idea I thought was interesting.
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    https://www.roblox.com/games/4794072467/Xen-Showcase#!/game-instances roblox showcase based off of black mesa: xen
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    Medium detailled vehicle pack

    Here's the long awaited (I hope) MDV pack! Here's pics of the vehicles: American truck: European truck: Bus: Family car: Pick-up: Sedan: SUV: Trailer: US Citern trailer: EU Citern trailer: Requested ones: 1980 chevy van (requested by @Ethaniel) : Beetle (requested by @9redwoods) : Volkswagen van (requested by @Dr. Nexil) : Muscle car (requested by @Slime) :
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    Hi I'm back! And I'm a bit late but whatever, I uploaded this on Valentine's Day and I'm posting it here a day late because I forgot about it Oops. But anyway here's a thing. Cloud Rig by @Keep on Chucking, check them out if you don't have the time :)))
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    Zqne Does Stuff

    Demon Horns

    So was doing this basically all day and messed up 2 times one on the item sheet causing glitches in the item second on just making it in general and I still have problems with it cause this is two , parts and where the parts connect have a bit of space on the sides making me mad about that but anyways here's a rig I made in the Imator of Mine. Also might plan to make it thicker maybe..criticism is great also. Peace.
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    Woot. [' > ,] So ye, the name's Blond. [ ' '] After about a year or two of not having a profile, I made finally made one. \[' ' ]/ I'mma post stuff I make occasionally. (Face model by Jake_28) Also, I'm with Jake_28, Cubic Ralsei, and Ian_The_One, so we share assets, too. [ ' '] Great to be here. [' ' ] Woot. /[ ' > ,]/
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    Blastoise rig

    This rig includes..... eyes and eyebrows 3d foot nails bendable wrist gunz and good texture credits: i used some textures from sfr v 6 by @SKIBBZ and got some ideas from it Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w83eavr26m5uwir/blastoise_rig.rar/file
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    Words (4K Cinematic)

    I know this wallpaper isn't as good as some of my others, but this is one of my favorites that I've made.
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    Table Model

    non-stretched textures. this is always good to see
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    HFR [V.2] MI 1.2.6 + ONLY

    Yeah so this is for MI 1.2.6 + only because of the new bending system. ---INFO--- It's basically the same as V.1 except you can now do some other stuff with the eyelids and the pupils have been changed a bit. Oh yeah and i have redone the mouth entirely because the last version of it was absolutely horrible. The round variations of the pupils haven't been included because i don't feel like they're that useful, if you think otherwise feel free to say so in the comments. It isn't as scale friendly as it used to be but it shouldn't be too hard to scale up. Comes with a male and a female version. ---WHAT DO I PUT HERE--- If you were to stumble across any bugs feel free to report them either in my discord or in the comments here in this post. ---PICTURES/GIFS--- Please be sure to credit me if you use this because it took blood, sweat and tears to get it working, thanks! DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION FROM ME.
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    UH-60 helicopter

    Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozonc6tn6amkss0/UH60.zip?dl=0
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL ALL ON LIST HAVE BEEN COMPLETED!!! banner by OzFalcon Latest update:April 1st, 2020 Next scheduled update: Updates every other Sunday, with extra updates whenever possible. I'm stopping the schedule for the time being so that I can focus on other projects, and I'll post updates whenever I think I have enough content for an update. The Modelbench Armory is a collection of weapon models made for Mine-Imator users by request, to use in animations, still renders, or anything else you can think of. Feel free to use them for whatever you please, no need to give credit although it is appreciated. Sounds are included with all gun models, although I encourage you use your own. The Modelbench Armory on YouTube The Modelbench Armory is made by me (@crustyjpeg), @MYSELF3200, @OzFalcon, and @CodyBI. Guidelines for requesting models: Terms of use: Without further ado, here's the weapon downloads: WEAPONS Assault Rifles/Carbines: Battle Rifles: Semi-Automatic Rifles: Single-Action Rifles: Machine Guns: Submachine Guns: Handguns: Shotguns: Explosives & Launchers: Melee weapons: ATTACHMENTS Every attachment has an attachment type in parentheses, and can (atleast within realistic bounds, you can do whatever you want really) only be attached to weapons with that attachment type. You can find what attachment type(s) a weapon has in its info .txt file, if applicable. The "Gunsmith" attachment type means it doesn't use any standard mounts and is generally attached to a gun permanently. Muzzle devices instead have what round they're meant for in parentheses, and should only be used on weapons with a matching caliber if you want to keep things realistic. Also please note that magnified sights do not include any zoom/magnification setups, and you'll have to set those up however you want to get a zoom effect. Misc. attachments: Muzzle devices: Close-range sights: Medium-long range sights: Requested/planned weapons: Requested/planned attachments: Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and I hope it's helpful.
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    Healthy Glow...

    Embed: CC: Too much glow. Why everything is in shades of purple-blue? Scenery is completely missing. With effects there are 2 two options: you used bloom in camera effects - not enough or you used only object glow - it needs camera effect(s). Lighting - COMPLETELY MISSING. My opinion - it definitely needs work, it looks like it's made in few minutes. Look for tutorials, ask members, experiment with MI, but please... ...don't ever make something with same quality, it's horrible for my eyes (+ I see this at midnight, so It's even worse for my eyes). I don't want to be toxic, but I've never saw something like this. Listen to that bold text. Edit: @Miggeti No Sama, I reccomend to follow your own topic to see coments and CC, which can help you.
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    Revenge Steve Rig

    Steve Rig from 2011 Minecraft song 'Revenge' DOWNLOAD
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    minecraft violence

    Trying the new combat snapshots in a nutshell. [' ' ]
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    Your potential is actually insane
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    I was at first going to make a trophy model for me reaching a reputation of 200, but I thought I'd make a wallpaper instead, because wallpapers are mainly what got me a reputation of 200. https://imgur.com/Owj2PM8
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    we remember that day.... Pewds played Minecraft for 6 months prior due to this day but it gained a large popularity to Minecraft it gained over 100 million players to install or return to the old days. and now Pewds stopped playing Minecraft at the Day, December 09, 2019 we must bring him back, to beat Gay Game Fortnite.
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    Any other day I'd just say this looks like a confusing amalgamation of resources, but that wouldn't really help. So I'll put some time into a comment. The eyes look a bit derpy and unusual, like the character drank something that made them woozy. It might help to try out rotating some eyelids to convey more emotion. Instead of leaving it flat, you can angle one or both of them slightly. Variations of eyelid angles can make many expressions on its own, unless you meant for it to look half asleep. Here's an example I have made for this reply: Now if you've meant for the character to be threatening, or not, its really up to you. However, if the light is directly facing them, the pupils would normally shrink to prevent absorbing too might light. If this is what the eyes look when shrunk, then your normal sized pupils are far too big. I find the mix of styles to be awkward. The background has varying amounts of texturing and pixel usage, your skin appears minimalist yet there's definitions of skin shading. That's perfectly fine and all so far, though what trips me the most is that the head has a completely different style that has nothing similar to the skin texture, or even the background. I will argue that there is a way to make entirely-flat-colors and varying pixels work together instead of separately, I would recommend experimenting and trying out something that works, it is possible. See my example. I think the phantom wings look cool though, it might help to angle them downwards or any other angle that isn't completely parallel or sticking out, give it some weight. I'm not sure what's the texture going over the chin, a folded-down scarf? A mask?
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    Missing Textures

    Go to %AppData% > Roaming, delete the 'Mine_imator folder, and start up Mine-imator again. That usually works.
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    Since Mojang has added so many new sounds (including Nether ambiance) already, I figured I'd update the sound pack in advance. I'll re-update it after the full release. Enjoy! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/46037-minecraft-sound-pack-—-116-20w10a/
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    Purple guy Render test

    Did a simplistic render testing the new face rig me and frost made.
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    Thanks for the Gold!

    i made a grammatical error but it's okay because english isnt my native language
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    David Fan-art

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    Model by Hozq

    Model by Hozq
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