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  1. That was very good. I like the "choose your own adventure" format, though it's hard for non-Chinese speakers like myself to understand what the choices are. I like the story though and the character designs are very nice, good job!
  2. That was good. I thought the use of 45° angle cubes for the heads of the, what I assume to be, bad guys was pretty interesting too. Haven't really seen people do that before
  3. That was absolutely wonderful, I ended up laughing a few times lmao The animation was very well done and there was a lot of movement. I specifically liked the movement of the Windows guy
  4. That was very fun to watch. I was a little skeptical just looking at the thumbnail, but I guess this just proves that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The animation was decent but the story, interactions and personalities were very fun. Good job : D
  5. It should automatically embed, try pasting the link again and pressing space afterwards That was pretty good, good job. I think it'd be useful to learn how to do your own walk and run cycles as the Mine-Imator preset ones aren't that great.
  6. Looks really nice but the dof makes it hard to know what the subject is, due to everything being blurry
  7. I felt like making a model of the Egg Thief from Spyro while I was taking a break from a different project. Decided to make a wallpaper to show it off
  8. Uh hey guys, it's me again. I've been in a wallpaper mood recently and this time made a wallpaper a friend of mine suggested, featuring his character Black.
  9. I'm personally not a fan of facial rigs, which is why I use mixel faces. And thanks
  10. Hey again I felt like making another wallpaper. This time I was inspired by fighting games, specifically Mortal Kombat. Uhhh, that's it lmao
  11. 31 out of the 45 have a black dot on the right. It's easy to remove but kind of annoying lmao The textures themselves though look very nice, good job
  12. It's the ridge for his eyes. He doesn't have eyebrows lol
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