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  1. ItsZaaki

    100 reputation !

    if only i could reach 100
  2. ItsZaaki


  3. ItsZaaki


    He stole my vodka
  4. ItsZaaki

    [ Request ] Mercedes Benz w123

    I love it
  5. ItsZaaki

    Car rig Requests

    Mercedes Benz W123
  6. ItsZaaki

    Moving tank treads

    Tried to make my vehicles actually look like they are moving instead of sliding. Used my KV-2 model.
  7. ItsZaaki

    Animator Request

    4. Me gusta los heuvos
  8. ItsZaaki

    Wounds Can Heal

    The fog would give it a sinister atmosphere however I do like your idea about the tank being overgrown.
  9. ItsZaaki

    Low detail vehicle pack

    Good job.
  10. ItsZaaki

    Blocking Dead Test Animation

    Lmao shotgun with unlimited ammo
  11. ItsZaaki

    The Last Train

    Some mistakes I noticed once I finished but oh well.
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