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  1. I'm sorry, but are you guys forgetting this is a pre-release? it's gonna be buggy on release because we're trying to FIND the bugs. This isn't what 2.0 in it's final stages is gonna be.
  2. ezgif-5-df55e9a2ef.gif

    bed 👍

    (might release... not soon considering the scale of the project this is for but i will release it at some point i promise)

  3. oh yea i forgot to post this here but im a mine-imator alpha tester now & i made this render in the latest alpha with indirect lighting and stuff to show off the difference between how many lights the previous version would have to use!

    once i get a good backlog of renders again i might post a dump of them in one big topic, but who knows lol


    (3 Spot lights, 2 point lights, Mine-Imator Alpha. Previous version used around 100 spot lights, and 50 - 80 point lights)

  4. For the Community, by the Community. *2.0 PRE-3 AND ABOVE ONLY! (CLICK HERE FOR THE OPTIONAL 1.2.9 BACKPORT, VERY UNSTABLE!) "What is LapisFR?" LapisFR is a Community Project hosted by @Jossamations where any user is free and welcome to Suggest Features/Changes for, Contribute to, or make forks of the model. The Face Rig aims to be a perfect middle ground for everything including Style, Ease of Use, FPS*, Customization, and Animatability. You can find more info like our Github, Public Discord, or other things at the bottom of this topic. "Enough talking, Show me some Pictures!" Release 2.0.0 Changelog: Credits: • Project Operated by @Jossamations • Developers • TBA • Graphic Design Help • @OfficialCUYT • Music Help • @/Fushimion on Twitter. Other: WEBSITE GITHUB JOSSAMATIONS uwu
  5. Greetings! As people who keep up with my Twitter posts may know, I've begun a little Series of Comic-Style Renders in the classic 'Gay Furry Romance' Style (eg. Duncan and Eddie, Foxes in Love.) except in my Minecrafty Style! Thought I'd post them here, as they're my proudest renders as of lately (and I like watching people get mad over me being a gay, non binary furry haha) Comic 1 "Staring 'Problem'": Comic 2 "One man's trash": If you're interested in seeing more of my content & comics, Follow my Twitter below! Thanks for viewing! Lapis Model Base Soon? stay mad and keep crying abt me being a furry, you chuds. hi @.tditdatdwt :3
  6. Ah, what a fine piece of literature for the eyes you have bestowed upon me on this fine afternoon. The way the light casts, the colors, everything within this art piece is unfathomably ideal. 824/10 - ???????? ?????????
  7. joke about people saying "ew furry" or something similar, they should eat candle wax
  8. Creations: Hi. I'm sure some people are probably wondering where I've been and why I've been going on these "little" frequent hiatuses from the Forums For the longest time now, I've not really fit well into the Forums' Community. I often found more success showcasing my creations via other means like Twitter, Discord, Or YouTube, As anyone can find those posts, Mine-Imator user or not. And honestly, I never really felt much of a connection with anyone I met exclusively here. So with that being said This is pretty much the last minor post I'll be making here for the foreseeable future I do have up and coming projects bigger than just some small renders and such, And I will post those here, But you'll no longer be getting these kind of Posts. If you want to keep up with ALL of my content, My Twitter is @Jossamations, And if you want to join my Discord, You are able to join through my Portfolio Page at the bottom of the page among other contact methods. ( https://joss-anim.carrd.co/ ) I wish you all the best. - Joss (fyi, I'll respond to replies on this post if needed)
  9. Jossamations

    Name Change

    I dunno where to ask about this honestly so ill try here Where abouts would a name change option be in the settings on the forums? I've been rebranding from "JDButter Animations" to "Connor Animations" as of lately due to some personal issues, But my one website i've failed to get updated was this one Is it possible even? Do I gotta message a mod or something?
  10. welcome to hell would you like a slice of our signature despair pie with a side of sweet regret?
  11. love the simple toony lighting! very good job
  12. I'm really looking forward to the SSS feature! I'm excited to see how it works with actual rigs and such. Hope development goes smoothly, Thank you for the update Nimi ^^
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