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  1. Did you get an error message of any sort you can share? Also, Mine-imator has a backup feature-- set your file extension to .mibackup when opening a project to see them in the window.
  2. Did you mess around with your 1.15.1 assets at all? This line in the log seems to indicate that you have a texture that's at least x1024 in the blocks folder, making the block sheet huge-- resulting in a memory crash.
  3. Looks like they broke when the flattening happened with 1.13, block IDs and texture names were changed in the process. This'll be fixed in the next update.
  4. Can you provide a download to a .json file that doesn't work in recent versions?
  5. Really glad to see the feedback so far from the dev update! While this seems like a lot, there's still a lot left to Mine-imator 1.3.0's development and release is still way down the road-- possibly even sometime next year. In the meantime I'll still be giving dev updates to show progress on the update and 1.2.7 may possibly be released to help with Minecraft 1.16 support along with some bugfixes that are currently in 1.3.0, including a fix for issues related to mip-mapping;
  6. Greetings everyone! In this dev update, I'll be covering a handful of new features I've been working on for Mine-imator 1.3.0. However, before we dive into the following eye candy, I want to mention that due to the sheer size of this update, its official release is not in the near future-- and doesn't have an ETA. Unlike the past two updates, 1.1.0 and 1.2.0, this update includes a variety of goals. This includes an effort to improve rendering, animation workflow, and the interface along with adding new features that may come with them. Though during development, I'll be posting dev updates more often to give insight on how development is going. With that being said, this post will highlight a couple of the first big improvements to come to the update. Renders used in this dev update were made by @Hozq. Lighting improvements The way lighting is applied to objects has changed in 1.3.0. Before, ambiance only affected dark areas, but now, ambiance is applied more accurately to the scene by being applied additively to pre-existing lighting in the scene. This allows for brighter scenes and improves the appearance of dark areas such as areas with AO. Changes to shadows Shadows are getting a significant upgrade in 1.3.0. Previously, shadows used a method that would blur all shadows in the scene. Now, shadows are rendered multiple times determined by a new samples setting that scatters the shadow maps of lights around, allowing for shadows to be harder near its caster, and softer the further away it is. (Also to clear up a misconception, this is not PCSS. ) An improvement was also made to the way sun shadows are cast, allowing the sun to act as a proper directional light in the scene. Volumetric rays This feature has been requested many times over the past few years, and is finally being added to 1.3.0. However due to (technical) restrictions, the rays are only available for the sun. These rays are not rendered in screen-space and will appear even if the sun is not in-frame. As mentioned before, rendering isn't the only aspect of Mine-imator that will be getting improvements though however, that's the first part of this update I'll be tackling so it may be a while till other features are shown off. Until next time!
  7. This will be fixed in Mine-imator 1.3, as well as other mip mapping artifacts.
  8. Mine-imator is a 32-bit program. Unfortunately, the engine Mine-imator uses doesn't support 64-bit versions of games/apps it makes.
  9. Hi! I'll look into this for the next update, whether it be 1.2.7 or 1.3.0, depending on compatibility needs with the next Minecraft update. If you really need a fix now as the soonest possible update may not be out for a few months, I'd recommend changing the minimum and maximum bend values in the .mimodel file to really low and high values.
  10. This is not a bug. Modelbench only regenerates shapes that need to regenerate. Parts parented to a bent part don't need to be regenerated so they move instantly while shapes in the bent part update over time due to the setting being enabled.
  11. Shouldn't take anymore than a month or so I'd imagine. Reason why it's taking a while is because we're working on some UX tweaks as Voxy pointed out here;
  12. Like other missing features (due to oversights in remaking the program) in the latest 1.0.0 update, this feature will be added back in 1.0.1.
  13. I don't know. It can come out of nowhere and the errors comes from code written by the underlying engine when the program is compiled.
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