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  1. Nimi

    Do i have enough rep to make a collab?

    You can make a collab with any amount of reputation. If you spend more time making a name for yourself and interacting widely with the community by being a positive influence and role model that people can look up to instead of trying to make building rep your goal, you'll have plenty of people wanting to join a collab(If the theme is unique enough.) due to you having some sort of history behind you.
  2. Nimi

    The double parent

    There are no current plans to add keyframable parents.
  3. Nimi

    The double parent

    The overall timeline would be chaotic and hard to keep track of with object timelines flying from parent to parent during playback. Alternatively, you can duplicate the desired object(s) and turn the visibility on/off for each when needed.
  4. Nimi

    Start up bug

    0.4.2 is the latest.
  5. Nimi


    This could very likely be a GPU issue not rendering things correctly when GameMaker's rendering(the engine Mine-imator uses) was tweaked when Mine-imator was updated to 1.1.0.
  6. Nimi

    Add text.

    Just put text in the same texture as your model and UV map it onto a plane.
  7. Nimi

    Modelbench Q&A

    Did you check to see what bending axes were selected in Modelbench after you changed the options?
  8. Nimi

    Modelbench Q&A

    Y and Z labels can be swapped in both programs, maybe sure the 'Z is up' option is the same in both Mine-imator and Modelbench.
  9. Dear Mr B.K.                                                                                                                  Wednesday 25th April 2018

    A nostalgic postcard to you.

    I hope it doesn't give you Vietnam flashbacks from this memory of the MI Discord. Especially, when you want to run away from MI for a tad.

    Happy holidays, <3 Shadow #2.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ShadowNinja5764


      I am very sorry, Nimi. I beg of your pardon. I just wanted to make it more postcard and formal like for some odd reason.

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      should've said sir nimington smh my head

    4. ShadowNinja5764


      Oh for the love of...

  10. Hello everyone, after some pondering, I've decided to take a break from devving(and Mine-imator stuff) after non-stop coding and involvement with Mine-imator since early 2016. During this break, Modelbench development will be put on hiatus and I will not be present on the Mine-imator Discord Server. I do not know how long this break will last, so in the meantime, send all bug reports relating to Mine-imator to david.


    And while you're here... in the past couple days I added every single Minecraft biome and custom biome colors(Foliage, grass & water) to Mine-imator for the next update, so look out for that shortly after Minecraft 1.13. :ph34r:

  11. Sad, the ones who didn't irritate you didn't get to mourn your leave of absence from the Discord. May it be permanent or temporary.

    But the moment has been prepared for... 


    1. MYSELF3200


      Oh wow, Google Drive got mod?

      Damn it. I'm really regretting getting ratted on by a slavaboo who cusses all the time.

    2. Voxy


      The Mine-imator Discord when Nimi leaves but I join:


    3. MYSELF3200


      He shall be missed.

      Be careful out there, Voxy.

  12. Nimi

    Start Screen Question

    The closing options should be more visible in 0.4.2.
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