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  1. Made this a while ago (Last month or so?) because I was bored while messing around with the block models and leaf colors, eventually turned into a wallpaper. Also messed around with a Minecraft Dungeons-like look for the facial expression and used custom textures to simulate the block AO you'd find in Minecraft.
  2. G'day, morning, or night everyone. Today I'll be sharing some news that'll affect the Mine-imator 'brand', and news regarding the next updates to Mine-imator and Modelbench. WIP rebranding As the title suggests, the Mine-imator brand is currently going through a major rebrand. Voxy and I have had this in mind since early 2017, and was very close to being given to The Community Build if Mine-imator 1.1.0 didn't start development! Since then, Voxy has gradually established a new unique look for the brand and now, we're ready to start rolling it out. Modelbench being the first step, as it served as a good test for trying out what we wanted out of the design changes. (This is why the Modelbench beta looked different from Mine-imator and why promotional images looked unique.) Also, this new look will be one of the last big things I do for Mine-imator and its brand before I leave as a developer. More on what the rebrand entails be revealed in the future. Modelbench 1.0 / Mine-imator 1.2.6 For those who don't know, the Modelbench 1.0 "update" is a complete remake that started back in May. It has since been roughly 6 months and due to the cleaner code, it's coming along great! At the moment I'm wrapping up some of the final features (ones returning from the beta and new ones!). Also, the next updates for Mine-imator and Modelbench will contain changes to bending that will allow smoother bends on larger body parts among other new settings to use in models and some improvements to bent 3D planes. (Which may break some current uses of bent 3D planes, though it will vary depending on how they're used.) Should also be worth noting that some models created in future Modelbench versions may not load in Mine-imator versions prior to 1.2.6 due to changes/new features for models. That is all for now, unfortunately I can't reveal *too* much but rest assured, some big things are coming! And speaking of...
  3. As far as I'm aware, current implementations of PBR in GameMaker Studio 2 don't support casted shadows from multiple light sources. Certain engine limitations(Like no HDR support) prevent that I believe.
  4. I don't think this is a bug. You're probably selecting everything and then once you start to move them, they're treated as separate objects with no hierarchy, which causes the split up. Select only the parents when moving to keep their children.
  5. Y'all need to stop antagonizing each other. Really hard to(and has been to) take this forum seriously when some of the most active users don't act their age. Pretty disappointed in a few members for how they've been acting recently, though while not breaking any forum rules. Regardless of how any situation started-- take the time to stop, grow up, and move on. That is all. ✌️

  6. It shouldn't matter then. Though if possible, try using an item to combine some cubes as it reduces the amount of timelines.(Which saves RAM, and some FPS during animation playback.)
  7. Using individual cubes in replacement for items will use more RAM. Items get rid of faces that are next to each other in the item model. Example from a diamond sword w/ backfaces enabled.
  8. It should work with DirectX 11.
  9. What export size are you trying to render at?
  10. What version of Mine-imator are you using? I've only seen this error occur for 1.2.3.
  11. Does 1.2.4 still open fine? If it does, my best guess is some change on your computer preventing recently created/downloaded .exe files from running. (If there was something truly wrong with the installer and program .exe, no one else would be able to run either.)
  12. Are you unzipping the archive version? Do you have any anti-virus software that could be preventing it from running?
  13. How do you update Mine-Imator to 1.2.5 if you already have one? Sorry, but I am still new to Mine-Imator. :P

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    2. MineWallpaper


      I already got installer, and I do what what says?

      Lmao I am pretty bad at understanding things XD

    3. crustyjpeg


      do what is says basically means press ok constantly

      i'm not totally sure how to use the installer as i don't ever use it

    4. MineWallpaper
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