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  1. Nimi

    Annoying Bending Issue

    I'm unable to recreate the issue myself(The bending values load just fine for me in 0.4.2 and the upcoming 1.0.0.) Can you send the affected model you're having problems with?
  2. No, I was only referring to the background.
  3. Custom biome colors were planned to be animatable during 1.2.0's development, but we weren't sure if the biome list w/ variants should also be animated with it as it produced weird instant cuts and we never got to revisit it before we released the first pre-release. Though in the next pre-release, I've set up a system that makes previously static values(like the custom biomes colors) animatable, and while I have this system now set up, in the meantime before the next pre-release drops I'll be trying to get anything possible hooked up to keyframes that doesn't result in any odd behavior.
  4. Nimi

    Can you enable fancy mode?

    You can enable/disable opaque leaves in the background settings, though it'll require reloading affected assets or restarting Mine-imator.
  5. Nimi

    Sky throught leaves bug

    Can't say for sure, I've looked into a solution that could solve it by bringing back the option to turn off mip-mapping for transparent textures, but due to major changes in from 1.1.0, it would have to be brought back only for transparent blocks and would only work if the texture is transparent in the Minecraft default resource pack.
  6. The intensity of an object's glow can be turned down using the 'Glow color' option in their color tab in the keyframe panel.
  7. With the new conduit special block needing some certain properties, the model format now supports shapes facing the camera and bouncing like items. You might also notice the aqua-colored indicator for the parent's position has been changed-- it now sports a new look and when you click it, it selects the parent.62e103faecc074e67f3f14ce67c3c089.gif

    1. Ian_The_One
    2. Hozq


      that looks very strange 





      i love it

  8. Nimi

    Minecraft Story Mode: Petra Rig

    Moved to the Rigs section of Mine-imator Resources.
  9. Nimi

    Minecraft Story Mode: Jesse Rig

    Moved to the Rigs section of Mine-imator Resources.
  10. This has been requested a fair amount of times since Modelbench's release, so here's a new feature that hasn't been revealed yet coming to Modelbench and is already available in the Mine-imator 1.2.0 pre-releases. 😄9d20c2fe199c6100ab9e3e7a7c36e40d.png

  11. The next update of Modelbench will likely bring it out of beta(Modelbench 1.0.0) and for awhile now, I've been making more additions to the general program to make it feel more complete. For example;


    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Cool. These were needed options.

      Will it include bouncing and face camera?

  12. The 'error' will remain in the next update, though its functionality has been fixed.
  13. Instructions unclear, I'm stuck in the floor.
  14. Upon further consideration of my previous warning of activating a kill switch for online Community Build clients, I've decided against the act after hearing feedback of the previously given warning. The in-program notice has thus been removed. As much as I'd recommend users to update to the latest vanilla version, I've found out that it's better to let users update at their own pace when their time is right to move on.

    With this, the download for the Community Build version 1.0.3 will now be available again on the Community Build mod topic for those who want(ed) to see what the mod is about before being discontinued. Note that while the mod may now be available again, the mod will still remain unsupported. The Community Build mod topic has now also been updated to adjust to this change.

    Now while the Community Build may just be a discontinued mod, I think it's important to realize that without it, Mine-imator wouldn't be what it is today.

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    2. OzFalcon


      @EnderSculptor Time to burn Nimi at the stakes.

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      "I've found out that it's better to let users update at their own pace when their time is right to move on." -Nimi

      If only Mojang had realized that when they decided to kill console edition and replace it with Bedrock.


    4. Nimi
  15. Hey, Nimi, i've been searching hours for your Modelbench styled color scheme for Mine Imator and i still cant find it...

    1. Nimi


      I didn't make it, Voxy did. 


    2. Jadturentale


      oh okay



      i didnt remember it lol

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