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  1. GML(GameMaker Language), Mine-imator & Modelbench are both developed with GameMaker Studio 2.
  2. Graphics settings can be found in the toolbar at the top of the viewport.
  3. I'll look into it when I get around to adding the new interface in 1.3.
  4. :logo:

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      Zoom in and... You call this a mi logo?hl1Kvz0.pngIt actually looks better when you zoom out

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      that basically how icon work in a nutshell


  5. 1.16.1 assets only work with Mine-imator 1.2.7, using 1.2.6 will result in the issue you're having.
  6. I actually fixed this in 1.3.0 during development and back-ported the fix for 1.2.7. I thought nothing of it when porting the one line of code that fixes it but I guess because Mine-imator 1.2.7 uses a different GameMaker version, it must've done nothing. I can confirm that this will be fixed when 1.3.0 releases;
  7. 5, I lowered it to 3 because some users were having performance issues out the box before this feature was added. Also, you won't notice a huge difference in quality unless you're using large DoF blur sizes.
  8. Coincidentally, I started looking into this earlier today. I tried out ACES and it does improve image quality pretty well and gives realistic results(Almost looks like you're using SEUS or some other shader pack using tonemapping.), though things like the sky and fog get desaturated a fair bit because Mine-imator doesn't work with HDR.(GameMaker limitation). I'll show it off in a future dev update if I can work out some inconveniences with it and it gets added.
  9. Simply turn off shadows in the render settings.
  10. Then I'd recommend optimizing the world, that way all the chunks in a world are in the same format. Worlds loaded entirely in 1.15 and earlier, or 1.16 and later versions should load fine.
  11. Try loading a world created only with 1.16/1.16.1, if it doesn't work, then the problem lies in not having the most up-to-date version of the world importer. Should that be the case, download the 1.2.7 zip folder and replace the world importer your Mine-imator is using with the one included in the zipped folder. The world importer is called "import.exe" and can be found in the Data folder relative to the Mine-imator executable.
  12. 1.16.1 assets don't work with Mine-imator 1.2.6, you'll need to download and use Mine-imator 1.2.7.
  13. Perhaps download the .zip for Mine-imator and replace the world importer you're currently using for Mine-imator with the new one included in the download. If it doesn't work, you can send the error.
  14. This may be a result of varying chunk formats in the world. The world importer only knows what version of Minecraft a world was last opened in, so it has to assume the entire world is in the same chunk format.(Which may cause issues.) You could try to optimize the world in Minecraft via the 'Edit' button in the world selection screen, which will update all chunks to the same and latest format.
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