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  1. Because it's still being working on. A pre-release will be released when the mandatory parts of the program are done being implemented. Currently, I have a ETA for it in mind that I'd like to hit, however I won't disclose that it unless it requires some more time.
  2. Gain experience animating physics in return for the 3D engine Mine-imator using not being built for advanced 3D physics of objects with varying geometry.
  3. Characters seem to disappear beneath water

    You can adjust the "Render depth" option in the timeline options to change the order in which Mine-imator draws objects.
  4. Cleaned up the topic. In the future, let's try not to be offensive(As stated in the rules.) when talking about one's creation, in this case, commenting on how it reenacts a very real and very tragic event(Even despite some elements may be similar.) that affects several students who have lost their friends, classmates and teachers in the event and will likely now live with PTSD. It's both rude to the creator of the creation and the victims of the event.
  5. Modelbench Q&A

    I was going to say no, but I did a quick check with a model of mine and it looks like you can. Though you can ONLY do custom keyframes, not the built-in ones that can be generated.
  6. 1.13 Update of Mineimator

    No, I'm sure that'll be fixed when generating the scene from the world importer or a schematic. I meant visual effects like underwater fog, moving particles underwater upwards, and other graphical effects, which require looking up a certain coordinate in the world to see if it is in water.
  7. 1.13 Update of Mineimator

    Currently 1.1.3 is in hiatus until Minecraft 1.13 is released, so not all features are final in the update.(All there is right now is just the new bending.) Though I have considered doing special things with water in 1.1.3, however they do prove to be a challenge to track what positions in the world are inside water blocks. So for now I'll just say not to hold your breath on specific underwater features and effects coming to Mine-imator.(Though I do have something planned for the surface of water in Mine-imator 1.2, so look out for that. ) About the baby versions of mobs; I can't guarantee it, but I'll consider it since most baby versions of mobs follow a similar pattern.(Half the size of the mob and make the head slightly bigger.) If wind on kelp looks good on it, we'll add wind to it by default. But if it looks weird with the already existing waving texture it has with Mine-imator's wind, we might pass.
  8. Crashing the program in response is pretty extreme and could yield confusion among users believing that the crash error could be Mine-imator's fault due to the lack of any indication that the file it's trying to load is encrypted.(People could lose progress on their opened project over this.) Also, what's to prevent anyone that gets their hands on the password, from re-releasing the project or rig?(Given that most are publicly released creations.)
  9. The full version of Minecraft 1.13 has to be out for Mine-imator 1.1.3 to continue development, not a snapshot due to the unstable and unfinished nature of them.
  10. Tell Mojang to go faster, that's who we're waiting for so 1.1.3 can be released.
  11. any one knows how to fix alpha glitch ?

    There's no current fix for it.
  12. Use Second monitor as An camera view

    Fullscreen doesn't play nice with navigation windows.(The Community Build had it, but then we had to remove it.)
  13. At long last, I finally made a Mine-imator render that looks good as my forum header. 

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      it looks good! :thumbsup:

    3. _BlueAsyl


      Looks really great! can't wait for 1.1.3! :thumbsup::D

    4. Warlust


      the god has spoken


  14. Oblivion's Trident

    Should at least be more subtle with shading if that's the material it's made of.
  15. Oblivion's Trident

    The person's clothes texture is really noisy and the lens flares look a bit strong and out of place.
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