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  2. The obvious stuff: Alright so first, let's get the elephant out of the room: The rain. It's pretty obvious it's an overlay tacked on when editing. Instead, try using particles to bring more depth to it.(Create a cube and mess with the appearance and movement in the particle creator tab. If you're unfamiliar with particles, here's a tutorial on them.) Character/subject: As for the character, the posing is fine however the expression they're making is hard to determine since the camera is backed away from the character and is very mundane.(Try making the smile bigger in height and tilting the eyebrows more?) Maybe also look into making the teeth a little brighter, don't be afraid to mess around with how an object looks in a still or under tricky lighting conditions. Camera: The composition is decent, though a decrease of the FOV(Field of view) would be nice to give the character a more prominent focus in the render. Now this is optional, but there's something called the "Rule of Thirds" in photography which can help bring focus to a subject in a picture or help balance a picture. If you want to apply it to this render, I'd recommend pushing the camera to the left so the character/subject aligns with the right line. You can enable a preview grid for this in MI by clicking the circled button in the first picture below. Since it's also rainy, I'd recommend enabling "Color correction" in the camera(if not already enabled and in use) and bringing the saturation down a little bit below 100%.(70% - 75%? Whatever looks good to you.) Lighting: The background lighting could probably also be a tad darker(It's raining, it's supposed to be pretty dark though try not to make it so you can't see the surrounding area.) and the torches' lighting could also be more orange to help tint objects around the torches to bring more color to the render. Conclusion: This is not a bad render and is fairly decent in comparison to most you'd find made in Mine-imator. The points I brought up are merely things I would do myself if I was making the wallpaper.
  3. Click this button in the latest update.(1.2.2)
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    Hey Nimi remember when you slaughtered a whole bunch of forum members on the Taintive? Good times.

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  7. Mine-imator already has a dev/developer mode, though it's heavily centered around being used for debugging purposes. It allows developers to skip the startup screen entirely and make a new project automatically, show save IDs of objects, allow certain debugging scripts to run within Mine-imator we have set up around its code, and other technical uses.(Though overall functionality and behavior of the program more or less doesn't change.) You can check out where to turn this on/off in this script if you can open the source. The following screenshot posted on the Mine-imator twitter also shows what it looks like to have it enabled when Mine-imator is compiled.
  8. I seems people are misunderstanding this suggestion. I believe what you're asking is essentially a simple option or something to redirect an object's selection to another object if clicked in the viewport?(Likely not exactly what you're suggesting, but could used for various other purposes as well as work for what you need.) Also, Shift + Left click already has a function in selecting objects, as it's used to select multiple objects as well as deselect objects.
  9. I've ran some tests and it seems to be an issue from the engine Mine-imator uses.(There's some issue GameMaker has with numbers over 31,999 being used for lists.) Dunno how to go about taking care of the issue as of right now, but for now don't put any keyframes past 31,998.
  10. The "Requests" subforum is used for posting requests of the community. The topic has been moved to "Wallpapers and Art".
  11. Topic locked. For future reference, don't mention Emunator for moderator tasks, as they're no longer a mod.(Or mention as mod for that matter, instead report a topic/post with a message.)
  12. If you have a middle mouse button/scroll wheel, hold that down on the timeline and drag left and right.
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