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  1. Graphics settings are integrated into the viewport toolbar on the top.
  2. In terms of the new rendering features(Global illumination, volumetric fog, etc.), their performance impact will mainly rely on your GPU. There's also a system in place to improve the quality of these effects while also helping with performance by rendering these effects overtime. x64 support will only help when it comes to crashes with high memory usage and won't increase performance. I have yet to get this working. As for multi-threading, not everything can be multi-threaded, it's usually used to help split up large tasks and can't tackle general performance. Probably won't be
  3. hey nimi, sorry for bothering you. I know you're busy with the new update but I just want to say two things to you

    first : thank you for all the effort you are making for us. You, David, Voxy, and anyone who maybe in the shadow that is helping you guys

    second : I have a small idea that may make a huge deference in the performance of the animation (animated rotation point ?). Animated rotation point may help the professional with improving the animation
    and thank you ,love you #NoHomo

    1. niam


      just put a bunch of folders and animate it

      also me: nimi please add motion blur 7248-hide-the-pain-harold.png

    2. TheXKing360


      folders are good but the rotation point may effect even the bend

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Bruh Folder makes my head a headache.

      Animating a complex car animation with folders is so damn hard, What again if I not using the Custom Road hehe.

  4. Shoutout to @Voxy for putting up with my constant requests for vague close-up shots of all the new UIs we've worked on through the years. 😅

    Mine-imator Community Edition 1.1.0 (Cancelled, revealed in 2016)


    Modelbench Beta (2018)



    Modelbench 1.0.0 (2020)


    Mine-imator 2.0.0 (2022)


    Really happy to see this 6-year long journey of a new UI coming to Mine-imator come full-circle in 2.0. I had my doubts when I first became a developer in 2017, but I'm glad we were persistent.

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    2. An Engie Main

      An Engie Main

      @Creeperzio that's the current release date of Mine-Imator 2.0

    3. Voxy


      Hard to argue with that, to be fair...



      Also, fun fact, the image was rendered using Blender. :D


    4. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      Nice, this will make the mine-imator community proud, 1.2.9 Might be the end of mine-imator’s 1.0.0-1.2.9 series, I’m ready for Spring 2022 next year :D

  5. Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last dev update, and I'm sure you have questions about the update and what's taking so long, so let's start with answering that. What's taking so long? In the previous dev update, I mentioned that I was working on "Inventory", the new UI for Mine-imator. This ended up taking a while to finish and pushing back when I planned to start on optimizations for rendering. I've since finished optimizations and now wrapping up any final graphical features for the update. A change of plans As many of you know, the "Caves & Cliffs" updat
  6. The ID for the block changed in Minecraft 1.17. Mine-imator now looks for the new ID and will not recognize old path blocks unless updated to the new ID through Minecraft 1.17.
  7. The installer doesn't have malware, the only anti-virus (out of 67 on the site) that detected malware was SecureAge APEX, which is known for false positives.
  8. Yes, though not all bugfixes in 1.3.0 will be backported for 1.2.8. *Mainly* things related to supporting 1.17.
  9. Mine-imator 1.3.0 will have this, the update will add a lot of the 'quality of life' features that Modelbench currently has.
  10. Previously 1.3.0 was planned for late summer to be released along side Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update, however with the bigger and more technical side of the update being delayed, 1.3.0 will be delayed as well, I don't know the new ETA for the update as of right now.
  11. Mine-imator 1.3.0 will have a much faster startup, here's a comparison I made last summer;
  12. This can't be done with the game engine Mine-imator uses. Once the 'close' button is pressed, an event is triggered in the engine that allows me to execute any code Mine-imator needs to before it closes itself.
  13. I've spent the past 3-4 years researching techniques for graphics rendering.(Non-realistic effects like specular highlights and "glowing" objects, realistic rendering via PBR...) Never got around to applying what I've learned until now for 1.3.0; partly due to being new to shaders for the longest time. The camera effects added in the 1.2.x updates was really me 'testing the waters' to see if I was ready to take on the big effects like Global Illumination, volumetric effects, etc..
  14. Not me cause I'm too busy making Mine-imator look like real life.
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