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  1. Perhaps download the .zip for Mine-imator and replace the world importer you're currently using for Mine-imator with the new one included in the download. If it doesn't work, you can send the error.
  2. This may be a result of varying chunk formats in the world. The world importer only knows what version of Minecraft a world was last opened in, so it has to assume the entire world is in the same chunk format.(Which may cause issues.) You could try to optimize the world in Minecraft via the 'Edit' button in the world selection screen, which will update all chunks to the same and latest format.
  3. @Psycho_Potat0 This is a common issue I have no control over. The program is completely fine-- try disabling any antivirus programs that may prevent it from running or allowing SmartScreen (If you're using windows 10) to allow running the program anyways.
  4. No. Bloom is available in 1.2.0 and later versions, and can be enabled in any camera.
  5. This will be fixed in 1.2.7 when the world importer gets 1.16 support.
  6. A .obj exporter is planned for the next update of Modelbench. There's currently no release window for the update as of right now.
  7. Yes. I don't keep old assets from older Minecraft versions. (Like the programmer textures.)
  8. Can you give more info on what's all in the particle creator before it crashes?
  9. Timeline markers: Planned for 1.3.0. "Sticky"/pinned timeline instances: Not currently planned for any version of Mine-imator. Timeline searching: Not currently planned for any version of Mine-imator. 1.3.0 is far from being done with development, as it still just recently began (though in all fairness, there hasn't much development since this dev update went out) and things that are/aren't planned may jump around a ton this early on. Things you may be hoping for now won't be released to the public till the first pre-release comes out for 1.3.0 sometime next year anyways.
  10. That's outside of my control with Mine-imator using GameMaker.
  11. can you make it so the java entity section on blockbench is compatible with mine-imator. i'm getting very frustrated with modeling "cartoon cat" because modelbench doesn't get the texture sizes right. it's impossible for me right now.

    1. ShotUAnimations


      you must be doing something wrong if texture sizes are wrong, ive never had an issue with texture sizes

    2. funtime candy

      funtime candy

      i don't know what i am doing wrong. blockbench is different than model bench. i want nimi to make them compatible. not just with items. but with java entitys too

  12. Nimi How do beta testers become beta testers ? maybe sign up

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    3. Laskomet


      NIMI NIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Dannyboi


      Stop. You aren't getting the beta. The more you spam the lower your chance gets. Give up.

  13. Blockbench supports a wide variety of different model formats. The only model format you can import from Blockbench that's supported by Mine-imator are block JSON files. Are you trying to load a different type of model?
  14. For those who are getting world importer crashes with 1.16/snapshot worlds; this is due to a change with how chunks are saved in snapshot 20w17a (Under "Block storage") and newer. The crash will still occur even with new assets that some users have been releasing and requires an update to the world importer that will come with 1.2.7.image.png.7132504018c02ae1508a503ae6af9200.png 

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