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  1. Nimi

    Finger bends arn't flush.

    Go to the "Graphics" tab in the settings and set the limb bending to "Blocky".
  2. Nimi

    Thin black line around item

    Currently, no. I don't have any idea as to why the issue occurs after trying to recreate the issue with several different images as 3D items and different fonts with the text object.
  3. Surface and item objects have a "Face camera" option which have different behaviors. Surfaces will rotate upwards and downwards based on the camera position, while items won't. I believe david intended it to be this way when he added the settings.
  4. Nimi

    Just an image I worked on.

    Moved to "Wallpapers and Art", as there isn't a download link present.
  5. Hello everyone, and to kick things off, happy holidays! This year has undoubtedly been a big year for Mine-imator, David, and myself. Starting off with the public beta release of Modelbench in the spring, and topping off with the much anticipated 1.2.0 update! Along with the transition of the lead developer from being the glorious David over to myself as of recently. Now there are some things I'd like to address since my last dev update in July: College Since August, I've been enrolled in a technical college, trying to go for an Associate in Applied Science degree in these next couple years. Despite only being two years, it'll still require a bit of time and focus to get through the course. Motivation/Stress Being the only current developer working on both Mine-imator and Modelbench, while also being enrolled in college and keeping up with personal responsibilities is no easy task by any means. Programming Modelbench and Mine-imator (including mods I've made) for roughly over 2 years without any sort of hiatus has been pretty tiring. With that said, please understand that development on Mine-imator will not be up to par like it has been in prior years. (Though this may be subject to change with another developer... )  Now of course, Modelbench as a whole nor most of 1.2 would be possible if David didn't teach me the ins and outs of developing Mine-imator code throughout 2016 and up until I became the lead developer. He was a big help in my journey in becoming a better and more professional developer, and if given the chance, I would like to collaborate with him more in the future if possible whenever it's my time to move on from Mine-imator. So with 2018 setting on the horizon, what's to expect in 2019? Well... Improved bending and fixed 3D planes!? More details to come next year, still being experimented with at the moment. Modelbench 1.0's release Mine-imator 1.3 to begin development Anyways, with 2018 soon to be wrapped up, it's now time to get hyped for what's in store in 2019! So once again, Happy holidays!
  6. Model Bench sucks change my mind >:D

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      Modelbench is great

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      DO IT

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      mOdElBeNcH iS gReAt No DiScUssIoNs NeEdEd

  7. Can you upload the model so I take a look at it and see what the issue is?
  8. Hello! We (The Mine-imator team) are looking for new developers to help on Mine-imator! Currently it's just myself working on Mine-imator, and being the big project that it is, we'd like all the help we can get to improve it. If you (or anyone you know) may be interested in becoming an official Mine-imator developer, do not hesitate to contact me on this forum. Below are some requirements: A portfolio of previous coding projects you've worked on. (Doesn't have to be anything impressive, but at least something.) Speak (or type) and understand fluent English. Being responsible and eager to learn new things from a mentor. A Discord account. At or over the age of 18. A GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop license. Some other helpful information: Mine-imator development involves knowing the following coding languages. (Knowing all of these languages is not required, but would help.) GameMaker Language (Used for Mine-imator's code.) GLSL ES (Used for most shaders.) HLSL 11 (Used only for the SSAO effect.) C# (Used for the Mine-imator world importer.) C++ (Used for .dll files for extensive features GameMaker doesn't support, like movie exporting and handling of files.) JSON (File format used for saved Mine-imator files.) Also! The first accepted developer will be given access to a free GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop license for their work on Mine-imator.
  9. Testing out an unofficial forumers-only discord server, it's still very WIP at the moment. Join if you'd like.

  10. Nimi

    Strange rotation bug

    Did you animate the keyframes? There are a set of keyframes later in the timeline that represent the first image, while the keyframes in the beginning represent the second image.
  11. They're talking about the UV editor. If you have more than one shape selected and move a UV point, it'll set all the shapes to be the same.
  12. Perhaps I could look into it for 1.0.0.
  13. So when selecting a UV point and moving it, instead of setting all selected shapes to be the same width/height/length with the same UVs, it offsets them?
  14. Looks like I'm now officially the only developer working on Mine-imator.

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      Spontaneous Explosions

      Guess so. I'm sure you'll do a great job. Well, technically you already have on your first update so...

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  15. :dvdthinking: is the best emoji, change my mind.