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  1. Mine-imator currently has a slow startup that'll be improved in 1.3.0. Nothing can be done about that in older versions.
  2. Mine-imator 1.2.5 can't load 1.16+ assets. Updating to Mine-imator 1.2.7 will fix the issue.
  3. Texture loading issues will be fixed in 1.1.3.
  4. There was nothing wrong with the rig. It was Mine-imator's faulty handling of text which requires a bugfix for Mine-imator that'll come in 1.3. Now-- we're moving on from this.
  5. Made with Mine-imator 1.2.7 in about 3 hours. Audio source in description.
  6. After looking into the memory leak issue, it seems to be from text ending with a newline. As for the asterisk, that's displayed when there's been any sort of change to the project since the last save, couldn't tell you as to how Mine-imator sensed a change of some sort.
  7. Due to the new graphical features, exporting 4k renders and animations will be difficult for the program.(Depending on computer specs and what settings are enabled.) I can't imagine Mine-imator handling 8k exporting due to the memory requirements of the resolution. Besides, you can set a custom resolution if you need or want to try 8k exporting.
  8. Greetings animators. And happy holidays! I know this year has not been easy for any of us-- from million-acre forest fires, a worldwide pandemic, and everything in-between. I am sure the long wait for 1.3.0 has not helped either. To end this year on a high note, I'll be sharing a progress report of what's been going on with 1.3.0's development, showing how it'll play out until release explaining why this update is taking a while. Inventory In the previous Dev update, I mentioned Inventory, the new design language designed by @Voxy planned to be in the next update. I have been working solely on Inventory's addition since early September (Before the last dev update!) and still working on it. Since Modelbench's full release, Voxy has been hard at work refining the design language. Nothing too extreme, these changes are far more visually appealing and coherent than ever before. I plan on finishing Inventory sometime before next Spring. The endgame After 5-7 months of Inventory's development, I'll be moving onto more graphical features I still have planned. Afterwards, I'll be looking into optimizations to help with render times like frustum culling which will help with off-screen objects. After all this, I think it will be Summer and close to the next Minecraft update. I will be taking the remaining time to refine and polish the update for public pre-releases soon after Caves & Cliffs releases in late Summer. It will be a long wait for sure, but I am sure it will be well worth it! That's all I have this time around; I don't have new features to show since Inventory is my top priority till Spring. Until next time, I hope you all stay safe and have a happy new year!
  9. This feature has been suggested a lot in the past. I don't often give the reasons why I won't add multi-user, but since its been a while... The hosting will have to rely on one of two things: Dedicated servers or users port forwarding their projects. We can't afford servers and I'm sure most users would be confused on how to setup port forwarding. It's not very friendly on slow connections. When a user would add a new asset that's large in size(like a large scenery file or a model with high-res textures), it would need to be sent over to all other users to download before their program can start to load it in. There's also the potential issue with "rubberbanding" in slow connections which can be forgiving in games, but not in software. Undo/redoing actions made in the project proves to be another issue. I'm not experienced enough with net code to realistically add multi-user to a program that's entirely focused around single-user changes. There are simply other priorities over multi-user. Currently there's a major update in development that overhauls the interface and rendering capabilities among other things and is planned to release sometime next year and starting to investigate a new large feature this late into development isn't viable. While this feature may not be added, you can still use a file hosting service (like GitHub or some alternative) where you can host a Mine-imator project and each user could theoretically make changes on their own end by themselves and submit their individual batch of changes. I don't know how well something like that would work but it's certainly worth a try if you really want some sort of collaboration.
  10. Judging by the last few lines in the log, Mine-imator can't see 1.16.1 or 1.16.2 .midata files for Minecraft assets. Try downloading the 1.2.7 archive, extracting it, and copying the 'Minecraft' folder(In the 'Data' folder) to where your Mine-imator directory is. (C:\Users\Dell\Mine-imator\Data)
  11. From the looks of it, it's a Visual Studio Code extension, meaning you'll need Visual Studio Code installed first before you can use the download. If you don't want to download Visual Studio Code, you can always use the browser version: https://jannisx11.github.io/snowstorm/
  12. At the top of lists, there are buttons you can click to sort items in the list. (Ex. Clicking "Name" will cycle through ascending, descending, and will disable sorting by all the objects' name.)
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