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  1. I don't know. It can come out of nowhere and the errors comes from code written by the underlying engine when the program is compiled.
  2. The error has existed since 1.1.0 as far as I know. In that update, Mine-imator was moved from GameMaker Studio 1.4 to GameMaker Studio 2, and along with it came different DirectX support and other underlying graphical changes. (For either better or worse performance-wise for users.)
  3. I'm assuming the errors were related to a series of "win32 function failed" errors. I don't exactly know any root cause of the issue though from what I've gathered, it's tied to the engine Mine-imator uses and possibly running out of memory (Other games that use the same engine like Undertale, Deltarune, Forager, Strikey Sisters, etc.) also fall victim to the issue time-to-time on a rare occasion but Mine-imator, being an animation software, will naturally use up more RAM than your average indie game. Doesn't help that the GameMaker engine also only supports x32 exporting for Windows computers. All I can provide for help is to try closing any programs you may have open, lowering render settings (such as sun light, spot light, and point light buffer sizes) and removing resources you're not using in your project(s) to reduce RAM usage.
  4. The new update has some effects that are ran in the viewport. Try turning off modeling ssao and turning the shape outline down to 0%.
  5. Waited for months for the day to come, and the reward is satisfying. When I get mega rich, I shall put $10M into your account and David's, and Voxy's, and the team of MB/MI.

  6. Download 1.0.0 Version 1.0.0, 2020.01.12, changes (Since Beta 0.4.2): Note: This version is a complete rewrite of the code, having no relation to what issues previous versions may have had. Models: Added "Inherit bend angles" for parts, affects the "Inherit bend" timeline setting in Mine-imator. Added "Render depth" option, affects timeline setting in Mine-imator. Added "Inflate" for shapes, expands/contracts corners of a shape by units. Added "Bend" option for shapes, enabled by default. Added "Face camera" option for shapes. Added "Hover" option for shapes. Added "Hide front" and "Hide back" options for planes and 3D planes. Added locking for parts and shapes, locking a part affects their Mine-imator timeline. Default bend angle limit now goes from -180, to 180 degrees. Replaced "Direction" option with custom bend range options. Shapes will now bend smoother based on their parts bend size. Interface: Updated interface as part of the current rebrand. Interface is setup similar to Mine-imator, allowing support for panel to be arranged and combined. Added shape outlines in viewport. Added right-click menu. (You'll find most "missing" options in it.) Added "Darker" theme setting. Added setting for SSAO in modeling viewport. Added auto-scrolling when group selecting elements near top/bottom of panel. Added FPS setting. (30 or 60.) Added settings for custom controls. Added "Smooth camera" setting. Added "Blocky bending" setting. (Replaces old pinching setting.) Added "Preview mode", allows for previewing your model with proper lighting. Shapes can now be rearranged in parts. Parts will now auto-expand when hovered over when moving elements. Removed model creation process, any .mbtemplate, .mimodel, .mbbackup file can be used as a template for a new model. Removed save prevention, models will save regardless of errors present. Added Swedish translation by @Hozq. Tools: Added pivot tool. (For editing pivot offset of a shape.) Added scale tool. Transform tool. (Contains gizmos for XYZ position, XYZ rotation, and XYZ scale.) Changed how snapping works, now one setting that applies to most values. Added "Slow shape generation" setting. (Helps for editing slow models, looks cool when open a model too.) Added "Refresh textures on focus" setting. (Useful for editing textures while working a model.) Added backups. Changed UV editor shortcut to "Ctrl + E". Bugfixes: Fixed hierarchy sorting being offset. Fixed crash when editing models that bend. Fixed issues related to model loading/saving found in previous beta versions. Fixed warnings preventing saving. Fixed 3D planes not bending properly in most scenarios.
  7. Ah yes, the calm before the storm. :smirk:

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      @Hozq 🤔 (Considering that you tested the MB, I won't believe you until i see these 2 release in my eyes, IF your right)

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      @Lock_downmc213 i have no idea why you wouldn't believe me if I'm a beta tester, feels like it should be the other way around but @Ethaniel just proved it.

  8. I'm genuinely sorry that this happened to something you worked hard on. At the moment I have no idea what caused the crash, what caused the project files to be deleted, nor how to get the files back since something like this is almost never reported in detail. There's not much here I can go off of based on what you've said so far. (Other than import images as an item, but it works fine with various images up to 4k with 3D enabled on my computer.) Is there anyway you can recreate the issue and explain everything step by step so I can look into the issue and prevent it from happening again?
  9. Do you have a tutorial on those leaves in your wallpaper Autumn  

  10. For an isometric effect, I'd recommend bringing the FOV down as low as possible (without causing Z-fighting due to precision errors) as isometric rendering doesn't have any perspective. Some settings I'd recommend: The rotation point distance and position of the camera is irrelevant to the actual effect. For rotating, I'd recommend using -135 as a base and rotating at every 90 degrees from there.
  11. Topic locked due to being derailed. While having multiple accounts is against the rules, there is no need to run a topic into the ground over explaining a rule. Just report the issue and move on and refrain from getting hostile towards each other.
  12. Merry Christmas! 🎅

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      also pretty sure everybody here thinks you're awesome, so


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  13. Congratulations for 7000 upvotes!

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