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  1. Nimi


    What version of Mine-imator are you using?
  2. Fun fact; The planning stage for 1.2.0 began in early spring 2017, around the same time that the Community Build was discontinued, and Mine-imator 1.1.0 and Modelbench began development. 1.2.0's main planned features wouldn't begin actual development until June 2018.

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      You'v only been working on it a month??

    3. Nimi


      Its core features, yes. But if we're talking about how long I've been experimenting with popular suggestions and how long the next update has actually been in development for, then experimentation for 1.2.0's features began since the planning stage and the update's actual development began shortly after 1.1.4.(Since it was going to be 1.1.5.)

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      ah, I thought it was something like that.

  3. Is the issue still present when you update to the latest version?(1.1.4)
  4. A certain feature is making its way into 1.2.(After several attempts and headaches.) 🤔


    Not exactly how it was like before, but it's the closest it'll get.





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    2. Nimi


      Probably not, the new system has a detail system, but we have it kept at 2 due to it bulging weirdly if any higher no matter what setting the bending is.

    3. -StickyMations-


      @Allemn I believe Nimi is talking about this:




    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      That's...uh...well, hm. Um, This makes me like the 1.1.4 bending a lot better, even if it has pinching XD.

  5. I never said I was adding IK?
  6. While adding the specular highlight wasn't hard in itself, adding specular maps to control what parts of a texture is more shiny, was. Mine-imator's current texturing system is already split into different sections(Block sheets, skins, ect.) making adding material textures to mix even more confusing and complicated. This doesn't mean adding them is impossible, but since 1.2's release is forced to be shortly after 1.13, we don't have the time now to focus on rather big features, though I also can't comment on whether or not the texturing system will be remade in the future to help support specular maps in a less confusing way since it is quite an ambitious task.
  7. Custom biome colors are in the next update.
  8. Hello Mine-imator users! Today I have some important and exciting news concerning the next update.. we've decided that since Minecraft 1.13 is taking a while to be released, we went ahead and merged 1.1.5 into 1.2. (So the next update is no longer 1.1.5 but instead 1.2.) Now, enough progress has been made on 1.2 to show off some of its many features! (Be wary that 1.2 is still in active development, however.) Glow effect for objects and bright blocks/models(Optional) Collapsable checkboxes Bloom camera effect Animatable DOF blur size Sprite particle angle settings Biome color tinting and hiding during different render modes Spinning items Edit: Blocky bending for arms/legs The update's development is going rather well, however I did have to scrap specular lighting due to complications with the texturing system Mine-imator had, so I focused my efforts on the addition and improvement of other features to the update. The next update is still planned for release after Minecraft 1.13 with its accompanying mobs and blocks, so in the meantime, happy animating!
  9. All you can do is undo enough times to find any moments where you deleted parts that could have potential duplicate names as parts from the final result.
  10. That's a bug that'll be fixed in the next update. It's also part of Modelbench because it's required for Mine-imator models to have all of their parts to have unique names for model swapping in Mine-imator.(Mine-imator will reject loading models that have parts with identical names.)
  11. Nimi

    Open Source Mine Imator code!

    If you have GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and don't mind any bugs and the fact that it may be unstable due to being WIP, sure go ahead.
  12. It was(initially) made to help David and I make the models Mine-imator uses in the program much easier to make when 1.1.0 was going to have all resources made externally and dynamic.
  13. Nimi

    Open Source Mine Imator code!

    Its been public for a while now.
  14. Nimi

    Left Behind

    Moved to Wallpapers and art.
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