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  1. They're custom-made icons for "Inventory", a UI system designed for Mine-imator's new branding. Made by @Voxy.
  2. It's called "peter panning"(where casted shadows are "disconnected" from their caster), a common artifact in shadow mapping techniques.
  3. aaa cant open mineimatorrr 2.000000

  4. thank

  5. My bad, I wasn't aware those were put in the 1.2.8 (and onward) translation files, they were likely added by mistake. 2.0.0's development has been going on along side 1.2.7, 1.2.8, and 1.2.9. Only Mine-imator 2.0.0 will actually read and support those translation keys.
  6. In a later pre-release for Mine-imator 2.0, particle spawner presets included with the program will use language files. This also goes for the particle types in the spawners.
  7. Almost all modern AO rendering methods are still screen-space with real time ray tracing being a new technology still. Many of MI2's new effects will be screen-space along with AO.
  8. Nimi


    Rob Janoff, 1977
  9. Not for such a big update like 2.0.0. Parenting this many objects isn't something the average user will do (and doesn't require immediate bugfixing attention), unless a rig already comes with all these parented objects.
  10. Generating bending shapes in models is a math-intense process which doesn't play too nice with GameMaker's performance. There's going to be some systems in place to help reduce lag with bending in Mine-imator 2.0.0.
  11. Modelbench and Mine-imator have a unique way of handling UV-mapping due to the engine they use, Blockbench's plugin may need an update to account for it.
  12. This will be fixed in the next major update. (2.0.0, releasing this Summer.)
  13. At the top of the 3D views, there a bar of buttons you can use to turn certain features on/off for a clearer view, the button on the left-most side will turn the control handles on/off. Certain handles may be hidden if the tabs on the right (Position, Rotation..) are closed.
  14. Hi, alpha/beta testing for Mine-imator versions is a closed/invitational only process as these early versions are quite unstable. When the next update is feature-complete and most major bugs have been ironed out, you'll be able to use early "Pre-releases" of the update this summer.
  15. Apparently alot of people are asking for Inverse Kinematics, so can you add them or is there something in mineimator that makes it impossible

    1. Nimi


      It's not impossible, but there other things right now in development that take higher priority.

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