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  1. So, how or where do I get Minecraft 1.16 assets? I saw someone post Minecraft 1.16 in the forums with Mineimator. Please don't downvote, again. Downvoting is not deserved
  2. Hey guys. Right now I'm wondering why we only can use limited reactions a day... Why isn't there an unlimited number of reactions we can use a day? We don't need this! Please don't downvote, downvoting this is NOT deserved
  3. So guys, I'm STILL super hyped for Animal Crossing switch, and I wanted to tell you again, that it comes out in 5 days now! @Yoshifan33 I know you might like the game that's coming out on the same date, and you can like it. I wanted to tell you more facts about Animal Crossing New Horizons, and for the last time, I'm telling you this again and reminding all you guys. I like to keep telling you guys 'cause I'm excited for this game, and I'm an Animal Crossing fan!
  4. You also know what? This also does NOT mean I CAN'T get the game. So, I'm really happy I'm not you, 'cause you will NOT like it, too.
  5. @Yoshifan33 Stop talking about that game. I've had enough! Nvm, I'm gonna ignore you from now on. Well, I'm really excited!
  6. Yes. The word "a" is capitalized in the title, which it shouldn't be. Don't you know that??
  7. Oh, I thought the Minecraft in mios would look like an animated Minecraft.
  8. I may have posted this on my profile feed, but I'm so excited for Animal Crossing New Horizons to come out in 4 weeks! So, I checked for March 20th, and it said it was 4 weeks from now. If you can't wait for this, check out this video to see the unique features!
  9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming out on March 20th, and the wait is painful! Anybody who likes Animal Crossing should be excited for this! :D




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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      so i can only comment about games other than animal crossing? wow that kinda sucks man

    3. vinnyg0621


      Actually, you can! I didn't mean to say that...

    4. vinnyg0621


      Animal Crossing New Horizons will BLOW my mind! 8D

  10. At 0:16 LOL he said no! I would say NO! if I had to accept a title with capitalization failure...! XD
  11. I'm really not happy about the capitalization failure. No downvoting, or else I will downvote you!
  12. This is very cool. But, can you make the second one where the actual Minecraft works? Thanks.
  13. No, it's not hi-tech, it just happened itself... when no-one's there, mysterious stuff happens! So that's why we put cameras
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