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  1. No stranger it would be, if we met at midnight by the hanging tree.
  2. Based off of the song "The hanging tree" from the second Hunger Games movie. I haven't made a wallpaper in awhile so this one looks like garbage...
  3. 1. Why a furry and not a normal mc wolf? 2. Lighting need's improvement. 3. The head moving should cause the body to move too. 4. The mouth should be opened up more like what MojangYang said. 5. The flatlands are visible.
  4. I noticed the rules don't say anything about being a crappy animator.
  5. Give it to me, I'll help you truly understand the "stabbing people" label.
  6. 1. Why did the picture distort before they even got in the portal? 2. Way to much chromatic aberration. 3. The fireflies are scaled down blocks. (Either sealanterns, or redstone lamps.) 4. Posing could use a little work. 5. Lighting is really bland. Decent wallpaper for a beginner.
  7. I've been playing a lot of F.N.A.F. recently, and I thought I'd make a wallpaper for it. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  8. And I thought my models were scary
  9. We need to make a collab with this!
  10. I have crawled out of my cave again to post this wallpaper. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  11. I like the use of the blue lantern from the Nether update.
  12. Made this while I was on vacation. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  13. There's something off about Francisco Pizzaro.
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