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    All I do is watch movies, and animate!
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    Trapped between space and time.
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    Animations, movies, and that's it.
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  1. I didn't know people would be having a debate over my wallpaper!
  2. I was bored, and so I thought I'd make a wallpaper.
  3. I just finished watching "The Last Samurai" from 2003 and thought I'd remake one of the swords from the movie. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9mdv05rd65j41jo/Samuri_Sword.zip/file I have no idea why the picture is so small...
  4. I am trying to be more creative with my renders, but I am struggling to think of good idea's. https://imgur.com/undefined Constructive criticism is welcome!
  5. Oof! I was just about to work on something similar to this...
  6. This is really just a lens dirt test because I wanted to try out what lens dirt could do. Constructive criticism is welcome
  7. I have 2 things to say. 1. WOW! 2. What movie?
  8. XD I only added the " @Frost NEEDS to be satisfied" thing as a joke.
  9. I know they say that you can't satisfy everyone, but @Frost NEEDS to be satisfied! Here is another render that I slaved on. Constructive criticism is always allowed.
  10. … I am not going to upvote, because it will make you think that this looks good. I don't like being mean though, so I don't know how to critique you.
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