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  1. How did he eat if he had no fingers.
  2. Call of duty modern warfare 2
  3. It is just the same thing but different pose .
  4. I have that same question too
  5. Yay, One more upvote away from having 100 upvotes

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DCTAnimations
    3. __Mine__


      @MojangYang "Wow" reactions give Reputation just like Upvotes do. Pretty sure I've already told you this lol

      ...and for the record, "Funny" reactions give Reputation too.

    4. MojangYang


      ik but he had two more downvotes than wows

  6. How'd you get the mouth like that, Also it is nice.
  7. You can't see the character, Other wise it will look good
  8. Its good but why is he doing only one pose?
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