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Found 300 results

  1. Two renders of my character, Mercutio Fisher, otherwise known as Fish.
  2. Credit goes to @anima cryses for the epic Springbon, he better update and give >:) @ShotU for the fnaf3 map Text is by me It's non-official, and I did it for fun, it was based on @JayHAnimationz and @Jnick's collab. Enjoy.
  3. So yeah, did 2 commissions for Exotik and @TheEmeraldLiker Set was by Waffle Enjoy
  4. Went for something fairly simple, using a Freddy rig that I just finished. Springtrap was done by the talented @Mr. Darl, so all credit for that masterpiece goes to him. Nothing too fancy, just two fuzz lumpkins standing up against a black background. Oh well.
  5. So with some Improvements On the Car, This time I need to tell ya guys about the car. This car is take the place From. Between Presents, And Future Theme. So that's why This Car looks like more futuristic, but the shape of it Is more like a classical Car for example is DeLorean. So here it is: And One last thing is I got an Idea To make My Own Car Company named Ustica in the future,If I luck enough. So know I know why UMA4 Is not MA4. That because This is the first car I ever Design With my own creativity Ideas, And Yeah I put the name from Ustica into MA4 Is to remember if this Car was the first time In The Ustica History. So just want to Highlight it for future generations. This image Does not Contain A Glow Egdes, So Forget About Glow Egdes. This Is MINE-IMATOR. And Like Always. STAY CREATIVE!
  6. Credit to JayH for the Thorned Freddy rig. Follow him in Twitter!
  7. Left is me, middle is Phant, and right is Supah Enjoy
  8. I made a new skin for myself! Or, more accurately, I heavily edited a skin design/concept my brother Griffin84 came up with. I liked it so much I decided to make a render of it. Skin texture, in case you're interested:
  9. http:// Criticism would be appericiated
  10. Slightly edited in photoshop. I also haven't used MI for ages...
  11. This test animation was made to sorta view the way the plants would move artificially as if it was affected by the wind. The movement of these objects are controlled by bends and the illusion of these plants looking 3D make it look more realistic then the built-in wind effect in Mine-imator. Lighting wasn't something I put effort into while making this example. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: I made this rig accidently by importing the HD texture of the plants into Modelbench instead of my intended texture of a pixelated crate.
  12. I've rendered an 8k desktop wallpaper from a scene of a Minecraft animation I've been working on. It's just a guy playing some guitar and recording some music with his epic gaming / workstation PC.
  13. Felt really proud doing this Credits goes to: @anima crysesfor his epic springtrap rig @ShotUfor his fnaf 3 map btw remastered doesn't mean it is a remake, just a title for a cool render so yeah :v
  14. Did a 4K cinematic test with lighting too, so yeah, fnaf. Adios!
  15. This render didn't take me much time to make. However, this render is just a simple showcase for my newest rig I call "Slimp"(Simp lol) and it's actually the first rig I made in the newer UI Modelbench. Every black space for the rig is fully bendable with fingers that have a more appropriate scale. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: The rig used in this render is part of a photo realistic short film I'm working on with Mine-Imator.
  16. Aight, credits: @anima cryses for his custom springtrap and the axe @ShotU for Freddy rig and fnaf1/fnaf3 map @Dannyy_btw for the orange robot Enjoy
  17. Mega custom fnaf set coming soon.... no this is not a teaser of an animation
  18. Yay, a new fnaf render I made. It's been months since my last fnaf render in this forums. Credits: MoltenPixel for his springtrap rig @ShotU for his fnaf3 map That's all for today, fellas
  19. Just a normal render Constructive Criticism is always welcome.
  20. Credits: Desert eagle by crustyjpeg NMS Human model by NinjaMasterScotty!
  21. This project is a symbol of how anything I make is just a reflection of my emotions that is converted into some sort of visual experience. I don't use Mine-imator much anymore so I thought I'd re-visit Mine-imator and produce something I enjoyed making back when I did. I played around with surfaces and how they reflect shadows. Don't be afraid to send honest ´╗┐feedback Fun fact: This render was made in 24 hours, but was started while intoxicated at 4am.
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