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Found 273 results

  1. Well render I made for PigManMovie contest theme is halloween character I used as the title headless horseman rig is by me I hope you like it :D
  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, since I love its theme, and since then, an idea popped up to have a group-up render of Halloween! Here are my friends and I enjoying our stay in a haunted forest :0 Credits: Me for doing idea setup, initial lighting, modifying rigs, and also a knife at Dragon's right side @9redwoodsfor his mega Halloween rig pack. Loved his use of pumpkins along with candy bags with witch hat and cauldron. Very epic, bro @anima crysesfor rendering it out in 4K and remaking the lighting. Peace, bro. @Phyre for her skin. Her skin made me thought of her as a witch @ShotU for his female skin and female base for him and Phyre(don't get confused, it's just genderbend) @DragonPixel for his skin and rig. @Floofy for his original skin, that I have modified his into Jason Floofies. He gonna kill me oop This is my mega Halloween render, and I am quite proud of Anima and myself on doing this. Happy Spooktober, treaters!
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J4rFz_NXyUuzmuxgqCcAPKzmU0IM9oIl/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WtRyu4ZghQ9c38k19SJFMHvEOZL_tE1j/view?usp=sharing
  4. After so long of avoiding/not using Mineimator. I guess I decided to come back a bit. Re-rigged my sona and such. Tried to mess around with the camera settings as well, hence the glitch affect. I think it looks nice Edit: 10/13/2020 Thank y'all for getting this featured in the showcase! Means a lot
  5. Desert temple thing idk i was bored I tried make it look kinda realistic I guess? idk I just tried to make it look good it took like 4 or 5 hours idk i couldnt find any sound and im too lazy to add sound lol
  6. Model created by: Sr.T. Studios. (Me)
  7. Modelos que utilizan: * MMSR - Modelo de niƱa / @El Portado * Plataforma de silla giratoria / @SocialMediaAnimaciones
  8. On that day, the sky fell away. our world came to an end!
  9. Came up with an idea of some kind of hangout, and I kind of got the result I wanted. blue shadows are confusing me ahhhh Credits goes to: @9redwoods for V6 rig @Floofy for his original rig, only that I modified it @Frost for his skin, along with many furniture rigs @Hozq for his body rig(placed it on frost), along with the torch rigs(they glow) The deer head was by me. Hope the render satisfies you. Please give me CC so I can try fixing those lighting bugs
  10. Credits to: @Floofy for old rig, now I have remade it with some new features and texturing. @ShotU for f n a f 3 Office map Here's the remade version, with texturing and some adjustments, this included:
  11. Denice Rig By @Randy11x
  12. Have y'all had that one thinking moment model - @ShotU
  13. Air and Sea~ Rigs used: Vespur V6 - @ShadowUnicorn_Gaming Sea Horse - @SilinCrashTV Hope you all like it ^-^
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