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  1. Yeah I know it. Cuz this is a Baby Difficulties. And this is a Stage 01 Tutorial. It make sense that It has Sliding Feet.
  2. Thanks for your opinion sir. Can I call you mister? Thank you for coming in. Yeah That make sense to me. Well I just wanted The developer take one of these that are possible to add in. I can guess that you have a Quantum Super Computer In Your Home? Cuz that why you need all of these. RTX Support. 75-240 FPS. Lol I don't have that Super computer. Nice to you. Have a Powerfull PC. But mine is not.
  3. OH HI Keep On Chucking! I am your subscriber! Ok.
  4. That's what I Mean too!. I hope Mine Imator Engine can do this feature.
  5. I don't know guys. If the list that I make is acceptable with Mine-Imator Engine which is Game maker. Si here it is the Idea for Mine-Imator Update: 1.IK features. 2.Reflections(I know it's impossible). 3.Follow Path Features. 4.Freely to move the object like Model Bench, which is we can move randomly, or Automatically XYZ. So we don't need to Move it Manually. 5.Can Import Selective Image, or Object at once. 6.Can Import Video footage into Mine-Imator. 7.Mouse Focus(That mean When you hover your mouse into something else like Timeline. The Focusing point of mouse will be just in Timeline. But if you hover again Your mouse into something like Right Options Tab, The focusing Point Will be change from Timeline into Right hand side, or Tab Adjustment. Just like Adobe Premiere Pro. I hope Youll understand what I mean...). 8.Interface Update. 9.Update Bend Features(Make the bending Features for the example is Steve Body. Me it when we bend it, it became smoother). 10.Motion Capture Features. 11.Face Tracking Features(Got this idea from another user, I forgot the name). 12.Custom Keyframe(Freely To Adjust the Key frame). 13.And the final is. Upgrade Mine-Imator Engine. You can choose where is the possible to add in. Thanks. Good morning, good evening, and good night. *STAY CREATIVE*. How do I Make the text Bold?
  6. The Lighting Must be Advanced. The Glasses I recomended Change Into 3D Model. The Sky Looks Nice!
  7. Thanks for the Advice. I will uploaded the Stage 02 which is the medium Difficulties, and much better animation.
  8. Here's Some Image From Saw Launcher That I made With Modelbench,And Mine-Imator. This Weapon Inspired From Far Cry New Dawn Game. This Model I make With Highly Detailed Shape. You'll See After The Download Link Was Appear. This is Prototype Guys,So The Download Link Will be coming soon... blob:htt Download Link:Coming Soon.
  9. I can do this in just 1 Day. But, Appreciate Your hard work.
  10. You know what? 


    Are you understanding Jokes? 


    If not. 


    Go watch Memenade. 

  11. Made with : 1.Mine_Imator. 2.Modelbench. 3.Paint.net. 4.An Original Picture for Reference. Hope you're enjoy my Art. Thank you.
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