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    Futuristic Stuff, Technology, Science, Filmmaking, etc.

    And I like remake animations or parody with my own versions and styles.
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    Non-Toxic People.
    Work Smart.

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    1.Rudable big Person to small person.

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    Unreasonable Downvotes.
    Ignorance Person.
    To much Critique with Nonsense Reason.

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    Care each other.
    supporting each other.
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    helping each other.
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  1. I'm just confused on why my other friends just grown up and looks like a grown man with all of the facial hair, tall, deeper voice, changing in personality, etc.. When I still looks like a 14 yo boy with very minimal update on my body over the last 4 years. I looks young at my late teens.

    For now I still don't know if this was a curse or a gift. I hit puberty between 12-13 btw.

    1. Aayush Saji

      Aayush Saji

      Its called puberty

  2. Guys. When should I publicly release the UMA4 car model? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LacaMenDRY


      Well seems like people don't care about my car rig anymore cuz I just keep talking about it for 3 years and still didn't release it.

    3. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      I think you should... Remind them... If you know what I mean... 

    4. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr



      Is that what you mean?

  3. This forums make two souls from thousands of miles to love each other. Technology is amazing.
  4. Hi guys/ It's LacaMenDRY here, is anybody miss me? Also for update, I am learning German.

  5. Nah that's it! I vvas thinking about that too.
  6. Time flies so fast I forgot that Fox Miner already have a girlfriend. And I think to myself... When I will get one........
  7. Isn't it supposed to have another option like this? Environment.
  8. This forum kinda dead?
    Idk. I just got here.

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    2. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr


      Sorry wrong reaction

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Mine was busy on school and project, etc.
      Maybe that is why this forum is dead tho.


  9. Not yet. But it'll be sooner. VVhen I say sooner, do not believe me cuz I can be more late than vvhat I says.
  10. As promised before I'll post a nevv animation video so this is it!: I vvant to use my old slogan: STAY CREATIVE!
  11. I recommend you to add like something to see for the mc like planets or nebula, or something so not just blank empty void space.
  12. Remembered vvatching him vvhen I vvas a kid back then 2015-2016s vvhen in that time is my Minecrafty years before slovvly transitioned into becoming adulthood 2019-2021.
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