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    Futuristic Stuff, Technology, Science, Filmmaking, etc.

    And I like remake animations or parody with my own versions and styles.
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    Non-Toxic People.
    Work Smart.

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    1.Rudable big Person to small person.

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    Unreasonable Downvotes.
    Ignorance Person.
    To much Critique with Nonsense Reason.

    Things that I hope:
    Care each other.
    supporting each other.
    Advice each other.
    helping each other.
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  1. It's been long. Sup yall here? I'm thinking of making a new animation in the future. It's gonna be hyped I hope.


    Owh btw, after 5 years being single. I've finally got a girlfriend, like 2 weeks ago. 

  2. VVhat did i miss?

    1. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr


      Well as much as me I think, I came back yesterday to see if some of the group posted something.
      Fox Miner had a post, but that's all I remember

  3. Been busy these days. It's been so long I haven't make anything new.

  4. NOO WAAY!!! OMG THIS IS VERY NEAT!! Thank You So Much Niam! Now I can use this in my character as well!
  5. here's a cake :Cake:

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Thank You Tuti!!! You're Brave!

  6. YES! I'ts Nevv Year and I also Nevv Age! It's 2024 and I 18! My birthday is being celebrated VVorldvvide lol! The VVhole planet is celebrating! Here is the render I make to celebrate my birthday and nevv year digitally!: @niamNiam: . . . . . @Fox MinerFM: You got that part Ilham? @LacaMenDRYIlham: VVait... lemme... @FOXY TOONSFT: Yo the cup bout to drop! Ayyo vvatch yo d. vvatch yo d, vvatch yo d!!! @CanIIACanIIA: O sht!!! Assets used in this render are: Baloon Rig By: @BloxTheRigger FC Pack 2 By: @TheCollieStalks VVell other than that this is vvhat I can do before 2023 end. And after years, I finally using my slogan back, STAY CREATIVE! Bruh 2023 feels like a vveek ago. Damn.. time flies so fast. :c
  7. VVhy did I moved here? I think it's because the vveather.
  8. Is it just me or ya'll guys too cuz I still remember that the nevv version of Modelbench allovved us to see the project previevv on the homepage, but idk if there vvas a setting for it or is there any vvay I can make it shovvs the previevv? Or maybe my braincells just forgor that MB project previevv vvas never existed unlike MI 2.0 vvhich has the project previevv. Idk, seems like The Mandela Effect to me.
  9. It's 4 days left before my birthday guys!
    Time flies so fast.

    1. LacaMenDRY


      VVell nobody cares lmao.

  10. I'm just confused on why my other friends just grown up and looks like a grown man with all of the facial hair, tall, deeper voice, changing in personality, etc.. When I still looks like a 14 yo boy with very minimal update on my body over the last 4 years. I looks young at my late teens.

    For now I still don't know if this was a curse or a gift. I hit puberty between 12-13 btw.

    1. Aayush Saji

      Aayush Saji

      Its called puberty

  11. Guys. When should I publicly release the UMA4 car model? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LacaMenDRY


      Well seems like people don't care about my car rig anymore cuz I just keep talking about it for 3 years and still didn't release it.

    3. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      I think you should... Remind them... If you know what I mean... 

    4. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr



      Is that what you mean?

  12. This forums make two souls from thousands of miles to love each other. Technology is amazing.
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