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  1. Testing the Inverse Kinematics thing on a custom model for a walk cycle using path, I just don't get how this could work together, yet. Instead, I found this, bug?


  2. Mine-Imator Persona: Yee-Yee S Haircuts Teaser. Mine-Imator Persona, an asset pack for character customization in Mine-imator, made for Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode style. Currently, there are only 25 different styles available. More hairstyles are coming, and guess what? Not only haircuts, clothing and other character accessories are planned to be make. This pack (along with other stuff that coming in the future) will surely be good for you to make your own character by just a few clicks, no texturing needed. Many possibilities can be made, fill your scene with various characters or make a crowd or say some random NPCs, or maybe if you are just lazy to make different character from scratch. Contribute yourself to this project and to the community by sharing your haircut style texture, Minecraft skins also work. We need your help to make this pack be available for public, we can't do this alone, guys. Otherwise, this pack will never be released... Not for free. Performance wise? A little to no impact at all, these preset models are pretty well optimized I'd say.
  3. Ooh, does she look weird with different hairstyle? it changed a lot!



    default, side swept, fringe, half-up bun.

    for this character I still prefer the original design, first from the left.

  4. Anyway, let's begin the "Mine-Imator Persona"!

    Starts with character hairs. Yes, you can change the colors.


    More of these are coming, gradually. I still need help, anybody. SEND TEXTURES.

    No. No anime styled hairs, or extremely long hairs... or anything off Minecraft's style.
    This pack is meant to be compatible for Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode art style.

    1. Fover


      I would like to help 

    2. niam


      Well, send me the texture, you may send it to my discord at niam1.4

  5. Minecraft Persona, well what about Mine-imator Persona? No, no. I can't do this alone...


    Maybe, let's do a collab? I need someone specialized in pixel-art texturing.

    Or... Someone who knows about how to rip/extract those textures from Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    1. Ludo Silver

      Ludo Silver

      I sadly never achieved to export anything from Bedrock Edition 😅

    2. niam


      I found the folder and files for the textures, but it's encrypted (Win10). I also tried looking into the .apk file and still get nothing, the texture just isn't there. I guess there's no way to extract it from the game.

    3. Fover


      export is impossible 

  6. Ushanka, ушáнка, fur cap with ear flaps.


    flaps folded.


  7. My own MCSM-styled facial rig test.


  8. Stylized face rig. MCSM style to be exact.







  9. My usual outfit when I go outside.



    If you meet me in real life, I might also wear these exact combinations.


  10. The Titanic Tipper.

    (5K+ resolution - 8.3MB)


    Made with Modelbench, Rendered in Blender (6:09.56s RTX 2070S).

  11. Yes, the iconic Concorde. The "Landor" livery. Full powwaaahh 0 to Mach 2 in just 60 seconds! well obviously not, lol
  12. WIP Concorde SST

    going Mach 2


  13. Just few more details to go, COME ON!!!


    1. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr


      The big one is back, hack he is big.

  14. To download hit the skulls below. *** Credit me if used! ***
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