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  1. This is my upgraded version of my previous AH-1Z Viper rig. This update adds a new armament, textures, some new aircraft skin and some model improvements. Here are some renders for new aircraft skins while deploying its new armament (AGM-114 Hellfire). 100% Mine-imator.
  2. 100% made with Mine-imator.
  3. I have set some of my models/rigs as private. And yeah, buy me a coffee if you want my private model/rig.

  4. I know, I have the KRISS Vector owner's manual. I just name it KRISS Super V, I can call it whatever I want, ok.
  5. Performed by Erusian Air Force. Rigs used: F-52 XFighter, MvW-37 fact: rendered using MI:CB 1.0.3, cuz I can't import the project with MI 1.2.3 :v
  6. Tommy, where are you? Here I am, here I am, holding a Thompson. The famous Tommy Gun is now in Mine-imator! All parts are working properly. ***Please credit me if used, DO NOT REMOVE ANY LOGO AND/OR TEXT!*** Download go to my page 100% Mine-imator
  7. Showing off some my aircraft rigs. from left: F-117 Nighthawk, I-153, Boeing 737, MiG-3, AH-1Z Viper.
  8. Dropping the GB-27 (laser guided bomb). Cockpit canopy opened. Front view. Under carriage. 100% Mine-imator.
  9. Nimi, can you separate the glow settings from the render settings to the camera settings?
  10. I don't think anyone would want this rig. Because this rig violates the mine-imator style to create minecraft-themed images, am I right? :v This rig is made by me, also I will not upload this rig into this forum. 100% Mine-Imator.
  11. Someone likes World War II films? and now you can make it too! My third aircraft rig (maybe :v), feel free to download. ***Please credit me if used, and DO NOT remove any aircraft emblems*** Download go to my page 100% Mine-Imator
  12. Currently WIP, some changes might occur. I will not make the interior or cockpit. Any suggestion? It would be appreciated.
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