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  1. it's a French armored vehicle, the crew always brings baguettes and wine for lunch :v
  2. Forums: this is Mine-imator, you should make m- Me: yes
  3. The most iconic Italian shotgun ever made. semi-automatic? pump-action? this thing has both action! unfolded stock take a closer look
  4. "The end of the night, something big and bold." - John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2 This is the Classico Italiano. Customizable
  5. German prototype caseless ammunition rifle. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY *** Download go to my page *edit: KRAUT SPACE MAGIC
  6. niam


    I highly recommend always using a transparent or bright solid color background so we can see the model easily.
  7. niam

    Pump Shotgun

    never use anti-aliased images for 3D items, mate
  8. Tau Cannon rig from Half-Life 1 note: do not charge it for a long period of time or you'll lose your arm.
  9. 105mm cannon gun vertical elevation 20 degrees gun horizontal rotation -20 degrees all real mesh, no fake bump
  10. I've made it, the original model I mean not the "Back to the future" mod. link
  11. Russian Mil Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter, it's not Apache! Download? here* *gun only
  12. GBU-28 Guided Penetration Bomb (GPB), used for aircraft armament. *no credits needed, but if you do I would appreciate it. download go to my page
  13. Flexible 30mm Autocannon, used for aircraft armament. *no credits needed, but if you do I would appreciate it. download go to my page
  14. This rig was requested by @wafflecakes Fokker Dr. 1 Dreidecker, the famous "RED BARON" Spandau MG, there's no cockpit instruments any aircraft request? go here *** DON'T FORGET TO CREDIT ME IF USED *** download go to my page Do not confess that this model is yours! it's a heinous act
  15. I'll do it and, oh if you're so kind, buy me a coffee I need it
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