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  1. troc older: customizable colors. mack
  2. Free smartphone for everybody! MODEL ONLY, UI/DISPLAYED SCREEN NOT INCLUDED Actually this is my real smartphone I'm currently using, it is pretty nice phone. I like it. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  3. Small-caliber guns KRISS ARMS (TDI) | Kriss Vector - .45 ACP "Chicago Typewriter®" Auto Ordnance | M1927A1 - .45 ACP Large-caliber guns Nexter Systems (GIAT Industries) | FAMAS F1 - 5.56 NATO Even-Larger-caliber guns Barrett Firearms | Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG boring cylinder-caliber guns "Sledgehammer" Maxwell Atchisson | AA-12 - 12ga. Franchi | SPAS-12 - 12ga. ugly short barrel yes Benelli Arms SPA | M4 Super 90 - 12ga. Fictional guns Armat Battlefield Systems | M41A - 10x24mm Caseless Black Mesa Research | XVL 1456 "Tau Cannon" - Depleted Uranium-235 I just bored Why the he*l I posted this in here, well if this goes to Rig/Model/Resources, then I have to provide the download links yea?
  4. Blenchmark Minemark Raw image: yes it's MI, pain as Fk. MI 1.2.2 rebuild by V. Isaac. Code by Nimi.
  5. I reworked my DMC-12 rig, and did this "cinematic" render. rigs used: DeLorean DMC-12 (old version) "Realistic" Environment objects
  6. Yes, only one of them is a real company name. it is the blue one.
  7. Do you want to add some details to your scene? Well, I made some good models for you. Introducing you, The BARRIER Pack! This pack contains the following: Concrete Barrier 1 Concrete Plate Fence Construction Site Barrier 1 Construction Site Barrier 2 Iron Chainlink Fence Iron Fence Stand Road Construction Sign Traffic Cone Water Barrier Please read the archive's commentary and documentary file (DOCUMENTARY.txt) inside the archive if you want to know how to use these models. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Downloads go to my page
  8. PCSS and shitty "ray tracing" thingy render, featuring Kenworth K100, which still WIP since long ago because I don't really care finishing it. another version
  9. So I want to tell to guys that I'm working on making some environmental objects, that will fill your scene with detail and messy things. well, these are the things: 1. Multi-purpose sandbags 2. Camo netting (especially for militaries) 3. Hesco barrier (also especially for militaries) 4. Concrete barrier 5. Water barrier 6. Iron fence stand 7. Traffic cone 8. Shipping container Note that this is still WIP (Work in Progress), some things may change in the future. If you ask for a download, you'll have to wait until I commit to publishing it. I want to finish this pack first rather than publishing them one by one to this forum. Join my Discord server if you'd like to see updates and sort of early access.
  10. Glad to hear that, i tried my best. No need for that, I'm the admin so I know which ones are private. Well if you need some help, send me a DM on Discord at *niam#3723
  11. There is a story behind that reason, one of which is that some people steal or claim my model as their own.
  12. Le clairon b̸̗́͒͂̅̂̾̎å̸̯̩͔͖͎͙̲̜͖̏̈̎̍́̚͝g̸̤̉u̶̡̼͈̬̮̻̰̠͑̊̔̐̌̈́͗e̷̩̳͉̺̓͛͐͝͝t̸͓̤͍̭͎͚͙̅̇̿̒̿̂̉́̕͘t̵̼̥̊̃̑́̈̕͜e̵̡̛͙̣̼͔̍̂ͅ ̷̻̣̘̠̦̘͕͈̯͎̉͛̕g̴̫̼̖̃̔́͗̈́͊̚͝ū̸̧̢̀̾̓͆n̴̰͑̀́̃̓̔͆́ How to make this rig:
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