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  1. I'm sorry to hear that, I went back and made a new link to the RIG pack hopefully Google Drive does not charge you money. Hopefully it will work. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FS7aPf_auCFYpMgl_Kuj2VIiO3CmQ-nI?usp=sharing
  2. I'm back from my holiday hope is did not miss anything imported.

  3. I'm going be gone for a week because I'm going on Christmas holiday with my family. Just fort I should let you know that.

  4. Does she like music as well and if so what kind? If you wont to answer that question.
  5. This is a pack that comes with some Modern Day Soldier's from some countries USA Soldier: South Koran soldier: Japanese's Soldier: Japanese's Female Soldier: Israel Soldier: Israel Female Soldier: Indonesia Soldier: Indonesia Female Soldier: HECU Soldier (from Half Life): German Soldier: Russian Soldier: Give credit when using pls https://www.mediafire.com/folder/orn1bytx43wbv/Country_Soldiers Credit for the face: Credit for the Vest Template: The Camo for the soldier's I made More From Me Here: USA Police: Natural Guard Soldiers:
  6. I'm going make the Modern Day Soldier's a public Rig Some time, just not yet. Why because I don't know If you guys want me to add any more soldiers into the pack or just release it now.

    Iv added some new Soldiers like a Israel Soldier and a HECU Soldier (from Half Life)

    Things you mite need to know for the Modern Day Soldier's Rig:

    1. Female Soldiers for the Israel Military, Japanese Military and for the Indonesia Soldier Military.

    For example of the female soldiers:



    2. They will not have fingers (except the Female Soldiers will).

    3. The male soldiers will have Steve faces.

    For example of the male soldiers:



    What most of the male Soldiers are going look like


  7. Modern Day Military Soldier's:

    1. Japan Soldier

    2. Germany Soldier

    3. Russian Soldier

    4. USA Soldier

    5. South korea Soldier

    6. Indonesia soldier


  8. I think I'm getting good at lighting now.
  9. Secret Ending: The FBI Come to his house. Also I made the part when the dad shoots his son for SIMPING
  10. In the deep dark bug infested swamp, the Imperial Army is waiting... The Undead Imperial Army. (A group of undead Imperial soldier rising out of the swamp on to dry land with the 2 in front having body armor) (Image Without Chromatic aberration effect)
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