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  1. The animation I was working on the war one. Well I'm going have to hold on that.

    Why: Because my computer lag's ever time when I am making it and it is to slow so I'm going plan on doing big animation's when I get a better computer.

    When will I start making it again: When I get a better PC because my Laptop is not the best for making bid and "high quality" animation's.

    How long intel I get a better PC: Maybe in a month or a year.

    Will I still make animations: Yes but maybe not long ones.

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Just do one what your Computer can holds on. Don't push over the limit that the Computer can't handle, Yet Your Animations is so huge, Try many things to trick the limited thingy into Unlimited Thingy. I hope you can Understand of what I mean. I have a Crappy Potato Laptop, But Everything seems going just fun when you know the trick.


    Here is a update on a animation I'm doing. I'm still working on it so its not done yet.


    1. LacaMenDRY


      With right lighting set up. You can get a very nice render.

      But also there is an explosion wich has a more realistic effect on the Resource library in this forum. Go check for it. It was so cool to use...

  3. Squad 404 Being Hunted Down Enemy Next Door.
  4. "You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong." — Level description/Mission Briefing World At War Photo or the OG photo but not in Minecraft: A Zombie Minecraft Animation I made not of Nacht Der Untoten but of my own map I fort of.
  5. As long as you have that car.... you will make
  6. Well I did try to make you if that was all right? But yes it is you
  7. A Photo Of A Trinity Task Force
  8. Maybe I should have gave them some gasmask's but hay they doing fine..... I hope.... But Thanks for reviewing my Art if you can call it that.
  9. The One Exit: Horde... Falling Back: Last Opinion:
  10. This is not really my best pack out their but and a small pack but some of you mite like it. Why did I make this?: I loved "FIVE" and I miss it so I fort I Should make a rig pack out of it This pack includes Zombie's (They have 2 different type of skins that have blood on them for all 3 of them or you can have their cloths clean) Humans: MP (Military Police) A worker (The guy in the middle of the 2 dudes) Scientist (its a skin not a rig) Photo's: Human's Zombies: Give credit if you wont to. Down
  11. Sounds like someone's breaking in!!! Just the storm... sit down.
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