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Found 43 results

  1. I could have done better tbh but here's a late bday gift for someone on discord. Uses Cubic's fangs facial rig with Ken's eye rig as well as frayz's tail and ears rig.
  2. The day will be arriving soon...
  3. Happy birthday rigid_dash : D feel free to criticize the animation (sorry for bad lighting : P) credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNcYtcVn-8k
  4. Importing your skin to my animation for my bday Soo... does anyone want to be in my animation for my birthday? just type your minecraft name or send me a link of your skin (or send me a rig of your skin) and pick your role below (only 6 out of 7 right now!): 1 dude at home- @GamingQuick 1 dude at the store (had one curse word but it will be censored)- CANCELLED 2 random person at the store- @Toybonne , @BaconSandwich 3 guest's at party- @Ghatos, @TheJeweledWolf, @Fray and if your curious what my animation will it be... l l v Feel free to participate : D (and i hope i'm able to finish this animation before my birthday :'') ) Birth date: feb 23
  5. Hey guys! So today is my birthday (I'm 15 now) and I wanted to make something for this occasion. Merry Christmas everyone! Programs Used: - Mine-Imator -Paint.net Criticism is welcomed and appreciated!
  6. Hey @9redwoods Happy Birthday! Furniture by @BloxTheRigger
  7. My 3rd animation for somebody I know who is having their birthday today. The animation is not very good because I found that the person's birthday was today just yesterday and I can only animate in the mornings. And also because I am a newbie. I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating however on this vid.
  8. Pharien

    Happy 16th

    On this day, 16 years ago, this little dude was born. They grow up so fast ========================================================================= ========================================================================= Unedited: ========================================================================= Programs Used: Maxon Cinema 4D R17 Paint.NET ========================================================================= What do you think?
  9. Idk i was feeling down even though tomorrow is my birthday. Which is 15 mins away in my time before its my birthday. I'll be posting the the new shit rigs at this birthday.
  10. hello everyone is CKGirl01 here and today I have a "very special wallpaper" why do I think is special you may ask? well is... The people who are in this wallpaper: let me know what you think of the wallpaper!
  11. Happy Birthday @Emunator! Rigs: Emunator rig by Emunator & PikaMasterzMC rig by me
  12. Somewhat a filler, but, yeeahhh. Not really proud about the render weird blurry-ness. Hoping that SKIBBZ next video will make my videos much smoother!
  13. Lmao its my birthday today so i made dis
  14. Tommorow is my birthday so i'll release this wallpaper Resources: Balloon Rig by BloxTheRigger Background taken from Modded Minecraft by me (Candy World) Candy Fence and Mint jelly textures from CandyCraft Mod Lollipop Block and Chocolate Cake textures from MoCandy Mod Candle texture by me Allemn, Rage, Chris, Robzar, Dalek, Spogbot, ToolMan, Pickaxe Boy, and Emerald Villager Rigs by me Allemn logo by me This wallpaper will be updated with party hats and confetti. Also, Villager from Animal Crossing and SSB4 will be added as requested by TheRageMinecraft.
  15. Happy birthday, LJ. Rendered with Mine-imator 1.0.0, textured and edited with Photoshop CS6. Thanks to Aronan for letting me use his Rawronan skin.
  16. this is my latest wallpaper happy birthday Be..... wait .... its no one's birthday today ehh does not matter here it is this was originally gonna be a birthday card where you replace your skin with mine but i removed it plwease r8 8/8 m8
  17. Guest

    Happy Birthday!

    Hey Guys! So my birthday is this weekend on May 1st and I decided to make a wallpaper about it. Thanks to Minecraftman361 for his skin. (The one on the far right -->) Hope you enjoy and my birthday is this weekend! Yay (May 1st )
  18. HI Guys this is my birthday today and im showing you my art is my birthday with all of my best friends! also y'know my real full name is Indiego Kasabian Nouvelle PS
  19. Heyyyyy for me its still 4/20 and its Hitler's birthday! Happy 126th Birthday Adolf!, I made this wallpaper because Hitler was a very well known man,he was a very good artist and a smart man. Mk here it is P.S This picture was taken back in the day of 1940 and for some reason posted now.
  20. Hello i have a new rig a balloon rig Now you can have party's with style if you like it like and please tell me your opinion on the rig or how i can improve my rigs pics: Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!0Np2yZZJ!1bj9HIkVnockgiRTyjrOl6p8TrWwfgXnETGy8LuXnAE
  21. Yes, this is posted by Phineas P. Phinkleputt. Anyways, I made this right when I woke up. (40 Minues ago) Happy Birthday David! Have a good one! Description: Camera Guy: Davie, it's over there! David: *Silence* Camera Guy: What? Don't like it? David: Y- Yo- .... Camera Guy: Happy birthday Davie! David: You brou- brought me out here... for a huge cake...? Camera Guy: Heck yeah I did! David: DO YOU WANT ME TO GET FAT? Camera Guy: ... N- David: I'M GONNA GET DIABETES FROM A CAKE THAT HUGE Camera Guy: Sorry Dav- David: SORRY?! I CAN END WORLD HUNGER! THANKS YOU GUYS!
  22. It's a special day today, so i took my time to make the most detailed wallpaper i have made. + Really detailed schematic + A lot of skins + A lot of lights + A lot of items + Rigged David face + Allemn89 + Enderdragon So now i wanna talk about the forums, after i joined the forums, I've realized that it really became a big part of my life, the forum is great fun! and great entertaining. To have such awesome forum is rare, it's not as big as some forums, but that's probably why it's so good, and the rules really keeps it clean. Enjoy the rest of the day, and let celebrate this day with a And no, the is not a lie. + Rate button + What u do button Any creative Feedback is really appreciated, and if you have any thought about the forum, i would like to hear it ^^
  23. Happy birthday minecraftman! Hope you have a great birthhday and remember to not look at the cake, cause it's a lie.
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