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  1. How do i fix this? UNRENDERED: RENDERED (Not a great lighting, i know):
  2. Just in case if you missed my random animation: 


  3. OOOOooh boy i haven't touch mine-imator for months! Here's a short animation based on an opening of a video game I used to play. TBH i think i nailed it (except for the lighting tho) lemme know what you think, you are free to criticize my animation Credits: music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfYl1tkTq4&t=58s p.s. I will tell you why I have not returned after few months soon
  4. Im thinking about saving my money to buy ram or gpu. So which should i buy to make mine imator run smoothly?
  5. hallo! its been a while : P

  6. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    I just realized just now : P sorry
  7. This will help you make your lip sync better
  8. Fun fact: its already summer in my country since last April, and now im going back too school in june :,)

  9. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    *can change color *no need to be credited (if you want) *easy to use *particles are included *no light source (you need to add a point light) I hope you like it :] and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, MINECRAFT!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pDicBU1QULcuzpSMEEkqR0VyulpQWTGI (I FORGOT TO SEND A LINK : P)
  10. I realized that i have 100 rep :0


    1. jakubg1


      Congratulations and keep up dude! :)

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