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  1. nope its made by "sahnz animation" : P
  2. Most of the monster school animators (except ghostblock) makes lazy animation because they are doing quantity over quality and Its also unoriginal. And yes its for "kids" but i kept seeing monster school thumbnail that has a censor of girls which is inappropriate. And if you notice in most monster school animation, it had a lot of ads. So if you want to make monster school animation, your animation must have full effort and good quality. And dont add too much ads.
  3. umm... im thinking about changing my name, but i dont know how. can someone help me?  😕

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    2. Ghatos


      Didn't Emunator left?

    3. 9redwoods


      message tdit or someone

    4. DuallyElemental


      Tdit's in charge of name changes now, just PM him and ask him to change your name to something else

  4. i made a first attempt of making 2d animation:




    1. SYNK x PLAY

      SYNK x PLAY

      That looks pretty good nice job

  5. i tried to upvote all of you but i gave it away too much, to sorry for not getting an upvote @TheJeweledWolf and @Cubic Ralsei : P (and all of you seemed to like my rig, but the problem is, you need to re-texture it with your skin and its really complicated : | . so ill try my best to organize it and there is a %30- 50 chance that i might (probably?) post it here to download it ;] ) for those who liked my rig and gave me criticism's, thank you : D maybe ;]
  6. Walk cycle practice and a player rig i made feel free to give me criticism :]
  7. Hey guys i made an artwork in here









    4/1/ 19

  8. is TF2 still relevant?

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    2. Ghatos



      Guess it's not

    3. Ethanial



    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      yes and there's still lots of spinbots there

  9. Hello! welcome to the forum and i have some criticism if thats OK, its right here below: i hope you enjoy your stay
  10. Well i (or we) need a feature that mine-imator can make two model's merge into one model, so we can avoid messy timeline and make an organize rig (for those who does not use modelbench). BUT if its a hassle or difficult to script this kind of feature, there's no need to make that. its just my suggestion
  11. those jiggly arms though
  12. I recreated my skin:




    1. Mohamed AR

      Mohamed AR

      It is nice

  13. im still a newbie in rendering so feel free to give me criticism note: i remade my skin
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