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  1. Just in case if you missed my random animation: 


  2. OOOOooh boy i haven't touch mine-imator for months! Here's a short animation based on an opening of a video game I used to play. TBH i think i nailed it (except for the lighting tho) lemme know what you think, you are free to criticize my animation Credits: music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfYl1tkTq4&t=58s p.s. I will tell you why I have not returned after few months soon
  3. Im thinking about saving my money to buy ram or gpu. So which should i buy to make mine imator run smoothly?
  4. hallo! its been a while : P

  5. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    I just realized just now : P sorry
  6. This will help you make your lip sync better
  7. Fun fact: its already summer in my country since last April, and now im going back too school in june :,)

  8. Zarfel

    Lighter rig

    *can change color *no need to be credited (if you want) *easy to use *particles are included *no light source (you need to add a point light) I hope you like it :] and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, MINECRAFT!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pDicBU1QULcuzpSMEEkqR0VyulpQWTGI (I FORGOT TO SEND A LINK : P)
  9. I realized that i have 100 rep :0


    1. jakubg1


      Congratulations and keep up dude! :)

  10. Can someone give me tips about lighting the scene? Because i kinda suck at it 😕

    1. Hagus


      Pulls out notepad

      yeah somebody should definitely give tips to him

    2. jakubg1


      All I can say, it's that you might want to watch tutorials. Once you watched some of them, you should get better at lighting the scene. If not, maybe someone would help you personally :)

  11. so um, i hope you like it cc is always appreciated
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