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  1. Who would say that these years translating this program have been fun?

    Certainly I haven't been able to translate everything, because the ultra old versions don't have a translation file, but I'll see if I can do a miracle. :D 

  2. New version, new translation.
    Mine-imator Translation Update.
    -Mine-imator 2.0.0 PRE-RELEASE Added


  3. Hello everyone! (NO, THIS IS NOT A JOKE) Yeah, kinda self explanatory with the title. After a research and inspired by @Keep on Chuckingvideo about this. I show you another way to import videos and gif, a bit more fast. This video is in spanish BUT you can turn on the english subtitles! I hope you guys found this useful. (Again, this is not a April's Fools Joke) Credits: @Keep on Chucking& @SharpWindfor the tutorials related to import frames. @Jminerbotfor the review of the tutorial and the recording. @An Engie Mainfor the review of the tutorial too. @Darksupercoolfor english subtitles.
  4. Man, 291 notifications 💀

    1. justin_


      man, 0 notifications 💀

    2. TecnoXhaotic


      I mean, I haven't joined since November💀

    3. An Engie Main

      An Engie Main

      Can relate


  5. Hello Everyone! Long time no see with a new Collab... WarioWare: Get it Together! it's out? Good Timing to do the last part of... (But Tecno, you re-used the background from Nimi render, Yeah Yeah I Know, I'll change later T.T) Well im gonna explain everything here like the discord post: About WarioWare: Rules Read the rules carefully, they are not that complicated: 1. To calculate the resolvent in the Pythagorean theorem divided by infinity you just have to ... nah, just kidding: 1. Entry: Minimum 1 microgame - Maximum I N F I N I T Y 2. You can use any program to animate, the important thing is that it's related to Minecraft (Even can be drawn, but with Minecraft style) 3. You can choose the category that most interests you on #categories-categorias (Discord Server) 4. Each Microgame must have a minimum duration of 4 seconds and a maximum of 8. 5. In all microgames you must win. (The people who will make a microgame losing will be randomly selected after a while) 6. No music, just sounds. 7. Use any aspect ratio, but keeping high quality. (4:3, 16:9, 1:1, etc) 8. No NSFW or else the world will reboot. 9. You can use blood, but not much. 10. Ten (I had nothing else to add and wanted to get to 10, sorry) Notes: Deadline: October 1 - NAH, DECEMBER 21, 2021 !!!!!!!! Send me your watermark on MD to add it in the edit (Post-Production). (If you don't have, I'll put your name anyway) If you want, you can give to your microgame a name, otherwise, Tecno Robot will do it. If you want to show keys in your microgame, the keys are: Up, Down, Left, Right, X and Z If you have specific music for your microgame, let me know. If not, the DJ MASTER INTERGALACTIC a.k.a Tecno Robot, will choose the music for you. So don't bother The final video will be rendered at 720p and 30fps THE MOST IMPORTANT, ANYTHING GOES, BE CREATIVE ACCORDING TO YOUR CATEGORY !! Have fun!!! DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/EJdmB3CrNU More info there, Any question, I'll answer it!
  6. Hello Friends! Well, I usually I dont post so often here, im just a Spectator but I think in these months I gonna be a bit active around here. Anyways, these 3 renders I made it for the #DearNimi video by @The Tan Jameswith the help of DreamHunterAnimations (DHA) for lighting on the skin. I'll give thanks to @Keep on Chuckingfor help me in the pose too on the first render. The last render are inspired by Sonic Adventure 2. I hope Nimi likes it very much Well, thats is, Thanks NIMI 4K 120FPS Next Gen, I wish you the best of the luck for the F U T U R E. Thanks for read -insert here a generic gif of someone dancing-
  7. I really love the final video, everybody do an amazing work.
  8. Well, I made this test for you rig with different expressions. It was difficult for me to use it at first, but then it became a little easier to use, it's pretty good.
  9. Man, now I have 19 yo. I join to this community when I have 14. 
    I learn so much things, I meet epic people, I watched those people grow, I have seen new people wanting to learn and veteran people retiring.
    I regret several things that I have said in the past, you know, because I was a child yet and didn't understand the seriousness of various things.
    I remember joined the community and having met in the first days a Spanish man like me in the enormous amount of people speaking English (When the chat existed) I hope you are fine.
    Well that, I just wanted to say it. Despite the problems that occur inside and outside, I think it is a very beautiful community in my opinion. I hope the new members bring fresh ideas and the veterans a legacy or something to learn in the future!
    Nothing more to say, just a normal person with this thought. ?

  10. Man, I like so much these models.
  11. SALSA Mine-imator Translation Update.
    -Mine-imator 1.2.8 Added


  12. Hello friends! This time I show you a challenge formed by the Mine-imator Spanish community from a Discord group. The challenge is to make a render for each day for a month, that is: 30 RENDERS!? We have already started day one, but if you want to participate, you need to follow these rules: 1. MAKE ONE RENDER A DAY (Yep, that is) , posting in the discord spanish community server and using the hashtags #30MCRendersChallenge #MineimatorSpanish #Mineimator on your social media. Here some day 1 renders: Discord server where the challenge is made and more information: https://discord.gg/YFw2VBr (Join us, we have cookies) Thank you so much for reading!
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