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  1. Well, I made this test for you rig with different expressions. It was difficult for me to use it at first, but then it became a little easier to use, it's pretty good.
  2. Man, now I have 19 yo. I join to this community when I have 14. 
    I learn so much things, I meet epic people, I watched those people grow, I have seen new people wanting to learn and veteran people retiring.
    I regret several things that I have said in the past, you know, because I was a child yet and didn't understand the seriousness of various things.
    I remember joined the community and having met in the first days a Spanish man like me in the enormous amount of people speaking English (When the chat existed) I hope you are fine.
    Well that, I just wanted to say it. Despite the problems that occur inside and outside, I think it is a very beautiful community in my opinion. I hope the new members bring fresh ideas and the veterans a legacy or something to learn in the future!
    Nothing more to say, just a normal person with this thought. 😊

  3. Man, I like so much these models.
  4. SALSA Mine-imator Translation Update.
    -Mine-imator 1.2.8 Added


  5. Hello friends! This time I show you a challenge formed by the Mine-imator Spanish community from a Discord group. The challenge is to make a render for each day for a month, that is: 30 RENDERS! We have already started day one, but if you want to participate, you need to follow these rules: 1. MAKE ONE RENDER A DAY (Yep, that is) , posting in the discord spanish community server and using the hashtags #30MCRendersChallenge #MineimatorSpanish #Mineimator on your social media. Here some day 1 renders: Discord server where the challenge is made and more info
  6. Man, this new version of the forums is G O O D.
    Green = Ecologist

  7. Hello to all! Since 2016 (First aparition) Tecno Robot was created like a Parody of FNAF Animatronics, I was really fan of FNAF. As the years went by, he got away from it little by little until he got to what he is today. I had my idea of the redesign since last year, Jnick suggestion and from the moment that the train lover (Ethan) had commented: "I kinda enjoy how your generic fad oc became just some robot. Very nice" (Really thanks man!) This is the redesign I did, the skin totally different from Tecno and now it is more expressive (yeah, Tecno got a bit redesing too), I can stil
  8. Yo, I really missed posting here, seeing what happened, getting up to date, I'll publish what I had pending little by little. This animation is a teaser for 3 projects for a long time, I really feel like I've improved over the years. I hope you like it, english subtitles available. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations!
  9. I was supposed to catch up when I said "Hello again" but my internet trolled me.

    1. EmeraldsOnToast


      when the internet does a little trolling!!!!!

    2. TecnoXhaotic
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