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  1. This isn't your first animation... But at least you made this animation out of passion... and i like it... (The part of the camera circling the tower is my favorite lol)
  2. I didn't see Naruto vs Pain (CLICKBAIT!!!) in the video... and i'm starting to sense what are you gonna' do in the future if things don't change. Content-wise... it's horrible... because : Seems like you're feeding off the trend such as fortnite dances, monster school, pewdiepie, granny. You're probably have the same ideals as CrazyDek and others. And that ideal is frowned upon. H i s t o r y r e p e a t s i t s e l f ! The downvotes are mostly caused by first impression, monster school... and monster school is not welcome here (unless the animation itself is very... very good), but even the first one isn't monster school... then the entire video is the cause. If your goal is adsense instead of making minecraft animation out of passion... then this is the best way to... ehem.... make money.... I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING! Well... good luck trying to apply for youtube partners program... because youtube is hellifyingly hellified. Technical-wise, you're off to the good start, because : You understood the power of easing, now you can try to explore the principles of animation, overlapping action/follow through and anticipation The pacing matches the song, but undestand Basic understanding of camera angle, but you can learn about rule-of-third, camera language. Please.... change your ideals... create something out of passion, not for fame or money... unless some morons out there are forcing you to do this (it's better to fight back quietly though) Ehemm... CrazyDek would like to have a word with you.
  3. Me : Exists

    Also Me : Am i a joke to you

  4. you can increase the bloom radius and that... horizontal effect thingy (forgot the name) but reduce the intensity...
  5. Oohh... I remember you... i still remember that one video with very long intro... well... guess it's too late for me to say "Welcome back" Onto the main course... i would say with that high rep and post count... you could've done better than that... 4 years is a long time for improvement though. Well... i know you are not active all the time. But it looked like you made a thin improvement there. But... that doesn't mean you're stuck there, you just need the will to improve. Since this is a long animation... i understand the long effort you made. You got the story to tell... (guess i can't do that) Cheers...
  6. On my first glance... i thought the drowned is looking down, then i realized... his face is blooming too hard. Also... the color of the trident looks washed out... seems to be affected by a light source with maximum saturation...
  7. well... it's obvious then... the top one is top!
  8. that scaled down wooden pillar though.... And the rule-of-third can be applied here...
  9. there is a reason i wrote "almost pointless" there
  10. this gave me snowier snow vibe... oh yeah!
  11. criticism is almost pointless if the creation is not at full-effort... this is because when we point out something to improve, chances are you already know and the answer would be "it was rushed"
  12. Monster schools are not exactly made for kids. Most of the content there contains suggestive image like a female player model with 2 spheres slammed onto the chest body part to create huge b****ts as a thumbnail, red colored cubes slammed on the player model to create blood, and more cubes replacing the eye of the characters to create "SURPRISED!!! SHOCKED!!! SCARY!!!" eyes So yeah... COPPA will not stop monster school. Monster schools are not entirely made for kids, they just want to gather as much audience as they can, it doesn't matter if they're kids, teens, adults. Clickbait thumbnail is just there to lure people no matter who they are. Monster school channels like CrazyDek, CraftedThings, PlataBush are owned by someone that is not too young to understand youtube, they're definitely aware of the apocalypse and will take measures to keep their channel alive, in this case... they will resort on making every video and the thumbnail to contain mild-blood/suggestive image to avoid youtube AI tagging their videos as "Made for kids" to avoid revenue loss. If... they do actually unaware of the consequences of purposely marking their videos as "made for kids"... they're just gonna' untick them if the notice a huge drop in revenue if they have the balls to face 42K fine or they're just unaware of it.
  13. Unless someone is going as far as directly assaulting where they are... Nothing will happen... nothing Talking solves nothing... physical and mental assault will do a great job... I'm sorry... i am not all for violence though, but... what can we do?
  14. i suggest you to explore around the sound effects...
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