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  1. ... that is not the place where you put yours dude ...
  2. SCP : 69420 file title : The strongest of them all official name : Nimi classification : Keter power : can delete you - breaking the 4th wall (no matter what) first record : 16-9-2021 was found by foundation personal when he deleted an Anomaly from existence at 7:52 south of New York. Only one thing is known about him, he is inevitable
  3. hey nimi, sorry for bothering you. I know you're busy with the new update but I just want to say two things to you

    first : thank you for all the effort you are making for us. You, David, Voxy, and anyone who maybe in the shadow that is helping you guys

    second : I have a small idea that may make a huge deference in the performance of the animation (animated rotation point ?). Animated rotation point may help the professional with improving the animation
    and thank you ,love you #NoHomo

    1. niam


      just put a bunch of folders and animate it

      also me: nimi please add motion blur 7248-hide-the-pain-harold.png

    2. TheXKing360


      folders are good but the rotation point may effect even the bend

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Bruh Folder makes my head a headache.

      Animating a complex car animation with folders is so damn hard, What again if I not using the Custom Road hehe.

  4. it's the curse of the school that took over MI animation popularity face. It's destroying the youtube mc Animation until this day ;-;
  5. Coming soon ;u;


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    2. TheXKing360


      ok listen, go to the grass land then tern left when you see a tree. you will find a desert village go to the farmer and he will lead you to an old house break the old door and an angry angler will approach you with a buffer fish and he'll poison you tie you up and throw you in the ocean after day and half a player with some boats will see your body and take you to the land you two became friends and you two will fight some zombies to get money then after the fight you two were bleeding to death your friend called one of his friends and he will give you two a health potion, after all that you'll tell your friend about your story and he will tell that tree you've seen before reaching the village is the oak tree you are looking for


    3. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      ok tank for guide! :D'


    4. TheXKing360


      omg, I am a good author 

  6. that ... that is not an animation nor a test there is a section for videos if u don't know
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