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  1. I got the idea but you need so much practising on movement 1 upvote = go ahead
  2. how do I enable the visibility ?


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    2. TheXKing360


      the eye thing


    3. Voxy


      Oh that just means you won't show up in the list of online users.

      To get rid of it, just sign out, and when signing back in, uncheck "Sign in anonymously".

    4. TheXKing360
  3. I have been out of MI for weeks for college (i've started the first course before almost a month) and I found I'm getting worst so I have been training in secret for 2 weeks now and that what I've done and I need ur opinion
  4. so I format my hard disk and I tried to do that but it wont work + I tried to put another hard disk and it works I used the Anti-virus program and the result was (a virus) I tried that to but it didn't works either I think it was one of that malware as you said
  5. I think I am lucky for uploading some of my old stuff on web
  6. ... that one is for my animation that I still working on (the lost kingdom)
  7. me : . . . youtube : me : close enough
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