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    some one want to be a great animator
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  1. TheXKing360

    The XKing back to forums

    I love that feeling
  2. TheXKing360

    Confidential Information

    ok that was funny
  3. TheXKing360

    Bye Bye meme

    -you should train -I like it
  4. TheXKing360

    Animatronic rig sorry I had too.

    dude . , , you must train
  5. TheXKing360

    Enderman Life (Nightmare Version) - Animation W.I.P

    I love the idea
  6. TheXKing360

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    -delete mine-imator -download minecraft (or open if you already have it) on 1.12.2 -create new world then delete the world -download mine-imator again
  7. TheXKing360

    FairyTail erza Scarlet armor

    If you made a tutorials serious about how to create the rigs I promise . . . I'll share it in every place that you could find animators enter the description in the video
  8. TheXKing360

    Its Not Like I Like You

    I love the Stop motion Animation
  9. TheXKing360

    Scary Joke

    like herobrine v.2
  10. TheXKing360

    Plush steves rig pack V.1

    dude come to direct message
  11. TheXKing360

    Plush steves rig pack V.1

    is that Redfox and Mustafa gameover ?
  12. TheXKing360

    The First ever animation i made

    you must be proud your animation was amazing for first animation
  13. TheXKing360

    happy pride month

    I mean why I said :
  14. TheXKing360

    baldi art №2

    dude . . .
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