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  1. TheXKing360


  2. TheXKing360

    Welcome to Limit break challenge

    I mean with it : don't use rigs which not posted on mine-imator forums but you can use your rigs(rigs you made) you can't use any rig posted on minecraft forums for example Done
  3. TheXKing360

    Welcome to Limit break challenge

    You can say i am one of your fans Use only rig you made(don't use rigs you haven't made) or posted to be used on mine-imator forums only
  4. Welcome to limit break challenge In this challenge you will animate animation that exceeds all your animations that you animate The rules is simple : 1. Do not use a rig that you didn’t make it , you can use that rigs which posted on mine-imator forums , like skibbz facial rig 2. It doesn’t matter if your animation doesn’t cross the challenger animation , all what it’s matter that you upgrade yourself to the next level of animating skills 3. You can challenge the others if you finish the challenge only (I mean the animation) 4. Upload the animation to Youtube & Add in the animation name (#lbcmi) 5. If you finish the animation upload it on YouTube -it doesn’t matter if you uploaded unlisted or not- then start a new topic (if you asking what you would name it you can name it any thing) then add (lbc) tag and do mention me @TheXKing360 + add this topic link in your topic add your animation There is my animation collab for challenge I want to challenge : @JB Animations @EthanForeverAlone @TecnoGamerJW Do you accept the challenge ? If you accept your name will add to the list you can join the challenge if you want to join tell me and I'll add your name The last chance to join 3-3-2019 Then . . . Are you ready ? To join this challenge Green : finished Yellow : finished but he didn't challenge any one Red : in the challenge The List : TheXKing360 JB Animations Glitch Block Studios
  5. please  update modelbench 

    because it's have a lot of problems with MI 1.2.0 

    1. Nimi


      There's an update currently being worked on(1.0.0), though it'll still take a while to release and there's no current ETA.

    2. TheXKing360
  6. TheXKing360

    Kingdom Hearts 1 - Opening Minecraft

  7. TheXKing360

    Kingdom Hearts 1 - Opening Minecraft

    That was pretty good

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    2. 9redwoods


      You mean what have you done to him?

      You didn't do anything, you were just criticizing Rollo's criticism. People criticize my criticism all the time, it's normal. Jake shouldn't be downvoting, though. 

    3. Jake_28


      why here now i cant post my meme ?

    4. EnderSculptor


      @9redwoods He wasn't criticizing Rollo's criticism effectively, he was basically saying "he's new so don't criticize his work" while claiming that Rollo expected SKIBBZ-tier animation from newbies. He later said what was effectively "newbies can't improve from constructive criticism"

  9. TheXKing360

    Props (4K Realism)

    I thought you used c4d
  10. TheXKing360

    The XKing back to forums

    I love that feeling
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