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  1. test no 23 : Did you know 1+1 = 2 ? system : a new world discovered
  2. Hi !

    please I need your help

    Do you remember what the half human half name was?

    It's like ferry , ferray .frey or something similar

    I asked you Bcuz I saw you once on a topic and you type it.

    If you answer me I'll give you upvote😢

  3. I can not pay online I don't have a bank card or Paypal account + I live in the middle east and I don't want to buy online cuz of the high tax + the problem is from this (my) pc not the mic
  4. most of the guys up there don't know what you said or write you must tag them or press Quote before writing the message
  5. dude, you really need some internet friends
  6. pretty good I have one tip for you :
  7. I finally back yes I back again no body here remember me right ? no problem , I'm fine Any way , That is the Video I hope you like it !
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