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  1. seems like @Fover is becoming the new face of minormater

    1. Fover



  2. is there any place where I can post/advertise my hotwheels content? lol

  3. sup guys!

    havent opened this for a while lol. so uhh however my hotwheels content is doing good + its faster to make it cuz I just record, edit, publish, and done. but srsly tho I miss mineimator ;-;
    if I have the chance to animate in mineimator I'll take it but time says the opposite... I'm too busy with school and stuffs. so I think it'll be better if I make fast content that people watches often. but dw I guess I'll try to come back here once every week..

    1. Fover


      I'M understand you 

      we will miss you 

    2. kazooha


      dw I wont entirely quit. I'll still visit the community once every week when I have the time and look at the arts

  4. finally after years of trying I was able to return to mineimatorforums again

    so uhh I'm basically quitting mineimator becuse I find interest in hotwheels :)

    ty for the amazing journey. I hereby take a retirement from mineimator. I'd like to thank fox miner, jane, blu, toaster, EK, fover, and other people I havent mentioned yet. its been an amazing short journey

    - kazooha or smth

    1. SpideySpidery


      Good Luck on your new journey, friend/kid (lol) .

  5. should I release the nissan GTR R35 rig now?
    well its not entirely finished tho... the exterior is 95% done, interior is 75% done.

    so uhh release the early access?

  6. OMG U LOVE LEGOS TOO!? OMG WHY DIDNT U TELL ME FROM THE VERY BENINGGING- I mean the very bening- the very... beginning yes...
  7. oma gawh you're pro at modelling
  8. I'm trying to get instant, however I cant
  9. I need to finish the pizza bros series and the home & the office series ;-;

    @TheToastedIron send help

  10. horaaaay!!!!! dw @Aayush Saji I pwomis to be good :3
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