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  1. I think I'm starting to lose hope....

    I barely finishes all of my projects. my mercedes benz 300sl rig.... its not completed for 4 months already. and a lot more projects....


    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner


      SHE DARES TO CHEAT ON ME!?!?!?!?!??!????



      And she even laughs it off... Pfff...

  3. the #1 most effortless animation in the entire mineimator community confirmed! anyways i hope you enjoyed the animation. have a great day! tags: #bonk
  4. roblox doors.... and thanks for breaking my scrolling wheel (even tho i use the trackpad) BUT STILL
  5. LAUNCHING TOMORROW! the glassrig I

    there will be 2 version

    normal version

    AMG version [limited for 1 week. you must fill up a google form if u wanted it.]

    FERRARI EDITION [coming soon at @InkyMaze glasses pack. its an exclusive rig so i guess u better be quick aswell.....] since inkymaze is starving of money

    disclaimer: the AMG version is not mass produced :) only quick people can get this. since its limited for 1 week





  6. NOOOOO why didnt u invite me? ;-;
  7. me when I got a new car (bugatti, lamborghini, ferrari, etc) HAPPI HAPPI HAPPI
  8. oh no ._. intense heartbeat no no no no no intense sweating man I'm dead intense heartbeat and sweating at the same time noooo dies
  9. sure! I will also create a sunglasses rig. I'm creating 3; normal version, special edition (the one that will be featured in your v.2 sunglasses), and limited edition (only for 20 people)
  10. uhhh ._.' nothing. yes really nothing please don't enter my room ':] intense heartbeat indeed it is :] YES! PREPARE A LOT OF CHOCOLATE MILK! we must make sure fox miner don't leave the house I didn't!
  11. no I don't win. @Fox Miner abandons me..... he goes to the supermarket to get the milk. he'll give me the milk if i delete 1TB of my waifu pics oh no.... okay then you can come and visit me but do not go to my room ._.'
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