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    basicly am a boi animating
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  1. at least make them stuck together
  2. if u came here to say no pics no clicks and you see someone already did and you dont want to copy him.Then welcome to my world
  3. idk is this stop motion or 5 fps animation ?
  4. In the popular series digging holes and building things sometimes you can see the Skelton riding the pig Ok thanks
  5. its just a sword cuted into 2 pieces it will be better if you add more
  6. this is awesome am downloading it right now
  7. it looks so cool i joined it i watched ep 1 and 2 but if you make the survivors have some blood on thier hands and faces it would look pretty awesome
  8. the boi with light blue shirt has a mouth but he didnt even open it lol
  9. maybe you will like it its just an inverted cube with glow effect and 80% bright and other things
  10. VwU7A9W.png

    1. Davi12345


      this remind me of unturned seed plant

  11. Now that's a good rig
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