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    basicly am a boi animating
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    you dont have to know
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  1. Now that's a good rig
  2. Everyone looks angry here except hagus but really bro if you want to test a game just give as at least a gif New update 1.2.3 you can made games using mineimator
  3. is it me or forums emojis are not usefull

    1. jakubg1


      They're useful, but used mainly in reactions, not as the emoticons themselves in the post.

    2. xXsentienXx


      theyre useful cus my question mark key is broken

    3. Mineshaft Animation
  4. you need to learn english its think worlds
  5. anyway this just a wallpaper we didnt see anything maybe we will like we dont know lets just wait good job dude but wiat for the downvotes tornado
  6. you mean monster school but in space its original but no one likes monster school exept 5 year old kids
  7. dude the wallpaper is cool but pls use ur animation skills on another cool thing i mean monster school is the worst thing ive ever watched take my upvote and my help and make another thing before everyone hates u
  8. change the pupils color and the hair is wierd its good but in the 2nd image its
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