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  1. Male Template

    He looks weird, plus steve is already a boy
  2. The Freefall Collab!

    Why not. I’ll join in the morning
  3. Broken Models?

    Make sure you don’t have close position tab on lol
  4. (completely irrelivant to mineimator btw)

    I actually signed into netflix...

    ohno... that can't be a refrence...



  5. 100% BR0K3N :(

    Try reloading your project
  6. Whoa that website.. isn’t mineimator forums?!
  7. new favorite quote:

    14 minutes ago, Jadturentale said:

    It's sorta like Mine imator,but its a modeler with no keyframes. So, it's simply like Mine-modeler.

    1. Jadturentale


      It's sorta like Mine imator,but its a modeler with no keyframes. So, it's simply like Mine-modeler.

    2. Jake_28
  8. Why me


    1. -StickyMations-


      NO TEXT FOUND FOR statusreply

    2. Swift


      Also happens to me sometimes

      nimi wont be fixing it anytime soon tho

    3. Jake_28


      it turns out i didn't unzip ALL the language files

      fixed it

  9. sneek peak


    1 hour ago, EnderSculptor said:

    Bad:Talks way too much about Jake Edition without offering enough real info.

    this dude has a point

  10. Music & Sound Here

    Yay is it free (lol) Your music sounds cool, though.
  11. Steve hooks up a big one

    No wonder...
  12. Encounter [2K]

    I thought this was gonna be like slamacow’s encounters
  13. Commonly suggested features

    This post was written before they were added
  14. Automatic 3d hat rig. Works with any 32x64 skin!

    Totally not already been done before. Toootaly
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