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  1. Jake_28

    Anyone got a detailed and large city schematic?

    or make a small city and use fog
  2. yo do you do model requests

    1. WAZZL3


      depending on what it is, i might be able to help u?

    2. Jake_28


      Like a portal with a yellow outline? @WAZZL3

      edit: nvm ima make it myself so i can get this animation out

    3. WAZZL3
  3. i just wanted people to know this incase i died.


    My moms new boyfriend is crepy...  he somehow made my mom scream " nO! " a bunch of times. i'm in my room like wth so i come downstairs, and he was trying to feed my mom gunpowder man foreign people are creepy...

    oh my moms boyfriend is foreign... 

    well thats my status. nothing to do with mi tbh:

    edit: turns out gunpowder is z tea.

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    2. TheFastFilms


      Oof, do you actually feel worried enough to do that though?

      Also you could just be paranoid about him

    3. Jake_28
    4. MikTRF
  4. Jake_28

    MI won't use costum recourse pack

    When you zip it, dont zip the folder, zip the files in it by selecting them and send to compressed zipped file. edit: and also make sure your pack.mcmeta is correct.
  5. Jake_28

    Ask a Zweilous

    Do you watch dragon tales?
  6. Jake_28

    Minecraft characters enter the real scene

    Cause Mario in odyssey is small compared to humans, why not Minecraft mobs?
  7. Jake_28

    Skin Packs Question

    Uh which 1
  8. i made a fanartimg%5D

  9. Jake_28

    Zweilous Rig [V3]

    Wow its actually cool!
  10. Jake_28

    Skin Request For wallpaper [CLOSED]

    Sure, heres my skin. But do you think you could use my model, idk how to make downloads into text and photos
  11. Jake_28

    Ian's Simple Camera Model

  12. I made this for community use btw..


    so if anyone wants to use it, go ahead.

  13. yes you are surfering