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  1. Oh sorry , i just dident expect you to go to beta 1.8.1 and stuffs
  2. Okay um i was browing through some files i extracted to find the defealt minecraft models and i saw this: So i wil TELL not show i will TELL you how to get it. go into minecraft luancher, and then go to luanch options. turn on historical versons and then make a new profile, select b1.8.1, save, back to news tab, select it and play (download). Then for this part you will need something like 7zip. i use 7zip. go to your .minecraft folder (if you cant get there go to your resourcepacks folder then back one), then go to versions, b1.8.1 and extract the jar file into a folder. now go into the folder, and go to mob, then you will see pigman.png and yea you have it. Pigman.png is just a player pig skin i belevie? i just found it like 6 minutes ago as of writing this part of the post. I only knew waht a pigman was beacuase of iDeactivateMC
  3. First Person Rig!

    Ok will do soon.
  4. First Person Rig!

    Yes! it is done. a RIG! Video It Incudes: -Armor Bar (animateable) -Health Bar (animateable) -hunger Bar animateable and also has Hunger status effect -EXP bar (animateable) -Hotbar (animateable of course...) -A quickly put together arm swing animation (not very good, recomend making your own.) -A few GUIs OH yay you read that ok so heres download. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wbcsp8laz784fm3/First_Person.zip Hope you like my rig (almost made a sad face instead of smiley XD)
  5. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    Oh ok
  6. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    what watermark...?
  7. Useless Keyframes Pack

    cewl (Cool)
  8. Mineimator VS Drawings

    ok. Yay,
  9. Mineimator VS Drawings

    Wow what am i better at.. Drawing: Mine-Imator Tell me im coments or replies or other stuff..
  10. but people may not know how to download it... nvm
  11. Okay, i extracted he game's (minecraft's) files nd found some cool stuff! i put them on n item sheet for mine imator. Pic: Dowload: Also no credet needed all i did was extract some .jar files and cut up some photos to fit!
  12. Laptop Rig

    Cool! looks like it’s one of the only ones that works..
  13. Oven Rig

    OMG it looks super cool!
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