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  1. The showcase is on mineimator.com, which was made by David himself, without a template.
  2. Plus iirc the forum is made with a forum maker thingy (invision forums i think)
  3. So why is your pfp a ninjago guy?

  4. also you have 0 reputation and this is your first post how do we know you'll actually hold up your end of the deal
  5. kind of not smart of them to not use lamps or anything, how do they know where they're driving?
  6. If you can't import a brand new world made in 1.16, ignore the spoiler below. Also, make sure you're in the latest version of MI with the latest world importer OFC
  7. Actually, mine-imator version files (They contain character, item, block, special block, biome, banner, particle, etc data) are stored in the program's data. 'Mine-imator\Data\Minecraft' has a version.zip and version.midata file, the zip is for textures, and models, and the .midata is how mine imator recognizes them. Once you figure it out it's pretty easy to add blocks items and mobs, i'm probably not gonna go into depth here cause lazy, but if you look through the files you can probably figure it out, since it's pretty straightforward. (Unless you're using an outdated version of mine imator)
  8. Wow that’s actually really good
  9. Tested it. They dont change color depending on biome. it's intentional, probably because otherwise the biome leave color would affect those types and the biomes would be less accurate. You can just change the leaves tho
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