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  1. I found that if i don't do a project in one session, i probably wont continue it.

    so.. rip any future animations unless i continue


  2. Starts to animate thoughts for once.

    realises he’s thinking about irl not Minecraft .

  3. oh no I slept through my loudest alarm..

  4. Jake_28

    random stripped boi

    Um.. what?
  5. Jake_28

    Slime's Inventory Rig V.1

    Oh. (Completely forgot about that) srry
  6. Jake_28

    Slime's Inventory Rig V.1

    Just for the hotbar? thats long..
  7. Jake_28

    Zelin Geeky Stuff Pack (ZGSP)

    I recognize the laptop... From a mod.. oh well is it?
  8. Jake_28


    this is a test animation pls critism (This is a test animation please give criticism) also yes the magority of this is me standing still... should this go in music videos?
  9. Jake_28

    Horse's back leg bend point

    It’s called realistic.
  10. Jake_28

    Bend size error

    Maybe use modelbench to resize it as a workaround?
  11. Jake_28

    Don't Kill me? First Mine-Imator Animation

    This is your first?! I mean it’s pretty gud
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