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  1. What?! It’s not a prank?!

    Did Minecraft reallly need bees?

  2. What if you set the fov to a really low number? (Or if I’m unmistaken, isn’t there a function for making orthographic cameras?)
  3. MC:BE uses Xbox live as usernames, and I don’t think we can search those for Minecraft profiles, also, MC:BE has paid skins, so microsoft/mojang is probably doing everything they can to make sure you **CANT** get them. (The zipe file format for example) Someone could probably write a converter for bedrock models to modelbench files. (I’ve looked at a bedrock json before and it’s definitely doable if someone had time and wanted to do it)
  4. Minecraft: cancels graphic pack

    also Minecraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCfuZSEFzIg

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Ironically, the same company that made RTX (Nvidia) actually supports the java minecraft raytraced shaders (probably more than microsoft's weird raytracing) that don't even use RTX.

  5. You didn’t give the error log or any information at all really... we can’t help you.
  6. im slowly creeping towards reading nbt data

  7. Why doesn’t this have a lot of upvotes? posted just now thats nice
  8. It’s probably the schematic size... look at the last line
  9. Even better, set it to cast a shadow and make it’s alpha 1, and set it’s height to 0.05, now it can go over stairs and go down blocks ect!
  10. Why are the forums so addicting 

    1. Cubic Ralsei
    2. BOOMmaker


      If I remember right, it's because when you get a reply or a like from people, it releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. It's literally addicting. 

  11. Jake_28


    why is it a circle?!?!
  12. Looks like it’s a problem with the schematic being loaded.
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