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  1. If you’re leaving, accept that. If you arent leaving, I accept that. Make sure you do what you want to, no matter everyone else's opinions
  2. Don’t switch to vlare, people will downvote your forums posts!

  3. Minecraft theory: illagers are just villagers who are being treated badly beacause their skin is gray

    1. Ethaniel


      Counter Theory: Illagers are just Villagers that have given up on whatever religion Villagers practice. Their skin is gray because lack of sunlight due to living in roofed forests. 

    2. MojangYang
    3. Ethaniel


      @Distinni That's just the one dude. 

  4. If bedrock had more open community realms / servers and i could import the world into MI

    (And it didn’t get me stuck in the beta) I’d probably switch

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Yes. You have to uninstall minecraft then re-install.

      It says that on the Minecraft.net page about betas.


    3. Jake_28


      oh. I did that already

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Well it should have worked. I do it often, going in and out of beta.

  5. Convert MIMODEL to json for minecraft? You can’t. Just model with blockbench instead.
  6. Try putting a comparator (end of the triangle facing the bottom of the torch tower, bottom of the triangle facing rails), when the hopper cart with an item goes past, the comparator will give off a 1 length signal, and deactivate the torch until it leaves. Maybe place an unpowered rail to slow/stop the hopper cart so you can walk through the door, and then power the rail and take your item back? also, if you don’t know what something does, try the wiki (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki) or just google it. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Redstone_Comparator
  7. https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-dungeons-xo19

    Minecraft dungeons to be released in april!

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      It's going to say "Am I a joke to you?" if it releases april 1st

    2. Ian_The_One


      just like tabs

  8. If youtube is going away lets just make our own video platform lol

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    2. Ethaniel


      This is cringe. 

    3. MicrogamerCz


      What do you mean? That "Idea" or that ****** names that I wrote

    4. Ethaniel
  9. the files were deleted from this. I don’t have them anymore. Sorry.
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