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    i cant chill dude i just cant, i even tried eating blue ice
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  1. are you planning any projects? also am i considered mature
  2. Voxel stairs are everwhere... for minecraft stuff i recommend this:
  3. when lego minifigures grow up their legs just instantly grow

    2. LeoKids


      I Dont see any Growing up Their Legs

  4. i've been working on this for a while but i've made something working


    modded a structure into dungeons! (note: blocks are a bit messed up, i'm aware of the problem)

  5. so, if your sword is an extension of your arm, is your computer an extension of your brain?

    1. DragonPixel


      this sound like big brain time

    2. Draco63


      No. If it were, a lot of people on the internet would be smarter.

      The computer is not the extension, instead, the programs it runs are the extensions. For example, things like Facebook or Twitter are long-range extensions for your mouth. And a video game can be an extension of either your hands or your brain, depending on how it's played.

      Seeing as this website is an extension of my mouth, you can tell that I talk too much. 😆

    3. DragonPixel


      lmao nah internet people big brain 

  6. i decided to give up on making the lines in mine imator cause like it takes forever so i did it in paint.net this time Pre edit: - @Blond
  7. Jake_28

    The Cave

    That's awesome!
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