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  1. Jake_28


    Cool. haha get it? Oh. Hey bean. welcomessss
  2. Screenshot_2018-12-12_19.30.08.png

    Jake, the freezing.. modeling.. human.

  3. The world is so computer based nowadays you can't even find a good tutorial on rebinding notes in your notebook! I don't see a file browse tab on my notebook...

    1. Dannyboi


      Yeah, a lot of the time I carry a light Linux laptop so I can use Vi, just in case my normal notes aren't considered adequate.

  4. image1.png

    1. Jadturentale


      With the mouth, you accidentally predicted a new character.

    2. Jake_28
  5. Screenshot_2018-12-08_16.51.49.png



    1. BaconSandwich


      I wish I got that high fps in HQ mode

    2. 9redwoods
    3. Ian_The_One



  6. Hey guys, yesterday, i was serious about doing a Monster School animation, and i decided to put you all in it. I'm sorry i had to involve you in this animation. I know most of you probably hate me for animating Monster School. I understand, and accept that. I can't make you not hate me. I'm still working on it, it is going to take longer than expected. It is still a work in progress, and i have leaked some footage below. Once again, i am sorry for putting you in this animation.


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    2. EthanForeverAlone
    3. GamingQuick


      Why do when I say fad it changes it to fad?
      I'm saying "F.N.A.F"

    4. GamingQuick


      Ow that downvote hurt me

  7. Monster school animation coming soon

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    2. HeYoNia
    3. Ghatos


      @Batoto I like memes, but minecraft animations that uses memes are cringe

    4. Jake_28


      Well this exploded, ya

  8. Uh, I don’t know what your talking about, this isn’t in modelbench. This is why it’s a suggestion
  9. I don’t really know what to call this, but what I’m suggesting is that if you select multiple UVs, and move them, they should get moved with the same offset as each other, and not just move all the the exact same spot in the UV map, for example if you wanted to move some pixels up one, you’d have to move all of the pixels individually, cause if you selected them all and did it, it would move them to the exact same spot as each other.
  10. And now... It's done.

  11. wow this took... forever ;)

  12. Screenshot_2018-12-03_16.54.02.pngModelbench.

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      what's up with her right hand?

  13. Jake_28

    i Forgot the title.

    But unlisted videos play fine... oh, its playing fine by the way
  14. Jake_28

    Forum Battle

    Rip david.
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