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  1. in case you missed it:


  2. its is a beveled player model Easy edge highlights! Not much tweaking required from mb Only uses a bajilion shapes! But in MI those aren't visible from the timeline so its like a normal player model! Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/646490427784167435/713459791334473858/bevel.mimodel you can just apply any alex formatted skin to it. Edit: it cannot bend
  3. At the end, it’s kind if hard to tell what’s going on. Maybe have less shifting camera angles, and one that can show most of the action while still being interesting. Also, you might want to watch this:
  4. unknown.png

    Who would've guessed i'd be up modelling leaves at 2 AM I:

    1. Gfamleit


      Jake tweneothlelon billy the 3rd junior you should be in bed

      Have u got no shame


  5. resized dirt block bad


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    2. MojangYang


      I love stretched textures in general

    3. Jake_28


      how could you betray me

    4. Draco63


      out of upvotes for the stretched textures :steve_tearful:

  6. when you time travel to the past you can meet yourself because you had already met yourself in the past

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    2. Draco63


      @Jake_28 that was (mostly) a joke. it's based off of a popular cliche in novels and movies that feature time travel.

    3. Jake_28
    4. Draco63


      I'm not actually sure what would happen if time travel was possible.

      I actually think that time travel might be physically impossible, at least the way most people think of it. There are some weird dimensional mechanics to work out that I'm too tired to go into right now.

  7. Kind of like unity, the ease of use means that there's a low barrier to entry, and more people can use it without actually being good at it
  8. pearls fall faster


    this status is as meaningless as it sounds

    1. __Mine__


      Rare footage of Jake_28 actually using bends

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