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  1. May I ask something, how did you make the mouth look very smooth in your face rig?

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Practice Buddy. I think he make it with bunch of Objects in another objects created effects till like this.


  2. I'm not going to, because there's already a newer version. This model is laggy, inefficient, the bends are very hard to use, etc. and these are all fixed in Advanced Character Model: Special. (ACM:S) You should check that one out. Anyways, thanks for liking my model.
  3. Looks great! The only gripe i have with it is the realistic bends. Have you tried out blocky bends before? If not, go to the settings -> graphics -> enable blocky bend.
  4. It looks alright, but could you please put the "Facial Rig by SoundsDotZip" text outside of the Spoiler? I don't want people to get confused about it, that's all
  5. Can you teach me how to make the mouth of your facial rig?

  6. It depends on the height of the UV editor. Example: https://gyazo.com/0eb3e81203effb3786c92d3f2931509a
  7. I meant the fact that the carpet, floor planks and the leaves textures are using HD textures, while everything else is default 16x16. Edit: Using imgur is what made your image look compressed, imgur tends to JPEG-ify images automatically. I usually send my renders into a private discord channel or DM, and right click+copy it from there and paste it into the topic. Hope this helps.
  8. That lighting is amazing, good job! The only issue I personally have with it is that some of the textures are HD, while most is 16x16. (It creates a bit of inconsistency)
  9. Dude, the latest version is 1.2.7 at the moment.
  10. This is already in MB, so it's common sense that it's probably coming to MI as well.
  11. So many nice comments, wow! Thanks everyone!
  12. I like the idea, and I get the reasoning behind them, but there's one thing I don't like about them. Both of these are basically just items in hexagons, while Voxy's ones are 3D (by that I mean it has different depths at different parts), and I think putting technically squares into the hexagons defeat the purpose of hexagons. (Whatever's in the hexagons should have a unique shape to them)
  13. After you hide the parts called Left/Right Wrist 4, you need to make the parts called Left/Right Fingers visible. They are hidden with the tick in the Keyframe tab.
  14. That's reasonable, but ACM:S also has 3D layers + all the bends are way less sensitive, so it's better, even for a render, since posing is much easier
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