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  1. You go into the arms, and find the wrist parts. look for wrist_4, there should be fingers somewhere close to them. hiding fingers and showing wrist_4 will only show the hand, and hiding wrist_4 and showing the fingers will show the fingers. hope this helps.
  2. The thing is, I've been using MI and MB for years now and this sudden change of controls is really throwing me off. Also, these are the default Blender controls, but I changed my controls to be like Cinema4D, which is: Alt+Left Click = Orbit Alt+Middle Click = Pan Alt+Right Click = Smooth zoom So even tho I use Blender, the new controls are still throwing me off.
  3. Yeah, but: This makes it seem like we have to get used to the new controls, because that's what MI is gonna have later.
  4. Voxy, porting over only the new controls into the next Mine-imator is a horrible choice. That change would mess up literally everyones workflow and using MI after that would be hell. Either add the toggle for MI too when it's done, or something, but please DO NOT add the Blender controls only!
  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
  6. Okay, this face rig is easily one of the best I've seen so far on this site. It has all the customisation you could need and it even works with shadows! I'm definitely using this from now on, with some personal modifications of course. Amazing job, ShotU!
  7. I'm kinda tall, so I take bigger and slower steps, that's probably why I made it so slow.
  8. I'm not an animator, so I'm not good at these stuff, but I wanted to try and use a fake IK system to make walk cycles easier, and it seemed to have worked. Here's a looping version. https://streamable.com/l7xhoc
  9. This render looks really awesome, good job!
  10. I tried changing the position of the pupils in GIMP and I think I did a pretty good job. Disclaimer: This isn't my render, SharpWind made it, I just edited the pupils's positions! (I know I probably don't need a disclaimer, but still, I didn't do this to get credited for it)
  11. SoundsDotZip

    The Cave

    You could hide the repeating pattern with a bit of depth of field, Blender is good at that.
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. SoundsDotZip

    The Cave

    This render looks amazing! My personal favourite is the armour's reflections, and you used a very nice colour scheme! The only issue I have with it, is that the lava's pixel scale is very big, which creates pixel inconsistency. The biggest problem is that this messes up the perspective a little bit. The pixels on the vertical flowing lava are roughly the same as the bright pixel on the biggest mushroom, making it look like it's really close, but then you look down a bit and it goes behind the stone Steve is standing on. Using the default lava would make us easily see where the lava is in 3D space, and it would also be closer to how it is in-game.
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