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  1. So many nice comments, wow! Thanks everyone!
  2. I like the idea, and I get the reasoning behind them, but there's one thing I don't like about them. Both of these are basically just items in hexagons, while Voxy's ones are 3D (by that I mean it has different depths at different parts), and I think putting technically squares into the hexagons defeat the purpose of hexagons. (Whatever's in the hexagons should have a unique shape to them)
  3. After you hide the parts called Left/Right Wrist 4, you need to make the parts called Left/Right Fingers visible. They are hidden with the tick in the Keyframe tab.
  4. That's reasonable, but ACM:S also has 3D layers + all the bends are way less sensitive, so it's better, even for a render, since posing is much easier
  5. I like the clean lines, looks nice!
  6. Looks great! Also, just a tip, but next time use the Advanced Character Model: Special, it's basically ACMV3, but way more optimised, less buggy, etc.
  7. I'm not sure, but probably not. You should use 64x64 skins.
  8. @__Mine__ is correct, it is intended to be used with 64x64 skins, but that's not the only issue. This model is outdated, very inefficient and laggy. If you want to use a similar model, try out the Advanced Character Model: Special, it's the next ACM in the series. (it was also made by me) Here's a link to it:
  9. This looks really dope, the lighting is so on point, that if somebody showed me this and said it was made in Blender, I would believe them.
  10. @LacaMenDRY if you don't want people to criticise the way you write, then here's a simple solution for you. Stop putting so many line breaks in your posts and comments, it's as easy as that. Here's your "story" the way you wrote it: And here's the same text, but without the extra line breaks and the repeated sentences: Still very long, but definitely better than the way you do it. The massive amount of line breaks makes the pages very long and it takes ages to scroll from top to bottom.
  11. He does respect you, you're just overreacting, calm down.
  12. Please, just calm down, nobody's judging you man. Mine was just wondering why you put so much space in your text, that's all.
  13. In my opinion, that triangle shadow on the wall next to the doll is a bit odd, and the mirrored texture on the wall's second row is a bit too visible. Other than that, it actually looks pretty good! Keep up the great work!
  14. What is up with those elbow bends? They are neither sharp or smooth, they are just deformed. Also I gotta agree with Mercury, your shading style is called pillow shading (brighter near the edges, darker in the middle, or the other way around) and it's generally not really liked by most people.
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