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  1. Well I'm joining this forum mostly for filling my boredomness Pixiv is great n all, but it's getting boring overtime So a downvote from stranger probably won't affect me that much Except the fact that I'll probably going to post rarely to avoid controversies
  2. Forgot to post my introduction here Hi! My name is Walts I'm from Taiwan My main profession is an illustrator, while my second profession is an VFX analyst My usual hobby is drawing I usually create my work using Photoshop and Clip Paint Studio As for the MineImator part, I'm using this software since 2016 My first work involving this software was a Creeper being exploded towards my OC After that, I'm improving fast enough So yeah I'm definitely not a newbie Right now, my main focus on this forum is to suggest and encourage people to try something unusual And probably, making any contributions to the MineImator development teams Thank you for reading And also thank you so much for welcoming me into this forum Have a nice day, and always thinking outside of the box
  3. Well you missed one big details when it comes to Ray Tracing The main object's noise
  4. Probably? My plan, somewhere in the future, I'll probably making a Music Video using MineImator Or maybe a 2D shading session?
  5. LMAO XD I'm more than just a ReShader wwwwww
  6. A test probably Texture from texturehaven.com Created with MineImator 1.2.5 Rendered with ReShade Behind the scenes:
  7. I'm bored, probably finished this later
  8. Looks great! Can it be applied to a curvy mesh? I still struggling at that part
  9. Well I've tested this on my old laptop My current setup is way better than this Even though I hate AMD
  10. If your project has a lot of bending items or polygons, you'll need to reduce it. In my case, this one works for me Spec: * Intel Core 2Duo E6400 * Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M * 2GB DDR2 ram
  11. I'm aware that (Original post is in May 2020) I used to think that a strong highlight will saturated the colors on any material But now, I realized that's a mistake Appreciate your observation
  12. To test RadiantGI
  13. Back with my old works! Rendered with ReShade Refined using Photoshop and Filter Forge Png download
  14. I think it's quite scary on how capable MineImator actually is lmao
  15. Oh that part? I have 2 reasons though 1. I think it looks nice since I'm more into dualism 2. Whenever I tried to load texture packs with resolution above 64 px, my MineImator will crash I don't know how to use Discord though Since I'm heavily relied on Pixiv and Pawoo for my social activity But I'm willing to try that in the next update Appreciate your help Thank you for your suggestion I'll fix it in the future
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