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  1. By the way how did u make the facial rig? in the photo
  2. Can i have the ashley moscot? I promise i won't share it with anyone
  3. I would say. Ashley? Why u giving it to me? Hmmm eh I guess I can use it
  4. I cannot download it. It says in Internet Download Manager: Cannot download this file details: http/1.1 409 conflict pls post in on google drive "from me"
  5. Gravy

    Phyre Model

    Thank u @Phyre For Allowing me to turn your skin into a MB Model, You all can download it DOWNLOAD + FIXED
  6. Yall comment if u would like
  7. Credit to @LordKillo For the Rig, I made a impostor render using Mine-Imator
  8. How do i use it? Well for me.. It's not easy to use!
  9. Like this! so u can browse models or rigs in Modelbench to modify or edit Like Browse Models to Import in Mine-Imator
  10. Inspired By @Hozq AUTO FACE RIG DOWNLOAD INTRUCTIONS Do The Same with the other one Tell me If There's any bug/Glitch
  11. Gravy

    My Cap Rig!

    https://imgur.com/K7Eionk That's the picture, Link is here https://www.mediafire.com/file/yvjm1zhrsy3fvgw/Cap.png/file
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