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  1. Search gigachad on google and click images
  2. i sent u the rig check your messages
  3. Simple I'm not good at making textures
  4. I can make custom animal models. I can make hooman model with fingers and tapered body I can make anything
  5. asslamu alikum


    1. Gravy


      asslamu alikum, Hi!


    2. saeim3344


      walikum salam

    3. saeim3344


      i have a problam in mine mator 2.000


      4:13:48 PM Mine-imator version 2.0 Pre-release 1 (2022-05-30)
      4:13:48 PM OS: Windows
      4:13:48 PM working_directory: C:/Users/PC/Mine-imator/
      4:13:48 PM user_directory: C:/Users/PC/Mine-imator/Data/
      4:13:48 PM OpenMP max threads: 4
      4:13:48 PM Found temporary folder C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/Temp/Mine-imator_tmp/
      4:13:48 PM OpenGL version: 3.1
      4:13:48 PM Minecraft saves from C:/Users/PC/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves
      4:13:48 PM DPI: 96,96
      4:13:48 PM [FATAL ERROR] Could not initialize OpenGL
      in App::GLRenderer::initializeGL:29

  6. I Installed the Latest version recently. now when i put point light and press f5 it lags and becomes unresponsive
  7. Add me on discord i can help u Gravy#9102
  8. The Link is now brand new because the model's bends are ugly
  9. I present u my creation "Thanks to @Cable_HHH" I was able to complete this in 3 days by the help of cable It is still Version 1 DOWNLOAD HERE just change the skin picture and rename it to steve. now u have ur skin in there
  10. Gravy

    Nether Dragon

    WOAH Nether Dragon
  11. I can turn your skins into a model. ask me to make u a custom animal model just give me texture. All free! Just message this post.
  12. aye i have a new skin! i will send it to u if u want
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