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  1. weapon model by crustyjpeg
  2. Gunslinger Male Version: Gunslinger Female version: the hand was to difficult to made, and it's make your character hand look 2 long so didn't make it look exactly like ingame sr... Update 7/26/2020: + fix the orange wired didnt connect with the button + added Gunslinger for Female Character Hand Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xxl93wo48fqq2u/Gunslinger.rar/file
  3. the reloading scenes it's kinda slow, cuz i want it kinda Realistic, instead of make it look like exactly ingame Credit: Crustyjpeg
  4. nahhh, it's M4A4 from CSGO, but in real life, this weapon named "MK18 Mod 0 Carbine"
  5. you can change colour , so don't ask why there's only 1 spray can :V http://www.mediafire.com/file/vkm0phuvm9wcj01/Spray_Paint.rar/file
  6. "all you had to do is follow the damn train CJ" - Big Smoke
  7. Original mode was M16A4 model, made by Crustyjpeg
  8. this pistol took me more hour to animate than rifle, jesus
  9. nothing special, i replace the M16A4 stock with Hk416 stock, and the handguard, and then BOM!! M4A1 (i think i play to much CSGO) ORGINAL MODEL: M16A4 By Crustyjpeg
  10. damn, u made me suprise alot dude
  11. yeah, we all knows this gun used to OP as hell in CS:GO lel
  12. credit: weapon model by crustyjpeg, medium vehicle and road by ghatos
  13. i Don't give a download link, cuz we all know rule of Modelbench amory right?, and i didn't made this model, the original model is SXP Marine Defender made by Crustyjpeg, i just remodel it, sooo i'm just gonna showcase the model
  14. i would like to Request 1 more model for pistol, Beretta M9 but with Csgo sound or real life sound, whatever sound you wanna give the gun sounds like :L
  15. AH-6 little bird Rig by Piegon99's weapon model by Crustyjpeg
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