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  1. Lebman Machine Pistol, but with Csgo style
  2. i ran out of idea to make animation, so i made this Also, muzzle flash by Daffa_the_one
  3. there's something i want to tell you guys, it's you guys need to scale the gun down to 0.7, the supressor scale up to 1.35 and bullet scale down to 0.75 to have a perfect look Video: download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mkpilguu0a3ykyb/Mac-10.rar/file
  4. table rig by Batman4014, AK model and shotgun model by @crustyjpeg
  5. Vietcong: "Hold my Ak-47"
  6. i bet when he wear that heavy armor, his speed are going to decrease
  7. ah damn, i forgot to add the bullet, and the bullet shell
  8. yea i know , that slap animation it's bad, but i already did my best this model based on M16 (by @crustyjpeg) i'll give a download link later
  9. i can feel the pain through the video
  10. 2 bad my animation won't be that smooth
  11. in the lasted version, i have 36-45 fps, in the new version i onlt have 11-12 fps
  12. no i'm not, this model was just a remodel of old M16 model Crustyjpeg (and i already ask him to remodel of it and he says yes) and i didn't steal it from anyone i just remodel it i already ask him to let me remodel it into M4a1-s from csgo , and if you check his video "AR-10 model" you can see a comment that i ask him to let me remodel his old M16 model to M4a1-s model :
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