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  1. Ak, Deagle model by Crustyjpeg
  2. Ak model by Crustyjpeg
  3. Weapon model, and close range scope by @crustyjpeg
  4. Weapon model By @crustyjpeg
  5. "My favorite class is the Spy" - Gaben Newell ,stop lying Gaben, u already nerf My favorite item in this game Picture: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eltx84pnfgc9l8z/Dead_Ringer.rar/file
  6. "if you're unlucky enough to get 2 arrow in the face" - Yahiamice
  7. Sorry, but this model use for my personal
  8. sr i'm out of upvote
  9. "Use gun, and if it don't work, use more gun" - Engineer Medium vehicle by @Ghatos, Sentry gun Rig by theluigiNoldMan
  10. Male model by Kenimation other model made by me
  11. well, this is actually me when my Dog accidently jump into lava
  12. that title was one of my friend made for me, lol
  13. just a another SMG made by me: video: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uf97ecqfb2p4pio/UZI.rar/file
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