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    I also like dragons (and drawing them), Hytale, and The Mandalorian.
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  1. that's literally exactly what I thought
  2. I can't tell if you're joking unless that font has a special meaning I don't know about
  3. remember those idiots who said that the Hytale trailer was fake and that it was just Minecraft with a resource pack and mods?

    1. MicrogamerCz


      like really someone though that Hytale trailer was fake? this is great joke

    2. Draco63


      @MicrogamerCz seriously! so dumb, right? they made videos "debunking" the hytale trailer by matching up the hytale minigame maps to the hypixel minigame maps with the BDCraft resourcepack. first of all, the resourcepack barely looks anything like hytale, and second, so what if hypixel reuses its popular maps?

    3. MicrogamerCz


      That "conspiracy" is same stupidity as flat earth.

      + when they will release system of usernames, I will immidiately register mine and i will (probably) buy the game.

  4. he should take that medic's advice
  5. looks suspicously like the hypixel CvC gun textures
  6. I'm gonna change my pfp soon, so look at this one while you can.

    or don't, I don't care.

    1. EnderFrameStudios TM
    2. MicrogamerCz


      I don't have plan to change my PFP.

  7. everybody ridiculing it is totally funny! trust me!
  8. yeet I'm likeable

    1. MicrogamerCz


      1. Congrats

      2. I'll bet that you can make more than only 195 upvotes!

    2. Gfamleit


      im bearable




    3. Draco63


      @MicrogamerCz you just proved yourself right. 

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