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  1. uh okay phew that was a close one don't entirely get it tho can any1 explain??? sry i'm just a dummy
  2. nice... but minecraft has smooth lighting by default. maybe you could incorporate that somehow? ???
  3. oof i really need to start actually posting stuff here

  4. Uuh sry I'm an idiot what in the world is a prop???
  5. It doesn't have to be completely un-realistic. It can be minecraft, say, with shaders. And no Y just means no rotation on the arms and legs because alex is just walking. Me neither lol
  6. The fog settings are in the background settings.
  7. Hey! Just because the media hates Trump and constantly insults him and make him out to be a bad president doesn't mean they are right or that he isn't doing good things! Even the border wall has more pros than cons! And anyway, you should be careful who you say stuff like that to in the first place.
  8. YOU PUT ME IN THERE?!!! never knew i was worth it XD thx
  9. Draco63


    Hahaha lol
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