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    the island of Nunya, known for its beeswax
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  1. Draco63


    what are you even talking about nevermind
  2. one. hundred. percent. MI. mE nO cOmPrEhEnD?!?
  3. nice, but it annoys me that all the zombies have exactly the same texture. and that the texture resolutions clash.
  4. Draco63


    so the girl is a guy and the guy is a girl. yeh that makes sense (actually it does a little too much these days)
  5. oops sorry i didn't mean to downvote i tried to click "funny" but it ended up downvoting and then when i tried to change it i ran out of reactions
  6. i don't think it is the edge of a map, it's just the DOF and the thick fog.
  7. My brother has a MP3 with the entire Portal 2 soundtrack on it. so i have listened to that song about 300 times
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