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  1. Weeb/furry/whatever the heck you are CONFIRMED
  2. Bruh, this isn't Youtube. You can post your own Mine-Imator content here, but don't expect people to "like and subscribe" if you just post all the videos you have on here.
  3. Nice! For a first model, that's really good!
  4. W̴̮̹̑͑͗́͆̾͠ͅE̵̛͙̲͚̖̞̠̩̊̑̅͊̂Ȇ̷̘̞̙̞D̵̟̣̜̆̔̊́̈́͊͝ͅ ̸̧̣͊̀̄̈́́͝͠E̵̖̪͒̍͗̂͘A̷̺̝͉̘͑̎̉T̸̨̡̮͔̙̮̍̍̏̒́̚ͅE̶̢̢͙̠͈̼͚͊̈́̏̀̚͠R̸̢̛̯͚̩̓̈́͌͘



      Do you mean this weed eater png - Honda Weed Eater Gx25 Manual - Lawn Mower | #2955682 -  Vippng?

    2. Draco63


      W̴̮̹̑͑͗́͆̾͠ͅE̵̛͙̲͚̖̞̠̩̊̑̅͊̂Ȇ̷̘̞̙̞D̵̟̣̜̆̔̊́̈́͊͝ͅ ̸̧̣͊̀̄̈́́͝͠E̵̖̪͒̍͗̂͘A̷̺̝͉̘͑̎̉T̸̨̡̮͔̙̮̍̍̏̒́̚ͅE̶̢̢͙̠͈̼͚͊̈́̏̀̚͠R̸̢̛̯͚̩̓̈́͌͘

  5. Yes, but the impact would still cause it to jolt and slow down.
  6. My only complaint is that there's not enough damage done to the car, and it doesn't even slow down like it would IRL.
  7. Today, on a whim, I decided, "Hey, Undertale seems pretty cool, I think I'll go watch some videos of it and see where it leads me."

    That was dumb.

    I'm not sure how I didn't know this before, (judging by the countless sans memes,) but Undertale's fandom is apparently a bottomless abyss of fan content, and seems to somehow be getting more bottomless by the minute.

  8. I can't believe that they're discontinuing Minecraft Earth! I mean, can't they at least keep it up and running until COVID is over, and then start updating it again? It's just too big of a project, and too fun of a game, to abandon!

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      The reason they shut it down was quite simple: money.

      Because 2020 was 2020'ing, people weren't playing the game because it requires you to be out and about.

      They were pouring more money in than they were getting out, so they pulled the plug. 

      I don't know why they'd kill it completely, they could just resume support when things get back to normal.


    3. Draco63


      @Spontaneous Explosions That's what I mean. If they stop development, but leave it out there, people aren't going to stop using it. I certainly won't. And in that case, they would actually make money because people would still be using the purchases, and who cares if they don't maintain it as much?

    4. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      I assume too little people actually play it for keeping it online to make a profit, also it's really unstable with it just being a lottery wether your android phone supports AR or not

  9. Draco63


    I made another thingy Finished product: Sketch: Note: this is the first dragon drawing in which I have made scales that don't look lazy or awful. (The background is, by definition, lazy and awful. Sorry about that.) Made with Colored Pencils and PaperTM Unfortunately, I had to edit the colors slightly in order for it not to look completely desaturated, and some of the quality was lost in the process.
  10. Absolutely beautiful. Seeing these makes me want to make an animation with them, but they're such a nonsensical premise that I'm not sure how I would fit them in. Good work!
  11. This is a momentous occasion. For the first time in human history, hindsight is truly 2020.

    YESSSS I've been waiting all year to say that!

  12. Not bad! a few more stars would be nice, though.
  13. I mean, yeah, you could, but what I want to know is; why would you want to?
  14. Maybe make the lightning flash for one frame, disappear, and then flash again but with the texture reversed. I think it would make it look a lot better!
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