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  1. Out of upvotes, but that was great!
  2. Draco63


    That's great! Sorry, I'm out of reactions right now so I can't upvote.
  3. This looks great! I like how dynamic your animation style is, it conveys speed and momentum very well. On the second one, though, the running looks a bit unnatural, and at one point steve seems to do a sort of double-jump midair that shouldn't be possible. Otherwise, you animate significantly better than I do.
  4. How is it that after spending five seconds in my pocket, the cord of my earbuds manages to contort itself into knots that I can't even tie if I'm trying?

  5. Ok, I can see a little bit of it with the stars now, but it would have been better to showcase it with an actual structure that's more visible.
  6. Blender can't import files that aren't already largely used for 3D models. (I know you had your question answered, just adding this.)
  7. If you look closely, you'll see that it isn't a curved bend, giving the impression of a joint more than a flexible area.
  8. >:0 how dare you steal that inspiration! It wasn't yours! >:000 for those who are too dumb to realize, this is a joke.
  9. Well of course. All hail the Glorious David!
  10. Ok, 1. I just did you a huge favor by removing your bold text and fixing your formatting, spelling, and grammar. And 2, Mine-Imator is not "way behind." Mine-Imator is actually far ahead of what should be possible, considering that the platform it was made in (GameMaker Studio) was not made to handle 3D graphics, much less lighting and complex shaders. At least give the devs the credit that is due to them, don't insult their program because it's maybe not quite as advanced as something like Blender, which was made with much more capable tools by a much larger team of people.
  11. I'm guessing this is based on the art style of the Valorant ads/animations? I hope so, because I actually really like how those look.
  12. Draco63

    art dump

    It looks very 2D, almost like paper cutouts. What I'm amazed at is that you managed to make that actually look good.
  13. Hey, that's actually pretty good! Very accurate to the original model. Though, what did you do for the back of the skin since we couldn't see it in Voxy's post?
  14. Today I started working on a game in Scratch, utilizing all of my art and sound design skills, but without the difficulty of typical programming. Here are some screenshots:
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