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  1. We've had (are still having) a pandemic. Now, Elon Musk is making mind control and an army of robots, Mark Zuckerberg is making IOI and Skynet, and there's a "zombie deer disease" that apparently might be able to spread to humans. Also humanity is just generally continuing to degrade, as usual. Isn't 2022 great? (And we're only in January!)

    1. Ethaniel


      What the hell are you on about?

  2. It's called suspense. This is just one long video of suspense, except for the very end.
  3. Hello, I am here to announce that I now officially am a furry

  4. In an attempt to make myself seem more popular than I am, and therefore become more popular, I insert myself into the posts of every single high-ranking member of this community despite the fact that I know I will never be worthy of their notice. Instead of creating quality content so that I may be judged by my own merit, I shall simply procrastinate all my problems away, forever sinking deeper into the bottomless pit of mediocrity.

  5. Well, whether or not it's a meme, I just don't think it fits the mood. The vocals keep it from being dark enough for a villain, and the track doesn't really feel very heavy overall.
  6. Animation is excellent. The dialogue doesn't matter that much since it's literally 2 lines in the entire thing, but I must express the deep hatred I have for the music you used at the end.
  7. aw darn, I failed the vibe check
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