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  2. ...which is not always a bad thing. i have seen a lot of people complain about edge glow in renders, so i prefer it to be subtle. also WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW TO DO THIS?! i have never figured out how to do edge glow!! nah not really. it's less than most renders.
  3. nice. i could never even figure out how to make an object in blender. i gave up trying about a year ago
  4. I always think anthros look weird. i feel like they have too much human and not enough animal. (in the body shape i mean)
  5. sorry about the downvote, but this is really, REALLY bad.
  6. Hey i was wondering what exactly is your profile pic/gif? sorry if i should have known already 😆

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    2. Draco63


      ok cool

      uh is it like your creation, or did you get it somewhere else? if so,  where?

      sry if i'm bothering you

    3. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i got it somewhere else, just a gif i randomly found on discord that i liked

    4. Draco63
  7. How are you so good at animating/rendering? I watch irl references, I've taught myself how light acts around certain objects, how humans and different animals move and how to apply weight properly. It's just a lot of practice and watching stuff irl.
  8. Draco63

    Worst Art EVER !

    Wow, nice hAiR
  9. I Hypixel skyblock! SO AWESOME!!!
  10. that's a different person he's the dog's owner he doesn't turn into a dog wait a minute... maybe???
  11. wait uh this is more like an "anti-render"
  12. ah, but he knew, he was just so tired that he forgot
  13. it's your own fault for stealing his profile pic he was tired so he went to shave... forgetting that he was a dog
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