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  1. >"Former HYTALE employee"

    Sure buddy

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i totally believe that

    3. hidrax13


      that's exactly how it happened

    4. 9redwoods



      He was thrown out of glass 😑

  2. The developers? It's a single guy working on it. He's got 99 problems but porting MI to mobile ain't one of em.
  3. They already ruined animation channels as a whole forever ago.
  4. Today in a nutshell:

    There's new limited time special sandwiches at Arby's! We got the meatober fest bear braised beef sandwiches which options are the classic beer braised beef, which has beer braised beef, brew pub mustard, beer braised cheddar sauce and crispy onion strings. We also have a double beef and beer braised cheese! A good choice if you're looking for something more easy going but with a new flavor to spice things up a bit! We also hot a choice of a cinnamuffin or s'more shake for a choice of dessert. Make sure you run on down to your local Arby's to grab one of these limited options that wont appear again after this month!

  5. I am quite excited for the new Animal Crossing game and the remake of Xenoblade Chronicles

    1. TecnoGamerJW


      Xenoblade Chronicles looks amazing, the remastered scenes: 10/10 

  6. Oh shoot, I completely spaced on it. But I've been here for a little over 4 years now

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    2. Rollo


      🦀 Ethan is cancelled 🦀

      And dang, I'm getting close to 4 years myself. I'm surprised at how far we've come since then.

    3. Ethaniel


      Rollo you're a mod, you should not be encouraging such slander.

    4. BOOMmaker


      Six years, was lurking without an account the year before joining too. :P

  7. I decided to make the bouncing cock roach and remembered the contest was a thing So I made an animated version and a still version. Still: Animated:
  8. I feel actual holy water coursing through my veins

  9. It's the exact same as the new version though.
  10. Why community build?
  11. Late on a reply for this, but I really enjoyed this! Everything feels pretty well paced, there was never really a dull moment in the animation!

    Sorry for the scare, just wanna make sure you know to donate to Nimi since he works his butt off for you guys.

    1. Slime


      would if i could afford it

    2. Ghatos


      I would if I could

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      What if I become entitled and start force suggesting things in nimi's throat and start downvoting people who have ways of doing something that doesn't require a lot of coding?

  13. What Slime said is pretty true. I'd give model bench a shot, albeit pretty buggy. But that should be fixed in the future. But buggy or not it is a useful tool to make extrusions not appear on the timeline.
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