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  1. Wow, a lot has happened today, what started as a joke sparked a topic about bringing actual porn to this minecraft animation forum and someone making a generic status about leaving because they can't STAND the fact that some people like cracking a certain joke.

    Though I'm sure the root is just "Ethan is being mean and toxic again 😔"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotChris


      I'm sorry you don't like a joke that I like, to make it easier to show how you feel, just downvote and ignore the post

    3. Hagus


      Isn't this how the forums are every few months though?

    4. crustyjpeg


      @Hagus this is a good bit weirder than usual but yeah

  2. I've been productive today, really proud of this one. Haha, anime glasses go
  3. Of course not, he could get hurt
  4. @Ethaniel has inspired me to become a Mine-Imator NSFW artist Here's my first NSFW render https://imgur.com/https://i.imgur.com/V1xFUrO.png[/
  5. Ethan's NSFW render got me a bit inspired. Might hop on the NSFW content train too 🤔

  6. Arby's corporate has been radio silent for like 3 months now since the virus stuff and they keep suddenly making new deals, new sandwiches, etc without properly giving us a heads up, am PEEVED. So no more Arby ardvert memes will be made on my profile. In other words:


    1. Nimi


      I didn't know you made statuses about Arby's until now.

    2. Ethaniel


      That's his whole thing now.

  7. Remember kids, Arby's orange cream shake 2020

  8. Forum = back




    Wanna know what else is back? Arby's fish sandwiches and bacon brisket beef n cheddar sandwich! That's right! The fish sandwiches are back! Come on down and grab yourself a classic crispy fish, a fish and cheddar or the king's Hawaiian fish deluxe that has a king's Hawaiian sweet bun! We're also bringing back the mint chocolate shake! 

    Remember that these are here for a limited time, so come on down to a participating location and try out these returning sandwiches!


  9. Imagine not being able to take constructive criticism


    1. Ethaniel


      It wasnt constructive 

  10. Promare was a really great film. Though it's criminal that they didn't give Lucia more than 5 minutes of screen time.

  11. Hooray discord is back! Better write about it because I was lonely!!!

    1. i'am JAD

      i'am JAD

      i almost used messenger but somehow discord was sending notifications in mobile so i opened it as fast as i could
      it was a bad time 

  12. I'm thankful for living in an alright country.



    What I'm more thankful for is the limited Arbinator sandwiches at participating Arby's locations. It's loaded with cheese, curly fries, horsey sauce and Arby's very own Arby's Sauce. Get it when you can cause it's only here for a limited time.


  13. No one's talking bad about me cause people either don't know who I am or just can't find anything to talk bad about
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