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  1. Y'know car safety systems have come a long way, but someone was out to prove they could be outsmarted. Had I known what was going to happen, I would have never stepped into the shower. The near-death experience brought new ideas to light.

    So I decided to live my life by the big beef manifesto. So I figured a few sticks of dynamite were easier than a fishing pole to catch fish, I would write “sorry for the damage” and stick it on some random car, shave peaches to prove a point, make tart lemonade that could quenched longing, but not anyone's thirst. If anyone asked where I was I'd say I was in Kansas.

    Courage and stupidity were all I had. I had decided to accept my fate of accepting my fate.

    The secret ingredient to my wonderful life is crime. No one questions it, like how nobody questions who built the pyramids in Mexico.

    So long and thanks for the fish. 100%

  2. Revenge of the 5th

  3. May the 4th be with you

  4. May the 3rd be with you

  5. May the 2nd be with you

  6. May the 1st be with you

  7. Holy- This is insane. April the 17th be with you
  8. April the 16th be with you

  9. April the 10th be with you

  10. April fools be with you

  11. March the 29th be with you

  12. March the 12th be with you

  13. March the 8th be with you

  14. February the 29th be with you

    1. Green Z studios
    2. NotChris


      March the 2nd be with you

    3. Green Z studios

      Green Z studios

      Ah... I still don't get it

  15. February the 21st be with you

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