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  1. I just discovered that you can use Bedrock animation controllers in behavior packs to test for all sort of things, that I previously thought were impossible currently.

    I can test if the player is sneaking, jumping, gliding,on fire, is moving, is on the ground or flying, and much more!

    Insanely useful.

    Still, looking forward to the time where we can test this sort of stuff with scoreboards like on Java.

    This opens so many doors for me to play around with.


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      animation controllers you say?


  2. Bedrock on low end devices(or xbox one) in a nutshell
  3. This is just a little thing I put together to celebrate what I think is one the of the best blocks Minecraft has added in quite a few updates. The new lodestone block. I'm not too terribly happy with how the effects came out, but hopefully you get the idea. I hope.
  4. love the new lodestone block!

    I gives compasses a practical use(finally) and will change the way we explore forever. 

    It's so useful.

    1. Ian_The_One


      the new mob looks like a tumour tho.

    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      I hate the design, but you can't fault it's usefulness. 

  5. Anyone else having a hard time believing that this Coronavirus thing is actually happening?


    I mean it's very much real, but this global pandemic, thousands dead, the world practically shut down. This isn't the kind of thing you expect to happen. More like a movie plot.


    Seems like a movie director got his hands on the reality stone. 🤔

    I hope life returns to normal soon.

    Even if the virus is still around till like August, how long can the world survive like this? A lot of people aren't working.

    If this goes too long, it will have much more serious long term effects on the world economy. 

  6. So, Congress Dems blocked the Covid19 relief bill. Reason is they attached unrelated stuff to the bill, like free phones, voting without I'd, forgiving student loans and other stuff.

    Now, you might think that all that is great. But not now.

    Attaching conditions unrelated to issue at hand is nothing new, both parties have been doing it for ages.

    But this is not the time for that. Like half the country is out of work right now. Small businesses and families need relief, and Democrats are trying to advance their political agenda, effectively holding Americans hostage.

    Someone needs to get smacked in the face with a big book.

    Anyway, they tried and failed. I think they will now pass the bill.

  7. What if this time next year coronavirus is still at large?

    I mean, it's never going to go away. COVID19 will be on Earth for the foreseeable future. We don't currently have a way to eradicate a sickness.

    The flu comes around every year and kills thousands in the USA alone, but life goes on.


    If coronavirus sticks around for a lot longer, at what point does it become a fact of life, like flu and colds?


    Anyway, just something I was pondering. Hope it doesn't come to that.

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Yes, but viruses mutate, and you're not immune to the mutated strand.

      That's why the flu is still a thing.

    3. Draco63


      what do you mean we don't have the ability to eradicate a sickness?

      just look at smallpox!

      though, yeah, it'll probably never happen with COVID-19.

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      We have no way of know its completely gone.

      If killing viruses was easy, or even plausible why would the common cold still be around?


  8. Would other forms of reflections and lighting be the same case? Such as rasterization?
  9. Not that I recall, no. I noticed that too, thought it was odd. I'll try deleting the assets so It has to unzip them again. Okay, yeah. I had been messing around with the textures for a reason I don't remember. That fixed it. Thanks.
  10. For at least the past 3 days I can't open Mine-imator(1.2.6). When I try, it gives me this error: Win32 function failed: HRESULT : 0x80070057 Call: GR_D3D_Device->CreateTexture2D at like 522 in file \TexturesM.cpp Followed by these consecutively after pressing 'ok' on each I Googled it, and it has to do with 3d textures. Then I tried running MI 1.2.6 from Gamemaker, and I get this error: Attempting to create a texture of size 32768 x 32768 in SetupD3DTexture, this is bigger than the maximum allowable dimensions (16384) So yeah, it definitely has to do with the textures. Here's the crash log, although I don't think it helps. But hey, Idk. And before you tell me to: I rebooted. I reinstalled MI. I updated my graphics drivers. I uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers. I updated Windows. I ran MI with High Performance Nvidia Processor. I scoured the internet for solutions, not finding any. So...Help? And again, this only started occurring just about 3 day ago. I hadn't changed any settings on my pc.
  11. jQuery is my best friend.

    Well, when it comes to JS development

    1. Draco63


      you'd be out of luck if it was your actual best friend 😆 just imagine trying to get together IRL

  12. Someone help, I need some new words to react to this.
  13. Mine-imator 1.3.0: The Glorious Graphics Update.

    Those sun rays!!!!

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    2. Draco63


      that would be awesome. I mean, I know it's possible since people have managed to do it within the program, so why not just build it in as a feature? it would make things a lot easier.

      (the reflections, I mean. We no longer have to hope when it comes to the sun rays 😀)

    3. Ghatos


      Thoses sun rays are cool, yeah....

      But have you seen thoses shadows?!?

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Yes I have.

      When it comes to commuter graphics, I have always been a bit of a stickler for shadows.

      The news ones are way better.

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