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  1. TU60 coming out on Tuesday!! (99.9%)

  2. simple laptop rig

    Yes, NO schematics. That was for the very early MI...like a billion years ago....
  3. Minecraft console Edition TU60 so far!!!

    Ported from the Bedrock edition
     -Posable armor stands
     -Dye-able cauldrons
     -Leather horse armor
     -Fallen trees
     -Wither buff??
     -Ice villages?
     -directional fireworks!
     -baby zombies able to ride any mob
    Ported from the Java edition
     -New horse model :(


    1. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      What do you mean ported from Java Edition? Nothing's ported from Java, it's a standalone program.

      Also what I've never heard of those changes can you link me?

      Also the current update for Java Edition is focusing on bug fixes and technical improvements. Better feature update coming soon.

    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      This is a \bedrock update for console. and the horse IS ported from Java as Bedrock does not have it yet.

  4. today Jappa(https://twitter.com/JasperBoerstra) posted on Twitter the new snow texture. this was my response:


  5. More framerate options (Sugguestion)

    So THAT'S what Vsync is!
  6. Skyboxes

  7. Skyboxes

    You still use CB?!
  8. 3D Glazed Terracotta(Rig)

    I know, but there's not really anything to be done about it. But i imagine if anyone uses it, they won't be going to up-close to it, so it's probably fine. lol. Magenta almost looks good when it's 3d. Almost.
  9. 3D Glazed Terracotta(Rig)

    Hello. One thing i'v kinda been looking for since 1.12's release is 3d glazed terracotta. But no one ever seemed to make it;so I did.So here you go. Here are some pictures(I didn't show all 16 cause I didn't wanna make that may pictures) Download Note: In the future, i will make some .json models for these, as well as a resource pack, and an MI version(So you can import these from schematics).
  10. Cake?

  11. Customizable Alex Rig

    Not bad! Very good in fact! You should make a steve and, like TheIanPlays88 said, a villager one!
  12. [4k] Nostalgia

    Nice! Although, I don't understand why you named it how you did...
  13. Stranded In The Sky [2K]

  14. Winter Paradise [2K]

    That's what I thought first time i saw it
  15. Winter Paradise [2K]

    What is this? Narnia? anyway, very good! I like the lighting.
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