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  1. Not enough trading...too much wandering


  2. I see. O Bedrock a target selector is required. For example.. /execute Jake_28 ~ ~3 ~ /summon tnt (I know that on java the /execute syntax has changed, that's the bedrock one.)
  3. Wait really? That can't be; how does it know who to teleport? It needs a target(at least on bedrock. and I though on Java) K just checked. You're right. On java it's that way. Not bedrock. Sry
  4. Incorrect command syntax Should be "/tp @s 0 57 0"
  5. Maybe so, but that doesn't mean what you said is false. Anyway, I was simply stating that if the features are complete for Bedrock, those exact same features will be coming to Java. Bedrock did is faster cause they have a ridiculously large team(and still can't seem to fix small, platform specific bugs) whereas Java has a smaller team.
  6. Uh, duh, They'v talked about feature parity since Better Together Update. They already added leather horse armor to java, and a bunch of java features to Bedrock(since 2017).
  7. I know. But Bedrock and Java are getting the same Village and Pillage. So if bedrock has already released some of them in 1.8 and 1.9, it seems unlikely they are going to change them again. Same thing happened with Update Aquatic where bedrock got it first, and the features stayed the same after that point.
  8. There is a bug on Minecraft Bedrock(all platforms I think) where worlds of about 110 MB or more cannot be opened. This bug was in an update that came early in February. And it's still not fixed. They did say it's a top priority bug. I hope they fix it before they release 1.10.

    This has been random rambling with Spontaneous Explosions. Come back next week to hear about lemmings or possibly to find out how many catfish scales canĀ fit in a cereal box.

  9. Actually, most of these blocks are indeed complete. They are not on java edition yet, but many of them are on Bedrock edition in full releases.
  10. Yes, yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes yes, yes , and yes.
  11. Actually, while Minecrafts blocks may be unfinished, Mine-imator literally just uses the block model, block states, textures and ID. Their Minecraft functionality is irrelevant. I'v modded all the 1.14 blocks in, and there's no problem with them.
  12. Well then I'd better get started. Oh wait...I already have a modded 1.4 version on my pc
  13. I that happened Id start making modded versions of MI with the new stuff and releasing them. It's easy
  14. I did both. And spamming ok does nothing. It keeps coming till I close MI.
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