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  1. Spontaneous Explosions

    Coming Soon

    alright, i'll see if i can get them to you tomorrow. If any skins you want have 3d models in game, you're on your own with figuring out the uv's on them, i can only get the textures.
  2. Spontaneous Explosions

    Coming Soon

    Can't do the incredibles yet(i don't have the update that brings it) and what is that other skin from?
  3. Spontaneous Explosions

    Coming Soon

    You know, I can actually extract the actually skins from console edition.
  4. Fallen Kingdom was actually really great! It was certainly worth the $7.


    I think Blue will decide to settle in a certain paleontologists backyard xD. 

  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is out TODAY in the US!! :awesome: Good chance of me seeing it today! Can't wait. Been waiting for about 23000 hours.

  6. Spontaneous Explosions

    Random test movements

    Yes, but IRL when you turn, your foot touches the ground but remains almost stationary, for a second.
  7. Spontaneous Explosions

    What's the point of Modelbench...

    It is really good, easy to use.
  8. Spontaneous Explosions

    What's the point of Modelbench...

    How did it flop?
  9. 4j has their fuzzy banner up on twitter again. Something out tomorrow.(Not bedrock switch release, nothing to do with 4j) COULD be Update Aquatic, but very doubtful. If it is, than the java team is very, very behind.

    1. Swift
    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Well you don't need Toycat to know this. 4j ALWAYS does this before some sort of update. 

  10. Spontaneous Explosions

    Object Scale Confusion

    There is an option for it. It's the second one from the left. It's a little box with an arrow pointing to the top right corner.
  11. Spontaneous Explosions

    Isometric House Render

  12. Spontaneous Explosions

    Isometric House Render

    Well the new ones-should we even call them new anymore? they're almost a year old. anyway, they're much more saturated. Personally, i think they are infinitely better.
  13. Spontaneous Explosions

    Isometric House Render

    The old wool might have looked good back in 20-oh wait. It never looked good. Especially orange. and magenta. And light blue. And yellow, and lime, and pink, and gray, and light gray, and cyan, and purple, and blue, and brown, and green, and red, and black.
  14. Spontaneous Explosions

    Isometric House Render

    Old...1.11....wool....ugh...dy...ing....bleah....*die* But other than that, pretty good!
  15. An excerpt from something the head of 343 Industries said"


    I know waiting can be hard for folks who are excited for more info about the game. We are taking the time we need to make the right game and are making changes to how we approach things this time around. The goal of the entire 343 Industries team is to make a great Halo game for our fans that also invites new players into our franchise. We will have some new and unexpected directions to take folks in and I believe the way we achieve that is to build alongside our community, iterating and improving as we go.

     "is to make a great Halo game" Don't worry! I'm sure they'll do it one day! Halo 4 was...eh....halo 5...well, all i know is it sucked. Never played it. Halo Infinite though...hmm. we shall see.

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