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  1. So I just watched the Jurassic World film, Battle at Big Rock, on Youtube.

    Makes me exited for Jurassic World 3. 

    2 years off...😩

  2. They're not actually that similar, but being able to import Bedrock entities and convert to .mimodel would be pretty cool. Hint hint.
  3. Hey, more Bedrock parity for Java! They still didn't add one of the best ones that I use all the time...

    Does this mean Bedrock will soon get a huge command dump or something? Cause I can't think of any other features Java has other than those now....

  4. Today seems like a good day to listen to some good ol Halo music. Particularly 'Never Forget' and 'Unforgotten'

  5. I'v made greate use of structure blocks since they were added to Bedrock(well, in beta), but what'll really be great is when corner mode comes in. Right now you have to input each value manually, which is pretty tedious on Xbox and Switch.

    Speaking of that, I should also mention the structure void block. If you don't know what it does I won't go into that.

    Anyway, on Java it's a little cube that does it job and pretty much nothing else. On Bedrock is performs it's function and acts exactly like a barrier, invisible, unbreakable in survival, but it's transparent, you can walk through. That's an interesting property.

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    2. Draco63


      nope, nvm. it's pretty boring in java 🙁

    3. Frost*
    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Could be useful for map makers.

      Btw, @Draco63 You play Bedrock?

  6. It actually is pretty easy. Impossible, as far as I know, from Switch though.
  7. Okay. We all know you are saying all this because you are biased to Bedrock. That is a fact. All you'v said so far is that this shouldn't be added because it's unnecessary. Yes! Thank you.
  8. Oh, so your for bridging the gap between forums and non-forums, but not between Bedrock and Java?
  9. Plus @Slime the Discord section was added fairly recently, with the creation of the MI discord. That was a new addition. Yet you said nothing about that. That wasn't necessary.
  10. Then why should there be those things to begin with? Why have the profile thing at all? Just put everything in about me.
  11. Well sure, but it would be nice to have a specific box for it. I mean, we could have just one big box where people put whatever they want, but it's divided into sections. Plus, my suggestion wasn't only for Minecraft, but for Xbox and Switch profiles. We should have those for the same reason there are sections for a website, twitter, youtube, and discord.
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