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  1. Hmm, before the existence of Mine-imator's built in feature to import schematics, I used to use MCEdit. However, if I am not mistaken, MCEdit is already outdated and is far back old, which isn't used anymore. I'm not really familiar with other programs that has the ability to transform multiple pieces of schematics into one, so my only suggestion so far is to do it in Minecraft itself, or try to reach out other forums like Planet Minecraft, I bet there are a lot of users there who knows more about turning schematics into one piece. Also, it's my pleasure to help too! You're welcome!
  2. No, apparently not yet. However, there are two methods: We can parent multiple schematics into one folder. We can have Schematic A, B, C, and D, and parent B, C, and D into schematic A. Technically they aren't called "1 schematic", but it still works nevertheless. Moving the parent or changing its values will also affect its children. If you want them to connect to one another, adjusting the position of the schematic aligning with the other blocks still works.
  3. Considering that you're still new to Mine-imator, I think you still have way more to go. Try to follow up this tutorial by @Keep on Chucking, it's fairly simple and the length of the video is small and is directly explained. It may seem complex at first, but Mine-imator is a very simple program and you can make a lot of good things with it, for now, keep it up and I hope you can develop as you continue using it.
  4. Pretty impressive on a raw render with the use of shine flares on those lamps. :0
  5. For a starters, I can say it can be overwhelming and you have a huge goal ahead of you. But I want to let you know that despite that, I hope that with this project, you may improve as you progress reaching that 30 episodes you're planning to reach for. Besides, we all start somewhere, so good luck with that!
  6. yeah going to google and searching transparent mouth png anime isn't going to impress us. And overall, a Monster School itself.
  7. Impressive lighting, and adorable chibis. Nothing more, nothing less. :0

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  10. That's actually pretty good. Those pixels adding the nice touch~
  11. Not gonna lie, I run through all the Creeper-Block variants, Jesus Christ, they're amazing... REALLY AMAZING.
  12. That's amazing! It's simplistically pretty and I like how the blur and lighting doesn't hurt the eyes too, gives more focus to the car.
  13. Alkaide


    I gotta say, that's actually good. Though, there isn't really any problem with having a large moon, but I think you should try to keep a consistency with "realistic textures" with "Minecraft textures". Maybe adding some extra stars in the night sky would make it shimmer nicely too. Overall, not bad mate.

  14. unknown.png

    I know I make this shit before but like...



    Jesus Christ no.

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      wait what is happening here

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      Long time no see... how have things been?

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      @__Mine__ Pretty good, just checking out how the forums are going and stuff. :P 

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