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  1. Imagine being a dragon

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Draco63


      oh, you mean what I do every second of every day?

    3. Ghatos


      imagine having a christian cross on the chest


    4. Draco63


      imagine telling me if you're a hater.

  2. We all start somewhere, great to see some slight improvements from time to time, better than nothing. Wish you luck~!
  3. Alkaide


    that's very spicy but lighting could be better tho it's too dark for the right side
  4. @Nimi Will the code in ModelBench (or ModelBench models in general) be affected in the Model Bench Alpha? Idk if that made sense but.. Will the old ModelBench Beta models still work in the new Model Bench Alpha? :thonk:
  5. V2 is good but could be better. Some lighting behind the camera around the tint of blue and white should give the impression of a moon glowing and thus making it nicer. But overall, that's nice.
  6. That's noice but should the glow of the eyes be blue just as the pupils itself? Or am I just not seeing the color right? Looks purple glow to me.
  7. Is that a flashlight on the bottom right? That's some impressive lighting details though.
  8. Now that's a simple render right there.
  9. Pretty sure this is an attack helicopter not a female character.
  10. Well for someone who is new that doesn't looks bad, tbh I've seen worst.
  11. Hey that's actually pretty good.
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