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  1. I really like it
  2. Happy 200 rep! 

    on your way to 300

    1. Swingzero


      Thanks and happy 101 rep!

      On ur way to 200

    2. wafflecakes
  3. MI: 4k Edited: which i gave a a totally different look and style and for some reason its quality went down when i edited it
  4. y does Mike auto translate to mike F.R.E.D.D.Y
  5. So after i saw @MineWallpaper's model i kinda wanted to make mine, but it was the first time for me to make a model that is fad, so i went with a very simple model "old Mike" CREDITS: @ShotUAnimations for textures
  6. So yeah i was gunna make this guy pointing at Mike fadbear's pizzeria but , i did not find any good maps so i just made dis ik that this guy kinda looks like @Frost but i did not mean to make him look like him, and i mean nothing by it. (plz don't hurt me @Frost) CREDITS: @Hozq's face rig/or model and his hand model
  7. hmm then where r the trees and the left leg is not what it look like in the pic......nvm can u tell me at least the name of this face rig/model, if its privet just say that it is
  8. strange why i don't see anyone wearing a hazmat suit
  9. what face rig/model r u using? nice btw
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