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  1. ... Why did you draw the outline, you do know that you can get that outline with the bleed light option in mi right?
  2. I suggest using MI not MB for doing your renders since MB is not really made for that
  3. 109i0u1f3exnc706g.jpg

    Pixel art thingy

    1. CandyCat449


      Nice! How did you make it?

    2. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      LoL how the the **** did you do that Its


  4. I mean, you don't have to follow it if you want, he was just giving you some advice on how to make it look better because it kinda looks a bit messy and it doesn't fit with the style of minecraft.
  5. Its my b-day today so I made a dum little render


    1. insanehelix7076


      Happy birthday mr. only guy that ever made a shy guy in the mine-imator forums in modelbench

    2. SoundsDotZip


      Ay, nice! Happy birthday!

  6. So long 2020. Its been a long and hard year but I have improved a lot (at least I think I did) and here is a small summery of my art in the past year:


    Happy new year, hope 2021 is better and stuff. 

    1. DCTAnimations


      Damn You've changed alot


  7. Bruh some dude with 3 subscribers is using my old pfp wtf.


  8. So @LacaMenDRY made a very nice UI idea for MI :

    And I liked liked the idea and thought of making it with the modelbench theme thing that will be in 1.3.0, and boom:(might be kinda wacky cuz this is my first time doing something like this)


    I did change some little details tho, but overall it's his design.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LacaMenDRY


      I'm so proud that people are liking my UI Design. Thankyou Guys. This is my best day. 

    3. __Mine__


      I think this is trying too hard to be like Blender, if I'm honest.

      Mine-imator should never be made complicated, it should remain easy to use so newbies can make their silly renders/animations for fun while gradually building up skill, without being immediately overwhelmed by the program.

      ...All just my opinion, though.

    4. LacaMenDRY


      _Mine_ yes that is was the problem for Beginner Animator, But when my status release, I'm not mean to Design UI,I just like predicted Mine-Imator in 2030,But much of people are liking my design so Maybe A half of my design can be add in, and half of it will not added. 

  9. Pretty sure videos only need at least 5, but stuff posted in #wallpapersandart need at least 10.
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