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  1. Good afternoon everyone, Today i introduce you the Senta a sedan i designed and rigged. This vehicle Is the first car I've ever made that doesn't lag Mine-Imator. Images Includes - Working tail lights ,Trunk, Hood and Doors - Pedals - Movable Dashboard - Under hood - wipers >>DOWNLOAD HERE<< Don't forget to credit me when used
  2. Nice profile pic. Let me fix it for you.

  3. Congrats Ghatos, Just got you to 1000 rep!

    1. Ghatos
    2. MineRig


      you're welcome

  4. MineRig

    Ford Explorer

    Introducing another vehicle The 2019 Ford Explorer This rig was supposed to be in the vehicle pack v2 but i decided to just upload it anyway. Normal Police ver. DOWNLOAD Credit when used As usual Credit to @Mineshaft Animation for the light bar rig Previous Rig | Next: N/A
  5. Quick question does it include an air bag feature? If not it might be a useful feature to include.
  6. so i decided to make a city bus here's how it turned out.




    1. KrisFirebolt


      I love it!!! Probably one of the best buses I've seen on the forum. Does it have wheelchair compatibility, handicapped assigned seating? The rope or button for the 'bing' "stop requested"? :o

      Love the '7965' number at the front, a nice detail I didn't think anyone would add 😮

    2. MineRig


      Not yet, but thank you for the suggestions I'll add them.

  7. This is very nice, great job +1!
  8. Holy heck that's amazing! + 1
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