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  1. Not yet. He properly did. Thanks and yes the interior is pretty empty.
  2. As the tittle imply's i made the Cypertruck. so here's some images It took me 30 minutes to model this. >>DOWNLOAD<<
  3. Here's a Helicopter a rig i made. Images Side note: Helicopter doesn't lag MI >DOWNLOAD HERE<
  4. I decided to remodel my sedan rig.

    Here's a comparison of the older [ left ] & newer version [ right ]



  5. I'm currently working on another rig Here's a pic of it so far Will include: - Fully detailed cockpit - Working propellers - Working camera - Lights
  6. MineRig

    Ford Sedan

    You're welcome!. Which one the Hatchback or the sedan?
  7. MineRig

    Vehicle pack v2

    Thanks, glad you liked it. Why thank you. Thanks, and already made one.
  8. MineRig

    Vehicle pack v2

    I haven't uploaded a rig for a while now so here Introducing Vehicle pack version 2 which includes 7 different vehicles. Less laggy 2018 Ford Explorer 2019 Chrysler Pacifica 2017 Toyota Corolla LE 2015 Toyota Prius Mitsubishi Lancer evolution 1996 & 2017 2019 Kia Optima DOWNLOAD HERE *don't forget to credit me when used* Previous: Ford Explorer| Next: N/A Edit: road pack by @Ghatos
  9. After 1 year of wait sorry for that.... @Red-X here you go >>DOWNLOAD<< And @Davi12345 here's your Bugatti Chiron >>DOWNLOAD<< I'm really proud how they came out Also they don't lagg!
  10. Good afternoon everyone, Today i introduce you the Senta a sedan i designed and rigged. This vehicle Is the first car I've ever made that doesn't lag Mine-Imator. Images Includes - Working tail lights ,Trunk, Hood and Doors - Pedals - Movable Dashboard - Under hood - wipers >>DOWNLOAD HERE<< Don't forget to credit me when used
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