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  1. you'd probably have to wait for an update. in the meantime, you can open the world in an older version of MC (make sure you have a backup) and it'll work fine i think
  2. jumping into vehicles like that is seriously underrated
  3. some news of my stuff coming really really soon, possibly today

  4. mine-imator luckily automatically saves every few minutes, here's how you can access those: press "Open Project" in the first screen to open a project from it's file. from there, you'll be able to access the folders of your projects. open the folder of project you lost, then on the bottom right of the explorer window, change the file type to ".backup". you should be able to access backup saves from there. they might not contain everything, but they'll probably contain most of what you worked on.
  5. far cry 6 was amazing, finished it today

  6. the GTA definitive editions are a joke, couldn't even get the UI sounds right


  7. finished the donut image render! 


    pretty proud of how it looks, it looks nearly like real life

  8. finally finished the donut in the donut tutorial

    it's only been 8 years that i've been trying to use blender after all



    (no this isn't the new stuff i've been teasing don't worry)

    1. FredMCGamer


      Looking tasty!

      Keep up dem blendin!

    2. Draco63


      I should probably do that too, actually. I've just been fixing all the problems I have with blender with google searches, but the donut tutorial is an infinitely better solution.

    3. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      yeah i'm getting really familiar with blender with the donut tutorial. 8 years of being clueless on how to use blender, and a single playlist finally finished that streak. i'm gonna use blender to mostly do models and maybe animations for my game projects

  9. you could use surfaces with camera textures. you can configure the resolutions of each camera to get a non-stretched image and set them as invisible to have them not become the main cameras (the surfaces will still display what the camera sees despite the camera being invisible, i think)
  10. i'm currently moving so i'm staying at a hotel (which looks extremely out of place in my city due to it's modern architecture and RTX tech demo polished surfaces)

    new stuff coming out soon though, stay tuned

  11. you could use instant transitions on a camera or set the cameras you don't want to be enabled as invisible. i personally do instant transitions
  12. quick MI suggestion: taskbar icon progress bar

  13. started playing far cry 6. it's pretty amazing, i'm having a blast even at the intro

  14. Cryptic Runner

    Camera Wobble

    there's a camera shake option in the camera's keyframe settings. it doesn't rotate, but it could get the job done quick if you're on an older version of MI (pre 1.2.6 i think?) or want to do it manually instead, i'd recommend trying to vary the shake. currently, the camera just bobs left and right in the exact same way every time, you could try making it go up and down too. it's also a bit too distracting due to how intense it is, so you could tone it down too
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