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  1. sites like dafont allow you to download them. as for using the fonts, you simply have to select a font for the text itself.
  2. i love how the painting in the background is slightly bumpy
  3. situational tip: bloom with no radius & high threshold can give a super cool cel shaded specular-like look to highlighted things in mine imator

  4. pizza pockets are the hottest object in the universe

  5. just click with your sword, turn around and voila, you're the only one in the city
  6. nerd talk: TAA antialiasing is the worst visual effect ever created in videogame history

    1. Draco63
    2. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      blurry ghosting stuff and it just never actually works

    3. Draco63
  7. 2020 was a water level

  8. there's no bloom, but yes. there's the barebones resource pack which basically looks almost identical to it. here's a link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/bare-bones/ as for the edge glow, you can use surfaces with gradient textures or something like that.
  9. you can just resize the torso. sure, it won't have the stretchy shape but it works ig
  10. i actually really like the retro concept car look. aside from a few pixel resolution conflictions, this looks really good
  11. unknown.png 

    felt kinda miami, might delete later

  12. what would be the point of it if the current versions have more features than the community build (including the ones that are in the community build)?
  13. online school is much more awkward than i thought it would be

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