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  1. (WD series spoilers) i finished watch dogs 1 yesterday and it ended right when it started getting interesting. i'm glad watch dogs 2 ended right when it started getting less interesting, however both have very boring endings that are just "woohoo no consequences, let's basically kill the villain who seemed like it didn't even try to protect itself!"

    legion had pretty much the worst one though (same fashion but instead of it being the villain of the whole story, it's the very character who started the story who turns out to be the villain). glad i uninstalled that one, the entire game was boring, tedious and uninteresting unlike the other two.

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Ubisoft Kinda Weird tho?

  2. warm colors? canadian map? i think you're missing something huge about the climate in canada
  3. dude you're so bad that the top of your torches glow too instead of it only being the wooden part
  4. did you stitch screenshots together? i tried reshade a while ago and it didn't take reshade's effects into account
  5. gta 6 american dream themed logo 


  6. you can keyframe the text written on the text object so that you don't need to use multiple text objects individually.
  7. i actually love this. despite the rookie level of animation, it's still extremely entertaining.
  8. gtao2 fanmade logo 


    1. LacaMenDRY


      IF Internet Was Invented in 1969 Be Like:

    2. Draco63


      Do you do graphic design work for money? Because if not, you should consider it. This looks really good!

  9. made this fanmade gta 6 logo. 


    i've made more logos than anything else i've ever made

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      you mean gta 3? the font here is the same as gta 1 as a throwback

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Ah Yes. I was Wrong. I mean Since GTA 3. sorry about that.

    4. Zyn


      this gives me steven universe vibes lol
      good job

  10. POV: you're animating a walk/run cycle 


    1. Levi587


      *typing this message because i ran out of upvotes but i want you to imagine you have an upvote*

    2. Draco63


      Oh hey, I remember that movie. That was weird.

  11. i watched totoro and spirited away

    am i a weeb

    1. Draco63


      you basically watched the japanese version of disney movies, so you're a child weeb

  12. it's the thing that happens when something is inside of something else in 3D rendering, the thing that makes 2 textures kinda try to appear on top of each other. it happens in some games too when you're far away from stuff, for example, graffiti on a wall. it looks like this:
  13. i like watching parkour videos while knowing very well that no human is actually capable of doing what they're doing

    1. Draco63


      How do you know, hmm? Are you "every human"? /s

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