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  1. Uhh the link isn't working
  2. shadowlord123


    Nagato looks cool yet creepy the i love nagato Great job
  3. Maybe you can do all the bijuu? that would be cool. and maybe display the KGs? but i love Gaara of the sand
  4. shadowlord123


    Me with my weeb self will say that the rinnegan is good the rouge headband is great i love bow you put the painted nails i love it
  5. shadowlord123

    Tobi Akatsuki

    its good but maybe add more to tobi's mask but good
  6. Well it happened to me maybe try this
  7. This will most likely break my computer
  8. SCP 096 fun facts 1: YOU CAN'T RUN 2 YOU CANT KILL IT 3 YOU ALWAYS DIE! (info from the game SCP containment breach) So far very accurate
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