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  1. Why is someone levitating?
  2. I'm a weeb (or anime otaku) and we are yes mostly Americans (and Australian) are weebs but the other something% are Japanese. I Thus 拷問を始めましょう 私は今黙ってアニメを見るつもりです! This is what we like to watch btw
  3. I don't know when or why I made this My computer was a lot better back then
  4. K So The "Smoke" is coming from the Corrupted in the background and thx for the tips The Corrupted around the character makes it darker a lot darker but I can make It brighter THX
  5. (The Rigs or skins are not owned by me they are Skibbz check him out) I am open to Friendly judgment. PS. if it is bad i know it's my first time
  6. teach me your animating ways ??
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