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  1. Um, yeah. This is some disturbing stuff. The lack of clothing, creepy faces, (very odd proportions) and the fact that this is based off of a inappropriate fnaf fan game. Of course you're gonna get hate. I know not all fad rigs are atrocious, but this is more the atrocious. You got re-skins, and the ones with little to no effort. These are just...I don't know. Just disturbing.
  2. I mean, you can practice that idea, but of course, you can keep it to yourself. I don't know. You can do anything that you want, but some things are bet to keep to yourself. That sounds rude and It might be, but if you wanna avoid pain and downvotes, that would seem like a decent option until the fire has calm down. Though, knowing how these clowns keep click-baiting and producing crappy content, I doubt the fiery passion (aka the hate) will never calm down.
  3. Well, at that time when WillCraft was still around. It wasn't overly saturated and clickbaity. It was an original series (I mean, Will must've seen or heard something to create this) that he made. I mean during that time, the animations were still lacking, but again, MI was limited. And hey, you gotta give Will credit for being able to make a decent animation series when MI was old. Fast forward NOW, you just see crap like this
  4. Greetings users of the forums. Who am I? Well I'll keep my name, date of birth and other secret info to myself. However, I will tell you that I was born in a state in which palm trees and beaches are present. My interests consists of drawing, modeling, and animation (typical stuff) I use to play video games 24/7, but now since I realized that I was better at more artsy stuff rather than gaming, I started to turn away from games and dipped my toes in computer animation and modeling. Can't say that I'm an expert at everything, all I can really do is learn and try. Some other info about me, is that I detest horrible content, that leans more over to quantity rather than quality. (MS, Intros, and other horrid content that gets a lot of views) I choose this name (XxCherryBlossomxX), because I like the Sakura, also known as the Cherry Blossom. It's a pretty tree that blossoms in the spring. (And I suppose that I like cherries..) That's all to me, really )
  5. Um, I don't really have any words on this whole business. Other than, why? Why MS, why payment? You do realize that MS is hated, because it makes this community look more like a joke. I mean, it's your choice to go with this, but expect to be criticized a ton by users who hate MS. I'm just saying this now just as a heads up of what to expect. You can do what you want, but just expect the worst, just saying.
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