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  1. Raise the poly count on the sphere's and cylinders, and it'll be smoother. They only start with 32 polys. Pretty simple, but it looks good! Some textures and or outlining would help bring it out a little bit too.
  2. It certainly did take quite a while, but the work is off and on. I never complete a model in one sitting, I usually have three or four that I switch between. I never actually consider a model to be finished, which is why they take so long. There's always something that I could tweak, or add in. I appreciate it! Yup!
  3. Mine-imator is a lot more capable in this regard than I thought it'd be, but after doing so many of these types of models, I really don't think there is a strict limitation on what you can make with it, if you put in the effort, time, and creativity. In the end, its a battle of silhouette vs seems, and which of the two is a better compromise. Obviously there are some big limitations to mine-imator, but there are plenty of workarounds to get a good result. I appreciate it, haha
  4. Finally got around to doing some showcase renders of the Wall-E model. He was made entirely in Mine-imator, and I used paint.net to create the textures. Our internet was out for a while, so I spent around 4 hours or so gathering reference pictures of Wall-E from every possible angle, then used those images to model him within Mine-imator. it was a pretty fun little challenge! Eve is also here, you might've already seen some of the wallpaper renders I've made of her, but she isn't quite ready for a full showcase yet. I think they look pretty good together! This was one of the models that I'd put the most effort into getting the movement done right. I'm VERY specific on how Wall-E moves in the movies, since so many people tend to get his joints wrong. Simple things like the way his wrists move, or the fact that his head rotates, and the neck doesn't. The pistons in his neck and wrists, the hydraulics in his tracks, the lasers, all of that is important to get just right, or else the likeness won't be close enough to me. It took a lot of work, but I'm very happy with the result! Here is all of his current features: Movie accurate articulation (The only exception being the compressor and latch on his back) Animatable solar charge display Interior compactor detailing Functioning track hydraulics Opening solar panels Can be transformed into Cube form Reflective lenses Functioning Treads (Adjusted for animation and animated by @niam) Gimmicks (Laser, Eyelids, etc)
  5. Because not everyone does Minecraft related content in Mine-imator.
  6. I did the model a while back, but I believe I only shared it on a reddit post, without a download. It's a recreation of the PAC-MAN DLC that released for bedrock edition.
  7. I appreciate it! I might end up doing the whole cast from the first game, just because it feels wrong to only have two out of the five main characters. Plus, it feels kind of nice to step outside of my comfort zone a bit.
  8. Honestly, I got a lot less of that immaturity than I expected, from the community as a whole. I figured the second I made anything FNaF related, I'd be banished. Y'know, some people just can't handle the fact that the world doesn't revolve around them, and that people exist with other interests. Pretty sad if you ask me. I understand that FNaF gets tiring after a while, especially due to the amount of low-effort content, but throwing a tantrum about it is just ridiculous. Granted, I've also had bad relations with the amount of hate that FNaF gets in the community, but that's a completely different story that isn't appropriate here. I appreciate the kind words! I honestly wasn't even sure that I wanted to share this one anywhere, due to some issues that happened the last time that I posted something FNaF related. I figured it'd be a good learning curve, since I try to go for realism whenever I can. The more complex the shapes are, the more fun it is to try and make it work within the limitations of Mine-imator. I appreciate it! Here's a better look at Freddy up close, albeit the lighting isn't that great.
  9. Woah, really? I make my models on a really low end laptop too, but it runs fine unless you get crazy with the lighting. I saw your render not too long ago actually, that's the reason why I pulled it out, haha
  10. Went for something fairly simple, using a Freddy rig that I just finished. Springtrap was done by the talented @Mr. Darl, so all credit for that masterpiece goes to him. Nothing too fancy, just two fuzz lumpkins standing up against a black background. Oh well.
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