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  1. In My Own Darkness [2K]

    *Way too dark *Flat lands *Way too dark *The sword miss placed in the hand *The face rig looks odd 4/10
  2. Herobrine is coming...

    nope, criticism shows whats bad and whats good, if they don't see what good and whats bad then they will not know on what to improve on.
  3. Herobrine is coming...

    Well if we aren't critical on wallpapers then they won't improve.
  4. *Final Release* Player Folders Template (Better movements)

    mhhh, idk why it got copy rated. I 100% made the rig but I was gonna remove that download and replace it with a better rig which will come out on Friday.
  5. Herobrine is coming...

    Having something there doesn't make it better
  6. Herobrine is coming...

    Its a empty room that has nothing inside of it.
  7. Hanging Out with My Favorite YouTubers

    To be fair that is rude to say, some people may not be important to you, but to some people they are, even with the low up-rep and subscribers.
  8. Rip Stephen hawking

    *Press F to pay respect* 

  9. Night monsters

    *Lighting is bad *Stiff posing *The torch isn't glowing *The shadows look awful *Miss placed lighting *Flay lands *Bad night lighting 2/10 wallpaper
  10. War For The Lawn Poster

    *Why in the un-edited the lawnmower see through *You can see the edge of the map *The tree has three different wood blocks *Posing looks stiff (It just looks like he's walking) 6/10 Wallpaper
  11. Herobrine is coming...

    *Round bending *Lighting needs more work *The torch is glowing but not the particles *The portal looks miss placed (In minecraft you need obsidian to make one) *That ender chest is getting on my nerves (Ughhhhhh, my ocd) *The cudes in his hands have parties meaning that they should be giving of heat or a glow *Blocks are in each other 4/10 wallpaper
  12. One big family {Poster}

    One big family "we are all made from the same blood, but yet we still fight." "This wouldn't of happen if you did something." "Listen to yourself, you have lost it, this isn't you." "What do you mean, I haven't lost anything because I have nothing to lose." "Shes gotten into you're brain, Fight her!" "You were never my brother..." "But you were...."
  13. *Final Release* Player Folders Template (Better movements)

    Alright, I'll make a new version and make a new zip and link later tonight
  14. *Final Release* Player Folders Template (Better movements)

    What do you mean by "it breaks"
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