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  1. Its wired that in 30 years, I will probably think of the mine-imator forum's being the most neatest thing of my childhood 

    1. WAZZL3


      my childhood is ending in a year in a half 😥

    2. jakubg1




      But it's never too late to animate in Mine-imator and we'll still have similar age :)

  2. Well since I'm gonna start making more story based wallpapers on this character, I might as well make an AMA so you guys can get to know him better! Just ask him any question and he will answer
  3. I'm working on the redesign on my characters, and I think that this is gonna keep something close to his original look
  4. Yeah captain marvel was alright, Brie Larson was a bit stiff though (but I think she'll get that marvel actor charm sooner or later). Idk why I was mad in the first place? I wouldn't recommend it to a movie goers, but if you're a die hard marvel fan then this movie would be alright.


    1. 9redwoods


      r u kidding captain marvel is one of my favorite marvel movies!

  5. When I work on something I'll leave everything at the door and go pro .

  6. I'm gonna start being more active on my discord server
    So join if you wanna, I don't mind if you don't.


  7. I'm gonna take a long break from making wallpapers and actually work on something that I said I would start a while ago. I actually have a lot planned (fixing my rigs, and working on this series that I had planned for year's) this year, so let's just hope thing go above 100%!

    Brb, someone watch my cat for me

    1. Nzshark6


      And no this will have nothing to do with birds...     


  8. Welp, I'm getting bored and tried with the angry bird skin...

    Presses restart button


  9. 5120x2160 Yeah, that's true. Guess it because I rendered it in 5120x2160 UHD. I was just trying to test it out to see how it look but didn' bother to see how it'll on paper. So guess that's my bad : P
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