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  1. Something New I'm going to take a break from the edgy/over edited wallpapers. I'm going to start posting more unedited wallpapers, so I hope you like them.
  2. War! So I found this in my folder... So I decided to finish it (Not proud of the final outcome) and upload it. Hope you like it Also I was able to find a older versions, and I think that this looks better. Old Over edited And Before you ask, yes the noise effect is meant to be there :P.... Why was I so stupid, and I hate bringing out low quality stuff, so I am sorry for that. Unedited
  3. I'm planning on making a green screen challenge. Anyone wanna give some ideas on any image, videos, and posing, I should do.

    1. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      You should use N's castle from Pokemon Black/White.

    2. KrisFirebolt


      Pineapple in a shopping cart's usually something fun to try.

  4. Nzshark6

    Im Leaving The Forums

    Great to see that people are able to see some mistakes that they have made, and they are able to accept it. It is true that we are getting younger people to the forums, and all the older people are leaving (Because they are moving onto different interest and such). Meaning that we are most likely going to have younger people using mine-imator. Although they may be defensive when they get criticism that has been given in a wrong way (Or miscommunication). <--I've been there But I do agree, that if we have a problem with someone they should be able to talk it out, and try and understand a situation from both sides. (I have no problems with you) But I think that this is a good statement/apology. +1 Up rep
  5. I tend to beat up old people...

    1. MikTRF


      Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... wat

    2. Nerdinq


      I think you should really go see someone to talk about that.

    3. HeYoNia


      Luckily for you im a therapist

  6. Nzshark6

    "Oh hey, look at that."

    Tbh, so many people have ask me that, that I don't even know anymore. We'll just say I'm a Cardinal or something....
  7. Nzshark6

    "Oh hey, look at that."

    "Oh hey, look at that."
  8. Nzshark6

    Father Love

    Father Love
  9. Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe, but this... Hahaha, does puts a smile on my face. 


    Rig Made By @-StickyMations-

    1. -StickyMations-


      That's actually pretty well done, the editing I mean. Also just some advice, when I pose a character like this I usually make it so all infinity stones are visible. The thing lacking in this is the time stone. Nice work anyway. 

    2. Nzshark6


      Thank you so much! also I forgot about the time stone xP.

  10. Nzshark6

    Someone different...

    Its a mask...
  11. Nzshark6

    Someone different...

    Somebody Different
  12. I hide so many secrets in my wallpapers and post......

    And only one has been found.....

    Or either you guys just don't care...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SkythecreeperCS


      Opening the banner in a new tab shows this

      So i guess thats a secret?

    3. Nzshark6


      Nah that was just random file naming. 

    4. SkythecreeperCS



      Good try though?

  13. Nzshark6

    Nzshark6 Studios

    Nah, its just a server logo. Heck I would doubt if I had a studio myself.
  14. Nzshark6

    Nzshark6 Studios

    Nzshark6 Studios
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