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  1. This was meant to be a meme, but I wasn't motivated enough to finish it. Credit:
  2. Well it looks good, but I think you should add more color to the background. The dark red and the brown kind of blend in together. You can fix this by giving him a back light or making the back ground a different color. These are mostly nitpicks but keep doing what you doing, don't let anything bring you down
  3. I hate the angry bird movie 

    1. hiendiep55


      What's wrong with Film?


      Even I heard that OG Angry bird and few older games got removed from app stores 

    2. Cubic Ralsei
  4. Looks decent, but in my opinion I think you should turn down/glow the bloom on the eyes. Because a light that bright should cause some color to spill on the scene.
  5. This looks cool! But I think that the sword is clashing styles with the minecraft scenery (try and use a none blocky and realistic scenery for the sword). Also the lighting is really bland, try adding a cyan light to the blue circle on the sword. Also the scenery is really empty, try adding some trees or something to spice up the details. Anyway I really like the competition and the sky. But next time try and establish a theme with your next wallpaper!
  6. Do you guys think the term "Cringe" has changed over the years?

  7. Do you have any warnings, and what are they for? -spamming. Reason: For posting in the wrong topic areaWhat is your age? 15 How often are you active on the forums and what is your timezone? Although I do not post on the forums a lot I do go onto the forums daily/regularly. So up to 3 to 5 times a day. Timezone: GMT+12 Why do you want to become a moderator and why should we pick you? I have been on the forums for almost a year and a half, I've meet a lot of people/friends on the forums and the official/related discord servers. I feel like I owe this forum something in return, because if I've never made account on here I'll probably be sitting around doing nothing creative all day. I've been mods on many discord servers and I own a server which isn't really active, so I have some experience with being a mod. Earlier last year I use to give people criticism and helped people with their renders/animation, so I do enjoy being able to help people who really need it. I think that I could qualify as a mod because I'm mostly professional when it comes to people breaking the rules, I don't take anything personal and I stick to the rules. Are you willing to join the official Discord server if you already haven't, and to be a moderator there as well? I'm already in the discord server already, so I will be willing to be more active.
  8. Any suggestions for a wallpaper?

    1. 28stabwounds


      an scarecrow in the field hanging out with some crows

    2. Hagus


      People on an airplane

  9. Hi, I'm Tod Howard, purchase add on from our creation club, ok bye.

    1. Nzshark6


      Also I'm being 100% serious 

  10. I'm planing on making a series where I review Mine-imator animations, any suggestions for my first video?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei


      reality concept 5

    3. Hagus


      If you do one of mine, please do one of my 2 most recent ones. The rest are garbage xD

    4. YoshiHunter


      If your gonna do mine, review something between Bold Statement and my most recent one. Anything before those haven't aged well in my eyes.

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