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  1. I just watch a grinch review, and im reading everything in rhymes 

  2. NzShark6 Rig V3 (Released)

    Welp i was bored and wanted to make a new rig for my OC but it didn't come out as planed. I don't think its that good so that's why i am uploading it to the public so you all can use it (It basically my private one) (AND A ALOT OF BUGS WHICH ILL TRY AND FIX) Photos Download IF USED PLEASE DO CREDIT ME FOR ALL THE STUFF I USE TO MAKE THIS WAS REFERENCED FROM FRIENDS

    When boredom strikes

    The many faces of Shark


    FAD DETECTED v7AN8Z5.jpg

    I..... don't even know


    Wait.... why didn't i put this in wallpapers?

  4. ITS CHRIZMAZ so yeah i was bored and i wanted to make christmas skins for my oc's so i just stole some random skin and slap it onto mine. Advise is well needed Yes i was too lazy to add snow to the ground So lets just say that it started snowing
  5. Christmas Collab

    I suggest you should upload it to YouTube but if you can't please don't send in a VLC media player because of the editing software i use
  6. Christmas Collab

    Yes sound affects are aloud but music isn't
  7. Christmas Chaos Collab | By Ninja Dino

    Alright im in Alright done Yes it is bad https://youtu.be/Q44Evea5FV8 (Might remake it)
  8. Christmas Collab

    Yes, there is a landscape but it's not that good and doesn't have inside stuff
  9. Add It On Collab 2

    ........... Yeah um..... what version
  10. Christmas Collab

    Well i might but right now you can just use anything : P
  11. Christmas Collab

    I don't celebrate thanksgiving and i just want to give people a head start on animating but i will hold the Christmas stuff in till December
  12. Christmas Collab

    Christmas Collab Alright this collab will be on CHRIZMEZZ....duh.So how this collab will go is that you will have your skin/rig/model etc opening up a gift and having something inside and a reaction to what is ever inside the gift. Rules *Must not be over 60 seconds *Must not have any nudity or sexaul content (But you are aloud to put dark edgey stuff in) *Must send in there video here or on my discord (!Nzshark6#8459) *Please be respectful so please don't me rude and please don't judge other people cultures or have any torreist stuff in the video or else it will not be featured *If there are any swears you don't need to beep them out i could do that Dead line: 20th December Landscape (if you wish to use)Its not that good Theres nothing inside the house so if you wish to put stuff inside it please send a download link so i can add it here Alright thanks for thanks for reading this and hope y'all will join in on this collab Join the discord server https://discord.gg/GNDGeY
  13. Early Morning//4K

    I can see flat lands but i find the lens flares desent
  14. Wallpaper dump 4k

    Wait a minute..... GASP
  15. Nzshark6s wallpaper dump

    Well i don't 100% consider them as boobs, I prefer to think them as how birds have puffy fevers at the chest so if i were to make a human boobs onto a rig i wouldn't have it going to the waste because that weird as hell.
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