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  1. If you ever bored just punch a blind person, they can't chase you if they can't see where your going.

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      They’ll never see it coming 

    2. HeYoNia


      But the problem is


      It's considered ASSAULT


  2. Nzshark6

    1963 Ford Lincholn Continental. (WIP)

    Sorry if you felt like the joke was a bit disrespectful, I wasn't trying to make light or mock his death.
  3. Nzshark6

    Test Lighting {4k}

    Test Lighting
  4. A storm is coming 

  5. I feel like I have never made one wallpaper that has "wowed" someone. Guess something needs to change in my work

  6. Nzshark6

    "See ya, Champs"

    Nah, its just the last time i'm going to use that character (Aka SpookieBoi).
  7. Nzshark6


    No I'm not, sorry
  8. Nzshark6

    Sympathy for the Devil

    "Careful champs, this house is spookyer than me."
  9. Nzshark6

    My pp and skin

    Right now I'm thinking what does the PP is meant to mean
  10. I need your rig of the pumpkin dude.

    1. Nzshark6


      May I ask why?


      Well the rig is private (Because its a working progress), so will the skin do?


    2. EthanForeverAlone


      I want to make a wallpaper with it. Id prefer the rig, you could just DM me on discord.

    3. Nzshark6


      Eh, might as well

  11. Nzshark6

    Spookie Team [Part 1]

    "Careful Champ"
  12. Nzshark6

    "I'm building a team."

    Gonna have to agree with you there
  13. Nzshark6

    "I'm building a team."

    "I'm building a team."
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