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  1. Christmas Collab

    Well i might but right now you can just use anything : P
  2. Christmas Collab

    I don't celebrate thanksgiving and i just want to give people a head start on animating but i will hold the Christmas stuff in till December
  3. Christmas Collab

    Christmas Collab Alright this collab will be on CHRIZMEZZ....duh.So how this collab will go is that you will have your skin/rig/model etc opening up a gift and having something inside and a reaction to what is ever inside the gift. Rules *Must not be over 14 seconds *Must not have any nudity or sexaul content (But you are aloud to put dark edgey stuff in) *Must send in there video here or on my discord (!Nzshark6#8459) *Please be respectful so please don't me rude and please don't judge other people cultures or have any torreist stuff in the video or else it will not be featured *If there are any swears you don't need to beep them out i could do that Dead line: 20th December Alright thanks for thanks for reading this and hope y'all will join in on this collab
  4. Early Morning//4K

    I can see flat lands but i find the lens flares desent
  5. Wallpaper dump 4k

    Wait a minute..... GASP
  6. Nzshark6s wallpaper dump

    Well i don't 100% consider them as boobs, I prefer to think them as how birds have puffy fevers at the chest so if i were to make a human boobs onto a rig i wouldn't have it going to the waste because that weird as hell.
  7. Violin Rig

    I care not Nice violin rig.
  8. Nzshark6s wallpaper dump

    Here are some few wallpapers i have made this month So cover you're eyes WARNING NSFW Well its not really NSFW
  9. Wallpaper making

    Does anyone read these titles So yeah i just made a wallpaper Rawr Non-Edited Edited Me going crazy with PhotoShoping
  10. Stealing ChrizMezz

    IT CHRIZMEZ Idek what i'm doing with my life i just want to get in the feel for CHRIZMEZ
  11. One Animation - Collab Join here only ten spots or more if I get bored https://discord.gg/V5S57Mc Hey this is a new idea for a collab i'm doing where we all use the same animation. What to do? Well all you got to do is add in your skin (or rig) and make a small animation of your skin doing something. SORRY FOR BAD SPELLING Rules: -MUST BE AT LEAST 8 SEC LONG OR LESS -DO NOT TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE STUFF -DO NOT TOUCH THE CAMERA OR LANDSCAPE -You can use particles only if their not blocking someone eles -you can only use one block or two items -You can use a player rig if you wish to *Not my problem if someone steals it* -Don't add in anything too laggey Download When you are done upload a media fire, dropbox, google drive, Etc to this topic and ill update it every day.
  12. Steve The Night Walker - 2K

    Heres to anyone who has a dark screen (Still amazing though)
  13. Roblox-Noob(rig)

    O O F
  14. Dr. Shark Sneak peek Hey, I have finally started working on my new series.This is a snapshot i took of it because i wanted to show it off and get people opinion on it.First off this is a WIP so there are gonna be a lot of mistakes so if you see any please point them out so i can fix them.and if you are interested there will be a discord link at the bottom so if you want to help please do join your help will be will needed or if you want to join as a fan who wants to follow the series feel free to join.
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