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  1. If captain marvel ruins Infinity war, I will not watch it. I will live knowing that the mcu died in the snap. 

    1. -StickyMations-


      I honestly have no interest in Captain Marvel and her movie. I didn't like the post credit scene in Infinity war, I always thought it undermined the whole movie 😕

      I hope Endgame doesn't hinge around her. 

  2. Nzshark6

    Wither [4k]

    The Wither
  3. Nzshark6

    Uproar Of Pandemonium [4K]

    I prefer to use lighting from natural light sources. Just to give it a more natural look.
  4. 333 Up rep, I'm like a downgraded version of Satan. :no:

  5. Nzshark6

    Stride In The woods [4K]

    Fox Made By Skibbz
  6. Pizza Time


  7. Nzshark6

    Michael Myers [2018]

    I don't know, I guess so. I made it when I was bored so I didn't really plan on releasing it.
  8. Nzshark6

    Michael Myers [2018]

    So I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to find a Micheal Myers skin and make a rig. So enjoy! Download
  9. Had to re upload due to copyright

  10. Nzshark6

    Minecraft styled car

    You posted this in wallpapers. Pretty sure this should be in Rigs.
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