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  1. Hows everyone doing, it's been a while 

  2. Reminds me of really old minecraft parodies
  3. I haven't been able to use mine-imator because my computer isn't working, and it makes me sad.

  4. Anyone got any movie suggestions?

  5. Do you remember 

    1. Cubic Ralsei
    2. Frost*


      Yeah I remember

    3. crustyjpeg


      the 21st night of September

  6. This was meant to be a meme, but I wasn't motivated enough to finish it. Credit:
  7. Well it looks good, but I think you should add more color to the background. The dark red and the brown kind of blend in together. You can fix this by giving him a back light or making the back ground a different color. These are mostly nitpicks but keep doing what you doing, don't let anything bring you down
  8. I hate the angry bird movie 

    1. hiendiep55


      What's wrong with Film?


      Even I heard that OG Angry bird and few older games got removed from app stores 

    2. Cubic Ralsei
  9. Looks decent, but in my opinion I think you should turn down/glow the bloom on the eyes. Because a light that bright should cause some color to spill on the scene.
  10. This looks cool! But I think that the sword is clashing styles with the minecraft scenery (try and use a none blocky and realistic scenery for the sword). Also the lighting is really bland, try adding a cyan light to the blue circle on the sword. Also the scenery is really empty, try adding some trees or something to spice up the details. Anyway I really like the competition and the sky. But next time try and establish a theme with your next wallpaper!
  11. Do you guys think the term "Cringe" has changed over the years?

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