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  1. finished my discord server

    join if ya want, its barely even active

  2. Nzshark6

    Happy B-Day to me

    Yey its my birthday avengers infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in his-
  3. Nzshark6

    Spookie Boi [4k]

    Spookie Boi
  4. Spookie Boi


    1. Swift


      Huh cool, this is probably the best Halloween profile I’ve seen this year.

      Edit: Oh rip I’m out of rep for the day.

  5. Nzshark6

    A New Friend [4k]

    A New Friend
  6. I have died and came back as god, I am good now!


  7. Am I dead?

    1. EnderSculptor


      You are dead.   Not big suprise.

    2. Swift


      You typed this, so obviously not.

  8. Nzshark6

    There's No Escape [Rig Test]

    Np Here's a video that talks more about lighting, you can use it to improve your lighting with point lights as well.
  9. Nzshark6

    There's No Escape [Rig Test]

    The glitch effect looks really cool, I would say that's probably one of best ones I've seen. But I think the posing looks a little stiff to me, and the lighting doesn't look the best, try and make the lighting red and dark so it fits the background. Here a tip to make some good lighting tip Scale up everything between 5 to 10 ( I would recommend 5). Scaling up everything would make this cool effect with spot lights. Anyway keep trying to do your best on these renders. Good luck render
  10. Nzshark6

    The Man Behind The Mask

    The Man Behind The Mask
  11. Ya'll home from school yet?

    1. MikTRF


      No I'm going to school now

  12. Okay....

    No one seems to find my secrets 

    So who ever solves this gets a high five

    1. Nzshark6


      This one is easy

    2. Swift


      Devils tune?

    3. Nzshark6


      Thats only 1 part of the secret, look a little more 

  13. Nzshark6


    Its just a scythe... Here you go Download No need to credit, but if you want to just @ me in your post, because I just want to see someone use this.
  14. Nzshark6

    Reaper [4K]

  15. Oh no my gum balls


    1. StarFX


      Are stuck in a pile of gum

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