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  1. I really like the unedited version
  2. I actually can't believe this! The forums have gone down hill, it's the same as it use to be
  3. Oi she'll be alright, just slap some tape on her aye and she'll be fine


  4. Aye I haven't died yet, here's some renders I made. Okay bye, see you in the next two years Here's a render I made back in early 2019 or late 2018, found it in my folders and I didn't think that it was good enough to share so here. Cyber Demon: @Creeper2555 Guns: @crustyjpeg
  5. Looks nice, can't wait to see what you make next!
  6. WHAT!?!?! Is that a female and male mc characters making any form of physical contact!?!? I gonna go ape mode right about now, not on my kid friendly forum 

  7. Quick question, what do you guys think of my renders/wallpapers? (Please serious answer's, don't be afraid to be brutally honest with me)

    1. Ethaniel


      They're fine but the furries take off like 5 points. 

  8. I wonder when the furries on

  9. Real Girlfriend < Gender bent oc

  10. How about the super shotgun from doom eternal?
  11. I love the consistency with the og minecraft style, keep it up!
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