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  1. I love the consistency with the og minecraft style, keep it up!
  2. New character: Veronica 


  3. Made a quick test render


    Models made by:crustyjpeg

  4. I think I've ran out of idea's


    1. Gfamleit
    2. Nzshark6


      Nvm I just made a render


  5. I am struggling to understand why this has 4 down votes? It's not a bad model, but I wouldn't say its too great either. I like the simple design of it, but the textures on the arm's and legs would look a little bit nicer (in my opinion). I really like the simple design though. (Sorry for bold text)
  6. I can see big improvement with your new renders, try and add some extrusions to the gun to create more dept/detail
  7. Aye 600 up votes! Thank you so much guys!

  8. Fun fact: the guy in the middle (Black Hair) was the first design of this character, his name is Sive
  9. I got the model from Hozq discord server
  10. Long Head Models made by @Hozq
  11. My pc has finally been taken to a shop to get fixed! I'll most likely be able to make renders again on Wednesday! 

  12. Image still being in 2019, this status was made by the Australian and Nz gang

  13. I don't remember this being in the cartoon...
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