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  1. I made this to celebrate the launch of 1.16 And here is the Render.
  2. Agentsecret24

    Papyrus Rig

    I noticed there were only a few Papyrus rigs in general for Mine imator and all of them are for older versions of Mine imator so I thought I would make one for the most recent version as of Uploading Terms Of Service: 1. Credit if Used 2. No NSFW Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701990934841131078/723986144341000213/Papyrus.zip
  3. Made this thing And here's the Speed Render
  4. Here's the quickest method I found 1. Open the folder and any sub folders 2. shift-click the key-frame icon on all of the objects in the folder This will have all the key-frames selected
  5. The Link Should be fixed
  6. So I entered Sharpwind's Adventure Collab and didn't show up. So I checked the file and it was the wrong resolution So I'm Uploading it here. Feedback Is appreciated
  7. How long did this take to render?
  8. The Link should be fixed now.
  9. Agentsecret24

    Sans Rig V.3

    Subscribe to join The Agency and activate the Almighty Bell of Notification for daily shenanigans!! I'm back making Mine Imator Rigs with Sans Undertale T.O.S. 1. Credit if Used 2. No NSFW Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701990934841131078/701990971201552474/Sans_V.3.zip And here is the Render
  10. Thank you for your criticism. I'm still learning proper photo editing.
  11. Thank you for the criticism, also I thought of making the lights glow, but since it's Daytime In the render, I decided Not to.
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