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  1. Agentsecret24

    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Amazing!!! One question though, how did you get the skirt to look so realistic?
  2. Nomination 1: ICE COLDHEARTz. Nomination 2: The Minebox I know The Minebox has only one Mine Imator animation, but it is absolutely amazing!
  3. Agentsecret24

    Money Question

    Thanks for the help!!
  4. Agentsecret24

    Money Question

    I was curious if it was ok to commercialize rigs and/or do commisions for people?
  5. Agentsecret24

    Toriel Rig

    Glad I can Help
  6. Agentsecret24

    Making something...

    It's Humantale Chara
  7. Agentsecret24

    Captain America MODELBENCH +Video/Wallpapers...

    You're really good with Modelbench. The only odd (for lack of a better term) thing about the model is the eyes, they're a bit too childlike (unless this model is anime inspired in which case they are perfect) Upon closer inspection i retract my former statement.
  8. Agentsecret24

    Toriel Rig

    I just don't like it or to see it and it disgusts me to no end
  9. Agentsecret24

    Toriel Rig

    Here's the Link:
  10. Agentsecret24

    Toriel Rig

    Here is a Toriel rig for all you Undertale fans out there. There were actually no (public) Toriel rigs out there so there. Credits are in video desc. (Click Vidio Name in the top left) Link: Terms of use: 1). Credit if used 2). No NSFW under any circumstances
  11. Do we need to credit you for your SFR v.4 rig?

    (I will, in 99% sureness do so, it's just having to type out the same thing over and over again gets boring fast.)

    1. SKIBBZ


      You don't need to, no.

    2. Agentsecret24


      Ok, Thanks!

      Also, your work is amazing! :)

  12. Agentsecret24

    Female Rig

    Model, Rig... They're the same to me
  13. Agentsecret24

    Female Rig

    I don't know about the other rigs/templates but mine is just a template for other people (including myself) to build off of
  14. Agentsecret24

    How do I make a Female rig

    Nerver Mind, I figured it out: See
  15. Agentsecret24

    Female Rig

    I did this Today I present to you My take on the Female Rig/Template for Mine Imator I mapped it smartly so you guys wouldn't have to spend an hour taking your female skins and making them compatible, in short just use the default minecraft skin format. Download: Terms of Use: Credit if used Under no Circumstances, EVER, any NSFW, ya Hear! That stuff disgusts me to no end.
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