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  1. I liked a Scene in @EmeraldsOnToast's latest video... So I reanimated It The Original(Contains Swears):
  2. It is supported, just change the human model from Steve to Alex.
  3. My Username Is Agentsecret24. You Can Grab My skin Through MI's Built-in skin Downloader.
  4. Because There is a surprising lack of Fortnite Animations(I'm Not saying its a good Idea, I'm just answering your question) Instead of broadcasting Negativity just because its fOrTnItE, I will instead give m honest opinion on this topic. I think it's an interesting idea, however you would to make a way to make custom skins/weapons/etc in order to get the stuff into the program(Like we have now with MI and Modelbench). Personally though, I'm partial to Minecraft Anims.(I just really like the voxel style)
  5. I see nothing wrong with this. Sharp is (unfortunately) an underrated YouTuber and some people just don't subscribe. For example, I only have 252 Subs, yet my most popular video has 3.1k views.
  6. This is a night and day difference. The one on the bottom is clearly the more professional quality. You are going to get a better following in the long run if you animate well and put effort into your animations. Remember the old saying: Quality over Quantity. If your looking to improve check out SharpWind(he does swear in some of his videos so look out for that). He knows the ins and outs of professional animation with Mine Imator. (Now Monster School can be done well and I have provided an example of one such animation below.)
  7. Oh, sorry didn't realize. I tried to make 2-pixel eyes and if you decide to download it you can make them smaller.
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