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  1. I made this for a school assignment and thought I would share it here The Final Render: And here is the Speed Render
  2. Good news, Gacha Club is on PCs! Here is the Link: https://lunime.itch.io/gacha-club
  3. Unfortunately no there isn't a way to keyframe parenting. Here is a video that explains how to pick up items
  4. From what I can tell the posing is actually well done. However I have 2 critiques: The image resolution is a bit too small. I would recommend rendering wallpapers in atlast 1920x1080 The image is not very visible. Just because something is at night, doesn't mean it should be unlit. For night images. Have a muted blue or purple light at the front of the model. Use spotlights to save on computer resources.
  5. Hi, with a brand new original track, well sort of. This is the Megalovania of an Undertale AU I have in the works. I may make a video explaining the AU in the future so be sure to subscribe for that There are a good few UT Leitmotifs throughout this track. Comment if you've found any. Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tristan-rondholz/the-underground-ambassador Bandcamp: https://agentsecret24.bandcamp.com/track/the-underground-ambassador-a-skelefrisk-megalovania
  6. I made this to celebrate the launch of 1.16 And here is the Render.
  7. Agentsecret24

    Papyrus Rig

    I noticed there were only a few Papyrus rigs in general for Mine imator and all of them are for older versions of Mine imator so I thought I would make one for the most recent version as of Uploading Terms Of Service: 1. Credit if Used 2. No NSFW Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701990934841131078/723986144341000213/Papyrus.zip
  8. Made this thing And here's the Speed Render
  9. Here's the quickest method I found 1. Open the folder and any sub folders 2. shift-click the key-frame icon on all of the objects in the folder This will have all the key-frames selected
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