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  1. Im having Ulyssess asteroid vibes
  2. a tutorial that is easy to understand at the same time makes us laugh
  3. but i still wonder, if your new here and can create this kind of stuff, then we're have you been all these time
  4. Damn i wish i could do that by the way your face rig looks amazing. so simple yet so perfect for me
  5. these reminds me of universal heat series 1921 outbreak. Great animation!
  6. My bad i just forgot how to reply on the post
  7. You Mean Ears And mouth? btw Splendid rig
  8. in short we can just use the custom resolution on the camera to make it 8k. Right?
  9. Happy Birthday Fellow Animator and Happy New year To all of you
  10. Thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind yah my bad about the intro i should have uploaded the other one with no intro the net so slow so i couldn't upload it
  11. Thanks Btw it took me 3 days to animate thanks to my laziness and addiction to games lol
  12. Just Practicing Some Keyframes my Sorry For The Blood Particles it looks ugly XD
  13. Damn That so smooth Movement can't stop replaying the part we're its so smooth Edited: Replaced Animation with movement lol
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