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  1. actually yeah... they should look different cuz they're diiferent rigs... but i reccomend you to make eyebrows a bit more... uhmmm Thick... A BIT
  2. Yes... Version 1.0 but whatever... I'll just add some images of rig... also you need to turn off the "Color" section of glass whatever here's the images: easily colorable bends (rotate the body to rotate the rig or just mess up with rotation point)
  3. First thing: Dont quote the topic Secon thing: Maybe youre right this looks like mouth to me too
  4. WELP! I think i updated my rigging abilities if you don't know Warden is a brand new mob, that will be added to Minecraft with 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update... There's the pictures General Look: Bendble Arms And Legs: 3D Ears And Eyes: Textures i used to make this model is from this texture pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/1-17-entities-warden-axolotl/ don't forget to credit me if you use
  5. I need a prop rig pack. That's it. (example: Balloon, Table, Furniture, Food, Chair and bla bla bla.) Because im makin' a music video and i need a prop pack.
  6. I really dont know i think no but they can add in new updates maybe.
  7. ohhhh my god this is nice
  8. yeah... or anything that glows with yellow color.
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