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  1. I agree with your criticism. I will improve on that in the future. Thank you Once again, couldn't agree more, people have made amazing things in Mine-imator, had told stories that are amazing, extremely detailed models, very sophisticated rigs, the list could go on and on. And honestly, I am considering about making a video showcasing everything the Mine-imator community has offered in the future. People often look down upon this software, because of, you know what... This is an amazing software, and this is an amazing community of animators, modellers, riggers, and so much more. I haven't checked them out yet, i'm still new to this community, but thanks for mentioning them, I will check them out right now
  2. Well, it's just my personal picks. I mentioned about it in the description. Oh, i'm sorry about the gore. I just picked shots that I liked and found appealing and compiled them. Also, none of these were intro's. MGB's,some of it... And I totally agree that there is much more good content from Mine-imater out there. These are just my personal favourites. Once again, couldn't agree more that there was a lot more out there. These are just my personal favourites. Thank you for your comment.
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