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  1. Looks awesome dude!
  2. This quick tutorial will teach you all you need to know to achieve better shadows in mine-imator 1.2.7 using fake PCSS or Percentage Closer Soft Shading.
  3. See, now this is exactly what we needed.
  4. Just keyframe the text you'll only have to use a single instance instead of a lot.
  5. I realised I still haven't posted this video to the forums, so without futher ado.
  6. "W- Wait, it's a cube?!"

    "Always has been"


    1. Draco63


      But you said you would use it in an animation!!!! >>>:0

    2. Keep on Chucking
    3. __Mine__


      @Draco63 It is an animation, it's just in 0 FPS ;)

      On-topic, the direction of the shadows and the light bleed implies there are two distinct light sources coming from different directions. Could this planet be orbiting a Binary star system? o.O

  7. Hey


    You're almost at Voxy's perfect number

  8. It's been over 6 years since I last updated my earth rig, and since I need one for my next animation I thought why not juse make a new one? Old versions incase anyone's curious: Twitter version:
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