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  1. Some of these sound good, other's sound kind of unrealistic. I don't think porting Mine-Imator to another engine would really be worth it considering the time it'd take v.s. what you get out of it. The ability to import multiple images/assets at once sounds like a good feature though.
  2. Minecraft's in-game pumpkin pie is round in the texture so your point makes no sense. Not everything has to be exactly minecraft, geez, let people explore some styles freely without nitpickings things like this. It's a good looking rig. I'd rather use this rig than a square pumpkin pie ngl.
  3. WHOOOAAA, This looks awesome!
  4. Dude the second jump is sooo goood
  5. Personally I would turn down the bloom and lens dirt/flare effects, other than that this looks really good! I absolutely love Castle in the sky. Can't wait to see this rendered in 1.3.0!
  6. Oh nice, so it fixes the z-fighting for textures? Does this happen because modelbench handles bending differently or something?
  7. You can create custom assets for mine-imator, either using Modelbench or within mine-imator itsself. Best you can do is search for existing rigs or model them yourself. You cannot import mods from minecraft directly into mine-imator however.
  8. very interesting. Do you think this can work on bodies too to create some kind of body tracking?
  9. This depends mostly on your hardware. Slower pc = Smaller Schematics.
  10. Great progress being made so far! Love how this update is turning out!
  11. Last Midsa related status: One hour left to join! this is your FINAL chance to join! If you don't join now you will miss your chance!



    If you join too late you will miss your chance, if you're not sure if you should apply, go for it! Today is the last chance you have! https://forms.gle/sXuoiXtjLBVUWZkF6

  13. Applications for the Mine-imator Doesn't Suck Anymore 3 Collab will close in 2 days. If you haven't applied yet. APPLY


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