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  1. Incase you missed my newest tutorial: 


    1. MikTRF


      why is this so entertaining

  2. Hello everyone! I'm back with a new tutorial! This time I'm covering rain! Special thanks to @ShinyGHASTTear for making such awesome text models!
  3. These look amazing, Definitely the best vehicle rigs I've seen on these forums yet.
  4. Generic Discord Server invite >> 


  5. It was supposed to not be funny, I mean the sentence before it went "share cringy memes with each other"
  6. Hey you guys! I've been working on a new discord server, since I have a bit more free time lately I want to put some of that time to good use for my youtube channel, what would be better than to have a discord server to go with it? Anyways, here's the video announcement Feel free to join the Creative Cart Discord Server Here: https://discord.gg/2RukGbv Check out my Patreon for those sweet roles: https://www.patreon.com/keeponchucking
  7. A board has fallen into the river in LegoCity!
  8. This is genuinely impressive, I didn't think I'd ever see something pulled off this well within mine imator! Well done!
  9. I absolutely agree, it's really slow, especially cosidering you need like 16 gigs of ram for it to run smoothly. I was trying to see if I could use more ram friendly software like sony vegas before recording the video, but after effects ended up being the easiest to use for the tutorial, logically speaking this should be just as possible in other video editing programs so I'd say give it a shot and see if the same effect is possible in other softwares.
  10. I don't know anything about kiepocu considering I left like 2 years ago
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