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  1. No we didn't, global illumination was announced for mine imator 3 months ago Source: Regardless though of me wanting to be a smartass, that's a pretty cool shader, I'm interested to see what could be done with it
  2. How big is the schematic you're trying to import?
  3. Huh, the downloads seem to be broken. This might be something david or nimi should into.
  4. What are the 12 steps of the hero's journey? A concept frequently if not always used in filmmaking? Unironically for the people reading this, look them up, I had to learn them in animation college, they're a very good way to structure a story and to make it more robust.
  5. This is a very relatable problem I frequently encounter when animating, sadly there's no fix to this currently, and I'm not sure if nimi is planning on fixing this anytime soon.
  6. It's just a skybox that he probably found after 3 seconds on google images dude
  7. You realize this is the requests section of the forum right?
  8. Government Funded TV in the netherlands is something else, 


  9. I recently got to participate in an invader zim reanimated collab. I went for a sort of "paper cutouts on sticks" style that I really like.
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