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  1. Really well explained! Can't wait to see what the rest of this series has in store!
  2. This is genuinely very impressive, is there any chance you'd make a tutorial for this?
  3. New update (1.2) For the Water rig, this fixes all the crashing and performance issues, as well as a render depth problem: 


  4. About the lag and crashing when using my water rig.
    Besides college work, I'm gonna try and get a fix out that should get rid of the crashing when loading and unloading, and all the lag that comes with the rig. Expect it in about 1-4 days. Again sorry about it being such a mess right now 😬

    1. HeYoNia



      This is with your rig.


      Well you can guess what this is


      Kinda a test to see how taxing your rig is on my crappy spec but I guess others may experience less impact

  5. I'm planning on releasing a fix for that next week which should optimise it enough to actually stop lagging and not crash when you delete it from your animation.
  6. This rig uses multiple multiply surfaces to create a water depth effect, making the water look more realistic. I decided that rather than just making a tutorial, I'd simply just make it a download, there's two different versions that you'll be able to download. You can use this rig for your animations and projects, but credit to either this post or the video link are r e a l l y appreciated. Screenshots: Video Showcase: Downloads: Current version: (1.2) 22nd May 2019 Realistic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12vLGw67onOn3orJA745ngs3jnKeltBGe/view?usp=sharing Minecraft Styled: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sTkWvSZNdKW0Wc3w7mCs3CDNmS_ghsBp/view?usp=sharing Known Issues: Apparently there's still people dealing with crashes when trying to delete the rig, I'd suggest importing this when you're almost finished with your project and using a surface or the regular water as a reference for where the water will be in the meantime, it doesn't seem to have the crashing issue for me so I'm assuming it's hardware related (slow pc) for the people experiencing the issue. Changelog: Planned changes (Expected release: ) : Legacy Downloads:
  7. I do not like them either, that's why I eat them.
  8. Yooo this is some good stuff
  9. I see you've returned. 

    1. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      Well I'm mostly just commenting on stuff, I don't plan on returning to actually using mine imator though I might post other animations and art I make, don't know how okay everyone here is with furry garbage though.

    2. Eliphaz


      They've withstood me so far. xP 

  10. Maybe add a bit of a delayed bounce to his body, and a bit more delayed bounce on his head, it'll give the sense of there being more weight and might make the loop a bit more lively
  11. I really like the grass, usually with MI's transparency and textures like that you get... not nice results. but this looks really good! One point of criticism would be, maybe the grass is a bittle bit too blueish, but that could be just me
  12. He attac He is bac but most importantly He get whac
  13. Nice! Looks really good dude, I'd probably have their mounts not be blocky aswell, but I assume you're just using that as a placeholder
  14. I've been pretty dead on here. Anyways here's something I've been working on, it's a college assignment and it's gonna be about 2 minutes in length and frame by frame animated. I have no clue when I'll have the entire animation done since this is my first time actually making a full 2D animation, but my estimate is anywhere between now and 9 months (since the deadline is 9 months from now) (also here's a sneaky smearframe) Thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to since I haven't actually posted anything significant in a while. Edit: For anyone's who's interested, here's a rough 15 seconds of animatic:
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