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  1. This is straight up interesting... What in the world... The detail
  2. What in the... Well that's broken... I've never seen that in my life, can't tell how to help because I never had this problem, what the... Damn...
  3. Sorry my mistake, I meant the torch, you go into the Minecraft Map, destroy it, save and go back and reload the map in Mine-imator and then add a torch in Mine-imator with "Cast Shadows" Off, thats what I meant, sorry
  4. You have the point light on the torch I guess? Is it placed in the map, because if yes, then remove it, and add one from the menu and make it to not cast shadows
  5. Yeah, I could have guessed it, but even I am using a integrated GPU, and still, it works... basically I would do this process at the end, when all of your stuff is done so that you just render it, and its done, but it would be good to give it a try
  6. Well, the basic Info for shadows that you would get around here is, scale up the project times 8 and then use Spot or Point lights instead of the sun. I use that all the time. It's great advice!, but it will lag as heck...
  7. Interesting... I've seen this style some times, but still not so many times to be still fascinated by it, it's cool, maybe the shadows could have been better, but, all and all, it's great, looks like a comic, simple transitions cool, I like it!
  8. Alex found something... a Portal? It wasn't the basic old Nether portal... no... it was diffrent... She went through it... she felt diffrent... more slick... more... bouncy... wtf... Anywho... Model isn't by me! I just spent 2 hours converting it into Mine-imator I was just amazed by the design, style and thought I give it a try, and I kind of like it, not like gonna use it for ever, but from time to time, I'll do some renders The Model is by:
  9. Something new coming soon...
  10. Well, as @InkyMaze already posted, there was a Collab between us. We made this animation, but well I wanted to do more... so I did the whole Video... Yes... Well, I gotta thank InkyMaze tho, because if I wouldn't have done this... I would not be working on a few new ideas lately... Thanks man! and I'll wont do Collabs more... its a heck of a mess... getting all the things right and stuff... maybe somewhen... but not for the next time... Collab Original
  11. That is beautiful, I LOVE IT, AMAZING Posing and Lighting
  12. Well... not one of my best... didn't try much tho as well, I thought it was a great idea... but... it didn't work out as intended... Sad... WELP, better luck next time I guess... btw... have you seen the new animation? soon you'll see something interesting about this...
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