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  1. Very Good made! I love it, but the blue stripes irritated my for a sec there, it looked like the void... and the original ones are Red actually... so you could change that, but for a second look its okay! Awesome work! Keep it up!
  2. And it's done!

    The Bedwars Showcase has been Updated!



  3. !!!Update 1.2.16!!! New Pictures Added! Tagged used People! Used old Skin for better experience! Used the same Map for better experience!
  4. !!!UPDATE UPDATE!!!

    The Bedwars Showcase is being Updated!!! Stay tuned, any minute now it can happen!

  5. As you all know I have made own Instrument Rigs for the FNaF Security Breach Showcase, for the Animatronics. And Lately I have even added a sweet function, where just a simple bend make the whole thing look like it would be alive and someone would pull on it! Hope you like it! Don't forget to like the Video, for knowing if it was good, or just upvote this topic... Why am I saying something you all already know!? Have any Questions? Go ahead!
  6. The first Mine-imator Keytar rig is out! Get it now, including 10 Costume Skins! This is "The first Mine-imator Keytar rig" and I am kind of proud that I can say that! It is fully working and easy to use! It's not laggy at all! It has workable Buttons! It has workable Keys! (Use the rotation for better experience!) It even has a Volume Regulator! You even can request a special Skin! (Which will be available to everyone, later that) Just send in a Template and I'll start working! No Credits needed, just don't say that it is your own one. That wouldn't be nice, because I trust the community of Mine-imator with this! Have fun and enjoy! And report any "Bugs" or "Problems" please! Fox Miner out!
  7. Hm... I wonder when that's going to reset?


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LacaMenDRY


      I've been in this position last years.

      But It's not me anymore, Someone is. You.

      But when UMA4 comes out, You need to be careful.

    3. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      @LacaMenDRY I'll keep a backup plan just in case! :cool:

    4. niam


      it may be "reset" once this forum come back alive

  8. Original Characters: Well, I thought these might look good, but I was kind of noob doing them... so I asked my sister for help, and then she made these images for me! Hope you like it, FNaF Fans!
  9. Well, today is Sunday, nothing much from me... just a little log!

    The Keytar rig has been adjusted and will be released tomorrow! The Glamwatches... well got to adjust them just a little more!


    And I just noticed this amazing artwork from @Jeo_Swift, this is really good! Check it out!



    And I'll talk to you guys Tomorrow! Fox Miner Out!


    Damn I sound like a YouTuber... well should get my first video up and running!

    1. Jeo_Swift


      Waiting for your next post, and thanks for linking me, I'm just suprised lol

    2. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      @Jeo_Swift there is no reason of thanking me, thank yourself! Your work lately has really hit the rank on the Forums... well it would if others just notice it... Well, keep it up and you'll be the next one to pop up on the popular list of the year!

  10. Me Just walking by like if this would be a cutscene in a movie and I'd be one of the workers but forgot to get out of the view! XD Nah this is very cool, and so good Lightning as well! This is so good, even the way you made faces in the skins is awesome! This art is Recommendable, and I am saying this Realtime! this is a heck of a good piece of art!
  11. Wow, me as a Redstone expert (I am, no joke) I do really like this, and then the rig release, well I am impressed, where did you get the inspiration for this? It seems unique and yet so familiar... Oh wait, I didn't read the whole thing... Well but still awesome job! Nice renders and nice Updates!
  12. Well, now I'll be focusing a bit on the Bedwars Showcase and I'll try to update it, with some new funny images!

    And I'll be soon Uploading my Keytar rig and the Glamwatches!

  13. Well this didn't wanted to render after the "Foxy and Bonnie's Stage Performance" I even needed to restart my device a few times, but in the end it did work... I really need some Ubgrades for my Device...
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