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  1. Nah Men, there is nothing wrong with your stuff and by staying at the forums you can improve your stuff. Look, everyone starts as nobody, but then you can learn what you're best in! You just have to try more and I'm sure you'll be much better! If someone says your stuff is shit ask someone else, don't always listen to those who say its shit! Man, everyone deserves a chance even you. NOW GO AND MAKE SOME NEW RENDERS AND IMPROVE YOUR SELF!!!! You can always ask others for help!
  2. Thanks, and yes I will be more aware of now on!
  3. I remember when I had my old Laptop and I just began with Mine-imator and even dough it was a very old one it worked like the best one on the market! But one day it started crashing every 10 minutes so I gave it to repair. I waited and waited but it never came back, till I decided to make a call, but they said it was not to fix so they kept it! After a month I even figured out that the hard drive was corrupted and that I could have easily fixed it, but no they didn't give it back to me. I knew something was wrong and I tried to contact many persons but everyone told me an other story and that
  4. Fox Miner


    Hey! send in the file and the texture, maybe I can fix it!
  5. First, the rig could use some improfement but not bad for a beginner. otherwise, here how to post an image right!
  6. Rar is not suported in Mine-imator. you need to extract it by your self with 7zip. Well I recommend 7Zip because its one of the easyest ways to extract a Rar file.
  7. STOP IT! Why dose everyone add Sonic to FNaF, or everyone I know? Or do you want to saay that you're purpelguy?
  8. Sheesh, Bad Boy with gaming Laptop, well then it clearly has a GPU so it must be something in the programm. Try to change the render settings or to change some heavy lightning!
  9. Wrong topic and there might be something with the graphics settings. what are you working on? PC / Laptop?
  10. Let me explain, we try here to make stuff as real as possible and then do it unrealistic as well. its no logic but you'll get it if you stick around more.
  11. Hey Is the rig for download?, I'd like to make some picture too of em!
  12. I always had that bug when I forgot to save after big changes, and then it was all gone! I would recomend always saving and then it won't appear, at least I think so!
  13. Wow that's cool, is there a download? I mean if not so I would understand but its looks just way to cool
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