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  1. Cassie! That is you, isn't it? It's been quite some time, don't you celebrated your birthday anymore? Roxy... what happened to you... to this place? It's no big deal, don't worry the personal will do everything they can to bring this place back up and running, and then I hopefully see you again on the cart. *Sniffs in tears* You... You remember? Sure why wouldn't I, you were first, twice. Have you ever thought about a racing carrier? *Giggles in tears* Don't be silly, I wouldn't be able to... I know you would my little racer, you're a Talent! *Starts crying* I am sorry Roxy... Don't be my little racer... all decisions have a reason... *System Crash, Error EventID41* Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
  2. Mod Packs coming soon, was the last Update, and maybe some have noticed, but since I barely have time for anything, I went ahead and published my Mods,

    • Fox Miner edition, a Minecraft Texture Pack that I have been working on for 4 years at least
    • Fox Miner Mod Pack a addon Pack for Teardown that adds some Cars and Robots that you can destroy and annoy

    Wanted to get these out like in forever, so here for those that still care, you can download them on my Website or here in the Link https://fox-miner-mods.carrd.co


    There will be one Update shortly to the Teardown Pack, but other then that, there wont be any frequent Updates or anything like that, since its kind of time consuming.

    I still have some Projects to share for even the Mine-imator community, like a big Comeback, but I don't quite have the time or nerves for that, 


    Hope to see you soon all! I miss this community so much...

    1. rofrrrrrrrrrrrrr



      (I know that should be CanIIA's phrase, but I felt like that


      Damm, I don't have upvots


  3. Bro chill, nobody is ugly it just depends from the view of the next one, not to be racist or something, but to different countries you might actually appear hot, there is always a place where someone would be marked as good looking and sure it isn't far, and if dating isn't your thing then you've clearly forgotten the Valentine to home, if you are home of course, your Family loves you and they will be your most important, did you give you mom something for Valentine? if not, then I would ask myself where do I get after Valentine Flowers Well enough talk, a. youre not ugly, depends on who is the viewer b. you don't need anyone except your Family to be happy!
  4. You know what you could do, buy a flower and just give it to any random girl on the street that is alone, but without comment, or maybe say something cute, but better no comment, because it's very funny seeing them confused, but it will make your day and hers too! If I wouldn't have a girlfriend I would have done this year actually, ngl And thanks dear, its just special to me how for every occasion you do a animation, thank you
  5. Happy Valentine everybody, hope you'll get the amount of love you need this year and in case not, here is Sayori in her Cat form giving you the right amount you're missing.
  6. Well, after long time nothing I came with a small quick event update. Nothing big, just my Website was changes to celebrate this occasion, I'll post one more render after this as well! Hope the forums is doing alright while I am gone! Check out my Website for the little Theme change! https://fox-miner.carrd.co
  7. These pesky little things... I never liked them, how come the others did? I mean the DJ is great but these ones don't even make sense to me, and I haven't even seen them outside of their box... are they supposed to wander around like that in your home? Whats the purpose of these things? They dont even make good sound... Why are they looking at me? Hold on I didn't mean it I am sorry! Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
  8. Well, as you can see, me and @LacaMenDRY got a bit creative... to say the least Right after the fireworks were done, we had some left and so we thought... let's get crazy... (factor in that we had a few bottles of champagne ) But in a motivational sense, He got a kick start into next year, so we better get going if we wanna keep up with him, since he flew far!
  9. As noticed by everyone I was very bland here the last part of the year of 2023 and 2024 wont be different... Or will it? I invite you all on a weird and exciting journey through this new year, I won't be always here, but I will be here and can't wait to see how this year of Mine-imator will go, 2023 was great for this community, wasn't very talkative, but we got many things, so lets flip that, this year, let it be more community posts then Updates! And lets see where this goes! Thanks to everyone for letting me be a part of this amazing community and World of Mine-imator!
  10. YOOO Now I am jealous! Again.. Damn, you made this amazingly! HOLY S*** You're good... again... damn... Very well recreated and very well rendered, you're amazing my guy!
  11. OH SH**, I forgot to credit! where's the link again!?
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