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  1. Awesome, Thanks for solving the problem. I was sure that there would come other hundret comments
  2. I Apologised before, I just got angry because Jnick (much better then me) should get that I'm a noob and not just add some words like "youre just using the sun!?" It would be much better if he would have written that like DragonPixel (Awesome dude btw) Sorry Again
  3. Thanks for the help man, I really appreciate that
  4. Eh..... Okay you got me, I didnt really try. I'm just doing this Mine-imator thing because I have no PC, I use an Laptop As soon as I have a better PC I'll move to blender to make stuff like this But for now I'm stuck here at this Mine-imator thingy, so dont juge me If I dont have taste to do better at a program like this Sorry to the Developers of Mine-imator, but Mine-imator is way behind Really Sorry but this makes me very angry
  5. Fair enogh to what I said to your character Sorry again
  6. I'm sorry if I offended you but I have a other taste for Art Really Sorry
  7. If you have the knowlage to make skins, you just see the skin in your head and then go ahead and make it (it is so predictable) and there was an old Topic of an Modelbench Error That includet that Back skin
  8. It was just so Smooth I LOVE IT
  9. 19xicn2.png

    This is a Puppet of Simon the half God clling for the realy Gods


  10. Wow now thats friendly, my Brother went Like What the **** is that.... but yes I understand and I TRIED that with lights as well but it didnt give that effect more that you see right now And thanks to everyone for theyre help
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