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  1. I just wanted to tell you that




    You've made it to nova skin!!!

  2. This bug was around for years, it wasn't visible to you guys before because the old render system made only one image, but Mine-imator sometimes has its problem with "Background processes" it sometimes stops and the render can't render and Mine-imator has nothing to work with so it crashes, and now because of the new render system "Samples" it gets worse, because Mine-imator actually renders a ton of pictures just for one and then it can happen that one of those crashes and the whole image is broken, forcing the program to crash. Honestly I don't know why they dont just make a normal render tab like blender instead of the "background process" they use. Basically, they made a minor bug to a big one. I explained it in this topic as well
  3. It is a very interesting concept, the render by it self could use some other lighting, but as it is, I like it
  4. You go to any subsection and then there is a button, Start a new Topic
  5. I like it, it's simple and yet fully of story's, it has a funny and a chilling vibe to it, I like it, good job, keep it up!
  6. Still don't know how to use Inverse kinematics or whatever
  7. I know right, but look at this BTW, map got corrupt to Pre-release 5... ONE MORE THING THAT BROKE IN THIS UPDATE
  8. Vivien is a simple angel, but... not really... She was killed, but is still alive? Also not true, angels are alive, they get reborn from a human with a worthy soul, but this one was stolen... and captured into a orb. Why though? Most people say... Angels can heal, they have powers so great they could reawaken a god... But others say... their Power is just enough to rule the world they weren't supposed to enter... BANNER INCLUDED!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rendered with Mine-imator Pre-release 4
  9. Spongebob... My whole childhood, the animation has its leaksy, but even though that, the animation was good enough to make me smile one more time... I hate what they have made for a new series of camp coral or whatever. THIS WAS THE STUFF Basic spongebob all day to bother my mom until she took it away... That kind of rimed... Anyways, thank you for creating this animation!
  10. I mean that would work bassicaly but reduce the quality of renders, but if they would just add more settings to that, bassicaly a setting for the old render system, that be good in some ways, not? Bassicaly Eevee... But yeah thanks, I'll try it again on Mine-imator and see if those renders are usable... Thanks man, that's heartwarming!
  11. Well, I am back using Pre-release 4 because Pre-release 5 just can't render anymore with my current equipment... So yeah using the Pre-release 4 is a bit sad, but it gets the job done... so no reflections... BUT MAINLY, don't start a raid you dumb human, why would you? You fight, die, respawn, repeat... WHAT'S THE LOGIC IN THAT!? No round lips... means this image was made a month ago, but what I wanna say is I am still going to use Pre-release 4 because 5 isn't working with me...
  12. So many rigs you have there ma man... Amazing, sure your PC must have crashed at one point XD
  13. Damn, these reflections did change Mine-imator to a whole nother level
  14. So, I have used Mine-imator for years now... and this is the best Update yet... If I only could render what I create, with the new samples feature Laptops that aren’t in possession of a GPU can’t render whole images since the sample feature makes many images and the laptop lets those processes crash the most times… My laptop has this thing that sometimes it lets those processes to crash which leads the render to fail rendering, many other Laptops have this issue too and I’d like to do them all a favour, by Requesting a change to the render system. Since you have added the samples feature like in Blender Cycles, why not add the Eevee one too? It would give the noobies a way more friendly entrance to Mine-imator as well. But for Laptops that could render 4K Renders with the old render system but now can’t, this would make it a lot easier. And if we already talk about Blender and such features, why not give Mine-imator its own render Windows like Blender, which renders the image like: Simply to make it more satisfying for the User and if it be possible to fix the render function into Realtime, so that it wont run in the background and won’t really let it crash. I don’t know how that works, but if you’d know then it be very cool because blender never crashed while rendering with the Cycles render system, with Eevee… well not yet… but I expect it. But if this isn’t possible, the samples system isn’t all to give up. If one rendered sample crashes, the whole image can’t be rendered, what if we could retry rendering that one sample and then the whole image can be rendered, my explanation doesn’t make much sense, but here: scenario 1: A simple Project, I try rendering it and suddenly Mine-imator crashes just like that, I reload the program… Minute of silence, and then when I try to render it, it works… weird am I right? Just a retry button would be better then reopening the program or just getting no response and then its gone, if there would be any way to fix this, it would be amazing, hope some of this was interesting to read or look, but I’d like if it be real. Better explanation: Mine-imator is rendering in "Background Processes" but those may sometimes crash, and now with the "Samples" which make 64 or more, depends, images in possibly one background process, the chances of it crashing are very high, making the program completely useless... Any of the devs, @david, @Nimi just give it a glance, it would really help many out.
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