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  1. All I do is wander around this mess of non perfect failure, all of these robots are uncapable... If I'd just have a body... that child would have been already gone by now... why did they have to lock me here... next to this no good copycat... Whats he gonna do? Why am I supposed to keep him a secret... why protect him? Why just not get rid of him... Sadly I have to do what I am programmed to... but one day, I will get my sweet body... then they will all be staring... I will be the perfect one! They will all love me... not those animatronics that keep on crashing on stage... One day... I will be up there... Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
  2. Well, seams to me, you have the skill, just needs polish like everyone here needs or needed. But it's great! Though as I noticed alot, you do use alot of common happaning things in the animation, which is great since you don't see that often, but you might take your time next time to really get a good reference to the real world, like the car in the turn... Yeah ik Mine-imator isn't made for cars, but with the new path feature, you could have made it just that smooth and tilt the car just a bit to make it look like the turn takes effect, but that's about the real world reference, Lighting is another story, as many here had to learn the hard way, take a look around in the Forums, follow the work of others to see how lighting can effect things, Else it's great, good potential on you my guy, you made a great job, just as mentioned, the two main points, there are a few, but those you will have fixed in no time! Good luck on you journey!
  3. Or, as I had this problem once, you might want to reinstall Mine-imator, but also delete the TMP_Mine-imator since there are the Files Mine-imator thinks you have, but possibiy Mine-imator has lost them in the installing prosses
  4. I will give you a task, you could move the black top bar a bit more up and rotade it slightly so that it looks more like the lower one but else really great!
  5. These days everyone's got Birthdays... lol Happy Birthday! and great art! Hope you had/will have a great Party!
  6. So, had some time to get a few things done actually, how nice, 

    • Uploaded 3 Renders

    • Fixed a Problem with renders not showing up on the Forums after reuploading them on my Website https://fox-miner.carrd.co

    • Continued and Refreshed the FNaF Security Breach Ruin Showcase 

    For some reason Bonnie is really getting good feedback compared to the others... well no wonder since we all waited for him so long!
  7. They locked me here with nothing except these... empty... What are these? They look like something I could fit in... like the ones, I was supposed to take apart, used to fit into something like these... I would want to try them on... but they are so many... why can't I just... *Rips* Why should I choose if I never have gotten a option in my life... I want them all... I can be them all... but its not quite enough... I... I want more... I can be more... Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
  8. Omg these are great! I just love the idea of these two characters, kinda random, but still so perfect!
  9. Happy Halloween! Something simple, something to just capture this moment!
  10. Sure many have realized that @CanIIA and I have very close birthdays, to be exact, just by one day! And even though I am late to post this, I wanted to (as usually) make something to represent us and our love in one way or another. And maybe some have as well noticed that we both have a anti version of our OC's, again, in one way or another, and not only does this bring interesting scenarios to our relationship, but also helps out with stressful situations, because I can't remember one serious fight or anything like that, that we had in our relationship, due to these guys on the right! They are a interesting way of making a problem, into a funnier bigger problem, but thats how we manage and I am glad to have this! Thanks dear!
  11. For now we just have to wait for Mine-imator 2.0.1 and then we can import 1.20 Maps
  12. I've done what they wanted... they let me here... they screamed and starting throwing things at me just because I was doing my job... I did what they asked for, they wanted it... and yet they locked me down here... I don't understand I am supposed to do what they wanted me to do... They... they aren't nothing like me, they feel and look different, but they never do something the way they are supposed to... But... they make words hearable... with their own and unique sound... Tough I don't know how... I only can make what I hear... I've been here for way too long... I have been given an order... And I will finish it... "Dismantle" them all... The map I used, is from CuppaTeaExe as you will see in the rest of this Showcase https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqh4zbarMilTDz2YefeRLtw Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Ruin Minecraft Renders
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