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  1. Lol this topic is getting old, got to comment so It stayes active
  2. Thats gonna be my new background
  3. I know right that dude is awesome this was him in the V35 Im glad that someone can use it
  4. Thanks but its an old one of mine thats why I decided to upload it Because a good Friend told me "why to keep something for your self if you dont use it." by @Gamma Since I have a V42 this was no use to me more so I thought that others can use it
  5. Download Dont have to credit Credits and other --V--
  6. First its cute Secound its too bright on the face Third the effect could work only on the iron/gold and on the schematic, just reposition the Person then it should be fine
  7. Remembers me playing on Minelands Skywars Lukyblock, the Villagers there explode all the time XD
  8. Thanks Guys, but I didnt even need 5 minutes for that and @LacaMenDRY dude thats a really good Idea
  9. Write in the comments what Steve could posibly be doing there alone Things I used:
  10. x9zmTIx.png

    I was bored so I made your skin with the quite same Lightning, I know at Rendering I'm not that great but at skin making I'm better then good


    1. LacaMenDRY


      Waw.. You should Credit it for the Licence thing...  I like your creativity of making A Replica of My Skin.

    2. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      :) credit to LacaMenDRY, thats his skin

  11. Since many People dont know how to do this, I'm gonna Show with some simple Images how. Pictures are here ---V--- Here now in Words: You just upload the Image to Imgur and then copy the link from the Button "Copy Link" if you dont it wont work. after that you create your topic and press the "Insert image from URL" Button, then just paste the link with Ctrl+V and add ".png" if thats not there it wont work again... then just press "Insert into post" What ever you upload into Imgur you can have here as well. If you upload... ...Video, do ".mp4" instead of ".png" but YouTube is for this ...Gif, do ".gif" instead of ".png" and witch ever format you want you can have it. If you know more, Comment that so that others can know what you do
  12. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    Thanks I learn Fast and like to help
  13. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    By the way your other topic, edit that so If someone looks there that he wont be confused use my picture if you want here link: https://i.imgur.com/w08oL3z.png
  14. I ment the Model, very detailed and cool
  15. WooooooooW Now thats something
  16. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    Render it and then upload the rendered image, its bigger You know what Ill make it The Rig workes perfectly and it is very awesome I love it. My Mine-imator is broken so there was a Error to load but then It loaded anyways great job
  17. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    very easy you just upload it on Imgur and then copie the link an then insert it the instructions in pictures try it right here in the comments
  18. I was bored by the old look so I made a new one Old: All rendered in Modelbench
  19. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    No prob, If you have any questions just ask
  20. Fox Miner

    my own gun rig

    Ma Men good work BUT!! Wrong Topic and where is the Picture? and where is the Model thats just a Backup, I dont mean nothing of this bad but there are many mistakes. By making mistakes you learn , same mistake on your other topic Good Luck Next time
  21. Why should they make that, Ios is not even that good. (windows not much better but its fine) I mean okay they can but what I think its useless to make it for Mac on Mac you need to buy everything you need on windows/Android you can just Install the most of the things for free. Man Stay with Windows dont try Ios Ios=
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