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  1. i mean it's not impossible but, you have keep zooming out until no more terrain is generated. You import the world you selected and then your PC/Laptop dies!
  2. Before someone says something, this is my first humanoid model so go easy on me here....
  3. Is it possible to turn a mimodel file into a json file to be used in a minecraft resource pack or mod?
  4. Where can I find this vaccine man?!?! Like zoiks man! what am I gonna do?!?!??!?!?!11111
  5. i would like a cheese rig. i understand this is difficult to make even for me. i've tried on countless moons (this is post is a joke, but i wont stop you from making that cheese rig)
  6. I don't what it is but... it looks VERY similar to ShotU's Spring Bonnie Model, but you tell me that.
  7. May I recommend using the 3D Plate? Surface idk what it's called
  8. That's weird... in a good way tho! I don't how you do this stuff man! got any tips?
  9. i want to see a behind the scenes of his leg
  10. Tricky! from the Newgrounds series "Madness Combat" has come to Mine-imator Normal Tricky: Hell Clown Tricky: Download coming soon!
  11. This is Tricky the Clown from the Madness Combat Series from which he originates and the popular Friday Night Funkin' Mod This model is based this form of Tricky: Anyway here is my remake! Keep in mind that these are no where near done! These images are in order of top to bottom and there is a size comparison at the bottom
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