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  1. do you mean fog? i dont use any particle on that render im using fog
  2. always productive at night also now 2 am at my country but here your hungry boy Credits: Breads By: @Addictivemelon Kitchen Set (not including refrigerator) By: @BloxTheRigger Refrigerator By: @Khvosch
  3. hohoho thats idea will be great! thankx
  4. eyyy thank you dude yes true since i made it thats will be great lol
  5. make some another dark condition render again Credits @Hozq For book @mbandersFor trash can
  6. no download just showcase
  7. thank you took 4 hour for this
  8. its been a long time im not modelling again,2020 many artist copycat ma boy alz. 2021 is for new model and new personality here ya go OLD NEW ONE
  9. Another Render again on April Credit @Hozqfor mouth @Chirp for Whale
  10. Another work here for Genshin Impact profile stuff Fischl Ganyu Keqing Klee In 1 frame Credits @Gamma For Genshin Impact rig @Hozq for mouth
  11. 555 Community reputation
    hmmm nice number people..

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Phyre be like:Amateurs.

      Shot on Iphone music theme playing....

    2. alzcreation


      thats was legit


  12. thank you,maybe i can say the expression is ''confuse?''
  13. practicing again RESULT WIP mouth by @Hozq
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